Pumpkins & Seasonal Decorating

When I was out on Thursday, I spotted all these pumpkins

In all different shapes & sizes

And I saw gourds


Some pumpkins were smooth

Some were tiny and cute

And then there were The Bumpy…

and The Lumpy

Something about them makes me both stop and stare…

…But also want to turn my head away because that thing scares me a little bit!

Not sure if I like all those bumps & lumps

Nature is wild

Seeing all the pumpkins, and seeing all the Halloween decorations and candy in the stores is proof positive that yes, Halloween is coming

But it’s still 6 weeks away

So I don’t need to race out and buy a Halloween costume for Skylar.  Not just yet.

The crazy thing is that I’ve seen Christmas decorations in a few stores already. That’s just insanity.

We need to get through pumpkin season, first, before I can start thinking about Christmas Crack and Holiday Baking

Ok, I lied a Creme de Menthe Bar (Vegan, GF, No-Bake) sounds good

And it’s ok to have peppermint year round. I’m sure of it.

But try a Pumpkin Spice Latte first!


1. Do you decorate your house for Halloween?  Or for other holidays?

I generally don’t decorate my house for any holidays.


Because what must go up, must come down.  And it’s work to put it up, and work to take it down.

I have more than enough work to keep me busy on any given day without adding to my duties so I don’t usually decorate.  Just being honest.

The real issue though is storage space.  We have almost none in our house so I’d rather use what precious space we have for the really important things, i.e. my kitchen appliances and gadgets or really just about anything else, and that’s why I don’t buy holiday/seasonal decorations because they all take so much room to store!

Growing up in the midwest, we had a garage, an attic, and a basement!  Here in San Diego, I have none of those.  And have 3 people living in an urban pad.  No room for anything but the essentials.

2. Will you be getting a pumpkin?  If so, will you carve it?  Thoughts on the Bumpy & Lumpy kind?

We’ll get some baby pumpkins to put on the table

And we’ll get one big pumpkin.

It will be the smooth variety!  The bumpy and lumpy ones are kind of creep me out for some reason.

But our pumpkin will likely sit uncarved.

Skylar can draw on it with markers or paint it, but I don’t think we’ll carve it.

It has to stay inside our four walls and I’d rather not smell it.  They can be so pungent.  Especially after a few days and that smell just lingers.

Plus, I’d rather save my knife skills for other carving endeavors.

Like carving out one of these Nutter Butter Special K Bars (No Bake) from a pan

Have a great weekend!


  1. I only really decorate for Christmas. I just don’t have the storage or the time to decorate for every holiday. I do have a fall wreath that I’ll put out if I remember ;-)

  2. LOVE pumpkins! Fall is so gorgeous :)

  3. AWESOME PICS! I love the farytale pumpkins, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those before! How cool!

  4. I’m obsessing over everything Fall right now. I love pumpkins and plan on buying lots of them, but mostly to put into food! The only holiday I really decorate for is Christmas, mostly because I love the ambiance of the lights. The other reason I’m so excited for Fall is getting to wear my boots again. My wardrobe misses them :)

  5. I love how pumpkins and gourds look — they are so interesting!

    I really don’t decorate for holidays — the most I decorate is for Christmas: stockings, a few figurines, and we usually get a wreath for the door. We had a small fake tree 2 years ago but I donated it and never bought another one. For Fall/Halloween I have a few small glittery pumpkins that I put around the house but that is it (unless you count getting pumpkin scented soaps from B&B as decorating…)

  6. Pumpkin season is just about the only thing that makes the end of summer palatable for me! Cute photos. I love all those gnarly and colorful ones.

  7. I. Love. Halloween. Everything about it. It’s my favorite holiday! From dressing up, to scary stories, to pumpkin carving, to treats. When I was little my best friend and I and our families used to go trick-or-treating together (every year since preschool!), and even if it happened on a weeknight we would get to go to her house after. We sorted, counted, and traded our candy. And I still send her a Halloween card every year!

  8. GAAH I’m with ya on the bumpy – creepy! I don’t even want to touch them!

    I decorate a little. it’s more like seasonal decor, like an autumn wreath that stays up all fall, then gets changed to an ivy or pine one for holidays. and I do pumpkins, they’re fun! but yes, only because I can line my porch with them, if I had to keep it inside then NO! :D

  9. ohh I have fond memories of me and my brothers all carving pumpkins, making a huge mess of the kitchen and ourselves. We kept ours outside though, along with our huge piles of leaves we jumped into. Gosh I miss being a kid in the fall time so much! I bet you have similar memories growing up in a cold climate.

  10. Those pumpkins are awesome! Wow I can’t believe they are already out! I do love fall, it is my favourite season by far! The colour of the trees, going to pumpkin patches, fall boots and big comfy sweaters. Who couldn’t love it! I think I’ll be picking up some small decor pieces to add to the apartment to make it feel more like fall :) Maybe a wreath for the door! Now I can’t wait to see pumpkins popping up in the markets!

  11. Leprosy gourds!

    Nature is weird.

  12. ooh I remember seeing your Creme de Menthe bars when you first posted them way back and thank you for reminding me that I need to make them again. I am a sucker for anything chocolate and mint.
    Being Aussie, Halloween isn’t really celebrated, however it is becoming a little more popular now, but living here in Saudi with a large American population with families, we do have a bit of the tradition celebrated here. Usually there US consulate nearby invites us (adults) to come party (the only place with alcohol here) as well and one year I dressed up as I Dream of Jeanie. Fun times.

  13. fabulous photos of the pumpkins and gourds, averie! i love the colours! i think you’ve just given me a burst of “yea for fall!” feelings! wow!
    i only really decorate for xmas. although, this whole post and your photos have inspired me to get some baby pumpkins and gourds and make a fall display. add some colour to my neutral colour decor!

  14. I looove carving pumpkins! We have a big party at my grandmas house each year where like 8 of us all carve pumpkins on her back porch. We then save the seeds and bake them :) Mmmm!

  15. The lumpy pumpkins freak me out too. They remind me of toads *shudder*. I love the itty bitty pumpkins though, and we always get a few pumpkins to carve. I made one of your pumpkin spice lattes yesterday (OK, so I made two) and they were YUMMY!

    Those mint bars also look like are right up my alley – love that flavour combo!

  16. I love the baby pumpkins! So cute!

  17. I can’t believe it’s pumpkin time already! Cook pumpkin pics. :)

  18. I honestly had NO idea that there were so many different kinds of pumpkins! I’m a huge pumpkin lover, but haven’t decorated my apartment with anything fall-themed.

    You’re completely right– pumpkins smell gross once they’re carved & start wilting, but sadly I cannot resist the roasted pumpkin seeds :D

  19. awww I love the pumpkins! I can’t wait to go to the farmer’s markets in the next few weeks – this time of the year is the best!

  20. So excited to get my pumpkins! We’re not big decorators either, except Christmas. I know so many people who decorate their houses so much for every single holiday and season… it’s just so much work!

    And I saw christmas stuff in some stores in AUGUST. I couldn’t believe it! It’s like please, let’s slow down and enjoy the end of summer before we skip fall entirely and go straight into the holidays!

  21. I love Halloween! I don’t decorate, but I still dress up :)

  22. I have a very small place to, storage is hard to come by.. but I love to decorate for Halloween, even though we don’t get kids in the area.. But I do fix up my front yard. And we normally do homemade costumes. I sew alot, and I take my daughter to the pumpkin patch they have at the church down the street we get lots of different size pumpkins. We pain them we don’t carve, they last longer in this heat if you paint. I like the guords to I usly get one, and paint it the way I see it.. one year I made one into a flamingo. The pumpkins my daughter likes to be creative. Last year we got a pumpkin for each person and animal in the house and we painted them too look like our family. Year before we did like dracula, frankenstein, ghost, its just alot of fun. Christmas we really go all out.. the christmas tree for me is the main attraction, a new ornament every year, and since my sister died 5 years ago, we have a grinch tree, each year I look for more Grinch things to collect. My tree is full and I love it. We have two trees now.. frontroom and a small grinch pink one for the kitchen. I am not a big knick knack person, I don’t have things sitting around that are not useable. So like my glass shelf in kitchen is full of things i use daily, but are pretty if sitting out, I put those things away and put out the christmas mugs, plates, bowls. display and use.. thats why i like.We store everything in the crawl space attic. the outdoor stuff is stored in rubber maid boxes put in the shed with moth balls, keeps the bugs out..

  23. Hehe I DON’T get pumpkins because they’re too much work to carve but I DO decorate because I don’t find it that much work – but then, I don’t go to town like some people – I think it looks fantastic and I don’t even mind so much about putting it up and taking it down but it’s the storage the rest of the year! I’m willing to go further for Christmas but there isn’t enough room in my condo storage locker for Halloween AND Christmas decorations 11 months of the year! :) Thanks for the post…all those lumps and bumps icked me out a bit too, but I appreciate how perfectly imperfect Nature is :).

  24. I was JUST trying to develop a pumpkin spiced latte today! Ha! Very nice.
    You would never ever see that type of collection in Alberta… ever. The only pumpkins we have are the big ones for Halloween. Lame sauce. Another reason I need to move to California.

  25. We don’t usually decorate but my kids want to too. Perhaps we will a little. We’ll see. Certainly we will visit the pumpkin patch a few times and carve many, many pumpkins!!
    Hey girl you gotta add your blog to my Project Lunch Box post….you are the poster child for healthy eats.

  26. I love to decorate for Fall because I can leave the decor up from late September through Thanksgiving, swapping out some stuff around Halloween time. Keeping everything mostly pumpkin in the decorating scheme makes it easy to carry me through those months. My husband complains about the storage of Fall and Christmas decorations, though!

  27. Those warty pumpkins are nasty. Nothing edible should look like that. And I’m all about nature, but um…no.

  28. Even though it’s 100deg here still in Austin, it definitely feels like fall looking at these pics!! LOVE them! Just gorgeous!

  29. I only really decorate for Christmas and even then, it’s not much. I don’t really see the point since my husband is gone for the majority of the day and we pretty much never have anyone over. So basically I’d just be decorating for myself. Doesn’t seem worth the time, effort, and creating the storage space for more stuff!

  30. I love these pictures! I’ve never really thought about decorating for a season but I feel very inspired to fill my flat with all sorts of beautiful fall goodies!

  31. Love all the pumpkin shots, makes me want to race up to Apple Hill here for a little fall scenery. So true on Christmas, not ready for the flood of decorations.

    1. Sometimes, but usually we just carve pumpkins.
    2. Yes and I already have a few little ones from my garden. But I love getting a few monsters to carve.

  32. Aw, that’s too bad you don’t decorate but I can understand with storage space. However, my fondest memories of Christmas time is my dad decorating the house outside with lights and me helping him to check if certain lights are off and changing the bulb. And just watching my dad put up lights in our front yard at night, it was fun to watch. My dad always left it to last minute though and on a weekend since he worked and was super busy as well, but insisted to have it up…that’s how he is though :) and I”m happy that way.

  33. love this post! I love pumpkins and gourds and all things “October”. I don’t decorate all that much (I’m with you, small space, 3 ppl, the work, etc.) But, we live in a suburban/farm-y area so we usually go to a farm, get 1 big old pumpkin, carve it, roast the seeds and make a pie with the rest of it. My son (who is the same age as Skylar) really enjoys that. Although, he has yet to try the seeds or the pie.
    Lovely photos as well!!

  34. Love the pumpkin photos – can’t wait for Fall to officially begin!

  35. Annette | Bucket List Journey Reply

    Geez, I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Though we usually don’t decorate our home, we always decorate our restaurant with dozens of pumpkins. This year I want some of those lumpy ones!

  36. I love your blog!
    Here in Chile it’s not common to celebrate Halloween with all the things you do in USA, but the children get dressed and look for candys.

  37. We decorate for Halloween (even though only about 4 kids come to our door) because the hubby LOVES Halloween (and Christmas) decorations. He always wants to buy more, and loves setting them out and making the yard/house look really spooky.

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