Weekend Plans & Brown

Happy Weekend! I am always glad when the weekend is here.

Time to get some fresh air and enjoy the fall weather

Ok, I really don’t love fall because it means that winter is coming but I’ll pretend the seasonal changes just stop with fall.  And that winter won’t ever show up.

And yes, it does get chilly here in the winter.  We don’t walk around with swimsuits on while rollerskating along the beach, Three’s Company style, which I think is everyone’s mental image and impression of SoCal.

I plan to go for a few nice runs


Do some at-home yoga

I have little desire to go to in-studio yoga classes the past few years because at home yoga is on my own timetable, and I can do my own flow and what I want to work on.  And oh yes, it’s free.

I’d like to make some new soup versions because they’re easy, make planned leftovers, and I use the dump-it-all-in recipe “technique”.    Whatever I have on hand, more than likely, will work.

Maybe something along the lines of

Savory Pumpkin, Potato, & Carrot Soup


Crockpot Vegan Chili (can make in a crockpot or stovetop and I actually think the stovetop is easier/faster/quicker cleanup but the crockpot works if you’re a set it and forget it fan)

I need to make another batch if for nothing else to take new pictures

Brown food (or any softer, not much texture, or ‘comfort food’) is just not that pretty.  Well, at the very least it’s harder to photograph it in a pretty way.

I wrote a post on Not So Pretty Food with food styling tips and some book reviews

I tried my best with the Spicy Baked Blacked Beans with Vegetables from earlier this week

But I’d still rather just have dessert

No Bake Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites (Vegan, GF)

Brown desserts trump brown beans any day for me.  I contributed this recipe to Marcus Samuelsson’s site.  He won Top Chef a couple seasons ago but I didn’t even know that at the time.


1. What are your weekend plans?

I’ve got work, workouts, family time, cooking time, catch up on housework time, and maybe a little time with my DVR for some mindless tv!  Real Housewives or Top Chef Just Desserts anyone?

2. What’s your favorite Brown Food?  Do you think certain foods are harder to photograph than others?

My fave brown foods would be Fudgy Nutella Brownies


Just chocolate desserts, in general

Such as…

No Bake Toffee & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

And I think desserts, in general, are just easier to photograph.

Thanks for the Case of Odwalla Bars Giveaway entries, too

34 comments on “Weekend Plans & Brown”

  1. Thanks for everything Averie.

  2. I agree that a big part of desserts’ appeal is how they look–it’s just easier to make them look attractive–and given all the unpleasant associations that ‘brown’ can trigger, chocolate’s a pretty good antidote!

    So many people are saying that Fall is their favorite season but I’m with you–it’s not mine. When I lived in CA and there were persimmons and dates, early fall/late summer was one of my favorite times of year but high summer still rules…

    I think those black beans and veggies look gorgeous–especially with the elegant brussels sprouts…

  3. Loved the Three’s Co reference ;-)

    My favorite brown food would have to be chocolate. Of course ;-)

    I find that photos of savory brown food look much better with a sprinkling of green, such as chives or parsley, on top and/or on the plate. Not that I’m a photo expert by any stretch, but that seems to help my low-tech photos of such food. You’re right-It’s tricky to photograph such foods.

  4. Some foods are definitely harder to photograph than others … there are some foods that will never look pretty.

    The last brown food I ate was PB.

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