Scorcher & First Day

I’ve mentioned that all summer I never turned on my A/CExcept once, for an hour.

I still haven’t turned it on but almost did today.

The way that my windows face (north), I don’t get much afternoon sun, at all. 

Great for not having to turn on my A/C, horrible for food photography!  If I don’t photograph it by 2pm, it ain’t happenin’.

It was 100F in coastal San Diego according to my car at 1:58pm


Pretty much unheard of!

All summer it’s been in the low 70s and yesterday, a holiday, the weather was dreary, rainy, and miserable.  And cool.  A tire kicking kind of day.

Today, of course, I’m sure the heat is going to break records.

But I’m not complaining.  I wish it was summer year round!

Good thing that watermelon is still around

I picked one up, using my Pick a Good One Tips

And I dove in because fresh, juicy watermelon + hot days just go together.

I also had a great run.

Just bring on 95F heat, some humidity, blazing sun, and I can run like a banchee!  I don’t know why, but this has always been the case.

The weather today, and the run I had, reminded me of some of my Aruba runs.

It’s also the first day of school for many kids and I have childhood memories from the first day of school and wanting to wear my new Guess jeans or new Esprit sweaters so badly.

But, invariably, it would ridiculously hot on the first day of school. And there was no A/C in schools in rural Minnesota where I grew up in the 80s, that’s for sure.

But along with crimping my hair, and making sure I was wearing the latest and greatest pair of jeans with ankle zippers, there was no way a little Indian Summer was going to change my mind on my first day of school attire.  Minor heatstroke and all.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bag of frozen mango

That’s begging to be turned into Mango Banana Vanilla Softserve (vegan, GF, 2 minutes and if you don’t have frozen mango, use frozen anything you have on hand)


1. What are some of your memories from your first day of school? 

Or maybe you’re still in school and you went back today or are going back soon.  How did it go?

My memories include:

being excited to see my friends (some of whom I hadn’t seen in “forever”, i.e. 12 weeks of summer vacation)

being overly hot in winter clothes when it was in the 80sF outside

wearing shoes that gave me blisters

breaking out my new pencils, notebooks, pens, folders and deciding which subject got which color folder/notebook.  Big decisions.

in college being worried that I would never make it through the class and get everything done after taking a look at the syllabus and having a minor panic attack set in

my freshman year of h.s. being worried I would get lost in the school and not be able to find all my classes because the school was “so big”.  I’m sure my parking garage now is bigger than the entire school was.

being excited to be back in after school sports.

What are your some of your first day of school memories?

2. Did it tend to be ridiculously hot on the first day of school for you?  Or that first week just being really hot?  Did you wear your new clothes, no matter what?

Murphy’s Law, it was always hot for me.  And yes, I wore those ankle zippered Guess jeans.  You better believe I didn’t babysit all summer to earn money to buy and then not wear them.  Hell no.

And then, four weeks later after the hot snap, there’d be snow on the ground.   That’s why I live in San Diego now.

Hope everyone had a nice first day back at school or work (after the Holiday weekend)!


  1. i wish it was summer year round, too! “Just bring on 95F heat, some humidity, blazing sun, and I can run like a banchee!” – > i am with you on this!!! sadly, ontario canada does not see 95 all that often! my best running of my life was in moab utah – hot, sunny, hotter, sunnier!!
    first day of school: i loved it. new clothes, school supplies, shoes…and i was always excited to find out who my teacher would be, who would be in my class. even when i became a teacher (three short years of that career) i loved the first day – all the kids are still really well behaved!
    glad you had such a summery day, averie! it was FREEZING up here!

  2. One of my favorite school memories was my first day of private school…

    For some reasons waking up and putting on that uniform made me feel like such a big girl!


  3. Not turning your A/C on all Summer is impressive. That is physically impossible here in Charleston, SC! HA! It was SO SO hot yesterday..I thought it was supposed to be cooling down?!!? Where is this Fall that everyone is speaking of. I wouldn’t touch a pumpkin latte right now…pumpkin cookies? Probably! :)

  4. I’m crazy and like running in the heat too!! Plus once I get outside, there’s no stopping me! I’m hoping the heat comes back to Florida before the fall weather comes around. It always seemed like in California the hot weather would always show up around September.

  5. I don’t remember it ever being hot for the first day of school where I grew up in northern Michigan. Then again, I don’t ever remember it being hot there. I don’t think summer existed.

  6. Well, I grew up in Alaska so the first day of school for me was NEVER hot! LOL! :-) But, I wore Guess Jeans with zippers, for sure! Also, Esprit sweaters! :-) Now I have a son who is in high school and a 13 year old in Junior High! Where did the time go? I wish it was a little hotter here in Santa Cruz…send some up this way, please? :-)

  7. ahhh yes, I loved the excitement of laying out a special outfit the night before. The smell of new books and school supplies. And nowadays, seeing new faces in classes is always an exciting way to start the semester. Weird to think this may be my last ‘back to school’… ever!

  8. It was actually cool here today and I LOVED it. Has been way to hot & humid here in cheap realty land!

  9. First day of school memories — taking the bus (and hating it!!!), being so excited to wear my new school clothes and shoes, putting all of my school supplies in my backpack (my favorite part). College first day of school? I loved having class for only 10 minutes since the prof only handed out the syllabus!

  10. I love running when its super hot and humid! Nothings better then a long sweaty run :)

  11. I’m a teacher; so I’ve had lots of “first days”.

    The best part of the first day of school is busting out the new pens and Post-It notes!

  12. P.S. This is our 4th week of school. On the first day of school, one of my seniors walked in and said, ‘Mrs. Smith! I’m so glad you’re my teacher! I’ve been looking forward to your class since I saw your name on my schedule!” That made me feel really good. :)

  13. I don’t ever remember it being hot on the first days of school (although I am sure it was most of the time). I mostly remember the feelings of the first day of school, and my new school supplies, and the fresh start.

    It has been SUPER hot in my city … this week we are in the 30s C.

  14. I started school today.. went back to college… and I wore Guess skinny jeans with gold ankle zippers for my first day!! :)
    Loved seeing my friends first day of grade school/high school..

  15. I wish we had days that hot here in the UK; it’s been horribly and rainy recently!

    I miss the ritual of going back to school or maybe I just miss having long summer vacations ;)

  16. I wish I had a first day of school! I’ve been going all year round. I started up a new round of class yesterday, but no new clothes for me. I didn’t even remember I had class til I got there!

  17. I just can’t even imagine not turning on the A/C. I remember it typically being very hot when school started. But, that’s the norm here so I guess we’re just all used to it. We didn’t wear back to school clothes until much later – like late fall LOL

  18. All I remember about the first day of school was seeing my friends again. And wondering who my teacher would be. Each year my kids pick out a new outfit for me to buy so I think that kinda gets them into the “swing” of it. I know it did for me when I was that age! They were still more excited after school than before, though. I think they were a bit nervous! Especially Sarah who started gr 7. ;)

  19. I remember my dad meeting me at lunch on my first day of first grade. I was a very shy child, and wasn’t very good at saying goodbye to my parents. As soon as he came to meet me at lunch, I started crying. I cried all through lunch and recess-I didn’t want him to leave me! Looking back, I feel so bad for my dad who had to endure that! Hahahaha!

  20. I agree – summer needs to stay!!! I can deal with a few scorchers as long as it doesn’t leave. ;)

    I was always so nervous on my first days of school when I was younger. I’ve gotten over the intense nervousness, but I still get a few butterflies even in college. It’s just part of the back-to-school fun. :)

  21. LOVE this post. I share many of the same memories. Gosh was that misleading to start school in the fall, have all those cool weather clothes only to sweat our asses off in crazy HOT temps. You know me I love the crisp cool air, so this weather is a bit tortuous ;) I also used to do amazing runs when it was really hot. Maybe our bodies are looser? Or just want to finish that much quicker?
    Those Guess? jeans and Esprit tops – oh those were the days. xo

    • I linked back to your 9/11 post in my next post. Thank you for writing it! Beautiful!

      And our bodies ARE just looser in the heat. That’s why I love doing yoga when I’m on vacation…all that heat and humidity (naturally not in an artificially hot room) make me just have such a great practice!

  22. okay, this is random but i love your wood floors. we just got our whole upstairs done and it is gorgeous, and makes for perfect yoga right in my bedroom :)
    its been super rainy and cooler here in NY already, and i already feel the winter blues coming… and seriously considering moving to cali! until then, i need to invest in UVB lights to keep my vitaminD levels normal.. haha

  23. Wow, me sending you the good weather actually worked! Mwahaha nice. I think you owe me some… soft serve. mmhmm

  24. It was always REALLY hot in Kansas when school started since August was always the hottest part of the year. I remember very clearly how excited I was to go to junior high because they had air conditioning!

  25. I’m from the Cayman Islands and ever since I moved to Vancouver I CANNOT run here – I can only run in extreme heat and humidity too! I find that my lungs feel like I have bronchitis if I run in cool air. I start wheezing – it’s not attractive lol. So funny that someone else is the same! Thanks for the great post – that watermelon looks FABulous.

    • you’re FROM the Caymans?! That is sooo cool! We have a place in Aruba and go for about 6 weeks a year. And I’ve traveled extensively all over the Caribbean. I love the Caymans! Great diving :)

    • Haha yes, Caymanian born and raised! I moved to Vancouver in 2010 but went to college here for four years before that also. Cayman does have great diving; I didn’t dive when I grew up because it’s generally considered a touristy thing to do, but enough people I met in Canada asked me if I dived that I figured I had to learn, and so I got certified and always dive when I’m back home. Aruba is beautiful also, glad you like it :).

  26. I remember being excited to finally see my friends again since I didn’t live near any of them and our parents would always be busy and wouldn’t want to play chauffeur. I also had a back-to-school outfit that I had to wear the first day that was always carefully planned and thought out. I don’t remember much of the weather back then though.

    Although we had been having some pretty cool weather and now this week it’s all a bout the 90s. Sooo not what I was looking forward to. I have gotten by not getting an air conditioner so far and there is no point in getting one now, but I hate how hot it gets in my apartment! Darn third floor apartment with the afternoon sun beating straight down on it!

  27. I love love love your blog. you are so inspiring.really been feeling like i am in a ‘work out funk’ lately.
    i wish you lived closer so i could work out with you! you look AmAzzzzing!

  28. On every night before the first day of school, my dad used to interview my sisters and me. Every year, he’d ask us questions about how we felt, what we wanted to be when we grew up, what we did all summer, etc. It’s so fun to look back on it through the years!

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  30. Yeah, summer finally hit here in the northwest. I totally feel bad for the kids now after a totally crappy summer! At least they got a good labor day weekend. I remember that happening a lot as a kid – September being nicer.

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  32. Hehe, our AC is running right now, it was 100 degrees again today! So true on the first day os school which was especially frustrating while living in Florida! Stores loaded with fall fashion that couldn’t even be worn in the winter.

    1. Dreading my class load and looking forward to decorating my new locker.
    2. Yes, I lived in Florida for most of my high school years and school started in late August when it was horribly hot and humid.

  33. In Northern CA, it’s always hit or miss whether it would be hot or cold on the first day of school. But, I do remember loving the first day of school because I was able to wear my favorite new outfit. Usually, a pair of Jordache jeans ;)

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