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As part of the FoodBuzz Featured Publisher program, I was sent these Clorox GreenWorks products for review

I have used GreenWorks products in the past on my own and I can vouch for their effectiveness of the All-Purpose Cleaner and the Cleaning Wipes

And the lack of chemically smell

I was most excited to try this laundry detergent


I do a lot of laundry

Between having a child and let’s face it, kids get dirty, and we also have workout clothes, everyday clothes, sheets, towels, and so I’ve got one load per day or more

I am always skeptical of natural laundry detergents because most of them just do not work

This detergent, two loads later, seems to work just as well as any other conventional detergent which is great!

The lavender scent is a bit strong but I don’t mind some fragrance on my clothes.   I guess that’s my old-school way of feeling like the clothes are really clean.

Plus, I love lavender

But they also make a Free and Clear detergent if you’re not into scented laundry

In other news, I was recently named a Love Grown Foods Love Blogger

And so you’ll be seeing some Love Grown Foods reviews and likely some giveaways in the future.  Stay tuned.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a piece of White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Fudge before I go fold some laundry


1. Have you ever tried Greenworks or any other natural, eco-friendly, reduced-chemicals type of cleaning product or detergent?  How did it work for you?

As I said, I’ve tried plenty of natural products in the past.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

Natural cleaning products such as all-purpose cleaning sprays and wipes seem to be “easier” for the natural-based companies to get right.

The natural oilet bowl cleaners seem okay, too.

It’s venturing into the territory of shower cleaners, dishwasher detergent, and laundry detergent where all bets seem to go out the window in terms of efficacy.  As in, many of them just don’t cut the mustard the grease and grime and dirt.

Natural is great if it works.  The GreenWorks products I’ve tried have all worked for me.

2. How often do you do laundry?  Clean your bathroom?  Or really go to town on cleaning your kitchen? 

Laundry = one daily load, and on sheets days, two loads

Cleaning my bathroom = a quickie cleaning daily (spray down the shower floor with cleaner upon exit) and a quick wipedown of the counters and mirrors <– takes me about 3 minutes total.  And once a week or every couple weeks I do a really thorough cleaning, i.e. toilets, floors, etc.

Kitchen = I cannot stand a messy kitchen so it’s always left in perfect order.  Just one of those uber pet-peeves of mine to have anything on the counters from food left out to drips of sauces staining the counters to dirty dishes laying around or in the sink so my kitchen is always cleaned after I am done making a mess in it.  And once a week or so, I do the floors, clean the stainless on the refrigerator door, that kind of thing.

3. Are you a Clean/Neat Freak or more along the lines of A Little Messy Never Hurt Anyone?

I am the former.  I actually wish I could be the later, but it’s not how I’m wired.

Talk to my sister though.   We are opposites that way!

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  1. I’m married to the male version of you; so I never need to clean. He even does his own laundry, as well as our sheets & towels! I think I’ve done the dishes maybe 3 times in our 9-year marriage: he just gets up & does them while I make our breakfast (usually smoothies), lunch, & snack for the following day.

  2. I have never used Greenworks cleaners — we have a ton of Amway cleaners in our house (we used to buy from them years ago) and I don’t think we’ll run out for another 4-5 months!

    I do clean often — bathrooms every couple of days and I try to do laundry as soon as we have enough for a load — so usually 3-4 times per week. I don’t like to let things build up.

    Jason knows he is lucky because I do almost all of the house work — but to be honest, I prefer it this way since I know how I like things done!

  3. I’m big on cleanliness and order- I need them to feel sane! Unfortunately now that I’m back in school the housework seems to pile up until I can’t stand it anymore… Joe has been a lot more conscious about trying to help me out, though, for which I’m grateful!

    I like to mix tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil with water in a spray bottle for a multi-purpose cleaner- the tea tree and eucalyptus oils have antiseptic properties and they smell great! :)

  4. I use the Green Works all-purpose spray. I also found a shower cleaner – though, sometimes I still have to bust out the real deal bleach. Love the idea of the “green” products but they seriously don’t always cut it unfortunately.

  5. I love Green Works all purpose spray! I have not tried the other kinds though.. I’ll have to give them a shot ! :)

  6. I tend to focus on more natural products – but I’m also not interested in anything that has a smell. I can’t stand anything with a smell…I don’t even wear perfume…I’m a little strange :)

    Just a little though…


  7. I have to bring it a laundry mat now, so once in a while when I have an afternoon off I go and try to get some work done while I’m there but its tough to put aside a few hours in the week for it! It’s my least favorite chore to do, but it feels great once its done.

  8. Congrats girl!! I saw you listed on the Love Grown list and was so proud! :)

  9. Congrats on the Love Grown Foods Opportunity!

    I haven’t ventured too far into the realm of natural cleaning products, but I do love Seventh Generation’s fabric softener (the eucalyptus scent).

  10. Do you know if the laundry detergent is vegan/cruelty-free? I just bought 7th Generation because I know it’s both.

    I am SUCH a neat freak. Luckily, my roommate is too, and we’re slowly turning our other roomie over to the dark side. Our kitchen, at most, has drying dishes on the counter (no dishwasher), and I do a big scrubdown once a week. Bathroom gets cleaned and bathroom towels get washed once a week, and since it’s just me I do laundry once a week too! (sheets I usually do every 2). My boyfriend makes fun of me because the first thing I do in the morning is make my bed!

  11. always fun to try new products!
    i have not used any of the ones you mentioned…not sure if they’re in canada? i’ve never seen them.
    i am a neat freak, yup! love a tidy and clean home. and i don’t like laundry piling up so i do a load every 2-3 days, maybe a couple on the weekends for sheets and towels.
    love the scent of lavender…if not too strong!

  12. I wish I was a love grown blogger. Can’t wait until they come to Canada. I’ll be the FIRST in line.

  13. oh i love that greenworks stuff and love that is is sans chemicals…I do love the smell of ‘clean’ but hate that chemicals always end up all over teh countertop!

    ohh my I would love some of that fudge!!

  14. I received some Eco friendly pesticides recently from you if that counts ;D I do want to look into going more Eco friendly for sure though. I’m a very neat person.
    My mom and I recently had a whole house (apartment) clean down. I’m talking about vacuuming floor, ceiling, floorboards, scrubbing, dishes, and everything you can think of. It made everything smell SOO good just from cleaning without the use of any products even.
    & I do laundry whenever my basket gets full haha. Like I have a whites, colors, and darks basket so it’s about every 2-3 weeks :)

  15. I just got some of those cleaners as a ift from my parents when they were here visiting. I have not have a chance to use them, but the use them at home, and seem to like them. I do laundry and clean the bathroom once a week, the kitchen gets a cleaning pretty much daily. I am more of a clean freak than My Love, but less so than My Baby Sister. It is a good balance with all of us under one roof! When My Baby Sister and I were living just her and I, our apartment was spotless ALL THE TIME. I pretty much vacuumed every day. To much I think lol.

  16. Will you please make me some white chocolate cookies n cream fudge! wow. What a great recipe Averie!


  17. Just made your dessert balls! Life changed! I made chocolate fudge, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and a mega-chocolate batch with nutella and raspberry truffle instant coffee. Crazyness. People at work are going to love these. I’ll be raving about these for a while. Mom’s practically begging me to make more. :)

  18. I have never tried Greenworks.

    Can I take the fifth on cleaning? ABout 3 years ago we hired a cleaning crew to come in every 2 weeks. So…we do occasionally vacuum, but they clean the bathrooms, kitchen, mop the floors, dust, etc. And even clean the fridge, microwave, and toaster oven. Worth the 75 bucks.

    Laundry: spouse’s job, but 3 loads/week, 4 if it’s a sheet day which is about monthly. More efficient than doing it daily, but when I was home on maternity, I did it daily.

    A little messy never hurt anyone, but the mess that comes with a kid gets to be a little bit much for me at times. I can’t find stuff. That’s annoying.

  19. Great product review, I’ve tried a few Green Works products, but not the detergent yet. True on natural detergent, especially during the summer here when a nice, clean scent is needed to combat sweat. :-P

    1. Yes, just the all purpose cleaner and it seems to work fine.
    2. A lot for just two people! Probably 3-5 loads a week with sheets, workout clothes, and work clothes.
    3. Somewhere inbetween, I’m a neat freak for some areas, like the kitchen and my car, but more laid back for other areas, like the TV room and office.

  20. I heart Green Works Products!!! They smell is nice and I never feel sick after using them like some harsh products…..I wasn’t sure if a natural laundry soap would really clean! I have yet to try their laundry soap ;)

    I think I love this fudge…swoon!


  21. I’ve tried the “natural” cleaners like that – and found out quickly that my husband is deathly allergic. I have a bizarre phobia of cleaning chemicals so now that we’ve reworked our “cleaning roles,” that leaves us in a bit of a bind. But I did just pick up vinegar, baking soda, and dishsoap (hey, if I can clean my dishes with it, it’s good enough for my countertops and cupboards) for most of the household scrubbing.
    As for the other questions: the answers are too shameful to admit to. :)

  22. I use the green works all purpose cleaner and i love it! it works really well, the smell is slightly weird but it does the trick! I would try the laundry detergent but I always pay a but load for less chemically and UNSCENTED detergents….if not I break out into hives when I wear clothes. Awesome.

  23. Greenworks works pretty well. I like 7th generation dish soap (we don’t have a dishwasher). I buy only laundry items without scent and dyes. Chemically fragrances give me headaches :/ Laundry…usually 3-4 loads on the weekend…2 loads of clothes, 1 bedding, 1 towels. Bathrooms…trying a new system…
    Monday-mirror, Tues.-toilet, Wed.-Sink, Thurs.-Tub, Fri.-Floor. So far it’s working and only a minute or 2 per task. Kitchen….my problem is clutter…..kitchen table….clutter. Where to go with all that stuff? It’s probably time to deaccumulate-get rid of stuff I don’t use to make room for stuff it do. I’m a neat freak, but learning to relax. I don’t want to live in a pigsty..but don’t have to time to be immaculate. Trying to find the sweet spot!! Love the conversations!

  24. I make my own laundry soap..and it works great..and it pennies to make and I wont need to buy soap for a year..i use vinegar for the rinse cycle..i also use vinegar in the rinse cycle of the dishwasher works perfect for pennies..and vinegar and water perfect for windows and mirtors..if u look at the bottle of the green works it states to wipe down counters after use..i want a cleaner thats non toxic..a cleaner I shouldnt have to wipe down after I cleaned.. I am a neat freak..like things organized..minimalist..kitchen peeve also has to be clean..i hate dirty..husband will say I will clean kitchen after dinner..i go in he did the dishes but the counters full of muck and sink muck..errrr makes me mad..but I just go behind and wipe it all down..lolo..

  25. I am super clean in some ways and not at all in others. I’d much rather tackle clutter (ie the things I can see) and put off things like cleaning floors and showers/tubs (ie the things I SHOULD be cleaning more often). I haven’t tried too many cleaning products when it comes to doing my laundry because I am allergic to so many brands. I buy a hypoallergenic one right now and so far it’s the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t make me break out into a rash. But I would like to get away from one with so many chemicals.

  26. Green Works = one of my favourite products!

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