Sunday Stuff

Here’s my Sunday Stuff.  A random list of life, thoughts, and pictures from today

1. Sunflowers spotted

2. Betsey Johnson spotted

Love her stuff!   I wore a hot pink and purple Betsey Johsnon dressing to my wedding 10 years ago and would do it again in a heartbeat!


3. I got excited over two new-to-me brands of edamame

Hard to believe that the brand of a plant matters in terms of taste.

Some edamame is sweeter, some is “mealier”, some is mushier, firmer, has a tougher “skin” or shell on it; lots of variables.

Yes, I am quite the connoisseur.

Great source of plant-based protein

I don’t eat it for the protein, though.  I eat it because I like the way it tastes.

Especially dipped in this

4. I woke up with a kink in my neck that has been bothering me all day.  No matter what stretches I do, neck twists, self neck-massages I try to do, it’s still there.  Annoying little bugger.

5. I’ve been thinking about getting a new Macbook and selling this one that I bought (used) last year

One issue is that the screen seems so small (13 inches) compared to the big workhorse iMac desktop and I have a hard time clearly making out the photos that I’m editing and working on.  So it feels like I am taking stabs in the dark and working somewhat blindly.  But I can live with that.  Kind of.

The big, huge, un-liveable issue is the slowness.  Like molasses.

And the spinning pinwheel of death.

Beach ballin’ was never so un-enjoyable.

Mac users, you all know that pinwheel.  Where everything freezes up, won’t work, “application not responding” and you have to close eveyrthing, re-open it, pray it doesn’t happen again, and then it happens again.  Yep, that.

I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the Macbook Pros

It doesn’t have to be new.  I am fine with buying a year-old one on Craiglist or Ebay like I did before but now I know that speed is key whereas last year, I wasn’t editing as many photos with as many resource-hog programs running all at once.

I just need to know it will be faster than my existing Macbook

Any Macbook thoughts?

6. I have a dessert recipe coming next that involves white chocolate

In the meantime, I am off to grab a few White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites from the freezer


1. What’s some of your Sunday Stuff?

2. Do you find it interesting that the brand of a plant matters?  

And the brand is a reflection on the farm or region where the plant grows.

It reinforces that there is variation in all crops.  Some of it is natural variation; and some of it man-made, created or engineered, i.e. GMO’ed.

For example, tomatoes from some farms are firmer with thinner skins.  Peaches from certain regions are sweeter.  Grapes and apples are crunchier depending on where they were grown and how.  This Fuji apple from Farm A doesn’t taste like that Fuji apple from Farm B, even though they may both be local, organic, and Fuji’s.  Not trying to geek out, but I do like thinking about these things.

3. Any thoughts on Macbooks?  Your experiences, what you own, what you wish you owned, what you do or don’t like about your Macbook, etc.

Have a great wrap up to your weekend!


  1. I LOVE BETSEY JOHNSON!!!! i love her designs and style; i love that she does cartwheels. i love that you wore one of her dresses for your wedding. in tampa last year, there was a betsey johnson store. i was in seventh heaven. had to drag myself out before i spent a year’s salary. one day!
    not a mac user. but recently my computer was freezing/seizing/being super slow. i figured out the prob was having skype – deleted it and no more problems. whew. computer stuff freaks me out. good luck deciding what to do. i say get a new one. you are enjoying photography so much, get a computer that is useful and a pleasure to use.
    friday faves, sunday stuff – i love these kinds of posts!

  2. loooove edamame!

    loooove my year old macbook air! wouldn’t change a thing.

  3. Great Pics!

    1. What’s some of your Sunday Stuff?

    This morning I went on an awesome long run sans ipod, which I would have loved to have had it with me, but it was kind of nice and peaceful not. I also went fall clothes shopping with some friends; girls gotta do her shopping!

    2. Do you find it interesting that the brand of a plant matters?

    Yes and I know what you mean about Fuji apples!

    3. Any thoughts on Macbooks? Your experiences, what you own, what you wish you owned, what you do or don’t like about your Macbook, etc.

    I have had a Macbook Pro since July and I am really enjoying it, I was a DELL girl before, but I think I am sticking with the Macs.

  4. Well, up until today I was selling my own handcrafted stuff at the local farmer’s market. It’s a tough sell, but I do get to see everyone else’s stuff, and it’s a pleasant time. It also gives me a chance to peruse the veggies and fruits. And it does matter where each one comes from. There are many farmers at the market, and I always buy the same thing from each one, because I have to have the best stuff!

    And I have been having a ball with Betsey lately myself. I have been spamming my fan page with Betsey Johnson lately, and I’m sure they’d wish it would stop. But I had to gush about my new pink and grey polka dot platforms… and my new bag, oh, and the new nightie!

    As far as macbooks, I have never owned one, but I hear they have just as much issues as PCS, they are just different ones. Macbooks are prettier though.

  5. I love Betsey! In high school I wore one of her dresses to each of my homecomings ha. They’re gorgeous! & each of them are so different from other brands. You can always look at something and think, “that’s a Betsey!”

    As for my Sunday..No my whole weekend! Has been filled with studying =/ I have two exams on Tuesday. It was going to be three but one teacher moved it back thankfully!

  6. averie have you already added all the memory you can to the macbook? (yours can go up to 2GB, pro can go up to 4…). when I added more memory to my macbook, I get the beachball MUCH less. my macbook pro gets the beachball JUST as much. and it’s newer. try adding memory first?

    do you have any mac stores in your area? (not “apple” stores…) we have a great mac store here that sells refurbs – maybe look into those too?

    I LOVE Betsey Johnson! one of my favorite outlandish flamboyant coats is hers – it’s long and velvet and has (faux) fur at the cuffs and neck, I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to wear it again! :D

    • we have an apple store and there are other mac-type stores that sell refurb’ed computers on the used market. and craiglist ads from people who may have more than 1 computer for sale but like less than 10, type thing.

      i havent upgraded the memory in my macbook (or the old desktop) b/c i ended up getting the new desktop but still have the laptop issue now to contend with…

      thank you for telling me this “my macbook pro gets the beachball JUST as much. and it’s newer. try adding memory first?”….i will add some and see if that helps

      the screen is also…small. and not great quality. but i am spoiled from a 27” down to a 13″…it’s well…tricky….

  7. Have you considered the MacBook Air Averie? I use it, and I rarely get the beachball. I love mine. It’s so slim it fits into my regular purse (I have the 11 inch).

  8. Sunday stuff: errands, gym, Lion King 3D with my mom and sister, Olive Garden with the family, blog reading :) That was my day in a nutshell!

    Sorry about the Mac issues — we’re PC folks so I have nothing to share about Macs.

  9. ahhhhh i have a macbook and my friend and i always say that that spinning pinwheel is basically a middle finger to us! lol is that ok to write that on your blog? feel free to delete. :)

  10. Can’t help you with the macbook. I have dreams of owning a pro or a big desktop one day but for now the 13 inch must do. My battery is shot… lasts about an hour off the cord. And I get the spinny wheel on the regular. It’s frustrating but I’m not at the point in my like to invest quite yet. Hope you can find one that works a little better for you!
    My sunday things involved a long walk with a friend, studying, and making a seriously yummy dinner with my roommate. Now football is on, candles are blazing, and studying is getting done.

  11. I love edamame too! Great new suggestions! I usually go for the Trader Joe’s brand but the ones that you posted look good too.

    Have you tried wiping out your hard drive and reinstalling the OS with the original factory settings? Sometimes that helps with the slowness, but if not, and depending on the specs of your memory, a new macbook may be the solution. I am anti-PC (and only use it at work) and I’ve had my macbook for 2 1/2 years now, haven’t had any issues with it and i’m sure I will be using if for years to come!

    • I have never tried TJs edamame and was going to but went to reg groc store first, got those bags, then TJ’s…so next time will try the TJs edamame

      Dont want to wipe hard drive b/c I have about $1000 of software on it, i.e. Photoshop, Lightroom etc…and I’ve used the “license key” so I dont know if I can reinstall it without buying new copies$$.

      Do you have a MB or MB Pro? Which one and what size? And do you run resource-heavy programs?

    • I have the MB Pro 15″ and it’s a good size to use with Photoshop and it’s not too heavy to carry around with me. The 17″ would be the best size wise if you do a lot of photo editing with Photoshop and LightRoom. Btw do you use a tablet (such as the Wacom ones) when you edit your photos?

      I know you can re-install your software as long as you have a license key, just double check with Adobe to make sure it will be all good but that’s what I usually do. As for resource heavy programs, I have an Oracle database on my macbook and frequently use Visual Studio (C#, C++) to write code so that eats up a lot of memory. Together with Photoshop, I can say it is holding up pretty well! Singe 4GB is the recommended minimum right now for resource heavy apps, I would suggest that you get the one with an 8GB memory already so that it will last you longer. Hope this helps! Sorry for the long post =)

    • dont be sorry! i appreciate the thorough-ness!

      I have 8GB with my desktop mac (paid for extra) and it’s lightning fast and 27″ and I am spoiled!

      Tablet? greek to me!

      I do need to see if I can re-install the software but pretty sure I can’t b/c they are one-time install licenses with Adobe :(

      Sounds like you do resource heavy stuff and know what’s up and speak from experience and that your MB Pro 15 is serving you right…thanks for all of the details! Details matter HUGELY when getting into the nitty gritty research of it all!

    • Checkout the Wacom tablets online when you get a chance. They’re very precise and easier to use than a mouse =) Looking forward to hearing what macbook you would end up getting!

      P.S. I am marinading some tofu for tomorrow to make your peanut sauce baked tofu. I could seriously eat tofu everyday!

  12. I don’t have a Mac – but I STILL get that pinwheel…drives me insane! Do you use your laptop or desktop more though?

  13. Hi,

    How are the Trader Joe’s frozen edamame? I just bought some and I haven’t used them yet. But I do enjoy TJ’s fresh ones. There great in salads!

    • I dont know…I bought the frozen ones from my regular groc store. I have never tried TJs frozen edamame but plan to. You can buy about 4x as much frozen as you can “fresh” in the refrigerated case for the same price. So buy frozen and DIY :)

  14. I know I already commented on Instagram, but that pic of the sunflowers is beautiful!! Love the colors!

    I actually had no idea that the brand of edamame made a difference…learn something new every day! I’ll have to pay more attention to the different brands I buy.

    I have a MacBook Pro. I’m not much a computer expert (my motto, click everything until something happens!), but I’ve had mine for just over a year and I love it. I do sometimes get the “beach ball of doom” but for the most part, I think it runs a bit faster than the MacBooks…and I love my 15 inch screen. You wouldn’t think that 2 inches would make that big of a difference but it really does!

    My Sunday stuff: Deeeeelicious banana bread pancakes, an 8 miler, and the season finale of True Blood…been a pretty good day! :)

  15. I have a MacBook Pro – 4G memory, 250 Ghz Ram, 15 ” and can’t remember the last time I got a beach ball. I have an external monitor that I hook it up to most of the time, so size isn’t an issue. I’d say get the memory upgraded on yours if you can first, and then consider a new one, if you’re maxed out. The memory issue is what is giving you the spinny wheel of death as I like to call it.

    • Yes I am going to start looking into MB Pro 15″ w/ at least 4gb but 8 would be preferred.

      Good to know you dont get the beach ball.

      I know you have lots of apps open at once. Just having lightroom open alone is such a resource suck!

  16. All of your food and coffee looks so amazing we have the exact same taste! I wish I had a good food processor I would try your raw recipes. Your blog is beautiful and it’s my absolute favorite website :) comes after facebook and before checking my email daily!!

    • Thank you soooo much for the sweet words, Sophie :)

      Check Craigslist for a food proc. For $40 bucks, sometimes even less, you can get something decent or go to Target or Bed Bath and Beyond w/ a 20% off coupon of theirs and for $100 you’re in biz!

  17. I have a MacBook Pro from about 3 1/2 years ago and I adore it! It has had only a few problems here and there but all very fixable. I can see myself having this computer for a very long time. When it is done I will definitely be filling its shoes with another MacBook Pro.

    I didn’t get to make the Pumpkin Bread Tofu today but my tofu is pressed and in the freezer for later this week. I am VERY excited and will let you know how it turns out, thank you for the tips (and recipe)!

  18. oof the pinwheel crushes my soul. Have you seen the post on Hyperbole and a Half where it’s mentioned?
    I die every time.

  19. Hey,

    I just found your blog and like it a lot!!
    I’ve totally fallen in love with your china (the coffee cup). So adorable!

    Do you know what I do Sunday? Baking (and eating) cake :) Old German tradition!

    And to your question of the brand of fruits/veggies: of course that matters! But not only the region, the way it grows matters too. Does the fruit have enough time to ripen? Do they use a lot of toxin? Or do they plant only species that grow fast and don’t taste much.

    I’m a PC user, so I can’t help with the Mac problem :)

  20. Where the plant was grown has a huge impact on the flavour! Especially apples. When I find a farm with apples that I love – they have to be crisp and sweet and juicy and hard – I buy them until I can’t get them anymore. I haven’t experimented much with edamame, because my local grocery store only has one brand of organic, and soy is one thing that I won’t buy conventional. The GMO stuff gives me the heebie-jeebies.

  21. I can assure you that this recipe going to be enjoyed here in the midwest in a few months! So funny, I sign up for events (marathons, triathlons) to give me motivation. And then when I complete something or have a special date (anniversary) I’ll make something decadent like your White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars (a HUGE hit with family & co-workers, btw!). You should know that I am enjoying a pumpkin latte right now thanks to you! And wow – did it hit the spot after my 10 mile run Saturday :) I tried a little creativity in the kitchen myself yesterday & blended pumpkin, coconut, pumpkin pie spice & vanilla stevia in the ol’ blendtec. Took a while, but I got it to a nice smooth consistency. Then I put it in some heart shaped ice cube molds & let them freeze, & then popped them out. Now they are ready to thaw & enjoy anytime. Love freezing goodies for later. Definitely the way to go! You rock Averie! Have a great week :)

    • White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars (a HUGE hit with family & co-workers, btw!) <---GLAD to hear that. they are one of my fave desserts of recent memory. Glad you're liking the pumpkin latte and that you were inspired in the kitchen, too! heart shape molds...cute!

  22. Have you tried restoring your settings? My dad had a MacBook like that, and we took it to the apple store. His was extremely slow, and they fixed it right up for free!

    But…I have a MacBook Pro, and I adore it. It has the bigger screen, lots of space (especially if your working on memory-stealing apps like photoshop), and it is great.

  23. Sorry about the neck kink, no fun.

    My 14″ laptop is very small compared to our desktop, but easier to lug around. Problem is anything bigger than a 15.4 inch is just about impossible to use in coach airline seating, I couldn’t use my old one because on an, aheam, large guy sitting next to me perfectly happy to consume all the elbow space.

    1. I finally went grocery shopping, but just went to Raley’s instead of driving to Whole Foods and was reminded why I rarely go there with expensive prices and long lines. :-)
    2. Never thought that much about edammame, but it could depending on their source – cheaper gorcery stores can have awful, tasteless, non-organic produce.
    3. Not much since mine’s a Windows laptop, but hubby is thinking about the new MacBook Air to replace his current MacBook Pro.

  24. I totally noticed that the organic version of the same brand of edamame that I usually buy tastes way better!!

    And on Macbooks: I <3 my Pro. I got the 15in pro with the i7 processor. It's incredibly fast, the battery lasts forever (except when I have a ton running, of course), the screen is clear, it's just fantastic. And it's an aluminum unibody so it feels way sturdier. I also upgraded the hard drive. Totally worth every penny so far! My boyfriend has an older version and loves it, and has had a few cosmetic issues (i.e. he dropped it) and one or two hardware issues and thanks to AppleCare all was taken care of for free. Even if the computer wasn't fantastic, which it is, the customer service is worth the price!

  25. I tried edamame once and found that it was very mushy and mealy and was bummed because I had heard such great things about it. Maybe I just need to try a different kind!

  26. I just found your blog not too long ago and love it. I was thinking of trying yoga out but don’t know the best way to start. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on classes so I was thinking if there was something online or books/videos that I can use?

  27. Haha I have a Macbook and have used it for ages but am now getting an iMac because for editing photos etc I need a) a bigger screen and b) something that doesn’t slow down as soon as I have iPhoto, iMovie and Photoshop all open at once!

  28. I had the same problem with my white mac book, but then I added 2 gigs of ram and I am good to go!!! No more pinwheel of death! And programs start up way faster….computer responds faster, etc.

    I have heard that even the bottom line macbook pro is great (4 gigs or ram, i think, compared to your 2 in the white macbook).

  29. Sorry my phone wouldn’t let me reply so I just started a new comment :) my husband actually just went online to a website called and bought the ram and then installed it himself. It costed under $100 I know that much! If you do know anyone who could install it for you, do that! (I’ve heard its very very easy, because the white MacBook already has 2 open slots for more memory/ram so all you do is slip it in. It was made with the ability to upgrade). If you don’t I know the apple store does do it, it just might be a tad more expensive.

  30. I had a Macbook for work and liked it because I got used to it. We just got new computers (HP) and I have to get used to all different stuff, but I think I like it better than the macbook.

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