Catch Up Day

I had one of those catch up days on Tuesday.

I caught up on:

Washing the sheets on our bed and Skylar’s bed

I washed the rugs in my kitchen and bathroom.  They were in major need.  From crumbs, flour, and coconut flakes to hair and dust bunnies, I’m back in business.  It only takes about two and a half hours for rugs to dry in the dryer.  No biggie.


I also went to a computer store where I thought I was going to be able to have the computer wizard there pop the new RAM chips I had ordered from Crucial into my Macbook since it’s been beach ballin’ and pinwheeling like crazy.

Yes, my Mac has been majorly misbehaving.


But when I got to the store, the tech told me I ordered the wrong kind of memory.  Argh!  He did say that almost no one gets it right.

The silver lining is that he had what I needed in stock and popped it in.  I’ll let you know if the additional RAM solves some of the Circle of Doom pinwheeling problem.

And after that I went on a much needed Target run.  I try to limit myself to once every 4 to 6 weeks for Target trips because otherwise things can get a little out of hand.  Or a lot out of hand, in a hurry.

I bought some clothes for Skylar

I really wish they had these velour hoodie sets in my size.  Soft, elastic waist, fuzzy, and sparkly.  Some girls have all the luck.

This was my bag of luck

Deoderant, body wash, toothpaste for both Skylar and I, Carmex, razor blades, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion, Olay Toner, Maybelline Great Lash.  Nothing thrilling but necessary.  Most of those items are on my Drugstore Top 10 List.  Things under $5 bucks that I love.

Oh and don’t forget about the 8 rolls of paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, laundry detergent, and Q-tips.

I did score 1.5 pounds of grapes for a buck though.  On sale + a coupon.  That was exciting.

It’s the Simple Things

I also had to hit the post office, return phone calls and emails, and did much of it while practicing counting to 30 and singing the ABC’s.

The best part of my catch up day was a Samoas Bar


1. When was your last catch up day?  What did you accomplish?

2. What are the usual things you toss into your Target (or similar) bag? 

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  1. i would love a sparkly velour hoodie! ’tis the season to bring out the sweaters/sweatshirts/hoodies!
    i had a catch up day too yesterday since i did not work til mid-aft -> the library, groceries, the park for photos, a bit of blogging AND a trip to the apple store – mine was NOT successful in the least, unfortunately. glad YOU got what you needed – good luck with the spinning pinwheels decreasing!
    nice price on the grapes deal!!

  2. ahhh necessities…I just stocked upon mine after about 3 trips to the store. I kept forgetting this & that (like conditioner, contact lens solution, body wash, etc), but that’s pretty normal for me :P

    Catch up day will probably be Friday for me, when I do all the laundry. I’m pretty good about the housework lately, though, so that may be all that needs doing. Feels so good to have catch up days :)

  3. I desperately NEED a catch up day. Between split-shifts at work, searching for a lost time-card (which was finally located) and leaking toilet/waiting for plumber time, I’m way behind on errands.

  4. Sometimes those catch up days are the ones that require the most energy. Looks like you managed to do a lot of catching up though. :)

  5. I have a catch up day on Monday Oct 31 haha not like I’m counting or anything. I cannot wait to just clean, organize, and maybe have a couple of naps?! Sounds like you got a bunch of great things done :)

  6. I went to Target yesterday for body wash & shampoo….and somehow wound up with 6 packs of gum as well!

  7. It seems like most of my days lately are catch-up days. Which is fine because it always feels good to accomplish stuff, especially laundry piles and dirty dishes.

    We don’t have target here, but I have been a few times in the US. What a fun store! Zellers is kinda the equivalent here but not as good. I remember the $1 aisle at the front of the target store, where I stocked up on mini pads of paper, fridge magnets, single serving laundry soaps, and other junky stuff I didn’t actually need. I can definitely see why you only go every 4-6 weeks!

  8. I totally get you on limiting the Target runs. I went last week with my boyfriend and got a pumpkin t-shirt to wear to work on Halloween for six bucks, woo hoo! Also some candy corn (duh), kleenex, and a bag of the “peanut and peanut butter lovers” mix candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters. It has the new peanut butter snickers in it…. they are SO good.

  9. I’m behind on my catch up day right about now. But, I am taking off Monday and hope to get caught up – or semi-caught up. I do try to do bits and pieces here and there. It makes the to-do list less daunting.

  10. I bought my Mom and sister sparkly velour sweatsuits for Christmas last year. They were at Sears. I normally *hate* Sears for some reason, but that’s where the only spot was at the mall at Christmas time! Walking through, the pink velour suits with rhinestones were calling out to me!

  11. I NEED a catch up day. I try to do a little errand run every other day, but things still seem to pile up. And then I spend 10 hours driving on the weekend so I can’t. Grrrr.

  12. I’m in desperate need of a catch up day! I’ve taken to making a daily list of 1-2 things to get done around the house. Maybe one day is “get a load of laundry done”, another “sweep all floors”, etc. It’s not perfect, but I am a list person at heart and just seeing each day get crossed off feels so good! And it takes a bit of stress out of the weekend. Now if I could just find the time to give everything a good scrub! ;)

  13. i desperately need a catch up day after a week of vacation. somehow, even when i’m away, day to day to-dos seem to pile up. suitcases to be unpacked, sheets to be washed, floors to be vacuumed (just to name a few). ay yay yay!

  14. Ahhh, catch up days feel so good. We had one on Monday– laundry, cleaning, grocery store :-)

  15. hahaha circle of doom. i HATE that guy.

  16. oh boy, I can’t even remember when I had a catch up day. Mostly, I just slog through my to-do list. I try hard to get household chores done during the week so the weekend is free, but it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. What can you say? Life happens! hmmm, in my bag I like to toss Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Liquid Soap, Burt’s Bee’s or Say yes to Carrot’s lip balm, Maybelline Great Lash, Shea butter lotion, and more likely Green & Black’s Espresso Dark Chocolate bar.

  17. Sleeping in freshly cleaned sheets is seriously the best feeling. That along with cheap (couponed) grapes, best catch up day in my book!

  18. I really need to clean the rugs in our bathrooms and kitchen…Thanks for reminding me :-)!
    And half of my daughters clothes I would totally wear, if they made them in my size! haha

  19. i’m addicted to palmers! i mix in a little almond aura glow and mmmm soft, almondy skin. :) “catch up” days usually happen when i’m sick and off from work/yoga teaching. last week, i had THREE days of flu during which i did all my laundry, caught up on reading, followed some of my fave blogs (yay veggies and yoga!) and made some delicious raw snacks. i also slept endlessly, which is what i usually need to catch up on the MOST! thanks for sharing your day!

  20. Love the sheets, so cute! Even though I dread days full of house work, I always feel better after.

    1. Sunday, well kind of with a new dog in the house.
    2. Hair gel, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, pet food, clearance clothes, etc.

  21. I love the line “while counting to 30 and practicing the ABC’s”. Seriously, Moms do it all! Skylar’s hoodies are the cutest things ever, I wish my Mom dressed me that stylish!
    With my computer mahem I have actually found some extra time to clean and read and whatnot… it’s been kind of nice but I would much rather have a working computer than a spotless room lol!

  22. I love that cushion on your bed btw! And I also love how helpful the Apple guys are – I am about ready to hit my head against the wall and then you go there and boom, everything is fixed. Amazing!

  23. There’s nothing like freshly cleaned and comfy sheets..

    Skylar clothes are so cute – where do you get those?

  24. I am in MAJOR need of a catch up day, but unfortunately I don’t have any days clear in the immediate future. Between being sick all last week, crap tons of internship appointments this week so I can finish next week, and going to San Fran next weekend, looks like it all might have to wait a while! ;)

  25. Hi averie!! omg it’s been wayy to long!
    this past week was so cray crazy for me. i took my boards last thurs and friday, then packed all my stuff, flew to la, my grandfather passed :( , doing so much work on the manny pacquiao foundation (i’m the pres :)) and now i’m off to NY for an interview tomorrow!! life happens you know. heheh anyway, hope you’re well! i’ll be in touch again!

  26. Aw, those clothes are so cute. Why don’t they make those in bigger sizes? My catch-up day was Monday. I never got a workout in, but I got pretty much everything done around the house that I needed to.

  27. I’m a Suave girl too!! Smells so great – and the price can’t be beat!

  28. I feel like I need to take a personal day from work so that I can have a catch up day. This would include: straightening up my apt, doing the endless amount of laundry that needs to get done, cleaning out my pantry and catching up with my DVR!

  29. I try to play catch up on weekends I don’t see the boyfriend. My sheets are in dire need of washing! Also, I hate when I need to do stock up Target trips. So expensive!

  30. Skylar’s new hoodies ARE cute. Awesome.

    Monday was my catch up day. Deal with laundry, cleaned my place, took care of some paperwork, did all sorts of other errands. Blah blah blah. Not my fave way to spend a chunk of time, but like you said, “back in business.” Feels great once it’s DONE.

    Target runs are really random for me. My last Target run involved stocking up on candy and coconut milk (Silk was on sale for $1.99, and I had a dollar coupon. I bought several. SCORE!)

    I usually drool at housewares, dishes, etc, but typically keep it moving. My kitchen’s even smaller than yours, so you know what I mean!

  31. Skylars new clothes are gorgeous! I also adore those velour tracksuits… I often wish that I could get little kids clothes in my size. I almost fit into the largest kids size, but *not quite* :D Bit short in all the wrong places!!
    Loving your bed linen too! Looks so comfy and pretty….

  32. I haven’t had a catch up day in a while, and I REALLY need one. Hopefully after Monday I will have time to catch up. I am hoping to accomplish a lot of writing/research this weekend, and that should free me up for at least a few days.

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