Weekend Pictures

My weekend so far has involved

The open road and a nice, cool run

Fall is here but I am not ready for it!   Well, fall is fine.  Winter is not.

My yoga mat and at-home yoga (free and on my timetable = the best kind of yoga)


And some yoga reading

I’ve had fun creating


Time with my family

Nice hat, eh?

Sunday I’d like to hit the farmer’s market

And maybe find some of these

Or whatever looks good and is available is what I’ll take

There are so many fresh & local options.  Must get to the market.


1. What has been the highlight of your weekend so far?

So far, this creation for food

Involving PB has been the highlight

But overall, being with my family and spending time with them is the best.  Period.


2. And it’s a Full Moon You know what that means!  Let me know if you notice any effects. 

I have noticed plenty.

And it’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since 9/11.  My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were effected by the attacks.

P.S. Thanks for the Healthy Snacks Giveaway Entries

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you’re up to something fun!

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  1. that issue of yoga journal looks like it has some interesting articles in it! glad you had time to enjoy some yoga and some yoga reading.
    we’re enjoying a summer-like weekend – i am making the most of it because we won’t have any more tshirt and shorts days! winter?? eesh – don’t even want to think about it!!
    enjoy your sunday, averie!

  2. I was at the farmers market today. Here is a tip: if you are wearing a white top do NOT carry freshly cut pumpkin with the cut side facing you! Big orange stain. Such a good look. Highlights: finding real sauerkraut made by the sri chimnoy girls, a fresh mushroom and goat cheese omlette and a big aftershock that made people hug strangers.

  3. I’m with you; Fall is OK. Winter is not. Meaning that signs of Fall are not 100% welcome, as it goes by too quick! Days like this weekend are how it should be year-round :P
    Glad you’re enjoying your weekend, Averie! Have fun today, too! I had crazy dreams last night. I haven’t been having any (memorable) ones lately so must have something to do with the moon ;) Friday afternoon at work was out of control, too! Feel likes we just had a full moon though, so that excuse didn’t even come to mind!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I’m totally with you on the yoga at home… I can do the podcast I want to, during my time, getting what I want out of it. Now that school started up again, that’s even more important.

    Have a great time at the Farmers Market!

  5. Spending time With loved ones is the best! I’ve enjoyed that so much this weekend. :) Have a great Sunday!

  6. I’ve spent lots of time with Jason and the rest of my family which is always nice! We’ll be with his dad’s side almost all day today going to a parade and then to a big BBQ. Should be a good day.

    I too cannot believe it has been 10 years.

  7. Thanks for sharing all your fun weekend pictures – your daughter is so cute, love the hat!

  8. Spending time with my friends, some work, and hopefully getting in a chilly fall hike today if I can get people awake soon! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. I love that mixing bowl that you have…it’s so pretty!


  10. Spending time with you family is the bestest ever. Kevin just got back from London this morning and we’ve just been hanging out. I even made him a batch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies… this morning! haha he’s still on London time I suppose. Glad to hear you’re having a good weekend :)

  11. i love love love love love LOVE the fall! its the best time of the year! winter? UGH not so much. i hate it, despise it and better get a new car before it starts or else i won’t be able to get to work! love your weekend routine! i’m about to head out to trader joes in a bit and get my weekend shop done and thennnn it’s time for foooooozeballllllll!

  12. family time is the best for me also! we just got back from a 1 wk vacay in orlando for my nephew’s 1st bday!! flying with AA blows but that’s the only thing that sucked. hahah the bf and i were rerouted to lax on friday nite bc our flight to sfo was canceled, then we had to overnite it in lax then sfo yesterday morning. it was so annoying with all the running around at the airport! but i had the best time with my family! and today, we are big 49ers fan,it’s the first game so everyone is coming over at 1 to hang out, bbq etc. meantime the bf and i are studying this morning before we can hang out! :)

  13. HA! There is no way you can say you dislike winter living in San Diego, girl! You’ve got it good out there.

    My weekend has involved great training, good eats, and time with family. All the best!

  14. Love this! You highlighted all my favorite things about San Diego. Can’t wait to get back to So Cal! Enjoy!

  15. Your weekend sounds delightful, and full of family love! I think I am going to take some inspiration from you and hit my yoga mat right in the living room – no excuses!

  16. The highlight of my weekend so far was eating a delicious burger at my best friend’s 29th birthday party on Friday.

  17. Sounds like a fun weekend! Mine has been less than great. Hospitals, drama and car trouble. Thankfully all is well now and today should be much more relaxing. Gonna hit the gym to shake off yesterday!

  18. Oh my, the full moon?! It always ‘pulls on me’. I better warn B. ;)

    Highlight of my weekend… B took Monday off bc we enjoyed our long weekend last week so much, which makes me SO happy. Another long weekend and then another short week for us. WOO HOO. Also, finally got to posting my grilled corn I was shooting Thursday. I had the best lighting possible for where I can take pictures. I took them in the 90* heat… outside! It was fun and a little sweaty, but I think the final product was SO worth dying in the heat. I was practicing taking shots from all angles and used props that I thought might look silly, but ended up working out really well. Got up this morning and saw that TS liked it (no word from FG yet). Jumping for joy over here :D

    Enjoy your Sunday Averie :)

  19. I’m addicted to your blog, especially the food ones. Could you list your regular/favourite blogs in a post one day? It would be nice to find other vegan/vegetarian/delicious blogs like yours…

  20. I bet San Diego winter has nothing on what we get up here in New England! Dark, cold, snowy, dreary. I’m fearing for my photography since it gets dark around 3:30-4! I think I need to invest in some artificial lighting soon. I’m glad you got to spend time with your family, creating, and doing yoga this weekend! Sounds wonderful and relaxing. The highlight of my weekend has been all this me time! Cleaning, photographing, and hopefully working on some blog-related stuff once the cleaning’s done.

  21. What a beautiful weekend! The weather was lovely here in Chicago but it was nothing compared to how nice your photos look!

  22. Sounds like a nice weekend to me! I’m never ready for winter…and I think you and I aren’t really allowed to complain about winter because our locations don’t get…hardcore winter…but I’ll complain anyways ;) All that market freshness looks awesome! My favorite part of my weekend so far? Just relaxing with the fam!

  23. Skylar is adorable! I love the pics of her! Your yoga mat pics always make me want to break out my yoga mat on my living room floor. :)

  24. Jealous of your run, I got a long in yesterday, but have been stuck sitting in a hospital today and could use another one!

    I’m ready for the cooling temps, turning leaves, and cheap squashes of fall!

    1. Seeing my family I guess, but not the cheeriest of circumstances.
    2. I’m feeling stressed and antsy for sure!

  25. You have the best life. Your photos are all so lovely too! Love the hat on little Skylar, so cute! My weekend was 100% yoga! I am in a yoga therapy teacher training course right now, and we have an intensive this weekends. It was on arthritis and Ayurveda. I will be posting about it tomo! I get to go to the market on Tuesday, your pics made my jealous today.

  26. The highlight of my weekend was whale watching! My sister was visiting us for the weekend so we played tourist in our own city in Vancouver and went to spot some whales – our captain found them almost immediately and we followed a mama and her two sons for an hour or more. It was SUCH an amazing experience. We spent Sunday at the beach too so I’d say it was a great weekend overall but the whale watching was certainly a standout for me!

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