I Heard…

I heard…

1. That Kim Kardashian filed for divorce just 72 days after she and Kris Humphries got married.

I guess I spoke too soon.  The optimist in me thought it would last.  At least longer than 72 days.

Hypothetically, if the wedding had a $10 million dollar price tag, divided by days married, that’s $138,888 per day that it “cost” to be married.   Wow.

2. I heard that Peanut Butter Puffins + Popcorn + Chocolate Chips make an awesome crunch ‘n munchy midnight snack…


3.  I also heard that these cookies make an awesome midnight snack.  Just a rumor of course.

4. It’s a gorgeous day in San Diego.  75F and sunny and I heard that I need to go for a run and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Like right now.

5. Because I heard that a Princess has a party that I need to pick her up from and then we have trick or treating!

6. I also heard that you guys like the Gourmet Pretzels Giveaway

7. And yes, you’ve heard me sounding like a broken record and asking for you to vote for me here in the Delta/Biscoff Bakeoff.  Thanks for your support.


What have you heard lately?

Are you surprised about the Kim and Kris divorce announcement?

Halloween Plans?

31 comments on “I Heard…”

  1. Geez. The Kim/Kris split is downright pitiful. We were joking today at work about how we have projects that take longer to be approved for production. Longer than a marriage…and a very weak marriage at that. Unbelievable.

  2. What did I hear??? The cost of PEANUT BUTTER went up 40% as of yesterday!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!

  3. I’m not surprised about their divorce, but I am surprised it happened so soon and sickened over the cost! I heard that last night was my last night of massage therapy internship, so I am officially done with school! And that is exciting sh*t! ;)

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