Thursday Things

It’s time for an installment of Thursday Things and a few items that have caught my eye this week:

1. Halloween candy season has definitely caught my eye.  All the limited editions, special flavor offerings, and once-a-year candy combos the candy manufacturers come out with.  I never met a drop of HFCS or highly processed chocolate that I didn’t love.

These KitKats I spotted at Target with white chocolate?  Yes please.

I’m a big fan of white chocolate


2. This big, sharp, lightweight knife.  The bigger the better, baby.

I’d gladly take this one.  It’s on sale for $400.  I better hurry.

3. These measuring cups from Anthro

I pinned them on my Dishes Board

4. Or this milk bottle measuring cup set

It somehow reminds me of the Russian nesting dolls I used to play with as a child.  Stacking, nesting, and cute little pieces that fit together.

5. It was a full moon yesterday.  So technically a Wednesday thing, but who’s counting.

Did you notice any full moon effects?

Moody, edgy, intense, passionate, meltdowns, insomnia, things breaking or going haywire, mechanical or electrical problems?

Blame it on the moon.

6. Salsa Verde.  Not as much garlic and onions in it compared to red salsa which I prefer.  The sodium content is still a big high for my liking, but I’ve been dealing with it.

And making some fun things with it in my hopes of creating more new recipes.

7. A new Flexipat from Kelly

It’s like a Silpat but even more indestructible and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Flexipat sounds like the Vita-Mix of baking sheet liners.  I can’t wait to break it in.

Maybe with a batch of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Kelly is also offering two specials for one week only in her storePerfect time to think about holiday gifts.

Buy three, get one free on medium Silpats


A general discount of 20% off on any purchase in her store.  (If you plan to take advantage of this great offer, before you submit your order, email Kelly your order at so she can apply the discount manually to your order)

And if you want to start your own business by selling Silpats and related products, you can start for a $149 (limited time offer)

 8. The winner of the Not Nuts! Giveaway is

Bev Weidner

“Um, if I just open my mouth, will you pour that entire bag down my throat? Please and thank you.”

Congrats, Bev!  Two bags of seeds coming your way.

9. We’re having a heat wave in San Diego!  95F and sunny the past two days.  Not complaining, at all, but I am back to craving these rather than these.

What are your Thursday things? 

Any items, discoveries, products, books, blogs, recipes, or anything at all new and noteworthy that you’re just dying to mention?

Do tell!  Sharing is caring.


  1. Do you like yogurt at all? I heard the So Delicious peeps just came out with coconut Greek yogurt. Oh my God the blogger world may just implode!

    Random things that make me wish I wasn’t a broke-ass student:

    This hairclip:

    This bracelet:

    Oh, and I have the random desire to get a donut pan!

    • I blogged about wanting a donut pan 2 installments ago of Thursday things. Yes, I want one!

      Greek yogurt…you can really make any yogurt into “greek” by pouring it into a cheesecloth over a bowl and letting the water drain out. Instant thickened “greek” style yogurt.

      And I saw the LA meetup, deb, janetha, etc pics. You looked great. Wish I had known!

  2. I actually have Russian nesting doll measuring cups (from Anthropologie of course!) as I have a slight obsession with them…

  3. LOVE those two sets of measuring cups – adorable.
    i did not notice the full moon – we had pouring rain that pretty much obscured the sky! enjoy your heat wave…and send sunshine over here!
    although…there was a disruption of blackberry service that hit us yesterdy – could be full moon related??! all the more reason why i want an iphone!!!

  4. Oh man. You may Have just created a new monster by pointing out Those white chocolate kit kats in #1.

    And Those measuring cups Are Amazing!

  5. Love those measuring cups!

    Full moon moody yesterday-yes.

    New and note worthy..hmm. I just made chocolate peanut butter cookies with ghiradelli semisweet chocolate chips and theyre soooo good!

  6. I swear, every month I have been having problems around the full moon and I haven’t put two and two together until I see it at night. I have felt “wonky” (my term of choice) the past few days – irritable, crazed, and anxious – and no, it is not hormonal. When I was driving home last night, I realized there was a big full moon in the sky. I don’t nkow why, but it has been happening like every single month.

    PS – when I saw your title “Thursday THings”, I was like, what the heck, it’s not Thursday – it’s Tuesday! Then I got excited because it really really is Thursday.

  7. Oh…I am MOVING!!!!!! It’s 62 and cold here…


  8. Those measuring cups are ADORABLE! Love them all! Need…kind of ;) Just the way you “need” that $400 dollar knife (seriously- who has that kind of money for a knife??). I am getting a flexipat- for all the baking I do? Necessary!

  9. Just a tad bit jealous of the weather. Though, it is supposed to be about 80 today, so I can’t really complain too much. I feel fairly boring, haven’t discovered anything new lately that I’m just dying over. Maybe I need to go shopping and remedy that ;-)

  10. I have this great set of metal measuring spoons that are little fish. They aren’t the most practical, but I rarely measure things anyway. They look cool though.

    GET A DONUT PAN!! :)

    • i know, i am going shopping for a donut pan this weekend i think!

      and the measuring spoons w/ fish….I had pulled a pic from Anthro with spoons JUST LIKE THAT…but they item was discontinued and the pic was longer available but those are the spoons i want. AGain, we are twins.

  11. i am obsessed with all anthro kitchen things. The moon definitely made me irritable this time around! I’m always affected by it

  12. i absolutely adore the anthropologie home collection. i just posted about those same measuring spoons and milk jug measuring cups last week!

    those oatmeal raisin cookies look delish!

  13. Oh, those Anthro measuring cups are beautiful! Now I have to add those to my list.

    I am eying some new running shoes, thinking about going the barefoot/minimalist way.

  14. Measuring cup is so cute,,:)

  15. I love Shun knives! I have the Kaji santoku knife and it feels like it was made just for me. Definitely my best kitchen purchase.

  16. WINNER!!!! Wa-hooooo!!

    And I need everything you just posted. like, NEED.

  17. Those measuring cups are beautiful! And we both share a love of white chocolate (and I suspect mint as well with all the mention of Christmas baking?) I can’t wait!

    My Thursday thing is my favorite face cleanser that just got re-released: It’s a pumpkin warming mask…need I say more? It will be on the blog tomorrow :)

  18. Those measuring cups are beautiful! And we both share a love of white chocolate (and I suspect mint as well with all the mention of Christmas baking?) I can’t wait!

    My Thursday thing is my favorite face cleanser that just got re-released: It’s a pumpkin warming mask…need I say more? It will be on the blog tomorrow.

  19. I really need to get a Silpat already. I’m so behind the times.

    Oh and I love those measuring cups from Anthro…so pretty :)

  20. I am obsessed with Shun knives. I used to work at Williams-Sonoma and should have bought one there while I got a discount. At least I got my professional Kitchen Aid mixture though. :) I love white chocolate too, especially because I’m weird and don’t like chocolate, so those bars look amazing!

    • that is soo good to know that you used to work at WS and you rave about them. high praise and I should maybe save up for one…one day. And a kitchen aid stand mixer! And those bars. If you like white choc, they are probably my fave bar EVER that uses white choc.

  21. Hi Averie! I used to follow you all the time and then life got busy so I’ve sort of fallen off the blog radar. So excuse me if I’m completely wrong-but I thought you were (or maybe used to be?) Vegan?

    The HFCS thing just threw me off a bit.

  22. Love both sets of measuring cups! As for me, I’m craving a nap and a weekend.

  23. Those bowls are stunning! I think I’d hang them on a wall though and never use them as I’d be too afraid of damaging them. (Can you tell I live with 4 crazy tots?)

  24. I love those measuring cups! They have super cute ones in Pier 1 but they’re ceramic and NYC (tiny space) living just doesn’t allow me to have the space to store these. :(

  25. OMG, this milk measuring cup set is FAB! I love anything that is fancy for the kitchen….kitchen stuff and beauty product…OH and Stationary are my weaknesses ;) Even over clothes! Can you believe it??


  26. Another Kershaw Shun knife fan here! I have the Ken Onion Chef’s knife, and it looks like the knife in your photo. But it was half the price. It’s seriously the best knife I’ve ever owned.

    I have a few new “discoveries” for the week.
    -TJ’s Dark Chocolate bar, with toffee, walnuts and pecans – it’s amazing. I have a square each night (no harm in that, right?)
    -A new fragrance called Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela – it’s unique and fresh and interesting.

  27. Best salsa verde ever! I did have some weird full moon effects yesterday, my debit card # was stolen and they charged over $600!

  28. Hey, it’s Kelly here. I just wanted to add that if you happen to have an order that is $250 or more, definitely contact me beforehand. You start earning free products that way. It’s like having a party without actually physically having a party. So, if you have friends that want to go in on an order, you get freebies and save on shipping. Hooray!

    Also, it’s a really great deal right now to join my Demarle team. We have a lot of fun! For that $149 start-up price, you get over $400 of products…plus, I will throw in a special gift from you to me. There’s even a money back guarantee. If you get the kit but decide that you don’t want to do business, you at least get to have a nice discount. That’s one of the reasons I joined! Let me know soon. Thanks!

  29. By the way, I meant a gift TO YOU, FROM me. No, I haven’t been drinking…

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