Restocked & Items On Hand

After a long Thursday afternoon and night with no power, it was restored Friday.  You never know how much you need, use, or are dependent on something until it’s gone!

Not just power but with most anything.

What’s the quickest way to get a husband to appreciate all his wife does behind the scenes or for a family to really appreciate all that the mom of the house does?

Mom takes a 3 day solo mini-trip out of the country and all of a sudden, the loving emails and voicemails come pouring in.  But I digress.

I am truly grateful for electricity!  Just wanted to thank the Power Gods for smiling down and restoring our power.


The sun was shining and it cooled off by nearly 20 degrees.  Just a gorgeous day.

Depending on how you look at it, I was out of most of my fresh produce when the power went out.

Meaning, less was wasted or spoiled, but during the outage, we didn’t have too many options.

I fixed that today.

We’re restocked

While the power was out, I chomped on plenty of grapes

And chomped on plenty of gum

I’m restocked on both now.

And I restocked my battery stash.  For important things like power outages.

Or when my wireless mouse dies.  Wireless mice eat up the batteries.

As I mentioned in my last post, keeping my car with a full tank of gas (random luck) really helped me.

And keeing batteries, flashlights, candles and matches on hand is probably a good idea, too.

But I don’t keep matches in the house because I rarely burn candles anymore.

Ever since having a child, I just don’t feel safe with either matches in the house or burning candles.  Call me paranoid. 

I also won’t run my dehydrator overnight either and yet some people say running their hot box while they sleep doesn’t bother them in the least.  To each her own.

So last night I was walking the dark streets asking people for matches when I noticed there was a bar open.  Actually many were open.  Apparently everyone used the power outage as an opportunity to cut out of work early and then spend the night getting drunk by candlelight!

But the bar was kind enough to give me two books of matches.

So I could come home and read Not get drunk.   <– But that doesn’t sound like a horrible alternative.

It’s been a stressful day and a half, but Scott’s back and the weekend is here.

We’re safe.  We’re healthy.  We have food and water.  We’re all together.

And now, it’s time for chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars (No Bake, Easily Adaptable to be Vegan & GF)


1. What have you restocked on lately or what do you need to restock?

As I said, before the outage I was just about to do a produce run and pick of some snacky & munchy food when the outage hit, but we survived and all is well.

2. If you had to find the following in your house while it was already dark in your house, could you?  Do you have all of these things on hand?






Cash money

Cell phone + car charger

Water/water bottle

Food to feed yourself and 2 other people for 24 hours

I managed it, sort of. 

And it was a reminder on some of those items because when we moved into this place less than two months ago, I didn’t really unpack everything. 

And so yesterday it was getting dusky, and in the height of the chaos, I was unpacking boxes and searching for flashlights and my battery stash as the sunlight was going down by the second.

I found them but it was kind of hairy and I know better now to always know where flashlights and batteries are.

Some of you mentioned solar powered car chargers, emergency-type radios, and “survival kit” items you keep on hand.

Or would like to keep on hand.

Between winter and snow coming for the northern states, hurricanes for the eastern and southern states, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes for others, maybe we should all re-think our emergency preparedness and what items we keep on hand.

3. Weekend plans?

I am working but also plan to be with the fam and take time to stop and smell the roses!

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Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Our power went out last week with the hurricane. I had a few coolers and ice packs ready to go…ESPECIALLY because I had all Ella’s breastmilk in the fridge and freezer. I jacked up the temp anticipating us losing power and once the storm cleared and I though we were all wll and good I turned it back. What do you know…out 30 minutes later. Luckily I just grabbed all our perishables and dinner and we went to my mother in laws. SO not fun. Then, yesterday apparently it rained enough to put us over the edge and ECRYWHERE was flooded. We were not expecting it at all! I was out of gas, had 1/4 tank and figured I would get it after my morning client. It took me 45 minutes to get 3 minutes from home..traffic both directions. Literally could have left my car and walked home and got there in 10 minutes. My gas light went on I was freaking out…luckily made it home after I turned around and sat there another 20 minutes coasting in neutral. What a mess.

    Glad you are all restocked and back on with the power!!!! Not a fun situation!

    •’ve had a time of it too!!!

      THE EXACT same thing happened to us in the San Diego fires of 2007. Skylar was about 6 mos old and I had a freezer full of pumped milk. Any mother knows not only is that liquid gold but all that TIME SPENT PUMPING it. The first thing I made sure of when I knew we may have to evacuate was..where’s my coolers, where’s my ice, b/c I was NOT going to leave that behind.

      Another reason to nurse one’s baby…in a time of emergency with no hot water, no clean water perhaps, no power…being able to nurse your baby is such a godsend and not have to worry about bottles/formula. (lactation educator in me talking).

  2. —damn typos –eek…you know what I meant though ;-)

  3. I leave my dehydrator on over night – i’m not too paranoid of a person. I figure it doesn’t catch on fire while I’m awake, so why would it when I’m sleeping? Glad you weer able to survive the power outage!

    • Very true…let’s just say becoming a mom makes one more concerned about fires, appliance safety, and so forth. You never sleep as soundly EVER as you did before you were a mom (always with one eye and ear open) and you think about things and in ways you never did before you were a mom. Trust me, it happens :)

  4. SO glad your power is back!

  5. I need to restock on freezer meals…

    I’m running out of quick meals to pull together!


  6. I never thought about kids and matches/candles. This is why I would be a terrible mom! I don’t actually have matches though – I do have several lighters. Wait, I do have some in my camping supplies. I’ve got stuff in there that you could consider a “survival guide’ if necessary. I hope it never becomes necessary though.

  7. Outages are no fun. But yes, I do remember making a trip to a local bar during that East Coast black out back in the day. Ha! At one point I noticed that some dude was walking down the streets wrapped up in battery-powered Christmas lights. I heard more than one person say it was one of the best nights of their lives. LOL!

    It was kinda scary, though, when I spotted looters and we tried to call 911 and couldn’t get through. Gulp.

    I have all of the items you listed except for a flashlight, and I know where they are. But I made sure to coordinate with my neighbors when the recent hurricane blew through to be able to borrow a flashlight if needed. Need to just get 1 of my own.

    I always keep a suitcase semi-packed anyways, because it makes travel easier. So there’s that.

    As for stuff I need to re-stock? Chocolate, sunflower seed butter, coconut milk, canned beans. Some vitamins (iherb order is on its way!) Also need to stock up on immunity supplements get through the winter.

    Fall is a great time to re-stock, now that I think about it. ;-)

    At any rate, glad you guys are reunited, safe, and re-stocked.

  8. “We’re safe. We’re healthy. We have food and water. We’re all together.” What more could you ask for?
    I recently restocked on oranges. I love them so much! I get to do yoga therapy teacher training all weekend! Yay

  9. I have been living with earthquakes for just over a year and we have had power outages numerous times (as you might imagine – any big aftershock trips the ‘kill’ switch and they have to check the grid before turning it back on). The two ‘big ones’ left us without power for days and without running water for weeks. Then we had to deal with polluted water ;-/ You may imagine I’m very big on the SURVIVAL KIT and now (*puts on best schoolteacher voice*) you must get one together. You just don’t know when you’ll have to fend for yourself.

    In Quake #1 the one thing we lacked was a freaking TORCH, and this was a very big deal because the first earthquake hit at 4.30 in the morning and it was pitch dark. We were trying to find our cellphones and used them to get out of the house past all the broken glass and random furniture arrangement. Now we have Torches with a capital T. I have an indestructible, rubber coated one that hangs on my bedside table, we have two indestructible ‘dolphin’ torches that can light a whole room and always a full tank of gas to light the barbeque and a full tank in the car. Also several hundred litres of water in bottles.

    I’m sorry to hear about your power blow-out. Luckily it’s easy to make it fun for kids and they don’t mind having cookies for dinner by candlelight. We even had a ‘sound system’ running using my iPod and the most squeaky ‘Hello Kitty’ speakers you ever heard. My 5 yo niece loved it.

  10. Here is a post I wrote on disaster readiness if you are interested. I was a bit stressed when I wrote it (3 days post second earthquake) so scroll past the waffling to the part that says ‘disaster kit’. One thing a lot of people didn’t have was CASH, and the electronic payment systems weren’t working. Another important thing for caffeine addicts is panadol with caffeine in it. You don’t need to be dealing with a caffeine deprivation headache…

    Or, I suppose you could drink a cold instant coffee. Mmm. Emergency food… yummy..

  11. Have a nice weekend Averie :)

  12. Power is just one of those things that you forget to be thankful for until it’s out of your life for some time. I’m a native South Floridian, so we’ve lost a LOT of power over the years with all of the hurricanes that chase us down. I’ve gotten pretty okay with managing without it, but it’s definitely not a lifestyle that I would prefer. Oh and I absolutely do not have a flashlight on hand up with me at school– so I guess I would be flat out of luck haha :(

    p.s. The Strawberry Shortcake Extra gum… YUM!

  13. glad you’re all restocked and that life is returning to normal, averie!
    gum flavours: you have SO MANY that we do not have here!! i still recall with fondness ORBIT gum that i found in florida!
    i do have all the items on hand that you listed. when you marry a firefighter, preparedness becomes a way of life!!
    your story of searching out matches reminds me of the power outage in toronto from a few years back. random parties popped up as people hung out on their porches, patios etc and socialized with their neighbours, shared food and drink that was going to spoil…an example of making the best of a negative situation!

  14. When I was younger, the power used to go out at our house ALL the time. So I actually got really good and learning how to handle that sort of situation. I now live in a “luxury” highrise apartment that has a back-up generator and everything if the power would ever even go out (which I believe the chances are slim), but I still keep a flashlight under my bed as a habit.

    Glad you and your family made it through ok! :)

  15. Blackout as an excuse to party…hah, sounds classic :P
    I have a flashlight above my bed…and we have a drawer of them, too. + Tons of batteries and just about everything else you mentioned…except cash money! I rarely have cash on me, at least not much more than a couple bucks!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Coincidence: We lost power yesterday afternoon for two hours. My husband was home eating cold chicken for dinner while I sat in a dark room at the Y for a meeting. (Both places on the same grid.) Major deprivation: the presenter couldn’t show her power-point presentation.

  17. I feel like I’m ALWAYS restocking oats and nut butters!!! But I eat so much of them it’s not puzzling!

  18. True on gas, everyone tried to fill up ever vehicle and container they had in Florida before a hurricane actually hit making it a nightmare to get gas before and after! Glad things ended well and you’re safe, not a fun experience with Scott out-of-town at all!

    1. I always need to restock on produce, but my freezer and pantry are totally stocked with soups and frozen produce.
    2. Yes, rarely needed here in Northern California, but it’s a hangover from living in hurricane-ville Florida for so many years.
    3. Running and visiting grandma in the hospital more.

  19. Lol, I restock veggies like every 2nd day! I can’t believe the power outage that happened down there!

    This weekend Michelle and I are revamping the I Heart Wellness brand and doing a lot of brainstorming. This is a lot of work when you’re setting up a business and brand online :)

    I hope you have a FAB weekend girl!!


  20. Our power went out about a week ago and I know exactly what you mean by not realizing how much you use power! We lost a lot of food as well, but like you we restocked :)

  21. I actually don’t have everything on the list. But the main thing I’m missing is candles because I want to find some non-toxic ones. I keep reading how bad the chemicals from candles are and how we shouldn’t be breathing that junk in so I got rid of them!

  22. I’m off to the store to get restocked right now!

    We do have those things on hand — thankfully Jason is big on that sort of thing and we have a good supply of chargers, batteries, flashlights, etc. and thanks to me we have plenty of candles, food and water!

  23. “You never know how much you need, use, or are dependent on something until it’s gone!”

    SO TRUE!!

    Glad all is well!

  24. When Hurricane Irene was on its way, we realized we were running low on D batteries for our flashlights. 5 hours and about a dozen stores later, there were absolutely NONE to be found! All the stores’ stocks had been completely wiped out… same goes for drinking water! Luckily our power never even went out, but it just goes to show that if you at least have some warning of a storm coming, get out there early and stock up!

  25. So glad your power is back – that is always frustrating! I’m out of black pepper of all things. Also need to restock tea (we drink loads, but are actually almost out – I like to keep 5 different kinds on hand!) and honey.

  26. We don’t usually stock up on anything, but I suppose we should think about it. We have never had our power out for more than a few hours … and that happens every year during thunder storms. I suppose it could go out for much longer than that, so perhaps we should be prepared just in case.

  27. I’m wondering if the “babies being born” (I don’t know what it’s really called) rate will go up in 9-10 months. :)

  28. I could definitely find candles, BBQ lighter, batteries, keys, phone, etc. I don’t keep matches around, but the BBQ lighter does the trick for candles AND to light the gas burners on my stove!

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