New Coffee & The Weekend

I hope you had a nice weekend.

I did.

It involved sampling some of the new-to-me coffee I picked up from TJ’s

I am normally partial to Dark Sumatra for my everyday coffee but the Joe’s Dark is a nice change.


I love coffee so much.

Maybe I should get this

Except the nicotine part is not applicable and lately I consume very little alcohol.  But I make up for it with caffeine consumption.

The Joe’s is bold and a nice dark roast (not a fan of  medium or lighter roasts), but also sweeter than the Dark Sumatra.

Maybe some people would call this “less acidic”.

I call it needing less of this or this

Tip: Buy your stevia  (or supplements, probiotics, nooch, body wash, bulk spices and more) from iHerb and enter code AVE630 at checkout to save $5

Their prices are so.much.lower than retail prices.

I go through lots of stevia and I’d be in the poorhouse if it wasn’t for iHerb

After savoring a half pot of coffee one cup of coffee on Sunday I did other fun things like:

Spent time with my family

Walked around the Farmer’s Market

Enjoyed the fresh air, 72F temps, and sunny, clear skies

I had to work but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the weather as much as possible and getting in some nice runs and yoga at home.

I also enjoyed some No Bake Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites

Washed down with some coffee, they were mmmm, good.  They hit the spot for me.  And they hit this spot too.

The winner of the Healthy Snacks Giveaway is:

Ali @ Urbanfruitbat September 9, 2011

“Oranges and green juice! Always makes me and my tummy happy.”

Congrats, Ali!


1. What’s your favorite coffee (or tea)?

See my Coffee Reviews Post for my thoughts on many different types and brands of coffee but for the price, quality, and availability (for me because I have a TJ’s around the corner), I think TJ’s has awesome coffee.

My faves of theirs are Dark Sumatra and if I stray from that the Organic/Fair Trade French Roast in a can (not the regular French Roast)

Or the gray plastic wrapper/in a bag French Roast (pre-ground) is pretty decent for the money.

Cafe Pajaro I’ve tried.  So-so.

Bolivian (Katie tells me I should try it)

2. Are you a fan of Pumpkin-flavored coffee?

I am not a pumpkin girl overall, but I have to say, all the talk of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the sphere makes me want one.


For the price of one, singular, latte I could buy almost a whole can of coffee and drink about 200 cups of coffee at home!

i.e. One latte = $4 (approximately) and a One Can of coffee = $4.99

So I’m holding out.  For now.

3. What did you do this weekend?

If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday:

P.S. Thanks for the entries on the $50 Whole Foods Gift Card GiveawayWow, you guys really want that!


  1. I love coffee!! Don’t know what I’d do without it :)

  2. i drink SO much coffee. Do you put the NuStevia in your coffee?

    I was actually at TJ today and almost bought that coffee, but I already have so many bags at home I talked myself out of it. Trying to save money and all.

    Thanks for the coupon code. I may have to try Stevia’s flavored sweeteners. I’ve never had them.

  3. Hahaha I love that flask :D

  4. I wish I could try the coffee. I bet I would love it! I miss TJ’s.

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend!

  5. I think every time you talk about coffee I bring up Green Mountain :) Favorite! They have a pumpkin spice, of course. Last fall I was a bit burnt out on pumpkin from the previous year, but I think I’ll finally be wanting it again this year, haha.
    Looks like you had a perfect weekend. Love those sunny blue skies :)

  6. My favorite coffee is Boston Stoker. I think it’s a local brand–it’s so good. I love coffee way too much.

  7. I’m so with you on the price of Starbucks! We grind and press our own espresso for coffee. MUCH more cost efficient. Love your blog, thank you for all the awesome dessert recipes!

    • thanks for the nice words and yes, grinding/making at home is about 1000% more cost-efficient! At $4 a cup x multiple cups per day…seriously I could easily have a HUGE Starbucks bill. payment++ sized amount every month!

  8. I am more of a tea drinker although sometimes I will crave coffee. I do like the pumpkin coffee it’s really good. I read over the weekend and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.

  9. I like pumpkin flavored coffee, but to me its more of a dessert thing. It’s good but it’s not what I want every morning, even in the fall.

    My favorite coffee is Starbucks. I know how expensive it is so I don’t drink it daily but I treat myself to it once a week and man it’s as good as anything else I could think of, and only for $3.00

  10. OMG I love that flask!!!

    I am not a coffee drinker. However, all I keep seeing is the pumpkin spice in the blog world and it’s making me want to try it!

  11. I actually ran out of coffee a few days ago and I haven’t replenished my stash — instead I’ve been going to McD for their $1 coffee — not as cheap as making it at home, but so convenient in the morning!

    I like the flavored creamer, so if there is a pumpkin creamer I’d like that, but to be honest I’m not a big fan of the flavored coffees. And I hate Starbucks drinks — they are way too sugary and give me a stomach ache (and somehow I can eat tons of cookies, brownies, candy and not feel sick, but the sugary syrups from Starbucks do not sit well with me at all).

    • There IS pumpkin creamer that comes out in about 2-3 weeks. Early Oct usually. It’s good but it’s sweet. A little bit goes a long way!

      I admit, the older I get the less and less and less I even like Starbucks. EVen their regular coffee does NOT sit well with me. Something in it just tears up my gut. Another reason to brew at home :)

      And yes, I can eat all the cookies in the world, too…but sometimes those syrups do it to me, too.

  12. I’ve not tried that TJ’s coffee just yet, but let me say this: I WILL TRY IT.

    That was pretty anticlimactic wasn’t it?

  13. Katie (of the Chocolate Covered Katie variety) has a great recipe for Pumpkin Spice Lattes on her blog – I tried it this weekend, and my boyfriend said it was even better than the Starbucks variety. :)

  14. I am a happy medium :) I love balance coffee and tea, but drink tea more ;) Pumpkin flavored coffee is where it’s at! Love love love the fall for that reason!

  15. The boyfriend is the coffee expert, I’m a tea gal! No caffeine for me if I can help it. I LOVE pumpkin flavored things, and used to swear by the Sbux PSL, but it has a lot of calories, costs a lot of money, and isn’t vegan. I told the boyfriend he’s gotta make them for me with his new espresso machine! Glad you had a lovely weekend :)

  16. You KNOW I love my pumpkin…so yes, I am a fan of pumpkin lattes :-) But yeah, they’re not exactly easy on the wallet, so I have to take it easy on them!

  17. I’m really big on pumpkin right now, but not a fan of all the sugar Starbucks dumps in their lattes- plus the expense! So what I do is buy organic canned pumpkin and mix a scoop with my coffee, add some almond milk and sweeten with some stevia… it’s PERFECT.

  18. i never drank coffee my entire life until this past january (2011) – i tried the starbucks via instant coffee pacs and loved them. then branched into coffee shop coffees.
    i got the flu 4 weeks ago and have been WAY OFF COFFEE since. but lovin’ my diet coke.
    so i am wondering if the coffee love will come back or was it an 8 month wonder?!!!
    glad you had a great weekend, averie! and you definitely are the coffee expert!

    • When I was pregnant I wanted NOTHING to do with coffee. Or even tea. Or really even caffeine. Then, my hormones changed again after I gave birth and wanted coffee again. Between being sick for much of my preg, the hormone shifts, and the fact that you’re really not supposed to go crazy with caffeine when preg, I was off coffee for 9 mos.

      Who knows if you’ll want it again…honestly…think of it as a blessing you don’t want it :)

  19. No matter what the ‘research’ says about coffee, I will never ever give it up. I enjoy it so much. It gets me out of bed quicker. I love meeting friends for coffee. I’m not picky about the kind I buy but I like to brew it really strong!

  20. I am definitely a coffee addict as well! I just recently bought the vanilla liquid stevia and I’m already in love :) I loved mostly anything pumpkin. Pumpkin + coffee is a win win. I saw biscoff spread in the store and debating on getting it and got almond butter instead to play it safe. Now I am intrigued and I need to go back out and buy it!!

  21. Favorite coffee, hands down, is Organic Papua New Guinea roast by Monterey Bay Company. LOVE it! Every morning I grind it to espresso grind and brew a fresh, strong cup with a Melita filter and boiling water. I also add a smidge of organic unsweetened soymilk. Yum!

    I actually never go to Starbucks, but I love anything pumpkin and thought I would share this recipe:

    She is the sweetest!

    • Ironically you are the second person to mention CCK and that recipe of hers on this post of mine. I addressed it a couple commenters above you and also yes, I make my own pumpkin lattes too which I told a few other ladies in the comment replies b/c otherwise I’d be broke :)

      Need to look into the coffee you recommended!

    • Haha! I didn’t read all the comments before mine! LOL! Must be a good recipe then! Yes, try that coffee if you can…I love it. Have tried lots, but this is my FAV!

  22. well I hate syrups but do enjoy pumpkin flavored coffee…just no added sweet stuff blehhh nto for me!

    my favorite coffee is my familys coffee, love the stuff! its bold and flavorful and delicious! I have never tried trader joes coffee!! I hear it is quite tasty though!

    loving the pics of the market and skylar and beautiful sunny skies! xoxo

  23. Don’t you just love Trader Joe’s? It’s the best store ever. The Dark Roast Coffee is my favorite!!! have a great week!

  24. I always wanted to try pumpkin flavoured coffee but we have none of that in Australia …. :( What is it though, is it just coffee with pumpkin puree in it, or is it pumpkin flavouring?

    Just one other note though, could you please put a lil less links in your blog posts? It justs makes your blog hard to read on my iphone. + It’s not really that hard for your readers to figure out where to find the stuff that you’re mentioning/referring to right? But if you’re not willing to, that’s find though, it’s just a suggestion of mine. :)

    • Oh I forgot to answer the 1st part of your questions, I LOVE coffee. And I drink a lot of coffee! But I hardly ever buy coffee from the coffee shops, I usually brew my own as it is much gentler on the pocket (coffee cost 3.90 upwards in Australia). I like Colombian, Ethopian, or Five Senses Coffee (in good blend sold in Australia)

  25. Fun! I’ve never been into coffee. There was a phase when I first entered the “office” world. My favorite was Irish cream, I think that’s what it was called… This weekend: Kevin came home from London and we pigged out on cookies and watched movies. It was fantastic!

  26. I love Starbucks. Specifically, Starbucks VIA, instant coffee. I drink a cup a day, sometimes two – could not live without it!

  27. Haha, I am so excited for my snacks! My fav tea is for sure Chai, it is so so lovely. I did yoga therapy training all weekend, and it was AMAZING!

  28. I love my coffee! I usually prefer iced cofee or a hot latte (made at home with my Nespresso). Lately, I’ve been reaching for Costa Rican or Colombian coffee (Pete’s Colombian is great). I tried the TJ’s Dark Sumatra for the first time this morning, and it’s great too!

    Teavana has some great (but pricey) loose leaf teas. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Azteca Fire (no caffeine, chocolatey flavor) and the Gyokuro imperial green.

    I’ll have to try the new TJs Dark Roast! Thanks for the tip.

    • They sample Teavana at the mall by me b/c there is a store there. And yes, great but pricey.

      “I tried the TJ’s Dark Sumatra for the first time this morning, and it’s great too!” <-- it was fate then and that I posted this on the same day :)

  29. For the past few months I’ve been trying a new coffee every time I go to Trader Joe’s. The cans are all so cool looking: Sailing ships, llamas, toucans, a starry sky, etc. I’ve been using them to put stuff in: Chopsticks, stevia packets, pens.
    But my favorite coffee is still their plain old Cup o’Joe

    • my favorite coffee is still their plain old Cup o’Joe <-- that's good to know, I know you've tried tons. Me too! But always nice to hear feedback. I love your idea of reusing their cans. At one point, I had about 10+ diff cans all were so cool and different and due to moving/space considerations, I threw them out. Bummed I did that now! Between the cans and my leftover glass jars from their ginger mango chutney and my glass Vegenaise jars I am running out of cupboard space. I just can't toss glass. What do you do with it all??

  30. Ugh, I can’t stand coffee or tea! Coffee just tastes awful to me. My best friend has “tricked” me many a times with her flavored coffees “Try it, you can’t even taste the coffee all it tastes like is ” Nope, all I can taste is the coffee, I have never once drank a highly sweetened flavored coffee and tasted what the flavor was supposed to be. Blech!

    Tea, I don’t know, I just can’t stand it. It just has a very off flavor to me. The only “tea” I have been able to stand is Sugar-Free Oregon Chai, which I think is mostly chemicals…. ;)

  31. Never did develop the taste for coffee – more for you :)
    My favourite teas are: Green, White, and Mint.

    Stash has a Pumpkin falvoured decaf tea that we buy around Thanksgiving & Christmas time for my husband. I’m not a fan myself. I’ll stick the the real pumpkin :)


    i wish you were my mother because i am way too lazy to do the amount of cooking/baking that you do. you are FAB-U-LOUS!

    eh, my dad usually adds pumpkin into his beans recipes, so, i guess i am a fan? i wouldn’t try the pumpking latte, though. i’m too much of a “food purist/snob” but in a nice way.

  33. Yeah, it wasn’t such a nice weekend worrying about my grandma. Looks like a great weekend, I like trying all of TJ’s new coffee flavors and/or what ever is on sale at Costco.

    1. Depends, usually a dark roast with fresh hemp milk and a little stevia.
    2. Sure and since I have a garden exploding with little, sweet pie pumpkins – I need to experiment with making fresh pumpkin treats.
    3. Spent a lot of time in the hospital with family with my grandma.

  34. I love trying new coffees!

    My favorites actually come from a grocery store bulk bin (but you can’t open the bins – don’t worry, I know how disgusted you are by bulk bins). They have a button you press and the coffee beans pour out into a bag. I like flavoured coffees (usually toffee, butter pecan, etc), but haven’t tried pumpkin flavoured coffee before.

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