Jazz Up

My weekend so far has included a great run outside

But I am not enjoying that fall is in the air.

The days are getting shorter and the air has that crisp feeling that means fall is here.  Or will be here soon.

Sorry for all the pumpkin lovers, I wish it were summer and watermelon season all year.


I also got in 20 minutes of at-home yoga

I tried some new flavors of Crystal Light Pure that Kraft Foods sent me

I’ve reviewed Crystal Light Pure in the past, too

The lemon flavor is refreshing but I preferred the strawberry kiwi flavor

I am more of a sweet over tart girl but both are good and a nice way to jazz up plain H2O

I also was busy in the kitchen

These are a nice way to jazz up just about anything

Mmmm, good

The last time I made anything with Oreos were these Chocolate Covered Oreo Truffle Balls

No Bake & they’d be a hit if you have a last-minute party to attend

I hope you’re having a great weekend with your families!

And possibly enjoying some Chips, Dips, or a Trip on this long holiday weekend.


1. What do you like to drink? 

I’d say 95% of what I drink is plain water.

The other 5% is split between


homemade kombucha

homemade coconut milk kefir

and very rarely these days, an alcoholic drink

I used to actually use my juicer and make juice but juicer cleanup just takes me too long to bother lately

2. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

Stopping and smelling the roses with Skylar wins for me

Be safe and enjoy your weekend!

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