Spotted & Mistakes

When I was out running errands earlier in the week, I popped into a secondhand-vintage-recycled clothing store in my neighborhood to see if there was anything I just couldn’t live without.

I spotted this vintage-ish, crocheted Chanel sweater-wrap-dress

At $75 it was a total steal but I left it on the rack for another lucky lady.  Or fella.  Considering my fabulous neighborhood.

I love my Chanel bag and Chanel perfume

And Chanel window shopping

Wish someone would spot me a lottery ticket and then maybe I could buy something


I also spotted a few photography-related things around the sphere:

Photography Tips for Getting Sharper Images <– We all could use that info, right?  Not just bloggers, but everyone.

And this cute and stylish lavender Camera Bag that fits a lot but is still not too bulky or boring

You know it’s a mommy photographer who designed a bag that fits your camera, lenses, Macbook, and your baby stuff

I love it when bags are purses are designed by women and mothers.  We know what’s important.  Like diapers and sippy cup storage space in addition to storage space for your camera & lenses

I really don’t “need” any more camera bags, though.  But I am always window shopping for that “maybe this is the best bag ever and I won’t need to ever buy another one” bag.

I spotted this Electro Man at Urban Outfitters

Probably the cutest way to plug in those 17 cords you’ve got going for you computer, monitor, power strip, cell phone charger, camera charger, lamp, etc. that are cluttered and in a big cord wad in the corner.  We’ve all got them.

And I spotted this flask

I’d like to pour some Vanilla Baileys Slushie into it right about now

I also spotted something in my freezer that I was happy to remember

The last couple Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars (Vegan & GF options) that I stashed in there.

I also spotted this Quote of the Day



1. What have you spotted lately?  What’s on your weekend agenda?

2. What do you think of the the Quote of the Day: A mistake is simply another way of doing things

I’d like to think there are no mistakes in life.  Simply alternative methods and ways of doing things.

Maybe not the ideal way, method, choice, path, decision, or circumstance…

Maybe not something we’d choose if the choice was ultimately ours…

Maybe we wouldn’t chose that same decision or action again if we had the opportunity for a do-over…

…But that there really aren’t mistakes in life; simply another way of doing things.

I need to remind myself of this when I am second guessing things, upset about the way something’s going down, or when I’m kicking myself for not making the “right” choice and making a “mistake” instead, or when I’m beating myself up over what I believe to have been a mistake, error in judgment, or choices that I realize I am not pleased with making.

I need to realize hey, it’s just the longer way around the barn, so to speak.  Things will work out.

And in the meantime, try not to think of things as mistakes but rather as another or other ways of doing things.  Just that mental shift can be a sanity saver, I’ve found.

P.S. Reminder to go spot the Bella Bars Giveaway going on

Have a great weekend!

23 comments on “Spotted & Mistakes”

  1. Those are two great links – I’ve been looking for a nice photography bag that can hold all my stuff and that looks perfect plus I looked at all the pictures I took yesterday and most were slightly blurry so these tips come in very handy!

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  2. i LOVE that chanel sweater/dress. gorgeous. you’d be able to carry that style off, averie. i’ve been doing a lot of window shopping only lately, too. i don’t really *need* stuff, but it’s tempting to just buy, buy, buy!
    that is an awesome quote and i can totally relate. i tend to want things to be perfect, and to never mess up/make a mistake. more and more, i’m learning to go with the flow. and you always learn so much from mistakes – i mean “alternate choices” – we become more tolerant, empathetic, and forgiving.
    happy saturday! it’s freezing here, literally 32 degrees F. what a way to welcome october!

  3. I really love that quote! It is so true. The bag is super cute too..,I’ve gotta get something actually nice for my big old hunk o camera. I have a plain black ugly bag, but I never use it!

  4. okay, love the flask and love the quote. i’ll have to remember that one :) I agree with your way of thinking…but that can be hard to remember when we think we’ve just made the biggest mistake/worst decision ever. Either way, I still like to think things happen for a reason.
    On the other hand, I tend to do stupid little things all the time. Like bought the same $150 textbook twice. No excuses, those are just plain mistakes :P

  5. I love the quote of the day, but it’s so hard to think that way in the heat of the moment! But as I get further away from my mistakes I start to see them in a more positive light, and I can see that I learned something from my mistake. But still, you bring up a great point about how we should stop beating up ourselves over a mistake, and just get on with things.

  6. I think mistakes are the most powerful learning tools. How else would you really learn to investigate if an online company is fraudulent before purchasing something, unless it happens to you firsthand and you see that money fly out the window… yeah that happened to me. Mistake yes, but lesson learned definitely.

  7. I love that quote! I know it’s probably meant to be funny, but it can be so true really. How many mistakes have lead to amazing discoveries or opportunities.

  8. Good finds! I would love a new camera bag. Mine is so ugly and HUGE! I bought it because I thought it’d be smaller than my other one, but I was wrong.

    I love the quote. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and this fits perfectly with that mantra. Happy weekend!

  9. I love the stuff at Urban Outfitters. I’ve seen that plug-in guy, and think he’s pretty cute :-) Recently I spotted a headphone splitter so people could share the music on the same ipod. I was thinking that my grade 8 students would LOVE one of those.

  10. Weekend plans: enjoying fall weather and spending time with my best friend that’s visiting

    Mistakes: Love the quote. Life is your own interpretation of how you see things. And things really do always work out in the end, even if it’s not the way you planned.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Great list and links. I have so many photograpgy bags already and it’s always tempted to get more. :-P And the dress is beautiful!

    1. Travel offers online that I’ve been tempted on since I need a vacation.
    2. It’s true and nothing wrong with that as long as I can learn from them. :-)

  12. I never thought of it that way! I really like that quote because I often overanalyze my past “mistakes” even though it never does me any good.

  13. I want you to know that you have brought so much joy to my Saturday by sharing your Vanilla Baileys Slushie recipe. :) Cheers.

  14. I love your new bag! My friends call me Mary Poppins becasue of all the stuff I manage to cram into my bag, but it’s so heavy! This is a great quote. I guess mistakes can be viewed as subjective, and everyone makes mistakes, right? So why continually beat yourself up about them? By the way, how is your toe? I hope you’re feeling better! Happy weekend! ;)

  15. I like to think if you’re never making mistakes then you’re never doing anything worthwhile. To strive is to occasionally fail and thus learn for next time. At least that’s how I see it.

    Oooh that bag looks lovely!

    My purchase weakness is cookbooks. Gets me every time. Then I make a few recipes from it and never look at it again for years XD.

    As for recent things spotted, I’m in love with the custom keyboards made by this guy called Datamancer:
    He also did a laptop I’d love to have:

    And I’m a boot girl so drooled over these:

  16. I love quotes like that! It makes such a good point – mistakes aren’t always bad things!

  17. The only Chanel products I own is Coco Madamoiselle, foundation, and eyeliner!
    A lottery ticket would be nice:)

  18. LOVE that bag… Its gorgeous :D

  19. Looks like you have been a busy bee out and about spotting things! I am up in wine country B.C right now, and spotting all the last of the local fruit that people have grown here all summer! There are some peaches and plums, but mostly apples and pears galore!! I don’t believe in mistakes. I think everything happens for a reason, and that everything always works out the way it is supposed to, which is not always the same as the way we wanted it to, but that is alright! It is an exercise in perspective and seeing things a new way.

  20. My best friend has that hot mess flask!!! Gotta love it. And that Chanel is a total steal- but only when you consider the label. My rule is “If this weren’t on sale, would I still really really want it?” or “If this weren’t [X desiger], would I still love it?” I love fun finds like that though, especially in thrift stores!

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