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My weekend so far has included a great run outside

But I am not enjoying that fall is in the air.

The days are getting shorter and the air has that crisp feeling that means fall is here.  Or will be here soon.

Sorry for all the pumpkin lovers, I wish it were summer and watermelon season all year.


I also got in 20 minutes of at-home yoga

I tried some new flavors of Crystal Light Pure that Kraft Foods sent me

I’ve reviewed Crystal Light Pure in the past, too

The lemon flavor is refreshing but I preferred the strawberry kiwi flavor

I am more of a sweet over tart girl but both are good and a nice way to jazz up plain H2O

I also was busy in the kitchen

These are a nice way to jazz up just about anything

Mmmm, good

The last time I made anything with Oreos were these Chocolate Covered Oreo Truffle Balls

No Bake & they’d be a hit if you have a last-minute party to attend

I hope you’re having a great weekend with your families!

And possibly enjoying some Chips, Dips, or a Trip on this long holiday weekend.


1. What do you like to drink? 

I’d say 95% of what I drink is plain water.

The other 5% is split between


homemade kombucha

homemade coconut milk kefir

and very rarely these days, an alcoholic drink

I used to actually use my juicer and make juice but juicer cleanup just takes me too long to bother lately

2. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

Stopping and smelling the roses with Skylar wins for me

Be safe and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Yup on the coffee, kombucha, and kefir! I tried fermenting coconut water and it was gross, but I like the coconut milk kefir.
    I also love to have a glass of wine or a cocktail (I think maybe I like more what it symbolizes—relaxation and socializing with someone I care about!). But…I do not drink often–I have too many things to do!
    I tend to buy ingredients to make juice, and then resent them because I don’t want to actually make the juice and clean the juicer. I wish I would do it more often though…oh well, maybe I will, maybe I won’t!
    Best thing this weekend—my nephew (age 7) got a cell phone. Since I have no say in whether this is a good idea or not, I’m just totally enjoying his billion texts to me saying “hi” and “I love you.”
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • glad to know im not the only person who just cannot handle juicer cleanup! 5 mins to wash the food, 10-15 mins of active juicing time, then 15 mins of cleaning it, washing, drying, putting away = 20+ mins for 1 glass of juice. Ummm. No. I’ll just drink water :)

  2. beautiful picture of skylar, wow! I love the vintage wash to it. And can’t wait to see that recipe! You always leave us hanging haha! Have an awesome long weekend.

  3. i wish it was watermelon season 12 months of the year…and hot 12 months of the year. although today was v hot and humid so i really can’t complain! but i am not all that jazzed about moving to pumpkin season. :/
    i like to drink perrier/sparkly water and diet coke (there, i said it). i was drinking coffee, then got sick two weeks ago, and now cannot abide even the thought of coffee. (blech, can’t even type that without cringing!).
    glad you got in a good run in the sun, averie! enjoy your eve!

  4. I mostly drink water (all day, and for most meals). I have 1 cup of coffee per day, and some wine etc. sometimes too (on weekends).

  5. Looks like you have had a lovely weekend so far! I am assuming you are working, but it looks like you are getting in some “you” time and family time too! I went my first public yoga class in about a month this am and it was AMAZING! But I could sure tell I had been out of commission for a bit!
    As for drinks, I love lemon water and stevia, tea, iced tea and kombucha! Along with water of course!

  6. I’ve been wondering how those new Crystal Light flavors were! I used to be totally addicted to the original ones, but then I realized that the aspartame was giving me serious migraines…no bueno! I usually just stick to plain water (and of course my essential morning cup of half caff coffee), but it’s nice to have options when I get bored with water!

    Best thing I’ve eaten so far this weekend: sounds simple, and really it is, but sometimes the surprise of a simple flavor combo is the best, right? Original puffins, peanut flour, microwaved apple with cinnamon, and a splash of almond milk made for the BEST post workout snack today!

    Best thing I’ve done: Finished a book for the first time in MONTHS!! I feel so accomplished! ;)

    I’m with you on the approaching fall weather! I’m so not ready!

  7. I drink water 98.5% of the time and an occasional Chai Tea with my friend Robin.

    The most beautiful thing I did today was cook a meal that reminded me of my childhood, but mostly my mom and her loving ways …

    My mom is still with us, but her body has been taken over this horrible illness called MSA, (Multi System Atrophy), robbing her of her movement, her voice and her independence. So today I cooked with her, not with her physically present, but through my heart.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  8. Your wood floor is gorgeous!

    I prefer to drink water throughout the day, but I also love Mango Coconut Water, green tea & herbal tea, and occasionally a nice bold red wine with dinner.

    The best thing I’ve eaten this weekend is the homemade pizza that I just made for dinner. Crispy crust, a bit of pesto, fresh tomatoes, red onions and sliced green peppers = yum!

  9. You are all so inspiring, I need to drink more plain old water. I’ll be honest though, I drink seltzer (no artificial sweeteners!), I really like black tea, coconut water, kombucha, and unsweetened almond milk. I drink a lot of liquids, but few are just PLAIN water. This, perhaps should be a goal of mine. The weekend isn’t even half over (Labor Day!) so hopefully I will get in some good eats tomorrow. Wish it were watermelon season all year long too! I suppose we could bio-engineer a crop to grow through the winter… icey-melon!

  10. i’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t looking forward to fall. We went biking in Encinitas and it was cloudy, fun but dissapointing weather, it should be warm here on labor day!

    • downtown/coastal encinitas is NOTORIOUS for being cloudy, cold, and dreary (especially on holidays! La Jolla shores, too!)

      When we used to live in N County years ago, I used to do daily yoga at a studio in Encinitas and it was ALWAYS cloudier up there than other places. I love Encinitas sooo much though!

    • Yeah, hopefully it will be sunnier tommorow when we hit up the Farmer’s Market. I love encinitas too, just that whole stretch of leucadia through downtown and solana beach.

  11. Oh Em G at the oreo truffles. I have no idea the last time I had an oreo was..but I would def try a truffle. No need to twist my arm ;-)

    I drink water 90% of the time. My husband always used to joke, before my daughter was born that my love went Munchkin (my kitty), water then him…now he thinks he’s 4th on the list ;-) I love coconut milk kefir though. And kombucha. If it’s not water it’s those. In the winter I do more tea but not as much in the summer.

  12. I can not CAN NOT believe it is September. Its just wrong on so many levels. Luckily its that weird month in the midwest where it is cold one day and then hot and humid the next. We’ve had a heat wave and its been in the 80s for the last few days. People have been complaining, but I’m like….BRING IT.

    • growing up school started the day after labor day (im sure for you too in WI) and invariably!! there’d be a wicked hot snap that week and those super thick, dark, heavy brand new blues jeans I was dying to wear…would literally give me heatstroke. No a/c in the schools up there, that’s for sure!

  13. I am not enjoying the incoming fall weather either! It was cloudy all day yesterday and it rained all day today and is supposed to rain all day tomorrow. I’ll take the scorching heat and summer fruit all year round please! Love the sunflowers too..my favorite flower! And it looks like you have the perfect yoga spot at home. :)

  14. Beautiful pic of Skylar!

  15. I too dread the onset of fall, grant it I’m on the East coast so I have much more to dislike than you lucky SoCal people! I miss my home state, I would much rather endure fall there than here :)

  16. Hi Averie! I just discovered your blog through Peas and Thank You, and I have spent the past few days reading as many of your posts as possible! You are so inspiring, and I just love your attitude towards life, food, health, and fitness. Just wanted to say hello, thank you, and keep up the amazing blog because I am now addicted to it! :)

    P.S. Kefir is AMAZING, isn’t it? I lived in Russia this past year and kefir is one of the most popular drinks there (after vodka…!) I’ve been missing it like crazy this summer but I’m going to try out your coconut milk kefir recipe! Looks delish!

    • thank you so much for reading, commenting, and the compliments :) I hope you stick around!

      I had no idea kefir was so popular in Russia…that’s great to know!

      try the coconut milk kefir recipe, yes. Pour 3 things into a container on your countertop, wait 18-24 hrs, and voila, you’re set!

  17. I am THRILLED that fall is in the air as it’s been 100 degrees here for TOOOOOOO long!!!!!!
    Fall there, really???? Isn’t it just a beautiful chill?????

  18. In the last year, I’ve started choosing water over anything else really. Perrier when I want to dress it up a bit and during those times in the past that I would have had some sort of vodka drink at a social event! 1.5 cups of pure Kona coffee in the morning. Once a week happy hour pu pus and a Mai Tai (I live in Hawaii so why not?)!

    The previous 45 years of my life I was seriously dehydrated and drank coke (no diet, real), coffee, vodka and soda, and gatorade (during my Ironman days). 0 water. unbelievable!

    Love you blog!

  19. Tell the truth: Did you clean it up for the photo, or is your floor ALWAYS that sparkling clean?
    Killer boot-camp Saturday morning; basking in the glow of it all day long.
    Because of co-workers taking long week-ends, I’ve got lots of extra hours at the Y this weekend. (Voluntary, not mandatory.) But it’s closed tomorrow, so Rob and I need to figure out something exciting to do together.

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  21. True about fall, it’s already getting too dark too early for my after dinner runs.

    The Chocolate Covered Oreo Truffle Balls do look sinfully good. :-)

    1. As boring as it sounds – just water lately besides coffee in the morning.
    2. Went for a long run and visited my grandma again – not much yet.

  22. The photo of Skylar smelling the roses is so gorgeous!!!
    And I like your shiny floors- mine never stay shiny for more than 5 Minutes (two big dogs+garden+living in the UK where it seems to rain most of the time… ;-) )
    Going to check out your coconut kefir post now- I have some starter in the fridge and no idea what to do with it.

  23. 90% of what I drink is water, but I do happen to be fond of the evil caffeine-free diet coke. ;)

    Although I do technically drink smoothies too, not sure if that really falls under a drink though since they are so thick! More like pudding slurped through a straw. So many things to get done today. Have a wedding to go to tonight and I still have to figure out how I’m getting all the way there and back!

  24. I either drank plain water or la croix sparkling water!

  25. I actually had some watermelon today :) So good!

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