Costumes and Candy

I mentioned that I was taking Skylar Halloween costume shopping Wednesday evening and we had success!

As I said, she has been a pink princess every year of her life (her choice) and this year is no exception.

The seasonal Halloween shop that I’ve bought costumes from in previous years was not in business this year and I didn’t know that.  Until we got to the dark parking lot.  Whoops.

A moment of panic hit me as Princess in the backseat was panicking and saying, “But mom, now what are we going to do?  I have to have my princess costume!”

So I did what any other mother would do when she saw Target across the street.  I pulled in knowing they’d have some sort of princess attire.


And lucky for us, they had plenty of costumes, but surprisingly, things were getting pretty picked over.   We got the last Princess costume they had in her size.  Whew.

We were able to get Princess accessories: a wand and a pink cloth reusable (grocery) bag from the $1 bins that will make a great candy collection bag and a toy holder/organizer when we’re done collecting candy with it

We are still on the hunt for pink “high heels”.  They had clear ones (see photo above near the bottom) but they weren’t striking Skylar’s fancy.

Her grandma once gave her a pair of Barbie pink “high heels” (slip in sandals with a wedge heel) and she played dress up with those heels until she outgrew them and I’ve been on the hunt for replacements ever since.  About two years now.

But we got the costume handled and she’s thrilled with it!

And holy moly does Target have Halloween candy.  You need a trip to the dentist after just walking the aisles.

Row and rows, aisles and aisles of it.

I love seasonal candy, though.  I mentioned I found caramel Tootsie Pops So good.

And I also spotted these.  I am a big white chocolate fan and I bet White Chocolate KitKats would be so good.

I love KitKats, but I didn’t buy them because honestly, I want a couple.   We don’t need 56.

And then I spotted this bag.  I don’t think kids would necessarily appreciate these varieties but maybe they would.

Bite sized Almond Joy Pieces?  Where have you been all my life?  I wanted to snatch this bag right up!

And I wanted to buy this bag, too.  Love Rolos, KitKats, Almond Joy, and…Heath Bars

When I was a kid, I loved Heath bars but lots of other kids didn’t seem to like them as much.  I would trade you a 3 Muskateers for a Heath Bar any day.

Heath Bars are like Skor bars for those who don’t have Heath Bars in your neck of the world; maybe you have Skor bars.

And I loved Heath Bar Blizzards

I tried to pay homage to my Heath Bar loving ways recently with these No Bake Toffee & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites made with Heath Bar bits.


1. Do you have any candy favorite that only come around once a year or are seasonal offerings?

Easter type marshmallow Peeps anyone

Or minty M & M’s over Christmas

Halloween themed lollipops

So much candy out there and it seems they are always thinking of something new.

2. How much candy do you buy for Halloween?  What kind do you buy?

I typically buy a few bags, maybe about 50-100 pieces but because we’re gone on Halloween night and out walking the neighborhood (or mall-sponsored trick or treating) we aren’t home to pass out candy anyway.  Plus, we accumulate plenty from Skylar’s trick-or-treating activities and I don’t necessarily need to have 100+ pieces of leftover candy hanging out.  Who does!

I don’t buy “healthy” or organic candy to pass out.  I buy things like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Skittles and Starburst and Snickers bars.  Good old fashioned sugar and chocolate.  It’s one day and for it’s about enjoying everything in moderation.

And after a few days the candy seems to lose it’s appeal with Skylar and what she doesn’t want (or I don’t want), gets donated to Scott’s lunch box or office mates.  Here was a little article on Better and Worse candy that I received in my inbox today.

Or you could always just make your own candy and skip the storebought

White & Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups with Chocolate-Peanut Butter Filling

Thanks for the Silpat Giveaway entries


  1. I’m a sucker for a Cadbury egg. :) Or a Reeses Easter egg! Or a candy cane Tootsie pop.
    We haven’t braved the Target Halloween aisle yet. ha!
    I need to try those no bake toffee bites now! They look delish. No one needs a Blizzard with those things around. :)

  2. Ooooh white Kit Kats! We have them here is Australia, in a BIG family size block. It is FANTASTIC!!! I adore white choc, and Kit Kats. Match made in heaven!

    I also love the Cadbury Creme egg at easter time. Although Cadbury made a creme egg chocolate bar which you can get all year round. Not as good as the real thing though!!

    We don’t ‘do’ Halloween over here, but I wish we did! I love everything about it! The history behind it, the dressing up and definitely the lollies!

    Skylar looks sooo pretty in her Pink Princess costume! Gotta love a princess, I always wanted to be one when I was a little girl :D

  3. that princess costume was just meant to be since you got the last one. good luck with the slipper/shoe hunt!
    white choc kitkats? never seen those! pretty neat! (although i am a dark choc fan).
    i don’t buy hallowe’en candy as we don’t get trick-or-treaters here in the condo. no one needs a box of 100 mini chocolate bars in the house!!

  4. Oh wow… Halloween candy. We don’t buy ti because I would eat it ALL. Instead, we get healthy fruit snacks and I staple my business card to each one to try and grow my business and client base. It works really, really well but ends up being a bit expensive! Last year we did LARABARs (there was a big sale at costco) this year I was thinking of giving out pistachios…

  5. So sweet ! She is a true princess, doesn’t even need that costume ; )

    How cute though! I want a little girl one day, would be so fun!

  6. The Midnight bars (Snickers covered with dark chocolate) are usually only found around Halloween. Buy a bag if you see them, you won’t be sorry.

  7. Yay for Pink Princesses! Heath Bars were my fave – loved the Blizzards. I don’t buy any candy at all – we don’t live in a neighborhood where we really get any trick or treaters.

  8. Skylar is my kind of girl! Love princesses and pink <3

    We have to be careful about what we buy…because we will go to town on it after halloween. I usually buy something we both like…but not something we LOVE. It just ends with me looking all sad sitting on the couch with a belly ache.


  9. I love it! A princess every year! Every day! Doesn’t matter she’s gorgeous and such a girly girl and I looooove it!

    Target has so much candy. I was looking at the costumes there…nothing for Ella but we got hers at Kohls. A pink leopard kitty cat. So cute. I can’t wait to show her off!!!!!!

    The only seasopnal candy is always available…I love the Reeses peanut butter eggs! They make them at Xmas in trees too. Something about them….so good!

  10. I love it! She is beautiful! I have a princess too (3yo) but this year, she decided o go with tinkerbell. I lovelovelove Halloween. My birthday is 2 days before, so it always has seemed special. I love ALL candy, lol!

  11. REECES is definitely my favorite! used to love the amazing crunch of kit kats too!! such a blissful feeling!

  12. Oh my god, I LOVE the minty m&ms. I don’t understand why they are seasonal! I saw halloween peeps at the grocery store yesterday when I was looking for those caramel tootsies.

    I’ve been loving the bite-sized (m&m like) york bites.

  13. When I was a kid, no one had store-bought costumes. To this day, I’ve made or recycled every costume I’ve ever worn! Well, except for a pair of felted butterfly wings that I bought for 5 bucks and wore four times. My dog also wore them a few times. Ha! Now, when I walk into the stores, I’m in awe at some of the Halloween costumes. Winners has these gorgeous velvet dresses, complete with hoops and crinolines. I kind of wish I could wear one! My favourite Halloween candy is rockets. I eat those like…well…candy.

  14. Gah candyyy! Making my mouth water. I love how I get soo much free candy at my work during halloween week from all the little girls I coach :)

  15. I really-really like candy corn mixed with dry roasted peanuts. Russell Stover makes a mean chocolate truffle egg during Easter. There aren’t many kids in our neighborhood, so I usually get a small bag of candy…whatever is left goes into the candy dish at work.

  16. Yayyy! How exciting! Kaylin is going to be Minnie this year. I’m excited to dress her up ;). Halloween is HUGE in Charleston (as you probably know). We get slammed with kids each year. I love the colored tootsie rolls. BTW- we got our bars and Josh is LOVING them. I saw the little print on the front that said made with milk and was sad. I had a mini bite though ;) Very tasty!

  17. It’s adorable that she wants to be the same thing year after year. She’s in a costume ‘groove’, as you would say haha!
    Heath bars are still my all time favorite candy bar! Love heath bar ice cream too!

  18. omg, she is just the cutest!!

    My favorite seasonal candy is Reese’s pb pumpkins or Easter eggs. So much more pb than in the regular kind!

  19. oh my goodness those homemade PB cups look TO DIE FOR!! This post is getting me excited for Halloween :)

  20. Skylar is going to look so beautiful!

    I’ve been on the hunt for pumpkin spice Hershey’s kisses. Have heard of them, but never managed to snag any. I hope they make them with dark chocolate as well as milk choc.

  21. I am so glad to hear that the costume crisis was avoided! That could have been no fun for you at all~! Wow that is allot of candy! I haven’t been to a department store in a while, and I suppose I have forgotten what it can all look like close to halloween. I was for sure a chocolate fiend when I ate candy, peanut butter cups were awesome, and I also had a thing for the sour candies. Sour Skittles were awesome!

  22. Oh you are making me WISH we had Halloween here! I’d also be interested to see how I react – I THINK i dont like junk food anymore (not I did NOT say I THINK I dont like sugar anymore….) but Reeses were always my faves!! and Goodyear bars (is that what they are called!?) – oh and mini Paydays. Dont know if I would actually be so well behaved in fact…
    super cute kid!!! xox

  23. Heath bars are totally not my thing. If I ever have any I’ll have to send them your way, lol!

    I’m more about Reese’s and Skittles. I actually can’t think of anything that is seasonal though, pretty much everything I love is around all the time.

  24. I love Heath Blizzards. Sixteen Handles (an NYC yogurt buffet) has heath and I always get it.

    I’m not much of a candy junkie though once in a while I like to indulge in white chocolate or some sour gummies. But really, I’m more into salty or sweet and salty flavors.

  25. Skylar looks so happy :)
    How I have enjoyed dressing up as a child!
    I actually don´t like candy. BUT: I finally made your Magic 8 Bars tonight (veganized and changed a tiny bit). One word: divine.

  26. Pre-vegan I loved the holiday shaped Reese’s. Way more peanut butter than the original!

  27. Aww, that’s going to be a wonderful costume, especially with her hair so long! The only seasonal candy I look forward to are Cadbury Creme Eggs. Around Easter time I eat around a dozen, and then none for the rest of the year.

  28. So cute on the costume, glad you had shopping success. My nieces are fully obsessed with anything pink princess too.

    1. It used to be candy corn, so maybe this year I’ll experiment with a vegan recipe.
    2. I can never get this right because our neighborhood has been in constant transition since we moved in 5 years ago with the economy issues and foreclosures, some years we have tons of kids and the next, hardly any and tons of excess. Good thing I can dump it at work.

  29. It’s a joyful time of the year, Libby canned pumpkin is out and mallowmars are back !

  30. I always buy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Halloween candy, because we get like 4 kids. Luckily, as a teacher, I can just bring the candy to my students if I have leftovers.

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