Kicking Tires & Laughs

I swear it’s Murphy’s Law.   The weather turns to crap on holidays.

Do the Weather Gods know that it’s a holiday and everyone wants to be outside so they decide to just rain on everyone’s parade?  Literally.

Because we can have 364 days of endless sunshine here in San Diego…


And then a holiday comes and it’s dreary, overcast, windy, and drizzling.

Can’t go to the beaches.  Actually didn’t want to.

Didn’t want to drive to the actual mallInsanity, I’m sure.

So Skylar and I walked around our neighborhood

Just kind of kicking tires and seeing what we saw.  No big agenda.

We went into a vintage-meets-punk-meets-new-meets-recycled store

Lots of feathers

All synthetic.  Don’t get your undies in a feathery wad.

I told you feathers are the rage here

Skylar tried on a feather barrette

An Owl necklace caught my eye.  Along with a million other things.

We carried on to Urban Outfitters

The last item I purchased from U.O. were some jeggingsBlast from the past.  Can’t believe it’s been over a year!

I drooled over the new fall merchandise

And the knick-knacks that I never knew I “wanted” until I saw them

Oh the fun I could have

More feathers!

And then I spotted this knit owl phone cover

I already am rocking the white iphone case that I love..

..But this owl is so cute!

Owls are all the rage lately, too:

Anthropologie Owls I saw

West Elm Owls I saw

It’s Owl Mania!  Makes Janetha happy, I’m sure.  Our resident Owl Queen.

While I was looking at owls and knick-knacks, Skylar found this Sound Machine

It makes 10 different sounds from toilet flushing to burping to farting sounds.  Classy.

Oh, the simple pleasures.  From ages 4 to 84, certain sounds always make people laugh

So it was a rainy day, but we just kicked tires, as my mom used to say.

Didn’t spend any money.

Did the just browsing & talking myself out of it thingBonus for my wallet.

And we had some Bonding TimeBigger Bonus.

And then we bonded over Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies


1. Do you have any favorites activities you do to just pass an hour or two?  Favorite tire kicking things to do?

Normally I am extremely busy and really don’t have time to just “kick tires” too much these days.

It’s all about trying to fit in work, other projects I’m working on, photography, cooking, blogging, working out, or just life and parenting.  Not enough hours in the day to usually get it all done!

But it’s a holiday.  I downshifted gears and am glad I kicked a few tires with my Pumpkin.

After all, one day I sooner than I know, I will be deemed uncool and it will be heresy to be seen with your mom out in public.  I hope that never happens but junior high and hormones do a number on us all.

2. What was the last thing that you got a great big belly laugh from?

Just listening to Skylar laugh hysterically gets me laughing.

The giggles and laughter are most definitely contagious!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and if you’re not celebrating the holiday, hopefully Monday was a good day.

P.S. Winner announced on the next post for the No More Pests Giveaway


  1. I can never get over how stinkin’ cute Skylar is! I get sad if I just go to window shop – you have much more will power than me!

  2. I’m seriously obsessed with Urban Outfitters. This kind of sparked my obsession again…off to check out their website!!

    And I am dying for that owl phone cover. So cute!

  3. Just kickin it today was beach time with the dogs. We called it “Barefoot & Paws”. We went to the a way less known beach here on the Big Island and hung out. Walked. Talked. Let the dogs rip it in the sand and water.

    What we didn’t do… go to the gathering we were invited to on the very busy well known beach, where we couldn’t take the dogs and where there was a lot of food that we would have eaten that is really bad for us (besides we are starting our “eat only local” food for 21 days here soon and we are already practicing), and listen to people talk about other people. Not zen at all in my opinion.

    The last time I belly laughed. A child hood friend made a comment with “Son of a biscuit eater” in it. For some reason I thought it was really funny!

    I love checking out your blog if only for the pictures (but I dig the posts too!). I love living here in Hawaii, but I loved my 12 years in San Diego.

    • I forgot you used to live here. I am always intrigued when I read your blog/website about what you do, i.e. retreats and such. Scott and I used to talk about doing that on Aruba. But who knows but it looks like you’re thriving and doing well, doing that…which is great!

      Big crowds + bad food = the stuff that holidays are made of it seems. Glad you steered clear!

  4. When I have a few hours I always try to get some blogging in. I would LOVE to be a GREAT blogger…so I try to put in the time!!!


  5. In the 3 months I’ve lived in SD today was the first rain day. I couldn’t believe it. It almost felt like fall. But definitely not holiday weather.

    LOVE Urban Outfitters! Looks like a great day of window shopping.

  6. Glad you got to spend some time with Skylar. Much better than kicking tires watching TV or anything else really! I kicked tires today shopping with my friend, it was absolutely pouring here, so we had to take our activities indoors unfortunately.

  7. it has been crappy weather here too ;) rained all day today and still going

  8. I was drooling over the new fall stuff at Urban last week! Especially the scarfs!!

    The last good belly laugh was when my husband cracks up. When he gets hysterical, over anything, even if it’s dumb…it’s contagious!

  9. I ran a few errands this morning, including buying my mom a birthday gift (a book she wanted & a necklace/earring set she wouldn’t buy for herself). I never get tired of spending time with her, especially now that we live about an hour apart. Time together is precious!

  10. Yupp, malls were a mess. Fashion Valley AND Westfield Mall (the old navy one and the Target one) had the most ridiculous mobs of people…and the parking…omg the parking. You were far better trendin’ it in Hillcrest!

    • Hi to a local! Thanks for saying hi! And yes, walking around Hillcrest, not driving, staying clear of Fash Valley and Mission Valley Mall…glad I made the right call. Even the thrift stores in H.C. were booming! I mean, the crowd at Buffalo Exchange was insane!

  11. Thank God Tony makes me laugh all the time! I love that owl necklace! That thing is awesome!

    As for the weather, there are tornado warnings here in Atlanta and it has literally rained all day. I wish I could have just sat and enjoyed it, but hey, that’s for another day. I’m glad you two got out and enjoyed some time together regardless of the weather!

  12. Looks like you two had a lovely day! Those cookies look amazing! I am going to have to make them soon!

  13. oh how I adore UO!! I was just there on friday and got a crochet sweater and red jeans! I wanted so much more but I gotta get a little at a time in that store! for me UO is one of those stores that I really dont pay attention to that much in the summer, but it is one of my GO TO sptots in the colder months…I just love it!!!

  14. Thanks for your kind comment on the peach butter, lady. I’m surprised at how GOOD it is. Knowing you, you’d want to make yours sweeter than mine or Deb’s. (I like sweet, but I think you like it more than I do, yanno?)

    Canning is such an awesome thing. I wasn’t joking that I intend to get into it someday. My mom used to can “back in the day.” It was awesome. Great memories, and such a smart way to enjoy nature’s gifts :-)

    • I noticed you didnt peel your peaches nor did you really “strain” them whereas she did both.

      I want that super creamy, fine, not chunky texture..which would mean I’d have to blanch, peal, strain.

      But then again, I could always do what you did and retain even a bit more texture and call it jam. Which is pretty much what strawberry freezer jam is that many women, including my mom, make.

  15. Exactly, hon, that’s why I called it Lazy Peach Butter. Ha! It’s either a thicker butter or a thinner jam. I guess we can call it whatever we want. ;-) I’m pretty sure you could get that creamy texture with more time in the Vita. If I do it again, I’ll report back to you on how that goes. I purposely only ran the Vita for a few seconds, because I wanted a touch of texture.

    Strawberry freezer jam sounds fab!

  16. It was actually really nice out here today, finally. Chilly, but not rainy or windy. It was a perfect early fall day. I even took a break from powerpoint making to mow the lawn. Fun times, right?

  17. Sorry about the weather! It was another supper hot day here, think I’m ready for the cooler temps! Great shopping pics, love all the owls.

    1. Browsing the mall is always fun or getting engrossed in a video game.
    2. Watching my cat run into the wall for no reason, he just does that sometimes.

  18. It dumped buckets today here in VA…a good day to finish painting my kitchen.

    Owls are certainly on my radar…love the cookie jar from Anthropologie!

  19. I have never heard the expression “tire kicking” before :-) I like to wander around Winners, the mall or Chapters. I also kill time by surfing the net, checking out videos on youtube, and reading magazines.

  20. Last night or more like early morning, thunder woke me up! All of a sudden it started raining and i thought to myself what the heck? It’s definitely weird, but we went up to Julian which was nice, it actually sprinkled a little bit but it was warm, humid, cozy feeling. It’s September, though, and the sun needs to be out :) I am with you on the pumpkin thing as well, I like it, but not in love with it. I got some pumpkin butter from Julian though.

  21. Looks like you and Skylar had an amazing Labor Day Weekend in spite of the rain! That smile sure can light up a whole blog post ;-)

  22. Last week I went on vacation, and it rained the first two days. Murphy’s Law indeed!

    I like to pass time by reading or cooking. Those are my two favorite relaxing and aimless activities. I can’t tell you how many muffins I have in my freezer!

  23. I usually like to window shop. no spending money involved, just gaping and marvelling at the beauty of some things…especially shoes!

  24. what a great day – so glad you had time to kick around with skylar.
    it was COLD up here and overcast. definitely not summery or a nice day for a holiday.
    haha, had to laugh at the photos from UO. that is where i got scolded – the toronto location – for snapping pics last year! glad you got yours!
    LOVE the owl cover…and just to say that it is actually crocheted instead of knit! that vintage-y store looks awesome.
    i love to wander around window shopping if i have an hour so to spare. or hang out in a coffee shop.
    have a great day, averie! it’s back-to-school day up here…back to routine for everyone!

  25. We had a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday here in Illinois. But to be fair, we also get 2 months of straight CRAP for weather here in a couple months. I think I’ll trade ;)
    I love to pass the time reading books, blogs, and watching youtube workout videos!

  26. I’ve probably laughed hardest at my dog! haha-
    by the way your photography is and always has been stunning!!!! I would love a camera like yours!!!! (-: beautiful work!

  27. Looks like a great day together! Even if she does go “teenager” on you, she’ll come back around. I spent the better part of Saturday hanging out with my mom and had a blast. :)

  28. Fun. I need to just browse around like that more often just to get out and get fresh air, check out fun shops.

  29. I love “kicking tires”. I don’t have big stores around here – my village has fewer than 2000 people – but I can still find a lot of things to look at when walking! My favourite spot to kill an hour is at a thrift shop, an antique store or a flea market.

  30. Sorry to see you had a gloomy day yesterday, the weather here was beautiful! The air is slowly getting chilly which I just love.

    To kill time I like to walk around our neighborhood or I’ll call one of my sisters — both great ways to pass the time.

  31. It was crappy here yesterday, too. I spent the day in the kitchen making sauce from freshly picked tomatoes and roasted a bunch of peppers, too. Creating in the kitchen always calms me down….not that I needed calming yesterday, but ya know what I mean! ;)

  32. I think it’s rainy everywhere right now!!! I didn’t mind the rain though– gave me a chance to sleep and grade without feeling like I was wasting a beautiful free day!

    Love browsing shops like that…although it can be hard to have self-control with so much cute stuff :-)

  33. I’m sorry to hear that the weather was bad :S It was SOOO nice this whole weekend for us! Yesterday was a scorcher! I watered the grass + garden before it got too hot, then spent the day cleaning with all the windows open and ended up eating my dinner outside. It was beautiful! Don’t mean to rub it in… I’ll send the good weather vibes your way :)

  34. Boooooo bad weather! It really is true that it tends to go bad when we really want for it to be good. I usually find myself in the kitchen when I have time to pass. Either that or go for a walk outside! Most of the time I convince myself that I need a cup of fancy tea, and that is where I end up. My Love and My Baby Sister ALWAYS make me laugh so hard! At least once a day! But I bet laughs for your little pumpkin are much better.

  35. Not a restful weekend at all. We did manual labor! Putting a planter and a patio in the front of our house. When all is done, it will be a wonderful place to relax and meet neighbors walking their dogs. One of my favorite haunts is Half Price Books, never get tired of looking for a treasure. Made a batch of nootchy sauce kale…nearly gone. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  36. I think the last time I belly laughed was when I was hanging out with my best friend. We always have those moments where we just can’t stop laughing!

    The wedding we went to was quite awesome. Free wine makes anything better ;) And it was so weird to be downtown all dressed up. Definitely am going to have to do that again, although without the alcohol. I don’t actually drink much, so I spent far too long on Labor day doing anything but moving from the couch with the thought “oh yeah THAT’s why I don’t do this.)

  37. Sorry you had crappy weather. Ours was great (albeit HOT) all weekend, and now it’s rainy and should be all week long. The boyfriend and I spent some quality time together about 4 hours north of home in VT. It was fantastic to just enjoy each others’ company with no distractions, and we didn’t get sick of each other so that’s a good sign :)

  38. Just saw this post and realized I was in your neighborhood last night, and although I am sure you are aware of it, there is the most amazing dessert store right there near you.

    Extraordinary Desserts, it’s on fifth. Had their La Bete Noir cake last night and it was almost too rich. You should check them out if you haven’t been there already. They’re on Fifth

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