Most Eligible

It’s the start of a holiday weekend, and I thought this would be an interesting topic for a Friday afternoon.

I have said before that the E! Channel and Bravo are home to some of my favorite TV shows.  Mindless, pointless, but somehow, they keep me entertained and coming back for more.

Life is hard some days and a little escape from reality for a few minutes with Millionaire Matchmaker, Real Housewives, the Kardashians, Kendra, or the new series on Bravo, Most Eligible Dallas, are some of the programs that I make sure to cue my DVR up for.

And in the process dumb down my IQ by at least 10 points for every hour viewed.  But that’s ok.

There are worse things in life than some trashy TV


I was intrigued by this episode:

Ask Me About My Package

Men agree to come up with a Date Package, i.e. dinner, a hot air balloon ride, limousines, champagne, flowers, whatever it is, they are supposed to come up with a really amazing Date Package

Not the package you may be thinking of.  Ahem.

The men agree to be auctioned off for charity and the highest bidder gets to go out on a date with him

Women bid on the various men up for auction

And one gay man bid.  He “won” one of the men but he gave his “winnings” away to a lady.

People wrote down on the back of the men’s shirts what they’d be willing to pay for a date with the guy and the guy didn’t know during the event what his current “worth” was

All proceeds went to charity.

Seemed fun.

And funny.

And loved the eye candy.  Hubba hubba.

Photo Sources: All photos used are screenshots from the Bravo site





Would you allow yourself to be auctioned off for a date?

Somehow with the roles reversed, men bidding on women, there is a bit of sexism or sleaziness or something tackier about it all.

Call it a double-standard, but it gives me a whoa, really? feeling when I think about the role reversal.

That said, yes, I think I would allow myself to be auctioned off for a date knowing the proceeds were going to charity.  But I’ve been married for 10 years so it’s all hypothetical.

Of course, the pool of bidders would have to be pre-screened, i.e. no one allowed to bid who had a felony record or who thinks torturing animals is fun and all applicants must have all their teeth and believe in regular showers and deodorant.

2. What if other women got bids that were substantially bigger than what people bid on you?  How would you feel about yourself?  What if no one bid on you?  Could your self-esteem handle it?

Tough questions because it’s all fun and games and “all proceed go to charity” is wonderful in theory until someone gets their feelings hurt.

I would be devastated if no one wanted me!  Who wouldn’t be!

I was devastated in 7th grade when certain girls wouldn’t want me to sit at their lunch table and I get upset as an adult woman today when I feel excluded from things.  I’d be happy for the other women, happy for the charity, but it wouldn’t do much for my own self-esteem!

I’d probably drown my sorrows in chocolate!

Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Interesting things to ponder.  

And thanks for the comments on my last comment about Atmosphere.  I was surprised, but happy for you, with how many of you don’t pay for salon services and have a mother, friend, or are just a DIY’er with your hair!

3. Weekend Plans?

I have to work but want to enjoy time with my family and the great weather they’re forecasting as much as possible.

Be safe everyone and have a great Holiday if you’re celebrating!

32 comments on “Most Eligible”

  1. I think it’s funny that at school auctions now they have you bid to have lunch with a certain teacher. Same idea but less sexual I guess. I don’t know if the people who buy those sort of things want to buy a better grade or actually like the teacher that much but it’d feel awkward.
    Sure, I’d auction myself off for charity I guess so long as it wasn’t for something weird, or cleaning services. I don’t do a good job of cleaning my own home so why would I come clean yours?

  2. Interesting. I guess I never thought much about the people auctioning thing. I just think of it as all in fun for a good cause. Not sure I’d auction myself though…I would be too worried no one would bid ;-)

  3. I’m totally with you on the mindless TV girl — sometimes our brains just need a break! Those screen shots are seriously YUMMY! I need to add that show to my list! In college, fraternities and sororities would hold ‘date auctions’ — same concept. Bid on the guy/girl to win a date, all the proceeds go to their philanthropy. It was all fun and games because groups would ‘ban together’ to bid on people that weren’t getting high bids or any bids. They made sure that everyone felt included and ‘wanted.’ But I agree with you, it is an interesting/debatable topic! I would feel terrible if no one wanted to bid on me! But as always – chocolate makes everything better. :)

    I think you and I just earned our 10 IQ points back with this thought-provoking Friday topic!

  4. As nice as those abs are… I definitely do NOT like the idea of being auctioned off for a date. There is just something wrong about it..

  5. “must have all their teeth and believe in regular showers” baaa HAAA – this made me laugh, and it’s SO true!! :D

    I’ve never heard of this show, must be new? so crazy how many television options there are…

  6. This is so funny. I’d probably watch this show, and laugh, and admire the abs!
    I don’t know if I’d let myself be auctioned. I am not single, so it wouldn’t really be about “finding someone”…but like you said, it might be fun for charity and also it could be really hurtful if no one bid on me!
    I remember girls being really mean to some people in middle and high school, and I was lucky enough not to be the brunt of it, and I also had learned (from my parents) that it is always better to be nice to everyone.
    As a grown-up I kind of live by this quote (personally and professionally) that I got from the Crazy Sexy Diet blog one day, “I’ve got what I’ve got, which is a lot. If that warms your cockles, let’s talk. If not, my engine is running, and I trust that your tribe is waiting for you elsewhere. meep meep.”
    Also, I think of my sister’s favorite quote, the first part of which is on her gravestone, “Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” It’s supposed to be from Dr. Suess, but I don’t think that is confirmed…
    …and I just try to attract the people whose energies mesh with mine, and not take it personally when they don’t!
    I’d still have my ego hurt if no one bid on me though!

  7. i love and adore mindless tv. it’s total brain relaxation time. my favourite right now – jersey shore!!!
    i would be TOTALLY hurt if i was in a charity auction and not bid on. and i’m very competitive by nature so i would be miffed if i did not fetch a good price! :) that being said, i don’t think i’d want to participate as my feelings get hurt way too easily…i’d much rather be in the audience and watch the shenanigans!
    great topic for the friday aft of a long weekend, averie! thanks for the eye candy shots! :)

  8. Fun topic Averie. Oh man, I don’t think I could auction myself off. I couldn’t handle the pressure or fear of rejection. Gotta love reality TV though. I hate to admit I look forward to the Bachelor Pad Monday nights. :)
    Weekend plans- family time and organize my house (and life). :)

  9. I LOVE my mindless TV. Residing in Tx (although not Dallas), made me want to watch ‘Most Eligible Dallas.’ I forgot to DVR it and haven’t seen it yet.

    I think I could auction myself off, but I’ve been married for 9 1/2 years and dating seems so foreign to me now. I’m also not sure my self esteem could handle it if I didn’t get any bids. I would be ok with not being the highest being bid on, but the lowest might be a hard blow. That being said, someone has to be the lowest, right? How tough would that be? Maybe I wouldn’t want to be in a date auction after all. :)

  10. I’ve never watched Most Eligible, but I may need to check it out!

    1. Depends on the terms and $$$ involved. :-)
    2. Not sure, not too offended I guess since I’m not too obsessed with sex appeal, it would be a tough call.

  11. I def understand your reservations. I’m not sure I’d be into this sort of event.

    Btw, congrats on the Fitness nod. That’s awesome! :-)

    Got the giveaway coupons today, btw. Thanks for coordinating.

  12. No way would I auction myself! Not for worry of finding out how much I’m “worth”, but because I’d be worried about some sleaze-bag winning me!

  13. They had an auction such as that at my high-school ha :) Except the people had to pretty much be the other person’s b^$#^ and bring them breakfast and walk them to every class haha. It was a great way to raise money for senior prom though!

    I didn’t auction myself/bid on anyone though.

  14. gahh I definitely dvr that show but havent seen it yet, the guys are gorgeous im super excited to watch it now :)

  15. That is so funny and is hilarious to watch but not something I would ever partake in. I love that the money went to charity though!

  16. And to think I read today’s post as “Most Edible”. Ooops!

    If it was for charity, I would probably go with the auction – but I’m happily married for 9 years, so it hypothetical for me too. :)
    And yes, I can see the problem of hurt feelings and crushed expectations, even if all proceeds go to charity.

  17. Seems like it’s just a bad idea all around…

    I would NOT be feeling to hot if I didn’t get any bids!


  18. I like to think I would do it, but I would probably sign up and then bail at the last minute because of the fears you mention. IT would super fun to with a bunch of friends though. Actually, I might do it….

    I would definitely bid on one of those hotties though. ;)

  19. I just have to say on this episode I was really rooting for Courtney and that hot guy whose name alludes me at the moment to make out!! I was totally bummed when they didn’t. Come on, Courtney! :/

  20. I haven’t gotten into Jersey Shore either (seen your comment above). Something about getting paid for getting drunk every night bothers me I guess. I draw the line at Housewives ;)

    I like the new layout. Easier to read.

  21. Hmmm….if it’s for a good cause I don’t really mind auctioning off either men or women. I think they are equal to me. And I also think I wouldn’t care too much about my “worth” because I think people are pretty generous when it comes to charity. Like, I doubt anyone would go a whole night without getting at least a few bids. Then again, I can also be insecure with things like that (even now that I’m older I hate feeling excluded) so who knows?

    Actually this should be a really fun weekend. My husband’s best friend is getting married tomorrow and he’s going to be the best man. It’ll be the fanciest wedding I have ever attended!

    And I love how you talk about trash TV. It gets such a bad rap, but sometimes junk is good for the soul. It sounds wrong to say, but it’s totally true.

  22. Hubba hubba! That guy! So swoon-worthy.

    Hmmm interesting question, but if it’s for a good cause, I wouldn’t mind being auctioned off for a date I think!

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