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I came across a few new-to-me products and I am digging them.

First, is this Hot & Sweet Pepper Jelly from Trader Joe’s that I’ve been digging.  Digging into, literally.

It reminds me a bit of their Mango Ginger Chutney


The pepper jelly is less chunky than the mango chutney (below) is because there are no big mango chunks and it’s much smoother are more jelly-like but still has a nice kick, no garlic, no onions, and very little added sodium.  All great in my book.

I’ve been dipping veggies into it, putting it on crackers, and want to use it as a tofu marinade.

Same concept as Mango Ginger Maple Tofu, just use Pepper Jelly.

I know Pepper Jelly Tofu will be good when I get around to making it.  But I need to pick up another jar because I have already gone through the first jar.  Whoops.

Next up is this cleanser.

I love Lancome, but I don’t love the price.

So far, the TJ’s product is fine.  No breakouts and nothing horrible happening with my skin after just a couple uses, so that’s good.

However, it’s not as luxurious feeling, not as foamy and just nice as Lancome, but for 1/10th of the price of Lancome ($2.99 vs. $29.99 give or take), I can deal with this deal$.

I can alternate between the two to stretch the Foam from the Gods my Lancome a bit farther.

I also ordered this card reader.  My other card reader was on it’s last leg and it was slow.  Like molasses.  So hopefully this new-to-me find will speed things up.

I shoot all my photos in RAW file format and the files are pretty huge and so anything to speed up the transfer from memory card to computer is a beautiful thing.  I decided to give this new card reader a try.  It’s USB 3.0 compatible and backwards compatible to USB 2.0 so when things change and we’re all using 3.0, my cardreader is ready for action.

One thing that’s not new to me are Nutter Butter Special K Bars (No Bake)

Familiar is good sometimes


1. What new-to-you products have you tried lately? 

2. Are you a creature of habit or do you like to try new items?

I am mostly a creature of habit.

Yes, variety is the spice of life and it’s fun to try new things but I also like my old standby’s:

My Drugstore Top 10 Products

Hair & Beauty Products I am loyal to

And there are foods I am loyal to and buy over and over and over.

But there are also foods I have bought solely because of the ‘sphere and have been happy to try those, too.

Thanks for the Not Nuts! Giveaway entries and have a great day!


  1. I’m typically a creature of habit and stick with the same brands. I guess the rice pasta I blogged about was a new-to me item and I picked up some tasty stone-ground mustard during my last WFs trip.

  2. Hi Avery,

    Do you know if that card reader will work with 16GB class 10 cards? It seems that all the ones I look at are only good on cards up to 8GB



    • If you click the link to the product that I gave in the post, it directs you to the site where I bought it with ALL the technical specs so you can read up on things for you own usage/needs. And if that one doesnt work, they have TONS of card readers for sale.

  3. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to certain things. I usually get a makeup/skincare routine and keep it for a while. When it comes to food products, I am ALWAYS buying the newest things! I love changing up my meals.

  4. oooh wow red pepper jelly? I just recently made my own strawberry plum jam which was realy super- it has such a real flavour!
    mmm expensive face products- I hope they’re worth it! My mom once got suckered into some dead sea mineral thing at the mall. She was there for so long talking to them and getting samples! They turned out wel, at least.
    I love trying new things!

  5. OH! so much goodness in this post. i like that new tjs face wash except i don’t feel like it cleans my face as much as i want so its usually my morning cleanser when i’m not THAT dirty yet haha at the end of the day i’ve been using clinique cleanser which i’m pretty obsessed with!

    and i thought of you this weekend when i saw that new tjs jelly!

    AND i keep meaning to email you back but i suck at email right now, but thanks for the heads up. haha of course i went and checked it out and it is what it is, i don’t really care what other people say about me so that’s fine. people are always gonna find things to bitch about and i’m cool with it because i bitch too. i guess its what makes teh world go round? anyways they’re just jealous biotches who have no time but to hate on others, their loss of time right! thanks for the heads up lady love xoxo

  6. I would love to try that jelly! Ha, and I CAN, I just have to wait 4,5 more weeks until I am in LA :) (and so ready to hit Trader Joe´s. Multiple times.)
    Usually, I stick with products I like, but I also like trying out new stuff (like different brands of peanut butter until I find “the one” ;)).

  7. Pepper jelly! Yes!

    Boy are you fancy! Or maybe I’m just a hygiene heathen (that’s probably it!). Whatever shampoo I’m using is what I use as a face and body wash.

    I used to be very much about habit. I bought the same brand and color of makeup for almost 25 years! Now, almost no matter what it is, I want to try something new. I think it’s age. I’m old enough now that I realize we have a finite amount of time to try things, and I want to sample as much as possible!

  8. I’m a creature of habit but do like trying new things if I find something that jumps out at me!

  9. i’m hoooome!! and totally exhausted! new to me products: i just ordered one love organics skin care! lots of great reviews! kinda expensive but what can i say, i love to take care of skin! :) will tell you how i like them.

  10. owww! Totally trying the TJs face wash! Awesome! Love that price. I am a creature of habit with certain things, but TJs always gets me to branch out a bit ;)

  11. Trader Joe’s is the greatest store to shop at, always find fun things there. I’m just about to crack open a jar of Sunflower butter :) ~Skin care-I make my own “cleanser” it’s made with baking soda, aloe vera gel and glycerin (both gels are from a health food store). Dump some b.s. into a container, add squirts of aloe and glycerin till you get a consistency you like. It exfoliates and moisturizes–been using it for years. ~ Toner, spritz on lavender witch hazel. Saw this lotion made on a pbs show and made some. I pretty much just use this during the winter months for dry skin Great Lash by Maybelline-absolutely–need to try the BIG! ~Hair, I love It’s wonderful! In addition to conditioning your hair, it’s makes it shiny and it dries faster. A little goes a long way, the bottle lasts a long time. ~Deodorant, I use the Thai deodorant stone. Have had the same stone for years and years. Every now and again I like to buy a new lipstick or gloss whether I “need” it or not. I think there are 7 or 8 in my purse as we speak. Fun post!

  12. I always see trader joes on your blog and it makes me want to go there even more =/
    Haha, someday! :)
    I am usually a creature of habit but I really do try to try new things. I find it fun!

  13. I think I’m going to try and make my first ever tofu dish! That looks too good not to try. Also, don’t be too bummed about the price! in Canada we have a 12% tax!!! I love shopping in the states for this reason alone.. also, I love going to Trader Joes!!

  14. my favorite new-to-me product lately is whole foods fig jam. i spread it on crackers with goat cheese, bake it with brie, slather it on toast with some almond butter… all ways delicious!

    i am most definitely a creature of habit. during the winter i eat almost the same meal every night!

  15. I LOVE TJ’s Mango Chutney!!!

    Pepper Jelly Tofu sounds simply amazing. I bet it could make a very easy sweet & sour sauce for stir-fry & rice too. Thanks for sharing your find!

  16. I’m in serious need of a new card reader – thanks for the reminder!

    I just bought TJ’s Lavender body oil spray for the first time (after eyeing it for years), and I really like it. I’m not sure if I will repurchase it, because I prefer Tahitian Monoi oil as a body oil (moisturizer).

  17. Ooh, I’m getting that hot pepper jelly on my next trip to TJs, assuming they have it. Sounds right up my alley.

  18. I’ve just started using the 3 step clinique face wash, toner, moisturizer and I really really love it. I wouldn’t have purchased it with my own money, but it was a gift and now I feel like I can’t go back to anything else! New to me food I’ve been digging- sauerkraut… random I know.
    I’ve been wondering… how much of a difference in image quality do you notice between raw and jpeg? Can’t decide if its worth buying a new mem card and taking up all that space on my comp (I have a 13” macbook, so it would probably slow things down considerably). Just curious.. thanks!

    • Well if you dont capture the subject in the highest possible quality, will that bother you? If it’s a piece of lettuce? no. If it’s a picture of a dessert that you think is going to get you on the cover of a food magazine? yes. If it’s a pic of a sweater, who cares if it’s in RAW. If it’s your child’s bday, yes, it matters to me to capture it in the highest possible quality so that IF down the line I need to do something bigger and better with that image, at least I have the highest possible quality to work with.

      I say go for it, but based on logic above, you have to decide what’s best b/c yes a 13″ is small but why go to the trouble to edit pics in LR3 if you’re editing sub-par image play devil’s advocate :)

  19. i usually stick with tried ‘n’ trues…when i waver from something i totally adore, it usually ends in disappointment. ex: olay instead of lancome -> disappointed! but i so agree – the price of lancome is hard to justify…i hope i get some favourites for xmas!
    low in sodium – excellent. so hard to find condiments/extras that aren’t loaded with salt.

  20. Yum, the jelly sounds wonderful. Very interesting on the card reader, nothing fills up memory cards like shooting in RAW!

    1. Not too much lately, but I think that will stop with my next trip to Whole Foods now that I have more leisure shopping time. :-)
    2. I usually like to try new things and can always find expensive things to try. :-)

  21. Creature of habit for about 3 months then I want to change it up. New product recently were chia seeds!

  22. Hot pepper jelly is so, so, so good poured over cream cheese. I serve it like that with crackers to spread it on every year at my Christmas party and it is always a MAJOR hit. Funny how the simplest dishes can really please!

    • I need to try sounds so easy and I bet soooo good! I grew up eating similar things at holiday parties but paid little attention. So all you do is heat up the jelly and then pour over cold cream cheese or you combine the two and then bake it all? I bet it could do in many directions….

  23. The pepper jelly looks great! I just bought a new skin care kit – it ran me $40 and they are teeny tiny packages! Luckily I really like it or else I would have been upset. It’s called Juice Beauty Organics.

  24. I am a total creature of habit! I’d like to say that I was better about trying new things. But I’m working on it!

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