Manna Bread Giveaway

I recently received this Manna Bread for review.

Have you ever tried Manna Bread?

I never had until I received these loaves.

About Manna Bread:


MANNA BREAD® is remarkably simple and wholesome, made entirely from sprouted organic grains, seeds, fruits & nuts. It contains no salt, leavening, yeast, oil, or sweeteners. By fully germinating our grains, we convert the starches into easily digested natural complex sugars, similar to those found in fresh fruits, hence the sweetness. The sprouts are ground and hand-shaped into loaves, baked at a low temperature, then packed and frozen to preserve shelf life, without any chemical additives.

MANNA BREAD® is moist, delicious, cake-like…and simply heavenly!

That’s their Multigrain Flax Sourdough (above)

And Carrot Raisin, Fruit & Nut, Millet Rice, and Multigrain Flax Sourdough (below)

Would you like to win $25 worth of Manna Bread? 

One lucky winner will receive four loaves, including Carrot Raisin, Fruit & Nut, Millet Rice, and Multigrain Flax Sourdough

Yeah, I thought you’d be interested in these.

To Enter:

1.  Tell me what your favorite bread of all time is?


What’s your favorite way to eat or use bread?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow LoveVeggiesYoga and Twitter Follow Manna Organics then tweet the following:

“I love bread and I entered to win free Manna Bread @LoveVeggiesYoga @MannaOrganics”

3. For a third, fourth, or fifth entry, do one or more of these things and leave a separate comment for each (that’s five total chances to enter)

Facebook Like Love Veggies & Yoga, Facebook Like Manna Organics, Stumble Follow Me & Stumble It, Pinterest Follow Me & Pin Something of Mine, Instagram Follow Me, or post this Giveaway on your blog

Contest will run until Thursday, October 6, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen.

Open to Continental US residents only

 Comment below to get your contest entries in!


  1. My favorite use for bread is… TOAST!!!! I try to eat at least 2 pieces a day.

  2. Mmmm sourdough bread is so my favorite!

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  4. i lovelovelove the multigrain bread from costco. im not sure of the exact name but seriously it is the best bread around!

  5. my favorite bread of all time is southern cornbread (not sweet, very coarse cornmeal)! but german sourdough farm bread comes in a close second

  6. i like you on facebook!

  7. My fave bread of all time is plain Italian or French bread, dipped in olive oil with lost of pepper. MMM!

  8. My favorite bread of all time is definitely my mom’s banana bread. The middle is so gooey – I used to just dig out the middle as a kid and she would get so mad but it was so worth it! I really don’t eat a lot of “normal” bread but these flavors sound awesome and I’d love to try them!

  9. Hmm that’s a tough one! I recently made homemade whole-wheat bread and it was delicious with a pat of smart balance and raspberry jelly!

  10. I love challah! So cakey and perfect in french toast!

  11. I’ve heard of it but never tried it. My all time fave is cinnamon raisin b/c it reminds me of my god-mother who would buy it for me when I was a child. The smell alone takes me back.

  12. I have a tweet scheduled for 4:45pm CST

  13. Ah the smell of home made zucchini bread and the warm soft goodness in your mouth.

  14. I absolutely love sourdough bread. After my 2nd daughter was born all that I wanted to eat was sourdough bread and soup!

  15. You have been “liked” on facebook!

  16. love sourdough bread! and warm toast with peanut butter yumm

  17. Favorite bread is Rudi’s Honey Whole Wheat…so yummy with Almond Butter slathered on it!

  18. My favorite would be a sunflower wheat bread from a bakery by my grandparents!

  19. I like you on FB!

  20. I really like dark ryes, pumpernickels, and any kind of bread with a ton of seeds in it. Toasted with pumpkin butter, please! (or with a greasy piece of fried egg on top if I just happen to be hungover …)

  21. my favorite bread of all time is my sister-in-laws homemade sandwich loaf. its like half whole wheat, half spelt and full of delicious crunchy things like millet, oats, seeds and bulger. mmm.

  22. i like ezekiel alot, i love the taste of all the grains seeds and the nature taste of it.. but these look amazing i never seen them at my store before!! def gota try em

  23. Oh I love a sourdough baguette with apricot jam…fond memories of sitting on the sidewalk in Paris and ripping of pieces to dip into a jar of preserves……yummy! Pita pockets come a close second but I love bread in general.

  24. facebook liked you too!

  25. FB fan of Manna too (:

  26. My favorite bread is a nice chewy sourdough! Mmmm!

  27. My favorite bread is sourdough, or a multigrain boule, and it has to be warm!

  28. my favorite use for bread is to make peanut butter and banana panini! YUM

  29. I love warm, crusty bread of any kind!

  30. Glad your blog is back up! I’ve always wanted to try Manna Bread, my favorite bread is Food for Life english muffins…so good!

  31. I love hummus and tomato sandwiches on a goooooodddd whole grain bread! mmmm!

  32. Nothing beats a veggie & hummus sandwich in my book

  33. I like you on fb

  34. I follow your instagram!

  35. i like you on facebook!

  36. My fave is Trader Joe’s Multri Grain bread toasted with Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter….so PERFECT with my coffee every morning :)

  37. I’d love to try Manna Bread! Morning toast slathered (and I do mean slathered) in freshly-ground peanut butter and my homemade blueberry jam!

  38. Yum! Almost every variety here would be awesome toasted!

  39. I have to admit my favorite bread is whatever is homemade but as I don’t always have time to make bread I’m always looking for a better store brand.

  40. Near my grandparents house, there’s an Amish store that sells the BEST sourdough bread…mmm…They used to send me home with some to freeze, but it never tastes as good after it’s been frozen.

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