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I hit the kitchen tool jackpot over the weekend when the UPS man brought me a box filled with all these goodies from OXO as part of my relationship with FoodBuzz as a Featured Publisher.

It was all delivered on a Saturday no less.  It must have been a sign from The Universe that I was supposed to spend time in the kitchen cooking over the weekend.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because I was too busy with life, work, errands, and other chores to create any new recipes (well except these and they don’t even need a mixer, just a bowl and a spoon), but I will put it all to use, soon.

The OXO Egg Beater would be a perfect way to mix up light batters such as Fudgy Nutella Brownie batter or White Chocolate Blondie batter if you don’t want to dirty up another type of mixer.


And I know I will put these other gadgets they sent me to use, too.  Rest assured I never met a gadget or kitchen tool I didn’t love.

food scale with pull out display

2 cup angled measuring cup

batter bowl

fine zester/grater

All of the tools will be fun to play and experiment with.  You can never have too many kitchen toys or gadgets, ever.  Trust me.

Just take a look at my kitchen drawers if you don’t believe me

And another drawer

Ironically, though, I don’t use 98% of what I own on any regular basis.  It’s the same couple things that I seem to use over and over and over.

But it’s fun to have gadget options.  Options are always good.  From sweaters to spatulas, I like options.

And the two POP storage containers are perfect

I always have so many odds and ends that need airtight containers

Like bread

Or homemade raw vegan GF crackers, i.e. homemade Mary’s Crackers

Super easy and you can use an oven, too.  In under an hour, you’ll have homemade crackers.

Things like that always need a good airtight container so they don’t get all soggy and stale.

  And the OXO containers are perfect.

In other matters, the two winners of the Bella Bars Giveaway are

Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

“I facebook like you:) “


Brooke September 30, 2011

“Fan & a Follower :)”

Congrats, Brittany and Brooke

And from my last recipe post for the Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars, thanks for the compliments on those and I hope all you crazed pumpkin fiends and nut butter addicts make them.

And they were acceptedWhich is all I really care about anymore.   Which makes me happy and gives me hope for my photography aspirations.


1. Do you have a favorite kitchen tool?  Any tools, gadgets, or appliances you’re pining away for or wish you had?

I’ve said in my Favorite Kitchen Appliances & Items post that although I love my Vita, what I really love are good knives and a cutting board.  I use my Henckles Santoku knife and cutting boardmany, many times per day.  It seems I am always slicing up fruit or veggies for snacks, salads, meals, lunches.  You name it.  If I had a dollar for every time I took out my knife + cutting board multiple times per day, I’d be a rich woman.

As a footnote, I use the same beatup old cutting board I’ve had for years.  Like 10 years maybe.   It’s the perfect size and I just always reach for it rather than any of the 5 newer, nicer, prettier ones I own.  And it’s plastic.  I don’t actually cut on wood boards.  I save those for food photo shoots.  Makes perfect sense, right?  I feel like a grandma who never wants to “use her good China” except it’s with wooden cutting boards.

And I am pining away for this slicer, this rolling slicer, and this food processor

And one appliance I have but personally rarely use is my hot box.  I find the oven to be faster and easier but I know some people love theirs.   Just not really practical for me, but it’s fun to have for a blue moon and turn on and listen to the white noise every once in awhile.  White noise for 17 long hours to make most anything, though.   Ahem.  Which is why I use the oven.

2. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Being with Skylar was wonderful.

And so were the Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars

And so was the weather.

A hot snap hit San Diego and it was in the low 80s all weekend.  Score.

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from over the weekend, here are mine since Friday:

Have a great week!

22 comments on “Kitchen Gadgets & Tools”

  1. Love kitchen gadgets – and storage. I have tons of the canisters for beans, flours, grains, etc. I am a big fan of spoonulas. And I love my silpat sheets.

  2. Im definitely a fan of gadgets although like you I dont use half of what I have

  3. I love the new look on your site. And your treats always make my mouth water…just looking at the pics.

    Since you are a yoga gal, I wanted to share that I’m doing a $50 Lululemon giveaway over on my new site! xo

  4. I LOVE kitchen gadgets! Yes, it’s all about the options! Nice weather, too, what a pretty blue sky. We’re having a bit of it as well … up in the 70s and sunny. In a few more weeks it will be frigid! Ugh. Must move south! BTW, your photography is awesome!

  5. And in the exact opposite corner of the country we were experiencing 42 degrees and raining. all. weekend. long. Enjoy the sun for me please!
    My most used kitchen tool is my cast iron skillet. I cook in it everyday no fail.

  6. I am always so intrigued by fancy kitchen gadgets but then I always forget to use them.

  7. Wowza!! What a great package!

    Annnnnd that’s what she said :-)

  8. Wow, what a jackpot!! I am grateful that when I registered for kitchen goods for my wedding we lived in a 450 sq ft apartment and so we couldn’t get a bread maker or ice cream maker or even a kitchen aid. Now I just have items that I use regularly!

  9. wow, that’s like santa came early and gifted you those goodies! nice!
    i do not have a ton of kitchen gadgets…i rarely use more than a knife, and a wooden spoon, and a can opener! and it’s funny: i have several knives and wooden spoons, but i always use the same ones. i decluttered my kitchen and got rid of stuff i never use…ok, since i don’t cook, there’s a lot i don’t use!
    hope your busy weekend was satisfyingly productive, averie!
    and thank you for the sunny san diego pic – that is so not the scene up here!!!

  10. That’s a bomber package! I rarely buy new kitchen appliances for the very reason you said – I would hardly use them. I do the 24 hr test on them. If I see one at a store and still want it 24 hours later, I’ll buy it. I have done this hundreds of times, and I can’t think think of a single time I went back. Or even a single item I “considered”.

    I use my knife, cutting board, vitamix, 2 cast iron skillets, and baking sheet the most. And of course, the mixer, cookie scoop (best thing EVER!) and silpat. That’s about it though.

    It supposed to be 75 here tomorrow!!

    • cookie scoop…details please! I use my hands and a spoon and eyeball it b/c any time i try to use a 1-2 tbsp measure, the dough just gets all gloppy and makes a mess and i have to pull it out w/ my hands and/or another spoon anyway…

  11. Out of all those gadgets you should do a post about which you use the most and what your favorite kitchen gadets are :)

  12. What an amazing package! i lovee kitchen gadgets! My kitchen drawers look a lot like yours ;) My favorite kitchen tool is probably my oxo angled measuring cups. I seriously use them just about every single day.

  13. Wow you won the jackpot here! My favorite item, that I havn’t been able to find since we moved is my Grandmother’s marble rolling pin. I would love a stand up mixer someday too!

  14. I couldn’t live without my lemon squeezer! I use it every single day

  15. A good quality knife is the most important thing in my kitchen – one that holds it’s edge well, and is balanced. I really need a bread tin as I keep making loaves and have nowhere to put them! I dream of a Vita-mix, one day, sigh. Wow, love the look of all those goodies you scored – fun kitchen adventures to be had with them!

  16. I love kitchen tools and gadgets, and definitely get a lot of use out of my whisks, ladles, tongs, Vita-Mix and Bammix.

  17. Hey Averie, Get out my head lol….

    I just sat down to write on kitchen tools and such for a happy vegetarian/vegan/RAW LIFEstyle and thought let me check my email before I start and here it is. You are on it… LOVE IT

    Love the blog entry as always :)

    Sending you love and light to my hometown (San Diego) from Dallas XOXOXO

  18. I have entirely too many kitchen tools! They are taking over! Although, I use my Magic Bullet the most often, if I had a Vitamix I’d be using it constantly!

  19. I love kitchen gadgets and need a zester and storage boxes like that. I could totally buy like three more sets of measuring spoons too – I use those all the time and need cute ones :)

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