I Heard…

I heard…

1. That Kim Kardashian filed for divorce just 72 days after she and Kris Humphries got married.

I guess I spoke too soon.  The optimist in me thought it would last.  At least longer than 72 days.

Hypothetically, if the wedding had a $10 million dollar price tag, divided by days married, that’s $138,888 per day that it “cost” to be married.   Wow.


2. I heard that Peanut Butter Puffins + Popcorn + Chocolate Chips make an awesome crunch ‘n munchy midnight snack…

3.  I also heard that these cookies make an awesome midnight snack.  Just a rumor of course.

4. It’s a gorgeous day in San Diego.  75F and sunny and I heard that I need to go for a run and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Like right now.

5. Because I heard that a Princess has a party that I need to pick her up from and then we have trick or treating!

6. I also heard that you guys like the Gourmet Pretzels Giveaway

7. And yes, you’ve heard me sounding like a broken record and asking for you to vote for me here in the Delta/Biscoff Bakeoff.  Thanks for your support.


What have you heard lately?

Are you surprised about the Kim and Kris divorce announcement?

Halloween Plans?



    It’s more like KardiVORCIAN.

  2. i heard that endless handfuls of candy corn will, in fact, give you a belly ache! doesn’t stop my hand from dipping in the bowl, though :)

    i am happy that i only wasted 2 hours on the wedding special. i was half way through and am happy to not have to waste another 2 hours watching the other half (because if the marriage had lasted, oh, 90 days, i would have felt obligated to see it through!)

  3. Not surprised it happened but surprised at how quickly! That math on the cost per day makes me sick!

  4. Quite frankly, it pisses me off that they’re getting divorced. I probably care more than I should, but MARRIAGE MEANS MORE THAN 72 DAYS. It’s not “oh hey, I like you, let’s get married!” It’s a COMMITMENT, and while I think that sometimes there ARE grounds for divorce, it should come after you’ve seriously tried to work things out…which I believe takes a little longer than 72 days.

    I mean, really?! Sorry for the rant here, haha…

  5. I do not understand these celebrity couples … baffles me completely. I have no idea what either of those two are like (have never seen them on TV or anything), so I can’t say if I am surprised or not. I just don’t get it.

  6. I’m shocked about the divorce but I honestly do not care much. People get divorced every day, unfortunately. I’m so jealous that it’s still in the seventies in San Diego! We lost power Saturday night, still don’t have it back, and it is positively freezing in our house :(

  7. I, for one, am surprised. They make a cute couple though I was surprised they got married at all. I didn’t hear much about them before they got married.

    This Halloween is unlike ones of my past. I used to do all the partying, but this year, I’m going to lay low.

  8. The divorce makes me smirk. I got married the same day as she did, and tons of people would say “oh that’s the same day Kim K got married!” I’m not a Kim fan so I was really bothered people kept reminding me of that. Plus I don’t find it polite to inform me of what a celebrity is doing when I’m talking about my personal life. My bridesmaid/roommate would tell me Kim’s marriage wouldn’t last long and I believed her but I AM surprised it ended so quickly.

  9. I am so out of the loop lately! Dang, that’s impressive on the marriage. I say the cheaper the wedding, the more worth it is! I need to try that snack mix! That one sounds so good! My boys aren’t going out this year. It’s so sad, they’re getting so old…that means I’m getting older. Where does the time go? Have fun tonight with Skylar!

  10. not suprised at all and I also could not care less, to be honest.
    and I like the cookie rumor ;) haha!

  11. I think it’s disappointing (and honestly a little disgusting) that Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce so soon, especially after spending millions on an elaborate, televised wedding. It seems to make a mockery of marriage, and it’s money that could have been so much better spent. Imagine if she had donated even a portion of that to charity…

    I’m enjoying a low key Halloween at home. I just took a bosu class, followed by body attack, so I will likely crash in a couple of hours. haha

  12. Crazy news about Kim….I really liked Chris. Oh well, I guess it was predictable.

  13. So much for marriage being something to hold to the highest standard…


  14. Have fun trick or treating with your girl!!

  15. I was sad to hear about Kim and Kris…not surprised…but sad. Honestly you could even tell from watching the show (which probably doesn’t realistically depict them all that much) that there were some fundamental issues in their relationship. I just feel like this whole thing is probably hard on their family…

  16. Have fun with your little girl…I miss trick or treating!

  17. The pb puffins, chocolate chips, and popcorn combo sounds like a great idea!! :)

  18. Honestly, I felt like all along her wedding was a sham. I thought from the get-go that it would be weeks until the divorce and that all of it was for publicity and money. Whatever. Yuck though. It does make a mockery of marriage, but for who is looking to Kim K. for the way to live according to virtue? Hopefully not anyone for reals….

    Wanna take a big bit of your chocolate chip cookies, though!! :-) YUMMMMM…………

  19. oh my gosh those cookies look to die for! yum! im just hanging out for halloween, making those delicious slice-n-bake cookies. i thought id be able to find the halloween ones but apparently the grocery store people are right on the ball and ahead of schedule; all they had were thanksgiving ones! oh well :)

  20. I was a little sad to hear that they were splitting up, but it’s understandable. Did you hear about the guy who’s suing her?

  21. Crazy about Kim, but I guess not too surprising. Nice weather and actually similar here. Just handed out candy for Halloween, not too exciting.

  22. Oh those Kardashians! I guess they must follow the rule that any publicity is good publicity. Bunch of yahoo’s, I say! :)

  23. Actually they MADE money off the wedding. A money-making, publicity stunt if you ask me. I also read he found out about the divorce from TMZ, like the rest of the world. Classy lady, huh.

  24. I wasn’t surprised about the Kardashian announcement at all as I totally believe it was staged for TV. But I find that really sad because I feel that as a society we’re just not respecting the institution of marriage anymore … :(

  25. I knew they would get divorced. It just was a matter of when. Although, I am actually surprised at the time length. I figured if it didn’t happen within the first month they would at least last six months. Guess not!

  26. Geez. The Kim/Kris split is downright pitiful. We were joking today at work about how we have projects that take longer to be approved for production. Longer than a marriage…and a very weak marriage at that. Unbelievable.

  27. What did I hear??? The cost of PEANUT BUTTER went up 40% as of yesterday!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!

  28. I’m not surprised about their divorce, but I am surprised it happened so soon and sickened over the cost! I heard that last night was my last night of massage therapy internship, so I am officially done with school! And that is exciting sh*t! ;)

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