Halloween 2011 Pictures

I hope you had a Happy Halloween.  We did!  And it was busy.

In the afternoon, I went to Skylar’s school for their Halloween party and mingled with the other parents and kids.

It was so much fun seeing all the kiddos decked out in their costumes.


And then it was off to the local Mall for Trick or Treating which is what we did last year.

Our neighborhood is urban and although there are some single-family homes, there are lots of apartments, condos, and high rise buildings which aren’t conducive to running up driveways and ringing doorbells for trick-or-treating like I grew up with.

The stores at the mall pass out candy and for us it’s the perfect solution.

I like that it’s in broad daylight, it’s safe, the kids can go from store to store very quickly and without any long driveways to run up, and before you know it, your pumpkin…

…or your Princess Bag is filled.

Sees passed out gold coin candies to the kids.  Nothing super fancy.

But gave the parents each one of these.  Cha-ching!

I love, love, love Sees Candy.  It’s the best.  And this free dark chocolate toffee made me do a happy mommy dance.

Skylar had a great time and she’s enjoyed a few pieces of candy.

But she seemed to love the thrill of the hunt and obtaining the candy just as much as she enjoyed actually eating it.  Running up to people and saying “TRICK OR TREAT, PLEASE!” seemed to be more than half the fun.

We came home and ate kale and broccoli salad for dinner.  It all balances out.

After she’s done with her candy, the leftovers and rejects will make a starring role appearance in Scott’s lunchbox.  That’s what dad’s are for: taking the leftovers.   He won’t complain, I’m sure.

She loved being in her Princess costume and it was fun to see how much she’s grown from being a Princess in 2009 and in 2010.

When I asked her last  month what she wanted to be, she immediately said, “A PRINCESS!”, as if there was any other thing to be other than that.  Duh.

I wonder if she’ll want to be a Princess again next year?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

I loved this day.  This is what being a mom is all about for me.  Watching my little Princess have a ball.  I may have shed a few happy tears today.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a homemade Butterfinger.  Scott and Skylar can have the store bought candy if they want.   I’ll take one of these since there’s no more Sees around.

Use your leftover candy corn to make these in the microwave.  Easy.  A little too easy.


1. What did you do for Halloween today? 

2.Did you get many trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood?

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54 comments on “Halloween 2011 Pictures”

  1. so sweet! ha, love that she wanted to be a princess again. obviously, what’s better than that? ;)

  2. Cute pics, Skylar looks like she’s having a blast. Love her shoes. :-)

    1. Just passed out candy at home.
    2. Not too many and mainly little kids, so I have tons of candy left over to dump on coworkers.

  3. aww she is SO cute! Lauren and I spent our Halloween brewing up a yummy pumpkin veggie stew (wishing the whole time that we would get trick or treaters…)!

  4. Ahh–I remember the pics from the last two years: she is so beautiful–as always–but she is so grown up now!

    “Trick or treat, please”–I love it. Love that the parents got a See’s candy too.
    I was a blonde tonight for the first time in my life–a blonde witch, to be precise! Pics tomorrow.

  5. Halloween is a bit hit and miss over here. NZ just can’t decide what to do about it. In 2009 I was not ready and got TWO well dressed up tick or treaters. Last year I DID IT, even put a pumpkin picture on our letterbox, but nobody. Yesterday, we were NOT ready for the first, but I made a mad dash to the shop for supplies and we only got two more tick or treaters all night. Now I have a house of sweets, but no candy corn because that does not exist here. Can you think of an alternative? I have nooo idea what the flavour of it is.

    • well there are recipes online to make your own candycorn. you can make it at home, and then microwave it into butterfingers. not sure that would be the wisest use of time, but hey, you can try :)

      the flavour…hmmm…intensely sweet, sort of buttery, but really, it’s like trying to tell someone what’s an Oreo Cookie taste like. Hard to describe til you’ve had it. Sorry I am clear as mud. ha!

  6. Skylar looks like she’s having such a blast!

  7. Skylar is such a sweetheart and it’s amazing to see her growing up so fast! Glad you both had such a fun Halloween! :)

    Haha my dad always got the reject candy when I was growing up… and any other leftover, outdated, and otherwise “inedible” food no one else would eat. ;)

  8. Too precious! That’s awesome that you have trick or treating in your outdoor mall. Such a great idea! We had TONS of trick or treaters and I was really surprised!

  9. love the photos! and yes, you will know things are a-changing the year the princess costume is not the #1 choice!
    that is a really neat idea about going to the mall for trick-or-treating. and i so agree: when i was little it was the thrill of trick-or-treating that was the big excitement – the candy/chocolate was just an added bonus.
    we had a nice mild evening here this year so i bet there were lots of kids out and about. i’m in a condo so no handing out candy – boo hoo, as i love doing that – and i was working! i had treats at the store but no one came in! lotsa leftovers!

  10. Gosh Averie! I have to say these are the best halloween pics of her I have seen! She looks so pretty! The photos are just so much better! LOVE!

    I think its awesome you let he have some candy, I think its so important to let kids enjoy special things like that, here and there, and its all about balance!

    So glad she had a great halloween! I think the mall idea is great too! They do that around here as well, my mom and I were talking about that last night, its a great idea!

    xoxo <3

  11. She is way too adorable. Halloween isn’t doing it for me right now, but I’m sure that will change when I have kids!

  12. So cute! I ended up staying at home and passing out candy! It’s fun to check out all the neat costumes!

  13. What a perfect princess Miss Skylar is! She’d be a beautiful Cinderella!

    It looks like you guys had a wonderful Halloween! I had class so I didn’t go out, but our Improv teacher brought in a bucket of candy and did a lecture on the tradition of storytelling before we did some Halloween-related Improv exercises. I consumed more candy in that class than I have in the past two years combined!

  14. We had about 70 trick or treaters at our house, and many of them were SO cute. I handed out candy and also drew jack o’lantern faces on clementines with a sharpie and offered those…the kids loved them (I’m sure just because they were cute, not because they were thrilled about getting oranges…but I gave them candy too, so it’s not like I was ruining the fun!). The tiny kids especially got excited about the little pumpkins and 3 of them didn’t even take candy. I ran out of oranges….and then I ran out of candy right when the little kids were all gone and it was just the big kids (trouble-makers!) left.
    So glad Skylar had fun! Going to the mall is a great idea!

  15. Don’t all girls just want to be princesses? I know I do. Skylar looks beautiful and it looks like she had an incredible time!

  16. She looks adorable-and so old! She is growing up so fast! An she probably will be a princess again next year. When I was around her age, I think I was a princess for Halloween for five years in a row!

    And no! We didn’t get trick-or-treaters! It makes me sad. I’m used to living in a neighborhood full of kids and trick-or-treaters.

  17. I absolutely can’t believe how big she’s getting! I remember going to the mall for trick-or-treating a few times, especially if it was bad weather.

  18. I much prefer the idea of trick-or-treating at a mall.

    Those butterfingers look superb! I completely agree that I wish I could just have centers!

  19. Bless her sweet little heart, I love the costume :) Halloween really is one of the most exciting holidays for both parents and kids!

  20. Skylar looks so grown up in these pictures (despite being in costume, ha)…can’t believe how fast she grows!!

  21. She looks SO much like you, Averie! I love all these photos. And this totally cracked me up: That’s what dad’s are for: taking the leftovers. Its funny because its true.

    I read a bit in that book about making candy and my suspicions were confirmed – I heated them too much – they probably got to the “hard cracked” stage (over 325 degrees) which turns the sugar molecule into a toffee like texture. You don’t want to heat them past the “soft crack” stage, to get the flakey business.

    Next time.

    • soft ball and hard ball stages…yep, that’s the ticket right there. that’s why I never make candy with candy thermometers b/c things can go from soft to hard and you can ruin $20 worth of really good butter and sugar in 1 second. at least these were a 25 cent situation if they were ruined.

      you’re the only person who’s said she looks like me :)

  22. Skylar’s hair is getting SO long!! Does she ever want to cut it? my mom would NEVER let us cut ours…it was about that long.

  23. what a fun {and safe} idea to trick or treat at the mall! She is simply adorable…looks like you had a great day together!

  24. Aw, so cute! I was a princess for about 7 years running…and, in fact, haven’t really outgrown it. I’m so intrigued that y’all did trick-or-treating in a shopping mall – as a Manhattan-ite I always wondered what the kiddies did for Halloween – and ever, actually. Not having a yard to run around in boggles my mind! I know things are a bit more spacious in California but it’s still so interesting to see how urban families navigate traditions – looks like fun! {and I’m sure I would’ve tried to trick my mom into getting more than just free candy…}

  25. Look at her dressssss!!!!

  26. Awe what a cute lil princess!!
    We took my daughter out, and she LOVED it! SHe ran to each house! Sadly, she can’t eat the candy, but my husband was also more than happy to take it off her hands lol!

    And homemade butterfingers!! I have to check that out! I can’t believe I missed it!!

  27. I LOVE Sees candy! We used to have a little stand in our mall (in PA) but they took it away. So now my relatives from CA send it home to us on occasion!

  28. first comment. I love you’re blog! such an inspiration : ) and aww! you’re little girl is too cute!

    1. my yoga studio pumpkin lit classes all day which was really cool!
    2.had very few trick or treaters the last two little boys were in white pillow cases with arms and head cut out like little ghosts!

  29. What a cute little princess!! She looks like she had a blast!

  30. She looks so BEAUTIFUL in her outfit! We have to go to malls etc for trick-or-treating now too, it’s mainly for safety but also with so many people living in condo buildings that you can’t get into, it just makes more sense. In some ways it’s sad but it’s also fun because the shops put on a great show usually, often better than houses would, so there’s that! lol

  31. She is getting so big! She makes one beautiful princess…and sleeping beauty is my favorite!


  32. There was one year when we did the mall thing – NEVER again. It was like we were all cattle. You got in line, went to one store, got a piece of candy then got in another long line. Wait five minutes. Go in the store, get a piece of candy. It took forever and there was just a HUGE mash of people. Worse than around Christmas-time. NEVER again. That’s what my friend and I kept saying to one another. And she has twice as many kids now, so there was absolutely no way we were going to do that.

    But we did go to a…I’m not sure what you even call it, not an outlet mall, but just a block of a bunch of stores. Then went to my mom’s old neighborhood and did more there. Although I feel bad for my nieces and nephews because of their mash up of allergies, they pretty much can’t eat ANY of the candy!

  33. Skylar is a Princess all year round :) Super cute!

    Can I say I am envious for your See’s?

  34. I spy holiday items in the Bath & Body Works?? Oh my goodness! I can’t believe the season is coming already.

  35. Skylar is so cute! In New York City, trick or treating is the same way, only kids go into all the restaurants and stores. The doormen in the big skyscrapers will also give out candy too. I think it’s more fun the way I did it in the suburbs, but there is definitely a feeling of community that comes from an urban trick or treating experience.

  36. Skylar is the sweetest little princess! I love seeing all the pics of her smiling:) Halloween with little kids is a riot – so glad you enjoyed the day! (And got a free chocolate! Although I have to disagree- Godiva is WAY better than Sees, says the former Godiva Girl;))

  37. Skylar is gorgeous! That’s such a good idea – trick or treating at the mall… looks like you guys had a blast (and yay for free chocolate for the parents, woo hooo!) :)

  38. my mom always tells my brother and i how much she loved seeing us so happy and excited on halloween. i guess it’s a mom thing. glad you had fun w/ skylar!

  39. Skylar makes a gorgeous princess! And WOW her hair is so long!

  40. OK, I’m sitting her reading this and totally having a deja-vu moment thinking wasn’t Skylar a princess last year, and didn’t they go trick-or-treateing at the mall? So, clicked on your link to 2010 post and yep, she was and you did. I think I remember it b/c you mentioned See’s Candy in both posts, and I was jealous. We don’t have a See’s, although we do now have a small kiosk that sells it in the mall, but so not the same. Very limited selection.

    Happy Halloween A. Skylar is gorgeous. Love her long hair. :)

  41. Your daughter looks so adorable!!! I think tricker treating in the mall is perfect! Safe and fun! Not to mention you can pick up a goodie or two for yourself! :)

  42. Shes too cute Avery. You are blessed :) And the candy isn’t too bad either! Mmmm. I missed that this year!

  43. I fairy princessed it up for several years in a row growing up. She is looking like such the little young lady these days!!!

  44. Awwwwe – I am glad to hear your little princess had a happy Halloween. She looks so happy, and absolutely adorable :-)

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