Pumpkins & Seasonal Decorating

When I was out on Thursday, I spotted all these pumpkins

In all different shapes & sizes

And I saw gourds


Some pumpkins were smooth

Some were tiny and cute

And then there were The Bumpy…

and The Lumpy

Something about them makes me both stop and stare…

…But also want to turn my head away because that thing scares me a little bit!

Not sure if I like all those bumps & lumps

Nature is wild

Seeing all the pumpkins, and seeing all the Halloween decorations and candy in the stores is proof positive that yes, Halloween is coming

But it’s still 6 weeks away

So I don’t need to race out and buy a Halloween costume for Skylar.  Not just yet.

The crazy thing is that I’ve seen Christmas decorations in a few stores already. That’s just insanity.

We need to get through pumpkin season, first, before I can start thinking about Christmas Crack and Holiday Baking

Ok, I lied a Creme de Menthe Bar (Vegan, GF, No-Bake) sounds good

And it’s ok to have peppermint year round. I’m sure of it.

But try a Pumpkin Spice Latte first!


1. Do you decorate your house for Halloween?  Or for other holidays?

I generally don’t decorate my house for any holidays.


Because what must go up, must come down.  And it’s work to put it up, and work to take it down.

I have more than enough work to keep me busy on any given day without adding to my duties so I don’t usually decorate.  Just being honest.

The real issue though is storage space.  We have almost none in our house so I’d rather use what precious space we have for the really important things, i.e. my kitchen appliances and gadgets or really just about anything else, and that’s why I don’t buy holiday/seasonal decorations because they all take so much room to store!

Growing up in the midwest, we had a garage, an attic, and a basement!  Here in San Diego, I have none of those.  And have 3 people living in an urban pad.  No room for anything but the essentials.

2. Will you be getting a pumpkin?  If so, will you carve it?  Thoughts on the Bumpy & Lumpy kind?

We’ll get some baby pumpkins to put on the table

And we’ll get one big pumpkin.

It will be the smooth variety!  The bumpy and lumpy ones are kind of creep me out for some reason.

But our pumpkin will likely sit uncarved.

Skylar can draw on it with markers or paint it, but I don’t think we’ll carve it.

It has to stay inside our four walls and I’d rather not smell it.  They can be so pungent.  Especially after a few days and that smell just lingers.

Plus, I’d rather save my knife skills for other carving endeavors.

Like carving out one of these Nutter Butter Special K Bars (No Bake) from a pan

Have a great weekend!

46 comments on “Pumpkins & Seasonal Decorating”

  1. I love to decorate for Fall because I can leave the decor up from late September through Thanksgiving, swapping out some stuff around Halloween time. Keeping everything mostly pumpkin in the decorating scheme makes it easy to carry me through those months. My husband complains about the storage of Fall and Christmas decorations, though!

  2. Those warty pumpkins are nasty. Nothing edible should look like that. And I’m all about nature, but um…no.

  3. Even though it’s 100deg here still in Austin, it definitely feels like fall looking at these pics!! LOVE them! Just gorgeous!

  4. I only really decorate for Christmas and even then, it’s not much. I don’t really see the point since my husband is gone for the majority of the day and we pretty much never have anyone over. So basically I’d just be decorating for myself. Doesn’t seem worth the time, effort, and creating the storage space for more stuff!

  5. I love these pictures! I’ve never really thought about decorating for a season but I feel very inspired to fill my flat with all sorts of beautiful fall goodies!

  6. Love all the pumpkin shots, makes me want to race up to Apple Hill here for a little fall scenery. So true on Christmas, not ready for the flood of decorations.

    1. Sometimes, but usually we just carve pumpkins.
    2. Yes and I already have a few little ones from my garden. But I love getting a few monsters to carve.

  7. Aw, that’s too bad you don’t decorate but I can understand with storage space. However, my fondest memories of Christmas time is my dad decorating the house outside with lights and me helping him to check if certain lights are off and changing the bulb. And just watching my dad put up lights in our front yard at night, it was fun to watch. My dad always left it to last minute though and on a weekend since he worked and was super busy as well, but insisted to have it up…that’s how he is though :) and I”m happy that way.

  8. love this post! I love pumpkins and gourds and all things “October”. I don’t decorate all that much (I’m with you, small space, 3 ppl, the work, etc.) But, we live in a suburban/farm-y area so we usually go to a farm, get 1 big old pumpkin, carve it, roast the seeds and make a pie with the rest of it. My son (who is the same age as Skylar) really enjoys that. Although, he has yet to try the seeds or the pie.
    Lovely photos as well!!

  9. Love the pumpkin photos – can’t wait for Fall to officially begin!

  10. Geez, I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Though we usually don’t decorate our home, we always decorate our restaurant with dozens of pumpkins. This year I want some of those lumpy ones!

  11. I love your blog!
    Here in Chile it’s not common to celebrate Halloween with all the things you do in USA, but the children get dressed and look for candys.

  12. We decorate for Halloween (even though only about 4 kids come to our door) because the hubby LOVES Halloween (and Christmas) decorations. He always wants to buy more, and loves setting them out and making the yard/house look really spooky.

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