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Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet?

I have had my Pinterest account for nearly 6 months but had not done much with it until recently.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, allow me to give my Cliff’s Notes version.

First, it’s sort of like one big cyber wish list.


Every time you see something you like, you can pin it (virtually) on one of your pin boards.

I created these boards:  Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Desserts

I pinned some of my own recipes on them as well as eye-catching recipes from others.

You can also re-pin other people’s pins on your boards.  Basically liking what they liked and pinning it up on your own board.

People pin everything from cool tattoo pictures they’ve seen to glass accessories for the home that catch their eye to favorite thrift store finds to decadent desserts to DIY projects and craft ideas to recipes to beautiful artwork or inspirational photography or cute puppies with pink collars.

I love old, rustic architecture.  Weather-beaten windows, shutters, doors, old colorful buildings and created a Rustic Architecture board.

You name it, pretty much everything that you can think of under the sun can be pinned.  And has been.

Some people have hundreds of boards (i.e. categories) and each board has dozens of pins in it.  It’s mind-boggling, actually.

There’s also ways to follow others and you can follow all their boards or only certain boards.

You can leave comments or “like” their boards or like items on the boards

I think it’s one of the hottest and most fun pieces of social media that’s come around in quite some time.

It’s like your wedding registry, baby registry, Christmas Wish List, recipes you want to make, vacation destinations you have on your life bucket list, and every list of items and things you’ve ever wanted, liked, or dreamt about all in one place.  Or haven’t even dreamt about but someone else has and you now like and want things you didn’t know existed.

The bright side to wasting time pinning things is that if someone ever asks you what you want for your birthday or a holiday of any kind, you have a built in and ready to go Wish List.

No need to say, hmmm, let me think about what I want.

Tell them to go check out your Pinterest page.  And there will be an easy 417 options and gift ideas for them to choose from.

Not to mention, it’s really fun for me to look at things other than food blogs.  I like reading about food, recipes, and drool-worthy desserts but it’s also fun to see some of the awe-inspiring boards that others’ have created that showcase their passions, hobbies, and interests.


1. Do you have a Pinterest account?

2. How many social media accounts do you have?  Do you use them all?  Why or why not?

I am really digging Pinterest because it’s…

less random than Stumble

far more visually interesting than Twitter

more universally accessible than Instagram (not everyone has an iPhone)

more inspirational than Facebook

That said, there is so much social media!

There are so many ways and methods in which to communicate and forms of communication to check.  Overwhelming much?

Between email, blog reading, (my Google Reader is the both a blessing and a curse at times), and keeping up with personal Facebook accounts, fan page accounts of your friends, Twitter, text messages, phone calls and voicemails, there are days I want to just chuck my computer, phone, email, and every other form of communication out the window.

Until I realize that I think I’d miss it.

Being in touch (electronically) with others in this very cyber-focused world in which we live is simply a part of our lives.  And for better or worse, I think we’re all a little hooked on it.  Not necessarily a bad thing, just a thing. 

As long as technology isn’t cutting into other aspects of your life, i.e. family time, work time, workout time, pleasure-reading, cooking, keeping up with just life’s details, etc. I think it’s fine to enjoy technology and all the social media avenues.  They have their place and can be wonderful but of course only each person knows if she’s on cyber-overload.  We’ve all been there. 

Everyone’s threshold is different but once you hit it, you know it.  And just repeat the mantras, Step away from the screen and no one gets hurt.

A little unplugging can be fabulous.  And necessary.  Fresh air, exercise, reading a book, walking around, no Wifi, no phone, no computer, ahhh, deep breaths.  Freedom from it all can be just what the cyber doctor ordered if that omg one more thing to check and respond to feeling hits.  And then I find that after a little break, even two hours or 24 hours, I am craving it again.

What’s your take on social media and being connected vs. unplugging?  Do you ever experience social media or cyber overload?  What do you do about it in our very tech-oriented society?

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39 comments on “Pinterest & Social Media”

  1. I love pinterest and I’m going to send my mum a link to your camera bag wall so she knows what to buy me for my birthday!

  2. I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest, but I’ve found that while I’m really into the first two, Pintrest isn’t quite holding my attention. It’s somewhat fun, but once I pin stuff I rarely go back to it. So I think I’ve lost some of the point!

  3. i have heard such fun amazing things about pinterest but I already find so many ways to procrastinate on the web Im almost afraid of getting into it! lol

  4. As a visual person I am naturally drawn to Pinterest and I think it’s easy to use and a great source of inspiration.

  5. I love pinterest! I have to limit my time on there, or else I would be on there all day!! But I’ll go follow you and see all your cool and exciting friends!

  6. I love Pinterest!!! When I first discovered it a month or two ago I was sucked into a Pinterest black hole for about a week. I pulled myself out and now I think I use it a reasonable amount and as it should be used – I love using it as a visual recipe box, and I also agree with you that I love seeing other perspectives and interests besides food. I also use Facebook (a lot – both personally and my fan page), Twitter (which I find so overwhelming!!!), StumbleUpon (I Stumble sometimes, mostly I give the thumbs up to pages I like), and to a very minor degree Instagram (I have an ipod, not iphone). I do love the connections I’ve made through all these different avenues, but I also find it incredibly overwhelming at times and value unplugging. Looking forward to a trip to Greece (leaving tonight!) to unplug this week!

  7. Remember myspace? That used to be my site. My MAIN site. I used it for family, friends, keeping up with people, finding jobs, comedians and musicians and definitely BLOGGING. I had a long standing blog there. Eventually I left it as the grad school I was in “frowned on using Myspace”. Since that time, I’ve used them all and the only that have really stuck have been having a WordPress blog and Twitter. LinkedIn just has never worked for me and never really held my attention. Maybe it’s just my friends list but absolutely no one is using Google Plus. I’ve never used Pinterest but I have a friend who swears by it and actually uses it as her picture blog. I would prefer to use Tumblr to WP but their server issues have long been a nuisance to me. I started out on Tumblr but the very next day, their servers went down for like 22 hours and this is common. Twitter is LOADS of fun for me and has far been a better source of marketing the blog than Facebook has ever been. Finally, there’s Facebook, which I don’t really like anymore. The plugin has crashed my WP blog. Also, I’ve got in trouble on there many many times (I don’t understand the privacy settings to save my life. Posted something I thought someone couldn’t see…they saw it). Plus I knew it was curtains for me when I got into an actual ARGUMENT with someone b/c I didn’t notice their FB Status that morning. And that is not the first time that has happened. I’m not yet brave enough for a Youtube. I prefer to hide behind the written words of my blog!

  8. I definitely feel the effects of communication overload from time to time. I’ll remember your mantra the next time I’m feeling overloaded.

    I have a personal FB account, but I don’t yet have a FB page for my blog.

    I established a Twitter account a few months ago, but I have never used it. For some reason, I continue to resist Twitter. I have zero interest in tweeting or reading tweets. The site layout and appearance has no appeal to me.

    I haven’t used Pinterest yet, but my interest has peaked.

  9. Thank you for this summary!!! I have been very curious about Pinterest but didn’t want to sign up for yet another social media tool (Twitter, Facebook, Klout… all are a lot of work to keep up with!). I always wished people would have Wish Lists when I shop for gifts, and always had to strongly hint about my own wants – so I may check this out afterall!

  10. I am so glad I am not the only one addicted to Pinterest. So good for so many things. I am headed over there right now to follow you!

  11. Been seeing Pinterest all over the blogosphere lately! Very interesting and maybe something I’ll check out.

    1. Not yet.
    2. Almost too many to keep up with lately … sadly. FB, Twitter, various blogging sites, Instagram, etc.

  12. I have a Pinterest account and way too many other accounts to social networking sites etc.. I don’t spend too much time on most of them, so I feel that I can unplug when I want to.

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