I Say Potato…

Earlier in the week when I was out, I stopped and smelled the roses

Stopped and smelled the rosemary in front of TJ’s

I love rosemary


It grows wild here like lavender does so I don’t buy it but I do love to cook with it.

Nothing beats the combo of roasted potatoes with some rosemary

Or roasted potatoes with dill

Lemon & Dill Roasted Potato Sticks

I also noticed all the frozen potato varieties that TJ’s has

Lots of options

Now that the weather is cooling off, I think it’s time to think about firing up my oven and roasting some taters.

I know Scott will be happy because he loves potatoes in any way, shape, or form.

I prefer mine to be sweeter such as:

Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks

Or just Roasted Sweet Potato Fries with a sprinkle of cinnamon, ginger, or even brown sugar

But Scott prefers more savory tater recipes like Coconut and Olive Oil Roasted Potato Sticks (i.e. Baked French Fries)

But he’s not picky.  At all with potatoes.
I have a whole Potato-Themed Recipes Post for more ideas and ways to use potatoes, including in soups, chilis, and more


1. Do you buy pre-made bags of potatoes?  If so, any favorites?

I never buy bags of potatoes because it’s they’re easy to make them at home.

Plus it’s cheaper to make them at home and I am not a fan of added sodium, garlic, or onions and most pre-made or frozen food tends to be high in one, or all, of those items.

But let me know your favorites.

Has anyone tried these?

I’ve heard great things about them!  As in, one bag per sitting kind of great things.

2. And, you know that old expression, “I say potato, you say potato”.

I say po-TAY-toe.

Does anyone say pa-TAH-toe?

3. What’s your favorite way to eat potatoes?   

I like potatoes, they’re fine.

But I don’t get super excited over them the way Scott does.  Or the way my dad does.

What’s the quickest way to a man’s heart?  Through his stomach.  <– Preferably with potatoes, I’ve determined.

If I am going to eat warm carbs, I’d like it in the form of this kind of warm carb

Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. Those skinny fries are totally tasteless. Like eating air w/ texture! I much prefer the TJ brand of Popchips.

  2. Potatoes on their own I find a bit dull but I love, for example fries dipped in mayonnaise. When I was at university, that used to be one of our staple dinners!

  3. Potatoes are pretty much a staple of my diet, haha. My favorite are roasted sweet potatoes, chilled and eaten with hummus, but really, any kind of potato is delicious. I’m not so big on french fries or mashed potatoes, though.

  4. I love sweet potato fries and parsnip fries- so much better than the shop bought fries! :)

  5. I don’t know That anyone actually says poTAHto. Maybe I should start. ;)

    I don’t normally get frozen types of potatoes for the same reason as You.. they’re so easy! I Love cooking them With bell peppers and a vidalia onion!

  6. i say po-TAY-to! i do not know anyone personally who says po-TAH-to…must be a regional thing?!
    i’m not that keen on potatoes – i can take ’em or leave ’em. a couple times a year, i love some fantastic french fries. not mcdonalds deepfried cardboard, but handcut, hot-from-the-fryer french fries. yum!
    that is cool that you have rosemary so easily accessible! i don’t think i know what it smells like, to be honest (love lavender, though!).
    have a super day, averie!

  7. I don’t know where to start! All of those potato recipes look fantastic. Swoooon!

  8. I won’t do bagged potatoes either. For one, fresh tasted better. And two – they are way more expensive!!

  9. I’m definitely a homemade potato kinda girl! :) My best friend’s mom makes the most AMAZING campfire potatoes- like homefries but cooked in foil over a grill… And for barbeques I love making Curried Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes- I’ll post a recipe soon!

    Happy Thursday, Averie! :)

  10. PA-TAY-TOE. I’ve actually never heard anyone seriously say PA-TAH-TOE.

    I don’t usually buy the premade kind of potatoes, every once in a while we get sweet potato fries but that is because I’m too lazy/busy to make my own!

    I haven’t had those TJs skinny fries but I’ve had those air popped potato/veggie sticks and they are super good — except they leave your hands super greasy and they don’t fill you up at all. But they taste good!

  11. lately i’ve been loving po-tay-toes :) the little baby red ones chopped up and cooked in a pan with some salt (sorry!) and garlic. SO good! I used to think I hated white potatoes – but, that’s no longer the case. I’ll have to get a little more creative with my seasonings next time I make them!

  12. I don’t often buy frozen potatoes…they’re just not worth the extra cost. Although I do sometimes buy frozen hashbrowns or sweet potato fries. Lately, I’ve been addicted to sweet potatoes. I’ve eaten one every day this week. My favourite is baked, peeled, topped with 2 fried eggs (runny yolk, please!) and then all mashed together. It looks kind of…well…gross, but it tastes amazing!

  13. I’m a sweet potato girl, but I rarely take the time to do more than microwave one. I’ve really never liked white potatoes, and people think I’m crazy that I have never like mashed potatoes! Except in french fry form, then they are fair game. And I also love sweet potato with rosemary, awesome combination.

  14. Oh my heck, where do I start?! LOL! I LOVE potatoes…they are hands down my favorite food!! I love them any way you give them to me!


  15. Nope, I just buy fresh – cheaper for starters. Though, there was a time in my life when I loved my bags of tater tots ;-)

  16. Mmmm…you really can’t beat a delicious plate of rosemary and olive oil-roasted potatoes. Delicious :-)

  17. Very rarely (once a year maybe) we buy bagged potato fries and make them in the oven.
    The rest of the time my husband makes them for us. So tasty with rosemary, or sea salt, or ginger, or plain & dipped in home made spicy mayo. He cuts, boils, “chuffs”, and them bakes/roasts them in the oven. Devine! I prefer them mixed in with other roasted veggies: carrots, parsnips.

  18. I love the Skinny Fries! I am kind of a potato chip addict, so these are a much better option!

  19. I don’t buy pre-made potatoes. They are easy enough to do. Our neighbor has a “victory garden” gave us a bag of fingerlings. Toss with oil (I will most certainly try coconut oil), celtic sea salt, pepper and fabulous rosemary. btw, thanks for yet another addiction :P I was tired last night, but blended up a double batch of pumpkin latte mix. Oh so wonderful, had a cup of autumn :) Have a great day!

  20. Ya the skinny fries are absolutely terrible, but it’s kind of like eating salty styrofoam :)

  21. I love rosemary! I rarely buy bagged potatoes but if I do it is a bag of sweet potato fries for it we are having a crowd over. I make homemade sweet potato fries all the time but they are a bit time consuming.

    I definitely say poTAYto. When my husband and I first got married I used to make boxed mashed potatoes all the time! Sometimes dinner for us would be boxed mashed potatoes topped with velvetta cheese topped with ranch dressing topped with popcorn….Wow my eating habits have come a long way in 5 years of marriage! I did learn how to make some awesome homemade mashed potatoes! Though now that I am (cow) dairy free mashed potatoes just aren’t the same so I prefer to stick with roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes.

  22. I don’t LOVE po-TAY-toes, but I do enjoy them in a soup for thickness or in a veggie stir fry. The boyfriend absolutely loves home fries! I never buy them frozen though, fresh all the way. I do really like sweet potatoes!

  23. I usually make my own. I love potato and sweet potato wedges! I also love them mashed…especially mashed sweet potatoes with a bit of brown sugar on top!

  24. My husband loves po-TAY-toes too! Surprised? hehe. I have a a bag of baby red potatoes begging to be roasted tonight. Last time I made some, I used TJ’s garlic olive oil, fresh rosemary (from my garden!! woot), smoked salt and freshly cracked black pepper. He was loving every minute of it.

    Two Sat’s ago we stopped into TJ’s after grabbing some ‘bucks for a couple things and saw a huge table of all kinds of herbs. I’ve been wanting an herb garden for AGES. I had planted a thyme plant which had been doing well, but when the bee exterminator (scary story !!!) came he sprayed bee poison all over my plant. Obv I needed to throw it out and start over. Esp when the new little leaves coming in had funky yellow spots on them. Yeah, no good. So… long story short, I got several new plants. I got a new thyme plant, basil, rosemary ^-^ and Greek oregano. They’re all thriving. :D I hope I didn’t plant them too late and close to winter. Do herbs grow in winter ? Guess I will find out.

    I saw on a post of yours a bit ago a pre-chopped bag of lettuce and was remembering when you had ‘ragged’ on pre-chopped veggies and fruits a ways back. But you know, sometimes it’s just easier to buy the pre-made/ pre-chopped stuff even if it does speed up the rotting process. Just eat it faster, right ? lol I’ve never bought any of the pre-made potato mixtures at TJ’s, but they do look good.

    • sometimes it is easier to buy pre-cut, yes, totally agree

      I am more thinking of those tiny containers of pre-cut fruit in the cold-bar section of certain grocery stores where you get about 10 little chunks of cantaloupe and the container is $5 or $7 for like…two bites! Those are the times when I just want to say, you could buy an entire melon, or two, and do it yourself. But to each her own :)

  25. My boys love potatoes too. Hash browns are a common midnight snack around here! Ha ha

  26. Other than trying TJs sweet potato fries once (they were terrific) I don’t buy them prepared because of the high price mark-up, and because of all the ingredients they add that I don’t want. Well worth it to me to peel and cut my own. I cut and peel a week’s worth all at once; they keep just fine in the fridge.

    I have sweet potatoes a few times a week. I cut them into chunks and fry them in coconut oil with a variety of other veggies: onion, red bell pepper, snap peas, etc.

  27. I absolutely love potatoes, but only in a savory fashion. I like Cascadian Farms pototo wedges, I love that they don’t have any weird or freaky ingredients. It’s much cheaper to just use a regular potato, but I love that they take less than 15 minutes in the oven. And sooo good!

  28. Lol I always thought it was “You say tomato I say tomahto” and then the potato thing was just a joke. Guess I missed the boat… :S! Love sweet potato fries! I don’t go nuts over regular potatoes though I do like them. Sometimes though, if I’m craving comfort food a really good, smooth mash is great! Wish we had Trader Joe’s up here in Canada :(!!

  29. Oh how I love potatoes, in any recipe in any form!!!! They can be sweet, they can be salty, cooked, baked, oh my GOD so many options!! :)

  30. Easy question… favorite way to eat potatoes = homemade baked fries!! Mmmm I could eat endless supplies of them!

  31. I am with you on making my own potato dishes. Potatoes are so cheap and easy to make, they’re almost idiot proof.

    All your TJ pic’s make me miss not living closer to a TJ’s anymore.

  32. It is amazing how many pre-made po- TAY-to things there are out there! My Love is OBSESSED with potatoes, perhaps it is a guy thing? I make them garlic roasted and then mashed, or I slice them on my spiroolie and make curly fries! I don’t really like them myself though. OH! And I posted about all the treats I made this week today, if you want to see them! <3

  33. I love potatoes, but I definitely agree I’d rather have a warm, gooey cookie or a hunk of cake in place of potatoes. Sugar for me, please!

  34. Isn’t Trader Joe’s the best? They have the most delicious prepared foods…and at such great prices! Those potato sticks look divine. I’m a huge rosemary fan as well.

  35. I am pretty much drooling now! I also love potatoes in any form!

  36. I agree that the skinny fries are not TJ’s best work.

    My fave way to eat a potato would either be a baked sweet potato with cinnamon and earth balance or mashed potatoes, Thanksgiving style :)

  37. I never buy anything but fresh potatoes and I LOVE them paired with rosemary. Add thyme and it is even more amazing!

  38. Great potato inspiration, I’m already getting into winter squash roasting and it’s barely fall here. :-)

    1. Not really, hubby will sometimes for himself, but most potato recipes I do are simple enough from scratch.
    2. Heh, not that I know of. :-)
    3. Roasted wedges or fries.

  39. Jamie Oliver says “po-TAH-toe”. It’s adorable. :)

  40. I LOVE potatoes. Scott and I would probably get along! When I was little, my parents loved my bakes potato obsession, as it was the easiest dinner they could make. And for the record, I am still obsessed with baked potatoes. I sometimes jump up and down with excitement. Don’t get me wrong though! I LOVE sweet potatoes as well (as much as potatoes, I’d say).

  41. Costco has something similar to those Skinny Fries called “Veggie Straws” and they are SO good!!!!

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