Money Tree

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend so far and are making the most of it.  I was sorting through some photos on my iPhone and remembered why I took this picture of these plants.

Note the top row, on the left: Money Tree

I could use one of these.  Or many of these.


My dad always said that money didn’t grow on trees.  Really?  According to The Trader it does.

What would you buy if money did grow on trees?

I have a few ideas:

1. Full time, on-call, in-home masseuse.  I’m a self-admitted massage junkie.

2. Private plane so I could travel until my heart’s content, but avoid the cattle call and herding mentality that seems to be the norm with air travel and airports.  And avoiding the TSA pat-downs would be nice, too, if I had my own plane.

3. Hobnail Pitcher

I have absolutely no use for it other than to just admire it.   But that’s what money trees are for.  To buy things you don’t need and otherwise couldn’t afford or are highly impractical.

4. A shopping spree to West Elm

I love my West Elm furniture and I’m always tempted by the fabulous catalogs they send me and every time I drive past the store, I have to avoid my car turning into the parking lot all by itself.   I could have a field day there.

5. A Williams Sonoma spree would be next on my list

I mean, does anyone need a margartiaville frozen concoction drink maker?  Well, if you have a money tree that’s not an issue.

Even if you don’t have a frozen drink maker, you can still make a Taste of the Tropics Smoothie

Rum optional.  But it’s the start of a long holiday weekend so maybe the rum isn’t ‘optional’ after all?

6. If you had a money tree, you could donate an unlimited amount of funds for Caleb

Reader Andrea emailed me on Friday with this message, “On a whim I entered the Betty Crocker Gluten Free baking contest you featured on your blog.  Out of over 1,000 recipes, ours was selected as a top 10 finalist.  The person who gets the most votes receives $5,000.00  If we were to win, the money would be put toward Caleb and his therapies we are doing.”

If you’d like to help Andrea by voting on her recipe, click here and vote for ‘Caleb’s Peppermint Brownie Cakes’

7. A money tree would make it a snap to buy all of these lenses.   I would love them all.

Anyone have a money tree or an Amex I can borrow?  Some thieves in Europe already “borrowed” my Amex card this week for some fraudulent charges.  Grrr.  I guess they were in need a money tree, too.  Too bad they thought I was their lucky ticket.

8. I’d love a personal chef if I had a money tree.  Or a personal dishwasher, produce chopper, grocery store shopper or personal kitchen assistant.

Actually, I like cooking and creating and the “fun stuff” like Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars (Vegan & GF options)

But I wouldn’t mind paying someone to handle things like the dirty dishes, or cleaning the cores out of strawberries or washing the romaine lettuce and chopping it all up.

Or someone to clean the chocolate off from all over the counter when I’m done making White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Fudge

It’s no-bake and really easy.  But you still have to do the dishes.  Darn.


1. How has your weekend been so far?  What are you up to?

I’ve been spending time with the family, got a lovely run and some yoga in, and now we’re off to meet up with some friends at the park.

2. What would you buy with a money tree?

Can’t wait to hear your answers!

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30 comments on “Money Tree”

  1. If I had a money tree I’d pay off my house, do something for my family, and donate. I wish I could do more for others that way whether it be family or strangers.

  2. Oh what WOULDN’T I buy with a money tree? I have a lot of appliances, cookbooks, and clothes on my list.

  3. Oh what a fun post! I totally agree with the private jet idea! :)

    If I had a money tree, I would have multiple houses all over the world (hence, the jet) I am thinking one in Cali, one in the Carolinas, one in the Rockies, a couple in Europe, and one in the Appalachias.

    I would also want an unlimitied supply of Peanut Flour, as well as unlimited supplies to Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

    Oh, and a home gardener, so I could grow fresh produce and use it to cook with. I’m good with the cooking part, but I did not inherit the green thumb gene. That is for sure.

  4. hope you had fun at the park! such an awesome place to hang out: fresh air, tons of space for creative play, and it’s free -> i take my nieces as often as possible!
    money tree – yup, could use one these days! i would a) get a massage every 2nd day b) go to yoga once per day (studio would be fine, i like being social!) c) donate to children’s charities d) buy lancome and MAC and lululemon…i’ll stop there – don’t want to sound greedy! :)
    love that backdrop fabric in the west elm photo – i’ll take one of those, too!

  5. Good! We went apple picking today which was so much fun! I havent been in a while and it was nice to enjoy the outdoors and pick my own fruit!


  6. I would use a money tree to pay off my student loans. Then go out for a really nice dinner and figure the rest out over good wine and food.

  7. I loved #2 – Jason flies the corporate jets for work and gets to SKIP all of that! he parks at the jet center, walks through the door showing his work badge, and gets on the plane. how awesome is that? :D

    oh, so many things I would do with a money tree. buy my brother a house. hire my dad a chauffeur to drive him around (he has always wanted one – and keeps saying he is going to do it). pay off my mom’s house. and my sister’s house. set up a foundation in my grandparents name. redo our kitchen. buy a 1970 GTO. :D

  8. First thing I would but with the money tree… a housekeeper. I just have so many things I would rather be doing than cleaning! I would also love to “buy” more time off from work so that I could travel. And I would come with you on your William Sonoma shopping spree. Maybe we could hit up Sur de la Table after:)

  9. I keep hoping that one day someone will find a way to make money trees a reality. ;)

  10. Money trip = extended vacay in Thailand.

  11. Oops! Money *tree* See I’m already thinking about getting away :)

  12. Oh geez. I just read your post about the European thieves/husband’s problems. Yikes! I’m worried now! I’m going to be checking my online banking every day.

    Those s’mores bars look amazing!

    I love all of your money tree ideas. I definitely agree with you on the traveling. I’d love to go all over the world.

  13. I’ll take 8 trees please! Wait, is that too much? hehe
    What I would do: clothes shopping. It’s been so long since I’ve bought nice clothes. And… a second kitchen. Ya, I said it.

  14. I am always tempted by furniture stores too! There are always endless possibilities! I just have to keep reminding myself that one day (when I am an adult) I can design my own house!! :-)
    Oh and I dislike cleaning counters too. Wish it was just automatic.

  15. wahoo I want…need a money tree :) I would want a private plane too!!

  16. Oh man, what wouldn’t I buy with a money tree. I need one of those. I may start with a Vitamix. :)

  17. So true on having a money tree, I would become an expert gardener quick! Great dessert inspiration as usual! :-)

    1. So far so good, relaxing and productive with work leaving me alone.
    2. I would have a full time house keeper and land scaper. And maybe some new lenses. :-)

  18. Ummm… The answer to all my problems… A money tree.

    Right now, this is what I’d buy: A personal assistant – preferably, a live-in one. Think, grown-up babysitter that just happens to do everything for you. Yes, that is what I’d buy :)

    Sorry to hear about your Amex – I’ve had this happen before and it’s no bueno. Hopefully, you’re getting it all sorted!

  19. I want a moneytree :)
    I had a wonderful weekend, I hope you did, too! Fun with friends an Wii and a biking tour :)
    First thing I would buy if I had lots of money would be a house on the beach of Westcork in Ireland, next, a house in Denmark (on the beach, of course!) and then I would buy all the furniture needed for those houses (I really would love to decorate a house NOT being worried about budget…) and then I would go on holidays :) Oh, before, I would buy my mum the car she wants to have and a house. And I would give some money to my friends. And buy a kitchen aid ;) Gosh, the list is getting loooooooong :D

  20. Your photos are great; especially those with the flowers on it are extremely beautiful.

  21. Oh man! A money tree?? Oh I would have a few things I could definitely do with that money..Pay off loans, get new makeup (because I currently have NONE lol), shopping spree of new clothes…ok, the list could really go on and on… :-)!
    Hope your having a great weekend!!

  22. I would love a cook. I could still experiment in the kitchen and make fun stuff, but when I’m hungry it would be great to just turn to someone and say “hey, I’m really craving ****** Let me know when it’s done” lol

    Personal masseuse sounds good too. And a maid. I’d love to never have to do laundry again or the worse things like deep cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. All the nooks and crevices, yeah someone else please take care of that! Oh for a money tree :)

  23. I made the cookies and cream fudge for a party on Saturday. So easy and crazy good. People were raving about it! Thanks for sharing such easy and delicious treats. :)

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  25. I am a massage addict too!!!! I cannot get enough!

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