New But The Same

Monday afternoon I made a quick dash to the mall

I try to never set foot in the mall on the weekends and especially not during football season.  It’s just extra crowded.  Women spending money in droves while their men are watching the game, apparently.

But Monday afternoon duty called because I needed to replace my running shoes.

I purchased a pair of  Nike Vomero 6 in blue

The last time I replaced my running shoes was just a few months ago and I got Nike Vomero 6, in red


New shoes, but exactly the same, other than the color.

And before that, new but the same, other than the color.

I’m pretty partial to Vomeros the past 3 years or so.

The Nike Store employee who helped me today, and who’s helped me previously and she seems very knowledgeable said that the Vomeros are made for daily running use of up t0 6 months before they “need” to be replaced.

I questioned her and said are you sure? What if you’re a high mileage runner (I do not consider myself to be high mileage) but she said it doesn’t matter.

She said of all their running shoes, Vomeros are built for durability and are the longest-lasting running shoe they sell.  Her words, not mine.

Good to know, but I swear my knees, feet, arches, ankles, hips, even lower back just feel it more when my shoes are older and have lost their fresh-shiny-new springy and cushy quality.

I’d rather replace them every 4 months or so and prevent injury and nip those little aches and pains in the bud before they even start or at the very first sign.

Ironically I just looked at the publish date on my last Got New Shoes Post and it was May 9.  Almost 4 months to the day.  I swear, my bones can tell!

Same with going to the dentist.  Every 4 months, not 6, for me.

I picked up another pair of these socks

Love the cushioning at the toe and heel

I’m all about The Squish

And bought a pair of these Nike ProCombat Tight Capris

It’s getting too chilly for shorts and I don’t have any really snug pants, tights, or capris that aren’t totally beat up or less than about 7 years old so figured I’d give these a try

And if they don’t work out, I saved my receipt I have no problem taking them back and returning them.  Or returning anything for that matter.

After one run in them, I can say, I liked them a lot!  We shall see how I like them after a month of running in them.

On my way back to my car after leaving the Nike Store, I took a quick stroll through Nordstrom

Gotta love the Savvy Department

Then I saw this little bargain table <–sure…And wished that I was buying these shoes rather than my Nikes

My Nikes are much more practical but a girl can dream!

Hungry and exhausted from all that shopping (kidding, I could shop for 10 hours straight and not get tired!) but I was feeling snacky and decided on a Magic Eight Bar

Butterscotch chips + chocolate chips + sweetened condensed milk + graham cracker crust = The Four Food Groups


1. How often do you replace your running or workout shoes?  

As I said, every 4 months or so.  I know that may seem excessive to some people but for me, it’s what my joints seem to prefer.

I’ve read everything from every 300-500 miles to every 4-6 months with running shoes but I don’t think it’s an exact science.  Let your body be your guide.

And if you’re one of those lucky people who’s been sporting the same shoes since 1997 and they still work for you, Great!  Enjoy all that money you’ve saved!

2. Are you brand loyal with your shoes?  Or workout wear/athletic apparel ?  Or are you adventurous and will you give new things a try?

With running shoes, I am a tried-and-true girl.  I know what works for my skis. i.e. my long, thin feet so I stick with Nikes because they fit me well.

They fit me better than any other brand and so I’ve been brand loyal to them for…decades!

My feet are a size 12 women’s and many shoe makers don’t go up to a women’s 12 or if they do, they are a hair too small and there are never any size 13’s!

So I am forced into the men’s shoes and I need them to be as narrow as possible and Nikes, as a brand, seem to run narrow across the board.

Scott has wide feet and can never wear Nikes and is more of New Balance guy.

I have talked about some of the yoga clothes I love in my Yoga FAQ’s post and that I’m brand loyal to, i.e. Be Present and also Champion Sports Bras from Target, $16.99.  Love em.

P.S. Thanks for the Dark Chocolate Talk on my last post.  Some major Chocolate fiends in the house!

And for the flood of entries with the $50 Whole Foods Gift Card GiveawayKeep ’em coming!


  1. I am so embarrassed to say that I have had my running shoes for about 7 years…. they are still in fairly good condition (though they do smell a little..). They are DuoMax Asics and, like you Avery, they are mens because my feet are just too big for women sizes. I think their condition is a testament to how much I actually use them :s Perhaps I need to get out running a bit more often!
    My heals are all the same brand but for running/work out shoes I am open to new brands. For workout wear/athletic apparel, its always Lululemon for me :)

  2. I can´t believe you are replacing your shoes that often! Mine are fine (since, well, over a year of high mileage running), but I am always into new running clothes! I like Adidas shoes best, but I will change my running shoes within the next weeks (to get something more appropriate for trails, though for me it shouldn´t be a problem, as I have an average shoe size AND an average running style ;)), and I am open to try another brand. Though, when it comes to my workout gear, I will mostly only wear Adidas and Puma.
    I really like your new shoes! That blue is awesome. Hope you will have some great runs in them!

  3. I used to keep athletic shoes for years. I am not kidding when I say that my gym locker in college had the same beat-up pair of sneakers in there the entire four years! Um yeah…I had no idea that worn out shoes could cause injury! I figured if they didn’t smell, they were fine. Eventually, my savvier sister intervened and got me in the habit of changing shoes every year. I’d had foot, ankle, and knee pain my whole life, but it didn’t seem like sneakers would have anything to do with it. I thought they were all basically the same!

    After finding out this summer I was born with an accessory navicular bone in each foot, I got to talk to an orthopedist about footwear and smart choices. He told me I should replace my sneaks every 6 months (I’m not a long-distance runner). I shelled out more than I ever have on a pair of Brooks and custom orthotics. For the first time in my whole life, I’m pain free, and now that I know better, I plan to do everything I can to stay that way. If it means spending more money on shoes that will keep me from having arthritis by age 50, so be it!

  4. Sweet!! Love getting new shoes!! I am loyal to Ryka because they fit my feet well and have a discount program for fitness professionals!

  5. Love that dress and drool over the shoes! It’s taken me a long time to find the shoe that works best for me. I plan on being brand loyal for as long as they keep making this one that fits. I love their clothes too, but it’s rare to ever find them on sale. Sometimes price trumps brand.

  6. I adore my running tights. I hope your pair work out for you! As far as my brand loyalties…for some things, definitely yes. For running gear…not yet. I haven’t been running long enough! I at least like to try a little bit of everything so I can at least know what I absolutely do not like, rather than just choosing one thing that works right off the bat :P

  7. Oh you know I have an opinion on this! I’m a HUGE believer in 300-400 miles, but like you said, your body knows when it’s time. If you have had your shoes for awhile and your knees, hips, ankles, whatever are bothering you- GET NEW SHOES!

  8. Once a year!

    I just bought some new Brooks running shoes and I’m LURVING them with all my heart. And Feet.

    And back.

    And sleep.

  9. I love nordstroms! My hubby used to work there when we first got married, in the women’s shoe department, and he got discounts! He would always bring home shoes for me, and I was always up to date with the styles…sadly he went to school, and now we are broke…hahaha ;) but I still dream of those nordy’s shoes!

  10. and I am so glad you recommended that yoga brand. I love them too! thank you!

  11. I replace my tennis shoes around four times a year because the treads wear out very easily and I play so much. My aunt owns a running store so she provides me with Asics running shoes once every few years :)

  12. Feel like I have so much to comment on in this post!

    Never would have thought about fall/football mall crowds like that – so true, I bet all the ladies steal their husbands’ wallets while their eyes are glued to the TV and run!!

    Agree with you on the 4 food groups. Maybe a slather of peanut butter for a 5th?

    I replace my running shoes about every 400-500 miles, but it’s also based on how my feet feel, and looking at the bottoms of the shoes to see how much the tread is worn. I agree with you that it’s not ALL about time/mileage.

  13. For the last few years I’ve been loyal to Asics running shoes — only because they’ve been working for me. In general I’m not specific to a specific brand of running shoes though. It just worked out that way. I am loyal to the store I purchase them at though. I get a new pair every 6 months or so, but it really depends on how much I’m running. I bought a pair in January of this year and another pair in April because of marathon training.

    Running clothes — whatever is on sale/clearance and fits well or Target workout clothes are pretty good too!

  14. That’s so good you replace your shoes that often! I told my one client if he didn’t replace his running shoes by the time I got back from maternity leave (which was back in July) he was going to get it. He had them for 3 years and was feeling ankle and knee pain. I could tell by the wear he needed to replace them! Ever since, his workouts are much does make a difference!

    All my workout clothes WERE so old. I wore the same stuff for 4 or 5 years. Now that I am not an xs anymore I had to replace all of it…especially the sports bras because of the over sized boobage :(

  15. I am the same way – I just HAVE to change running shoes after 6 months. I don’t know if it’s mental or what, but I can feel when the tread is getting low. :-P

  16. Please do a follow up post on those nike capris! I’ve been thinking of getting one.

    • They have about 17 types and styles of capris but these are thin and not too overly tight/not overly compression-ish. Which I like. They are thin and of all their capris kinda like Under Armour. I like them alot after 1 wearing. And they were the cheapest of all of their styles, $35 rather than $50 and up…

  17. Oh boy I hold on to my shoes for waaay too long. You should see the pathetic state mine are in at the moment. I need to stop doing that, you are right, my joints are suffering.

  18. If I find a brand of something I love I definitely stick with it. I hate the thought of spending money on something that I don’t *know* I’m going to love!

  19. When I’m running I buy new shoes about every 4 months too. I go longer when I’m not running regularly though. So I’m curious–does Skylar have big feet like her mama? I feel sorry for you having to find size 12 shoes. That must be tough! Then again, I’m a size 8, and apparently that must be the most common shoe size because stores seem to run out of it all. the. time.

  20. Those shoes look awesome!!! I am loyal with my workout shoes for the most part…but they are starting to give me bruised and blistered toes! I may have to look into new ones…

  21. I always buy the exact same pair of Asics. Kind of boring, but hey– if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! I like your new kicks!

  22. oh gosh, i can’t type fast enough in my excitement over this post! RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!
    YES!!! when you find a brand and model that works for you, the safest thing is to stick with it. nike IS a narrower fitting shoe. and i beg to differ with the nike employee – as you state, averie, shoes will give you 300-500 miles then need to be replaced. it doesn’t matter whether you spend $30 or $300 – you will get the same lifespan. for most people. **we are all an experiment of one.** and i have never heard that nike is the longest lasting!?!?!
    i AM loyal because nike has been working for me the last few years. i am NOT loyal because i like to try new models of shoes – with my discount, it’s worth it! sometimes they’re good for running, sometimes just walking.
    i would love to stroll thru nordstrom – we do not have!
    thanks for the running shoe chatter! i just got home from work but can NEVER grow tired of the subject!

  23. I just got new running shoes, too! just some boring blue asics…nothing too special. But ever since I got them, the ball of my right foot has felt really sore. I hope I didn’t make a poor shoe choice!

  24. Interesting on running shoes, I’m starting to wonder if mine need replacing and it’s been less than months. Nordstrom is fun, I feel higher class just browsing. :-)

    1. Every 6 months currently, but I may need to up that with my current running schedule.
    2. Nope, if the shoe works well for me, then I’ll stick with it. But I’m open to trying other brands too.

  25. I love that blue! It’s electric! I’m not a runner, but I do walk for up to two hours daily. I buy a pair of shoes and wear them until I accidentally step in dog doo, leave them on the backporch and then wake up the next morning to find that it’s poured all night. That happens every two years or so, and that’s when I know it’s time to buy new shoes.

  26. I’ve been pretty loyal to mizuno for the past couple of years and hey seem to work well for me. I just bought a really minimal mizuno shoe, but I’ve cut way down on running… as in I don’t run at all anymore. So they should last me much longer than my last pair I used for marathon training. But I stuck to the every 500 miles rule for my previous pairs just as a ball park.

  27. I change mine every six months or so too. I don’t run everyday (more like 3 times a week, with one longer run during the weekends) but like you, I listen to my body and get new running shoes when I start feeling some pain. Very important, since I have plantar fasciitis and I’m prone to shin splints :p

    • I have plantar fascitis too. It comes, and goes. Sometimes I can go for a year and not have any issues..then…bam. It hits. Nothing to reall “do” about it…other than just…hope it goes away. Same with shin splits. I think all the sports I played as a kid, volleyball, basketball, track, etc set me up for a lifetime of aches and pains!

    • Yup! I always dread the day when I feel the unwelcome strains of PF coming back. But! Have you tried using a foot roller especially designed for PF? I use it before and after running (or when I remember to hehe) and it really helps :)

  28. Wow! It looks like you are totally set! I have to tell you, I have had a pair of runners from Mountain Equipment Co-op for FOUR YEARS!! They only just fell apart. They were amazing and I think I may go back to get my next pair from them for sure.

  29. Oh I feel like I don’t even have to go the the mall because I can window shop on your blog!

  30. I have several pairs of the Nike Body Combat capris! LOOOOVE them! Only caveat: they can sometimes be a wee bit sheer so do a bend-over check in the mirror;) As for shoes, I used to be super brand loyal but not anymore. I have lots of fave athletic shoes (more than any girl should rightly own, frankly…) and I have specific uses for each one.

  31. Generally, I am a replace the shoes 2x a year girl.

    But during training for my 2nd half marathon, I got injured. And I stopped running for 9 months. I have started up again, but I can’t wear regular running shoes. I wear Vibram 5 fingers. It’s the only way I can run without knee and hip pain.

    Well, the cushion doesn’t wear out on those. ;-) So we’ll see how long they last. They are 3 months old now.

  32. I replace my shoes when they feel like they need to be replaced too. Mine usually last a year or so, which should tell you how often I run. I lift weights and ride the bike with them. So they last longer. But I’m an Asics girls and have been for the last 10 years or so.

  33. I want those gold shoes :)

    I’m bad about replacing my shoes. I use running shoes only, but for walking and fitness workouts. They are the only type of shoe that works for me. I’m a high mileage walker and do things like plyometric twice a week, but only swap out shoes maybe once a year.

    Asics Gel Kayano only. I have a normal forefoot, but narrow heel. It is the only brand that fits without sliding off or scrunching my tootsies!

  34. NIKE all the way for me! I have a relative that works for them so its all I know haha! When I used to run a lot I replaced my shoes every 4 months or so but I have such a ridiculous amount of Nikes that I always have a spare pair.

  35. Jimmy Choo!!! Ahem, where was I?

    Oh, I have the simplest solution to replacing running shoes — I don’t run! Well, I sprint, but jogging always does a number on my lower back so I prefer an elliptical for steadier state stuff. I’ve had a pair of sneakers for over a year but they are starting to need replacing. I got them for free so I can’t complain, but I can’t really recommend them as they were pretty average (K-Swiss).

    For my next shoe, I got my eye on Merrells. I like their barefoot shoes for all-around stuff. Just me though!

  36. Eek. Well you’re reminding me that I need to go get some new shoes. I’ve gotten the same pair of shoes for the past 4 years too. Same shoe each time. Thank goodness each new version is a different color. Ha! Oh… Fashion Valley and Nordstrom how I miss them. :) Some day….

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  38. I just replaced my Nike shoes with Asics a few months ago. I’ve been suffering from mild hip pain since last November after running. I thought it was the Nike’s getting worn out since I had them 18 months. I bought Asics for a change up. That plan didn’t work. Still suffered hip pain for a couple of days after running.

    I decided to implement strenght training on my hip inductors. After 30 days I am pain free when I run. I guess my hip muscles were a bit weak and needed a boost.

  39. I do 90% of my workouts on machines that are no-impact so I don’t replace my shoes that often. In fact I replace them so rarely that I never know what kind they are! I couldn’t be brand loyal if I wanted to, because I have no idea what kinds I’ve owned, let alone the kind I currently own.

  40. I replace my running shoes about once every two years (I do very little running). I try whichever brand feels comfortable when I am in the store.

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