Random Bits from the Week

I hope your holiday weekend is going well and that you’re getting some R & R and chill time with your friends & fam.

I was cleaning off my camera memory stick and came across a few bits and pieces and pictures I had taken this week but forgot about.  Whoops.  It happens.

I found this flower

This quote made me chuckle


I posted about Quotes here and many of you left some of your favorites in the comments.  I am always very impressed by people who can remember quotes off the top of their head.  I am not that person.

I picked up a new bottle of It’s a 10

This stuff is a Miracle as the name suggests.

Tangles and even really bad ones, split ends, flyaways, frizz, whatever your hair issue, a few spritzes of this stuff cannot hurt.  And will likely really help.  I swear by it ever since discovering it about a year ago.

I have a Hair Products Review post where I’ve reviewed dozens of products and share my faves if you enjoy tresses talk

This picture of Skylar made me smile

Who knows exactly what was so funny but hey, I’ll take it

I bought a new bag of Werther’s Originals  and always have a few of these in my purse.

They make waiting in lines when I’m out or traffic jams much more pleasant.

These two posts on Safety are Must Reads

Chelsey’s Internet Safety Common Sense

Paige’s More Than Just a Picture

These two posts on Being Liked are Must Reads

Charlotte’s What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Like You

Shauna The Gluten Free Girl’s Post Here <– Perhaps the most amazing post I’ve read in the past year and I read a lot of blog posts.  30+ posts a day, easily

And the last random bit goes to this white chocolate chip picture

I love white chocolate and did some baking yesterday

Check out my White Chocolate Recipes Compilation Post

If you like white chocolate I’ve got you covered


1. What are your Random Bits from this week?

Fill me in on any great recipes you’ve seen or made; blog posts you’ve read that have been stellar; things you’ve bought that you’re loving; things you’ve been up to. 

Whatever it is, throw some random bits out there.

2. Do you have Monday off?  What, if anything, are you doing to celebrate this holiday weekend?

I have Monday off.  Yay!

And what are we doing to celebrate?  Good question! 

We’re being pretty open-ended so far.  A little random and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants without definite plans is fine every now and then.  Wing-it!

P.S. Thanks for the No More Pests Giveaway entries!

41 comments on “Random Bits from the Week”

  1. I love when you reintroduce past topics because then I get to refresh myself on some things from the past that I forget about. Also, lovvee that you shared those other blogs’ posts; shauna’s is really one of the best posts I’ve read as well. It’s amazing hearing those types of stories and she’s a great writer. Random tid-bits are I went to the beach and for some reason it’s 59 degrees in the water? I went to the Farmer’s Market, gym, and some indian food…summer is almost over for me. :/ But I’ve enjoyed it, 2 more weeks till I go back to college.

  2. I have Monday (today) off and I am spending it with the hubby, just hanging out … might go to a movie … might rent one … not sure yet :-)

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