I wish I could say that this post was about blistering heat…

It’s not.

It’s about me getting all kinds of blisters on my feet this week.

I can go for months without getting a blister and then bam, I got four doosies this week.

I didn’t change my shoes or my socks


I am not running any longer or changing my stride, my pace, or my route

Nothing is different.

The only thing I can think of is that there has been more moisture in the air this week because we’ve had rain so the humidity levels are higher and maybe that’s causing some weird friction thing resulting in blisters?

Between the blisters this week and my toe being ran over and toenail falling off last week, my feet are lookin’ real pretty.

It’s a good thing I have Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars to take my mind off my throbbing dogs.


1. Do you get blisters? Or not get them for months and then all of a sudden they strike?

If anyone has any blister tips, remedies, prevention methods, holler please!

2. Weekend plans?  Do you have Monday off?

I did not realize it’s Columbus Day on Monday until just yesterday.  Whoops.

That means it’s a 3-day weekend for some and you’re lucky enough to have off school or work, but my office is open and I have to work on Monday so no 3-day weekend for me.

But I’ll take a 2-day weekend, that’s fine.  I’ll take any weekend.  TGIF!

I plan to try and get some R & R time in, spend time with the family, cook, break out my camera and go somewhere and just take pictures to take pictures, and maybe get together with a friend.  We’ll see how things shape up.

Enjoy your (long) weekend and keep the Silpat Giveaway entries coming!


  1. Blisters are no fun!! :( They honestly hurt more than anything!

    Unfortunately, I do not get monday off, but I can’t complain since I just had a four day weekend. :)

  2. I’ve never had Columbus Day off before, but for some reason our union worked it out this year! Yay, both my students & I needed a 3-day weekend!

    Also, I wore new shoes today & had a blister on each heel even before first period.

  3. I do have Monday off and I am SO DARN thankful for that!


  4. I don’t get blisters often but when I do it’s always between my big toe and second toe – it’s so weird. It usually happens if it’s really hot and I am sweating more so your theory of more moisture in the air makes total sense to me.

    Monday is Thanksgiving for us in Canada so we get a 3 day weekend too. Actually, I don’t work Tuesdays so make that a 4 day weekend :)

    Have fun with the family!

  5. Perks of being a teacher – 3 days weekend coming my way!!!!

  6. I am sorry to hear about your blisters, and about your feet in general! Perhaps this is all just a good excuse for you to go out and get a pedicure? Treat yourself to a spa minute, because I know you have no time! I seem to ALWAYS get blisters. Every time I get new shoes, I get a blister. I have one right now!! We are having carb-fest over here, because it is the Canadian Thanks Giving this weekend! Yay!

  7. I got major blisters last weekend from a pair of flats I had to wear. Ouch!

    I’m using my day off to run a 10K. Should be fun! Happy weekend!

  8. I always get way more blisters in the summer because of the humidity- I think it must make my feet swell. Gross, but true!

  9. No tips, just sympathy! I’m a runner and have had blisters on every single toe in every style of running shoe for as long as I can remember (now they’re usually hidden by calluses but ocassionally I still have to drain them out. Humidity might affect it, yes, especially if your socks are cotton. Any slight ache, even if you don’t notice it, shoes tied too tightly, socks getting a little twisted and putting the seam in a bad place, shorts that for some reason spontaneously start to rub or bother you, fatigue that causes you to not pick up your feet as cleanly or an abundance of energy that makes your step springier–you name it–can cause you to alter your stride without realizing it, (as an aside this an extra reason that running with an injury, or running through pain can be so dangerous! you can develop other injuries as a result of your body’s response and compensation for the original pain!)

    • I think mine is due to humidity/moisture but you bring up some really good points that I have never thought about before “fatigue that causes you to not pick up your feet as cleanly” and everything else you mentioned, too. Great food for thought. For me, it never rains or is humid here and this week, rain + humidity but I am going to ponder everything else you said too…

  10. Ouch and yes, I get random blisters like that. I actually have had more blisters and bloody toes running than I ever did dancing in point shoes! I think moisture can definitely make a difference.

  11. Every time I have tried to run in a Nike shoe I get blisters. Therefore, I don’t run in Nikes and I don’t get blisters. Asics or Saucony for me!

    (Oh, and I’m working on Monday. With no kids in school, I didn’t realize that it was Columbus Day either)

  12. Yes! I do randomly get blisters after changing nothing. Sometimes I think maybe it’s weather induced – hotter/colder? Best remedy, I carry chapstick on a run for a last-minute lubrication. :)

  13. Believe it or not, I put deodorant/antiperspirant on my feet before a run and now I never get blisters anymore! I just use the “reject” deodorant that I buy and did not end up liking for this very purpose.

    • running sites and magazines say to use body glide, or something made for this, or even vaseline. I have never heard deodorant. So you put it all over? Or just on the toes/heels or where you’re prone to them? How thick? Like just one swipe or do you really layer it on good? Very intrigued!

    • I have used some of the expensive “stuff” made for runners but did not want to go back to the running store just to pick some up and did not really like to the price, to be honest ;) I have used vaseline and it does work but it is so messy and ruined my running socks. I generally just do a quick light swipe over the bottom of my feet and heels and then add extra to any areas that I am prone to get blisters.

    • yes vaseline totally ruins socks!! and socks are like $10+ per pair for good ones. Thanks for the 411 on how you apply the deodorant. I am going to try it :)

  14. hope your blisters heal up fast! the hardcore athletes would propose duct tape! :) i vote body glide! our customers give it great reviews.
    you know, i NEVER get blisters except in aruba – so i agree it must be the heat and humidity?? i always get zingers…small price to pay for a few days of paradise, i say!
    monday is canadian thanksgiving and i will be off! working sat & sun til then!
    have a great eve, averie!

    • ok the only places I ever really get blisters were when I lived in NC and SC (both very humid) and Aruba (humid!) and this past week in S.D. (humid/rain)…so I am thinking there is something to that. Thanks for sharing your blister/aruba story.

      Happy TG, enjoy your holiday!

  15. Poor thing this has just not been your week :(

  16. Sorry, no blister wisdom here; I haven’t had a blister since I was a kid. I did have wicked shin-splints all week from running a 5k up and down hills on city streets.

    Maybe your whacked toe changed your stride as you tried to protect it (unconsciously).

  17. no fun! I get blisters really easily, and particularly in higher humidity. Hence why dry climates are my friend :)

    I didn’t realize it was a holiday weekend in the U.S. I don’t even take weekends off really, but we will be going to the in-laws for the Canadian Thanksgiving.

  18. Oh how I loathe blisters…I’m sorry to hear about your poor feetsies :-/ Have to say Skylar’s costume is TOO cute!

  19. I don’t get blisters (knock on wood), but I have those damn cankles right now that are annoying me. Feet troubles. I think this means we should just kick back and relax. Alas, no 3 day weekend for me. next Monday I have the day off though. No idea why, but I’ll take it.

  20. That’s so weird! Do you think that maybe because of your hurt toes your feet are changing the way they run to compensate for any pain your toes would feel otherwise? It could be such a slight adjustment that you don’t notice it but it still rubs and causes blisters. That’s my 2 cents, lol. Otherwise I’m clueless!

  21. I am so glad to hear that I’m not the only one with terrible blisters! Just a few weeks ago I had 8 at one time..yuck. BUT, I found NewSkin at the grocery store and it works like a charm! It’s basically like painting fake skin on your works SO well.

  22. Must be the weather, because I have a blister on both of my heels! I have been putting shea butter on mine. Maybe I should make some of those pumpkin peanut butter oatmeal bars to make me feel better lol

  23. Strange on the blisters, I tend to get them after longer runs and if I don’t get out of the sweaty workout gear fast enough.

    1. Yes, but rarely. My hubby gets them all the time in his Vibram running shoes, but still swears by them? :-P
    2. Not really and no. I wish I had Monday off!

  24. Your poor feet! They sound like they are in need of some TLC.

    No 3-day weekend here, which stinks because I could have really used it this weekend! I have both my 5-year wedding anniversary today and my 10-year HS reunion. An extra day off would have been awesome.

  25. those sneaks are adorable!!

    and MAN do I know blisters!! i was a figure skater!! my feet would be beat up constantly… bleeding , scabs, calluses …NOT PRETTY. i use a lot of moleskin and jelly/silicone type pads in my skates….not sure what the protocol is for runners though!!

    hope your feet are pain free soon!!

    (i also almost always get blisters with shoes too!)

  26. I get blisters VERY easily (any time I wear new shoes, if I walk a lot in a hot place – like on vacation, etc, etc.). My feet hate me.

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