Weekend Wish List

I had a really busy week and Scott was traveling on business for most of it.  I am wiped out.

Between working, housework, cooking, cleaning, and looking after this little girl I am ready for the weekend and hopefully some R & R.

This is what’s on my Weekend Wish List:

1. Baking.  I love to bake and create and make things and am excited to see what I can come up with.


I have about 237 recipes that I’ve seen that I want to make, but I’m not sure which one(s) I will tackle

2. Someone to finance an expedition here

And I’ll take one of everything from the makeup counter, too

I wish.  Oh, how I wish.

3. I wish I would have known was National Guacamole Day.  Whoops.

I would have made some Cheater’s Guacamole

…but I don’t have any avos on hand

Wish I did

4. I wish for a return of some 1950’s good old-fashioned niceness.

More smiling

Opening the door for someone

Just being neighborly.  Where I grew up in Minnesota it was not uncommon to walk next door to the neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar or an egg if you ran out.  I cannot imagine that now or where I live, but it’s fun to wish for.

Compliment someone on her outfit, her recipe, her haircut, whatever it is, I wish for greater kindness.

And I wish that I never stop growing and learning lessons.

5. I wish that I was on Bravo Top Chef Just Desserts and I could have created a Willy Wonka Dreamland!


I wish I could walk into a room filled with edible desserts, candy, cookies, chocolate, cakes, lollipops, where eveyrhing is sweet.  And ebible.


How whimsical.  And fabulous.  And delicious!

But since the prospects of walking into a Willy Wonka dreamland are pretty much non-existent, I’ll have to settle for a homemade Peanut Butter Cup (Vegan, GF, No Bake)

or a

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars (No Bake, with easy Vegan/GF adaptations)


1. What’s on your Weekend Wish List?

2. Are you watching Top Chef Just Desserts?  Or what would you like to put into your edible fantasy-land?

I have never gotten into the Top Chef series until just this one and I am loving it!   What was I waiting for?!

And what a fantasy-land it would be with edible desserts, candy, cookies, chocolate, cakes, lollipops, pies, brownies, where everything is sweet.  And ebible.

It sounds like my little version of heaven. 

When I was growing up I loved reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Have a great weekend!



  1. So, I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw this recipe, but it sounds right up your alley! Coconut Panna Cotta.

    Basically, dissolve 1 3/4 unflavored gelatin into 2 tbsp water, set aside and let bloom. Take a can of full fat coconut milk, 1/2 c of sugar and a vanilla bean. Boil coconut milk, sugar, and vanilla then take a quarter cup of the mixture and add to gelatin then incorporate it to the rest of the mix. Put into little ramekins and cool in the fridge. Made it and it came out insanely creamy and sweet!

  2. gosh I’d wish for so many things! getting to cook all day and earn money for that, or design cookbooks for Jamie Oliver, or go to Spain..

  3. Picking up furniture we bought for our new house in Hawaii. We’ve gone 5 months with barely any. Have been waiting to find the right things at the right price.

    Enjoying our 1940’s cocktail party we had with a friends at our house Fri. night. :) Yes, everyone dressed really cool and were quite cordial and kind in the midst of real down to earth conversations.

    Swimming/free diving/snorkeling at Honounou. The most beautiful spot on the Big Island to enjoy the Ocean up front and personal. Often times we swim with the dolphins there.

    Dinner with friends. 2 different sets. One Sat night. On Sun night.

    Hanging out with my man and the 2 dogs in the quiet moments.

    Pickin some of the ripe coffee beans and drying the harvest we did this week before getting ready to roast.

    No tv… another way cool thing we did when we moved to Hawaii… so no Top Chef.

    All good. Aloha Wags!

  4. 1950s niceness…that sounds great. I miss that about living in a small town – you’ll be happy to know that it’s still like that in many places.
    My weekend wish-list involves someone to do my schoolwork for me. I have hours of it. Why did no one tell me that university was this hard? I’m 28, and I have no idea how people 10 years younger than me are doing this stuff with no effort. I also want this ear infection (the first of many this season, I’m sure) to disappear.
    As for the show, I no longer have cable. Surprisingly, I don’t miss it that much. I never watched cooking shows anyway – they’re depressing when you have food restrictions and few kitchen essentials. This is why I like most of your recipes – inexpensive, and easy enough where even if I can’t eat the final product (the husband can – no worries about anything going to waste), I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing much to make them.

  5. hope you get some of that down time, averie! have fun with the baking experiments, and i bet you get outside/on the yoga mat, too! i am feeling the effects of my new work sched, too – at least saturdays and sundays are shorter days, then i plan to hibernate after my shifts!
    top chef – LOVE that show! have seen several of the seasons. if you like just desserts, you’ll love the other versions of the show, too. glad you got into this show (not quite as good as any of the rh, though!).
    have a great weekend!
    i would love a cereal willy wonka land!

  6. No R&R here this weekend. Out to the front of the house to dig out that $@#&* pampas grass and prepare for patio pavers. It will be oh so awesome when it’s done. Even if it’s cold out when it’s finished, we’ll be out there in jackets sipping anti-freeze and a bottle of wine!

  7. if I were your neighbor, I’d have coffee talk with you everyday! I wish for that.

  8. I hope things go your way this weekend :) Nothing better than finally getting some R & R after running around like crazy all week!
    And re: politeness – I agree! I think on average people are pretty polite around here…but sometimes I run into interactions with people that just make me think “Really? This is 2011 and we still don’t know how to greet people? Hold the door?” etc.

  9. I went to a party last night where they had guacamole, and I didn’t even know it was National Guacamole Day! The girl that made it said that it was Mexican Independence Day, so that’s why she made it. It was delicious and is now making me crave guac, haha.

  10. I’m not in a small town, but my next door neighbor and I do knock on each others’ doors to borrow stuff and swap produce. (Her lemons for my tomatoes.)

    I wish I would win the lottery tonight, but whether or not that happens I’m going to boot-camp and the farmers’ market this morning.

  11. My wish list would be shopping spree – but instead we’ll be going out of town (about 3 hours away) so the hubby can go to a football game. I think i’m earning the spree ;-)

  12. From the sounds of it, your freezer is just about as close as anything to a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dreamland. Can’t wait to see what you create too!

  13. On my weekend wishlist is that a cleaning fairy would come and clean my house. I wish. :-)

  14. What?? Why didn’t anyone tell me about national guac day??? I think we should post-celebrate. Oh yess! :)


  15. My weekend wish list is for a magic fairy to come, find me a house, pack up my house, move me, unpack me, and have everything just be done. Oh, and write my lectures for next week for me too.

    Too much to ask?

  16. Averie,

    What an awesome picture of Skylar! And the food photos are awesome….now I’m in the mood for some guacamole! I’ve loved watching you develop your photog skills! You just get better and better all the time! I picked up my first DSLR at the beginning of the year and have also fallen hard for photography! It’s funny but I’m always a little down on the days I don’t take pictures, even if its just a few shots of my dog or something simple. It’s such a great way to be creative!


  17. I love Chanel! I know exactly what my first purchase will be there when I come across the funding! :) haha

  18. Ahhhhhh I wish I was shopping at LV all weekend picking out my handbags of my dreams :)

    Happy Baking my friend, can’t wait to see what you master!


  19. Have you ever thought about starting a bakery? Lord knows I’d go broke ordering!


    • I have a couple years ago but the WORK involved to make what… a 50 cent profit on each brownie I make or sell…not really lucrative enough to deal with the licensing, permits, shipping, time, etc…but yes, I actually thought about it.

  20. I’m just wishing for a fun day today at the Portland VegFest. I’m super excited that I have convinced my best friend and her whole family to go this year. They are trying to go vegan for their health. Which I’m super impressed by because they are VERY into meat and dairy. But they just saw Forks Over Knives. Now I have to go see it myself!

  21. Weekend wish-list is sleeping in & making breakfast and eating it in bed.

    I just started downloading that Willy Wonka episode and I am going to watch it tonight. Cannot wait! You need to watch the entire first season, so good. Lots of characters.

  22. I wish for a gorgeous end to the summer :)

  23. When I was younger, I used to dream about living in a makeup dept… Ok, who am I kidding – I still do! How amazing, how amazing :)

  24. Oh my goodness. I have seen all the Top Chef seasons, and I have to say I think I like Top Chef Just Desserts better! They are SO crazy! Did you see the first season? I hope for you that you get some rest, I know that you are so crazy busy, and need it more than most people. I am hoping for some of that myself, I have the whole weekend off of work! I can’t even remember the last time that happened to me!

  25. Hey Averie, Just wanted to say that I’m not much of a commenter since we don’t have strong internet at most places we stay while we’re full time RVing (and commenting takes too long to pull up), but I read your blog EVERY day and dream of the day we move to San Diego. Thanks for giving me my SD fix in the meantime. Love your blog, your pictures, and your sweetness!

  26. I am OBSESSED with top chef. Every wednesday night, feet up on the couch, switch the TV to bravo, and usually have ice cream or cookie or some kind of dessert to match the mood!

  27. I hear ya on being wiped from a busy week! Great list, I have so much I want to get to also.

    1. Grocery shopping which I still may not have time for! Playing in the kitchen, running, and gardening.
    2. Nope, I’d love to check out an episode though – not enough hours in the day!

  28. I have never seen Top Chef before, and probably won’t watch the Desserts one either.

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