Take A Whiff

It was a party for my nose when I spotted and smelled the lavender in front of Trader Joe’s when I was there earlier in the week

I just love the way lavender smells

So calming and tranquil

But I am spoiled because here in San Diego lavender will literally grow alongside the road, in fields, or in a dirty ditch.


Which is why I also didn’t pop for any lavender sachets at the Farmer’s Market

But kinda thinking I need to pick a few of those up the next time I’m at the market

Lavender doesn’t necessarily grow wild on the urban streets and sidewalks in my immediate area because I’m an urban dweller, but in the ‘burbs along side the road yes, definitely.

I used to have big lavender shrubs as part of my landscaping when we had a house in the ‘burbs until I realized I am an urban girl.  Get me outta the burbs!

It was lovely being able to just walk outside on the back patio or walk up to our front door, take a whiff, and be calmed.

It really is a wild plant and will thrive just about anywhere here.

Which is why I went el cheapo and didn’t buy any

Figured I’d save my money for a can of this


I also took a few whiffs of basil plants

And Skylar thought she’d play Vanna White and turn the letters  touch the sign

I’d like to buy a vowel. 

Sidebar: I was a major Wheel of Fortune fan back in the day and she reminds me of Vanna looking at the puzzle board in that picture

So, it was a good day for my nose at TJ’s.

And it was nice that this was all outdoor photography.  No chance of getting chastised for indoor pics that way.

From my last post, Mailbag: Diet or Exercise, I’m glad that my thoughts resonated with many of you.

I always hesitate to publish those types of posts because they are just my opinions and I am not an expert but I do get plenty of questions regarding my thoughts on diet, exercise, training, what to eat, what not to eat, how to workout, etc. so I figured it was about time to address tackle some of those topics.

It was interesting to hear that many of you think that diet is more important than exercise, too.  Thanks for keeping the comments respectful, too!


1. What’s a favorite natural scent of yours?

Some are a little more off the wall than others but some of my faves include:





lily of the valley

almost anything baking but sweets and breads win

this Peanut Butter Banana Bread (Vegan, GF) will make your house smell like a million bucks!

And it’s so easy to make

the ocean and the smell of the sea and all it’s musky and damp wonder

freshly cut grass

fresh fall, cool, crisp air

vanilla beans (I have a post about Vanilla, Let me Count the Ways, about my deep love for all things vanilla)


2. Favorite non-nature or non-natural scents?

I did this post, It Smells Good

And this post: I’m a huge Body Spray fan

And this post: Girly Trips to the Mall because you can never have too many body sprays, lip glosses, or cute things from VS  <– and it’s preferable if someone else is paying for all of that

I’m currently grooving on Bombshell & Bombshell Summer

Other past fave perfumes over the years: Gucci Rush, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, Chanel Allure, Armani Ella, Versace White Jeans, Fendi, Miss Dior, and gosh I’m sure more, but those are some that I wore for years so I remember them off the top of my head.

What are your favorite scents?

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  1. LAVENDER! One of my favorites! I used to have a Lavender/Rosemary lotion….heaven!

  2. Ahh, scents! A favorite topic of mine. I love the photo of the lavender sachets!

    For natural scents, I love-
    the Ocean
    Tahitian Vanilla Beans
    Fresh lemons
    Tiare (tahitian gardenia)
    Thai food
    A big, bold red wine
    Magnolia blossoms

    I am a fragrance collector, so I love my non-natural scents as well. My faves are-
    Jo Malone French Lime Blossom & Nutmeg and Ginger
    Old Spice (seriously)
    Philosophy Amazing Grace
    Bulgari Green Tea
    Angel (winter fave)
    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle & Chanel Gardenia
    Hermes Jardin sur le Nil
    Narcisco Rodriguez
    Molton Brown handsoaps (they all smell divine)
    Kiss My Face Bath/Shower Gels

  3. I’m a huge fan of the smell of coffee, basil, brown rice cooking, and pizza… but also weird stuff like puppy breath, gasoline, and A&D Ointment! :)

  4. I loveee the smell of lavender too! And for favorite natural scents, I love the scent of cinnamon and vanilla, and does cake batter count as natural? ;)

    I think it is funny you love the smell of cucumber. My grandfather HATES the smell because he swears that snakes smell like cucumbers. He has had a few unpleasant run ins with the creatures, so he gets SO mad whenever any one brings a cucumber into his house! It is hilarious, although I defintely think reminding him of snakes is a legitimate reason to hate the vegetable..

  5. I actually cant stand smells!!!!

    Weird huh?

    No perfume for me!


  6. Roses are my favorite natural scents. I love vanilla and lavender. I’ve tried a million times to grow lavender and just can’t seem to get it right.

  7. basil is one of my favorite scents! rosemary, lemon, ginger… fresh bread baking…

    I love what October smells like :D

  8. Loving the cool nights, sounds of the crickets, followed by warm & sunny days. Might even be the best part of the transition to autumn.

  9. If your in San Diego and love Lavender you should totally check out Key’s Creek Lavender Farm its a beautiful location (http://equinoxphoto.net/2011/07/rock-the-dresssan-diego-wedding-photography/) My friends did a photo shoot there… Its such a magical place and a fun afternoon trip. I hope this finds you well..Have a great day!!!

  10. Lavender and fall mornings. After hot yoga the instructor goes around and places cool lavender towels across our eyes. It’s the best!

  11. If wild lavender grew in my area, I’d so go el cheapo AND ghetto and pick it up off the side of the road. Haaaa!

    Caught a whiff of freshly cut grass today as I biked past a local park; that’s not a common smell here, and it took me back to growing up down South. Was a lovely moment!

    One of my favorite perfumes ever is the Fig Apricot scent from Fresh. Soooo amazing!

    I love a lot of scents, but right off the top of my head, I’m thinking of jasmine, coconut, saffron, and chocolate.

    Btw, I think you kind of ARE an expert on the diet and exercise thing. One doesn’t spend time training and teaching in Yoga and doing fitness competitions without learning a thing or 2 ;-)

  12. I’m actually currently on a search for a new perfume… I used to wear Marc Jacobs Daisy, but I’m looking for something much simpler now, along the lines of almost essential oil. I feel more like myself when I have a clean, fresh scent!

    When I was in France I had the opportunity to spend the day at a lavender distillery… it was incredible. The smell surrounding that place was just so wonderful, and the flowers were beautiful!

  13. I love vanilla, coconut, & that fresh laundry/clean cotton scent :)

  14. I also add myself to the list of lavender lovers :) I always keep a little sachet next to my pillow and it calmes me every night.
    Also I love roses (sure, everybody does!!), freshly grounded coffee, caramel, sautéd onions, rain on a summer day, ocean, babies, flowers in general, baked goods…
    I do own several perfumes, too, but I got very sensitive skin so I don´t use them that often. I would say Miss Dior and Lovely (S.J. Parker), Chloé and Narciso Rodriguez For Her are my favorite sents!

  15. I love the smell of cucumbers and melon. So fresh!

  16. Hi Averie(waving from Tx) thanks for stopping by, i love your blog..great pics,warm writing and a cutie kid. I adore the smell of lavender,coffee and babies(ahh)

    take care

  17. Hehe the wheel of fortune comment mad me smile! Just put Skylar in a long evening gown and your in business ;) That was my grandma’s favorite show!

  18. Very interesting on lavender and great pics. Lavender has such a pleasant and calming smell to me.

    1. Cinnamon, rosemary, basil, and coffee.
    2. Just some body sprays I’ve been using.

  19. You had some really good ones! The eye bags at my yoga studio smell like lavender, and I love them
    I also love, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, orange, cinnamon, durian (yep, that one is weird), Starbucks (the only comforting thing about the hell hole I lived in for ten years), lemons and My Love, he just smells really good!
    I also like the smell if Fructis shampoos and conditioners. We don’t use any “real” cleaners, only Dr. Bronners, but man, that Fructis smells fresh!

  20. I just finished two delicious squares of your peanut butter banana ‘cake’ – this is DELICIOUS! I love how there is no wheat flour, no weird flours, no eggs, no butter, just pure healthy ingredients (well, sugar, I used 3/4cup coconut sugar and added some honey :) this is something that tastes way more indulgent than it is! I’m happy to allow my little one a nice big square. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  21. I wear chanel chance, I love it and it will always remind me of college whenever I smell it in the future I’m sure. I love the smell of a summer barbecue, garlic and onions cooking–> reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen, the ocean= home, fresh coffee grinds… the list goes on :)

  22. Lilac. I haven’t smelled in many many years, but it is an amazing scent.

    I love lavender too, and I grew some last year. I didn’t really know what to do with it though. I should have dried and it and made sachets. I could have made a killing.

    I am two days from being done with my sark Sumatran….sad. OH! The Bolivian was fantastic! Definitely not as dark and acidic as the sumatran. It was really smooth. I think its my new favorite.

  23. So cool! I’ve only seen lavender at my farmer’s market once. I didn’t buy it! If I see any plants outside TJ’s I’m so going for it. I love love the smell of fall leaves!

  24. I absolutely love the scent of apples and cinnamon. I don’t really do perfume, but I do have an apple body spray in addition to a cucumber melon one. Gotta love that fruit!

  25. Favourite natural scents:

    – Coffee
    – Bread baking
    – Lilacs
    – Rain

  26. Cucumber, melon, coconut, lavender, lilacs, vanilla, basil, tomato plants….those are just a few natural scents I love! I have many lavender plants in my gardens. I love that they just grow on their own without much care…..

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