When I was at the grocery store yesterday I was standing behind a woman waiting to select some produce when I noticed this

What a cute little purse buddy

After I left Ralph’s, I went to Trader Joe’s and noticed this Pet Hall of Fame


People really love their pets and it looks like TJ’s has realized that

TJ’s usually has a bowl of water out in front of their store for the dogs that are out shopping.

Last week when I was last at the mall and in Victoria’s Secret, I was sampling body sprays side-by-side with quite a few purse doggies or small dogs on leashes.

Sometimes the dogs are in purses, in arms, or on a leash.  I wonder if there are ever any accidents in the stores?  Small dogs tend to get excited for lack of a better word.

I don’t have any pets. 

Just my dancing sidekick.

Pets in public places are very common here in San Diego.

For example, here was a bird at a restaurant

That creeped me out because I have a bit of a bird phobia

And I see purse dogs all the time

Or dogs driving

… and dogs riding shotgun

I wonder if the dogs would like a to-go-cup of Starbucks?

Or maybe a Raw Vegan Caramel

Or a Nut Butter Filled Caramel Bite

Dogs like peanut butter almost as much as I do!


1. Do you see pets out in stores or inside the businesses in your area?  Do you bring your pets out in public with you?

As I said, I frequently I see dogs in purses, on leashes, or in the arms of their owners when I am at the grocery store, mall, hardware store, running errands and out and about.

Sort of like kids (and for some people they view their pets as their furry children) pet owners here seem to bring their dogs with them where ever they go.

Although I don’t currently have any pets, when I did, I never brought my small dogs into restaurants, but would bring them on my errands.  Never once was told by any venues or businesses that I couldn’t bring my dog in.

It’s ironic, I was scolded for taking pictures in TJ’s, but I’ve seen dogs in the store.

All-in-all, I think I live in an extremely pet-friendly place.

2. Do you have pets or do you want a pet?  What kind? 

We used to have dogs (papillons) and a cat.  But they got older and passed on.

Currently, between our work schedules, travel, taking care of Skylar, the house, and just life in general, it’s probably best we don’t have pets but trust me, I am always tempted to get a pet.

I’d likely get an older pet from a shelter or Humane-society type place because they don’t have as much va-va-voom energy as younger which would work better for us.

Plus we all know what happens to rescue animals that aren’t rescued.  Not always, but it does.  So adopting a shelter pet would be my plan if we go down that path.

But for now, until she asks for one, we’re pet-less.


  1. Oh my goodness!! That dog looks like my dog, Chooey! :D

  2. i love that very first photo of the dog in the purse. way cute!
    i am not a pet person. we didn’t have pets growing up and i am just not that fond of animals…nothing against people who love their pets/animals, it’s just not me. i like being around people more than animals!
    we don’t mind at all if people bring their dogs into the stores. for our run club meet ups, people sometimes bring their dogs. at the second location i work at, we even have a dog dish so the pups can drink water! never seen an accident happen – people are really good about having their dogs leashed, behaving…thank goodness!
    yes, with travel to aruba, it would be an added responsibility to decide what to do with a pet/get care for it!

    • when we had dogs, we brought them to aruba once…what an ordeal. bringing animals into and out of the this country, and into the country at hand, in that case aruba, is an exercise in a beaucratic paperwork nightmare not to mention the expense! and it’s wayyyyy tooooo far to travel for them. As much as we didnt like to board them, it was better than bringing them.

  3. You know that I HAD to comment on this ;) I think the rules are different everywhere, and apparently CA is the place to be! In Orlando, I’ve tried to sneak Popcorn into stores in my purse several times, and more often than not if they catch sight of him, they tell me he has to leave.

    I can see why, because of the whole allergy thing and whatnot, but I’m curious how it can be so acceptable somewhere, but not somewhere else.

  4. I can’t do the whole dogs in stores thing – that just skeeves me out a little bit. Not to mention that some dogs are mean!! I hope people wouldn’t bring their mean dogs. This is definitely coming from a total dog lover too!

  5. Small toy dogs are everywhere in New York. I’ve seen people pushing them in strollers, carrying them in slings like you would a new born baby, on airplanes, and wearing all sorts of outfits – plus plenty of purse pups. Personally I prefer the big dogs!

    Also, I think that’s really great that you would get a dog from a shelter or rescue. If I ever get a dog, I would do the same thing.

  6. My sister carries her dog everywhere. That can be kind of annoying, especially when your driving her to the airport and she tells me the dog throws up in the car sometimes…really?! We have two cats, but they stay home. After driving to TN and back with them, I can safely say I never want to take them in the car again! Nightmare!

    • cats do not belong on road trips. EVER!!

      We moved with ours from Chicago to NC, NC to SC, and SC to CA <-- in a UHaul...omg...the stories I could tell you...but yes, I understand your nightmare. I am pretty sure I have lived it :)

  7. Oh yes, I know far too much about having a rambunctious energetic dog in a small apartment. My roommate got a dog a few months back and it’s been a constant struggle and source of conflict for all of us unfortunately. It’s also, in my opinion, not a great time in our lives, being students with limited income and time, to have a pet.

    • I always tell that to my younger friends or those still in school without super stable jobs, or just a very in-flux life..they may just wanna wait a tad on getting a pet. I mean to each her own but college or thereabouts is a HARD time to have a pet…life is so full and always changing and lack of space…I hear you!

  8. I have 2 furbabies and love them to death but do not want to take them grocery shopping with me – talk about disaster in all caps!

  9. HAHA Oh man, this post makes me miss California (I was born there)! I have only ever seen a purse dog maybe ONCE outside of California. They certainly do love their dogs on the west coast. But if you walk around with a dog in your purse in Georgia or Virginia…let’s just say you would get more than a few long stares! :D

  10. We don’t have pets — Jason is allergic so we’ll probably never have one which is honestly ok with me. I don’t really know how to care for pets. When I was little we usually had a dog or cat (never at the same time) but my parents took care of the feeding, litterbox, etc because my sisters and I were so little.

    I’m ok with dogs in stores and such, but maybe I’d feel differently if I were allergic.

    There is a lady at our gym who has a service dog and he is so well behaved — he lays on the floor near her treadmill or elliptical. To be honest I’m not sure what his role is because she doesn’t appear blind. I do hope that no one has complained about them because you never really know he is there!

  11. So cute! Love the dogs driving the car. The places I’ve lived (largely East Coast and now a short joint in the Midwest…) have never been all too pet prevalent minus a few bodega cats! Me and my four pawed children should move to San Diego ;)

  12. I love the one of the dogs in the car. But, I’m with you on the bird in the restaurant…creeps me out too. I’m severely allergic to bird dander though (but I also secretly just don’t like the things…). Usually I am totally fine with dogs in public places, including restaurants and shops, but I was in a Trader Joes in Sacramento a year or so ago, and this woman had a dog in her cart but NOT in any sort of pet carrier or anything. Well, the dog pooped. And then pooped again, and again….she just kept doing her shopping, and allowing the dog to poop!!! I told an employee about it, they went to clean it up, and someone said something to her. She was like, “Well, that is natural…dogs poop.” Um, yeah lady, they do, but most of us make sure they poop OUTSIDE. Ugh…gross. It is irresponsible pet owners like that which cause everyone else to have a bad pet-owner reputation.

  13. Hahaha…I wish I could bring our dogs to the grocery store here. Although that would probably be asking for SERIOUS trouble :-)

  14. Not all older dogs are calmer. Take it from me. We have a 7 year old Irish Setter who has to go to day care too :) If he is left alone in the house he goes berserk trying to get out. He loves the truck though so if we can take him on errands we do. Unfortunately I don’t think we could get away with taking him into a store – double standard? :) now I have to go read your post about taking pics in TJs…

  15. Chicago is super pet friendly, which makes me happy. It seems like most bars/restaurants with outdoor seating allow them on the patios. One bar down the street from me actually allows them IN the bar (they don’t serve food). It’s always hilarious to find a dog bellied up to the bar. I have a 9 month old Basenji named Maddux and he’s completely stolen my heart!

  16. It absolutely DISGUSTS me when people bring their pets into a grocery store or any food establishment. I’ve been working at a small grocery store for 7 years and I see people bring their pets in once in a while. Not only is it against health code but it’s also extremely selfish. I have to kick people out who bring pets because if the health inspectors come in and see people with pets shopping, they will shut us down and/or fine us. I worked at Starbucks when I was in college and I had a woman put her stupid yappy dog down on the drink counter. Her dog was licking peoples’ drink cups and I had to remake their drinks. Don’t get me started on how gross this is or how much the woman lacked common sense.
    I do love pets and I have 2 cats and 1 dog. I would NEVER even think to bring my dog into a grocery store. I’m not that much of a psycho dog mom. Come on dog moms, you know who you are.

  17. hahah I am one of those crazy ones that would LOVE a little purse dog :)…I don’t think I would really bring it around everywhere in my purse, but I love tiny dogs that I can just hold and cuddle! lol..SO does my daughter..eventually my hubs will give in and let us have one..I hope! :-)

  18. I’m sorry, but animals DO NOT belong in any store, especially the grocery store where people are trying to buy their food. I love animals, but I do not want them near my food, or their hair on my clothes. I have a friend who has very severe allergic reactions (can you say life support in the ER) to any animal. What is she supposed to do – have someone shop for her!? I know you all love your pets, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us do. There are reasons why the health department has laws against pets in restaurants, food stores, etc.

  19. So cute! We randomly have a kitten who’s been hanging out on our terrace. I would love to keep him – he is adorable! But, I just cannot bear the thought of having a cat for the next 15 years. They shed and I’m definitely more of a dog person. So for now the kitten saga continues…

  20. I’ve got a 5′ ball python, but I don’t bring him out in public for obvious reasons. (Screaming, mad panic, etc.)

    Because Canine Companions For Independence is local, seeing “foster” families in stores with young puppies in training is a common sight. The dogs always wear yellow and blue jackets, so they’re easy to identify. Other than the trained companion dogs, I’m not a fan of seeing dogs in any store; they’re usually not as well trained as the owners swear they are.

  21. Ha, I have 3 cats even though I’m allergic to them! But they are my babies, they are soooo cute and lovely. In Vancouver pets go everywhere, we’re a super animal-friendly city, so you see them all over and the local Starbucks and restaurants always have a water bowl out for them. A friend of mine actually photographed a dog in a sidecar of a motorbike, WEARING A HELMET AND GOGGLES! Can you believe it? My friend nearly got in an accident doing a U-turn to take the photo haha. It is such an amazing shot though!

  22. I always see pets out and about. I actually don’t even think about it that much anymore, because they are everywhere! I grew up with black labs and we definitely didn’t take them places with us. They would have more fun running around outside anyway. Since I have been living in apartments I haven’t had any pets other than fish. And now we don’t even have those. I do want a dog when we get a house, and it will have fun running around outside!

  23. anyone who reads my blog KNOWS my dachshund (especially today!). :) I like to bring him where I can, but I do NOT have a handbag for him, his clothes are functional (well, he does have Halloween costumes, but they are warm!), and I don’t try to bring him where he does not belong (here dogs are not allowed in grocery stores or food establishments, even carried).

  24. I love the Wu-Tang kitty in the collage! I hardly ever see pets in public, but I noticed an excessive number of dogs at a festival on Sunday. I have a cat at my mom’s house. He’s 16, weighs 30lbs, and has diabetes, and I love him to pieces. I would love to rescue a dog or cat form a shelter for myself, but I think my roommate and I are going to settle for fish.

  25. Frank is a nut job in public…so we usually leave him at home! If he was better, I would love to bring him out! I think pet friendly establishments are awesome

  26. I want a dog SO badly. I feel like I just wouldn’t have the time with a full time job, though. I want a rescue. It makes me so sad to see those horrible commercials about abandoned, abused animals :(

  27. I love my dog, (a labradoodle), but she is 70 lbs and absolutely nutso… she’s 4 years old but never graduated from puppyhood! Besides, they’re a little less pet-friendly on the east coast, except for sometimes if the dogs are really super tiny. But I do love being in certain parts of NYC (like the Village) earlier in the morning… everyone is out walking their dogs then, often without leashes!

  28. Did I miss the winner of the Whole Foods coupon? (I think that’s what I entered….by now I’m starting to forget!) LOL

  29. Love the dog pics, pets seem to be common everywhere in California – I noticed lots in Fort Bragg and the Tahoe areas. I have a little chihuahua, but I rarely take her to public places or treat her like a “purse dog”. Most grocery stores here still won’t allow pets inside which is probably a good thing.

    1. Yes, very common in the old, downtown shopping areas. I bring my dog out sometimes if I think she’ll enjoy it, but crowded public places seems to stress her out.
    2. 2 cats and a chihuahua, all rescues. I’d love to have more if I had the time.

  30. In my city I usually only see pets in the park. I don’t think I have ever seen someone with a purse puppy!

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