When I was at the grocery store yesterday I was standing behind a woman waiting to select some produce when I noticed this

What a cute little purse buddy

After I left Ralph’s, I went to Trader Joe’s and noticed this Pet Hall of Fame


People really love their pets and it looks like TJ’s has realized that

TJ’s usually has a bowl of water out in front of their store for the dogs that are out shopping.

Last week when I was last at the mall and in Victoria’s Secret, I was sampling body sprays side-by-side with quite a few purse doggies or small dogs on leashes.

Sometimes the dogs are in purses, in arms, or on a leash.  I wonder if there are ever any accidents in the stores?  Small dogs tend to get excited for lack of a better word.

I don’t have any pets. 

Just my dancing sidekick.

Pets in public places are very common here in San Diego.

For example, here was a bird at a restaurant

That creeped me out because I have a bit of a bird phobia

And I see purse dogs all the time

Or dogs driving

… and dogs riding shotgun

I wonder if the dogs would like a to-go-cup of Starbucks?

Or maybe a Raw Vegan Caramel

Or a Nut Butter Filled Caramel Bite

Dogs like peanut butter almost as much as I do!


1. Do you see pets out in stores or inside the businesses in your area?  Do you bring your pets out in public with you?

As I said, I frequently I see dogs in purses, on leashes, or in the arms of their owners when I am at the grocery store, mall, hardware store, running errands and out and about.

Sort of like kids (and for some people they view their pets as their furry children) pet owners here seem to bring their dogs with them where ever they go.

Although I don’t currently have any pets, when I did, I never brought my small dogs into restaurants, but would bring them on my errands.  Never once was told by any venues or businesses that I couldn’t bring my dog in.

It’s ironic, I was scolded for taking pictures in TJ’s, but I’ve seen dogs in the store.

All-in-all, I think I live in an extremely pet-friendly place.

2. Do you have pets or do you want a pet?  What kind? 

We used to have dogs (papillons) and a cat.  But they got older and passed on.

Currently, between our work schedules, travel, taking care of Skylar, the house, and just life in general, it’s probably best we don’t have pets but trust me, I am always tempted to get a pet.

I’d likely get an older pet from a shelter or Humane-society type place because they don’t have as much va-va-voom energy as younger which would work better for us.

Plus we all know what happens to rescue animals that aren’t rescued.  Not always, but it does.  So adopting a shelter pet would be my plan if we go down that path.

But for now, until she asks for one, we’re pet-less.

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  1. I want a dog SO badly. I feel like I just wouldn’t have the time with a full time job, though. I want a rescue. It makes me so sad to see those horrible commercials about abandoned, abused animals :(

  2. I love my dog, (a labradoodle), but she is 70 lbs and absolutely nutso… she’s 4 years old but never graduated from puppyhood! Besides, they’re a little less pet-friendly on the east coast, except for sometimes if the dogs are really super tiny. But I do love being in certain parts of NYC (like the Village) earlier in the morning… everyone is out walking their dogs then, often without leashes!

  3. Did I miss the winner of the Whole Foods coupon? (I think that’s what I entered….by now I’m starting to forget!) LOL

  4. Love the dog pics, pets seem to be common everywhere in California – I noticed lots in Fort Bragg and the Tahoe areas. I have a little chihuahua, but I rarely take her to public places or treat her like a “purse dog”. Most grocery stores here still won’t allow pets inside which is probably a good thing.

    1. Yes, very common in the old, downtown shopping areas. I bring my dog out sometimes if I think she’ll enjoy it, but crowded public places seems to stress her out.
    2. 2 cats and a chihuahua, all rescues. I’d love to have more if I had the time.

  5. In my city I usually only see pets in the park. I don’t think I have ever seen someone with a purse puppy!

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