Weekend Start

I hope your weekend is getting off to a good start.

On Saturday, mine is likely going to include some baking

I love to bake and create…

…But hate doing the dishes and kitchen cleanup.


Then again, who says, ‘Oh, I just love doing dirty dishes.’

I’ll be unrolling my yoga mat at home and working on some of my yoga goals

Maybe I’ll make some pancakes (vegan, GF) on a cool, fall weekend morning.  I’d say lazy weekend morning but there’s nothing lazy about life here.  Weekends are no exception.

What will likely end up happening is that a Microwave Banana Oatmeal Cake will stand in for the pancakes.

Gotta love the microwave, right?

And I also love these new pants.  Well, they’re about 3 weeks old or so now and I can say they are my new favorite piece of fall workout wear and favorite workout pants I’ve owned in ages.

They fit like a glove without being too snug.

There’s a difference between fitted and secure and feeling like a stuffed sausage.

These pants are the perfect balance.

They’re also on the thin side and they are knee-length so they’re perfect for SoCal fall weather.  I try to hang with shorts as long as I possibly can because I’d rather be chilly than have that overly constricted feeling on my legs but these pants don’t do that to me at all.  Bonus!

Another bonus will be spending time with my family over the weekend.

Hopefully we can get to the park and enjoy the weather and watch the waterfalls and just chill out together.

Til then..

I’m going to enjoy one of these


1. What’s on your weekend agenda?  How’s your weekend so far?  Do you have Monday off in light of Columbus Day?

2.  Do you have any favorite cooler weather workout attire?  Pants, shirts, light jackets or vests?

There’s nothing worse for me than wearing pants that are too thick or heavy for the weather and then sweating profusely which takes a run from fun to miserable.  Overheating just slows you down.

I also hate to be underdressed and chilly, which can make it tricky to dress for fall/early winter outdoor workouts.  The temperature you are when leaving the house is not at the temperature you are 20 minutes later, compound that with direct sunlight or wind variables, and it’s no wonder I stick to the same 10 year old running shirts and old Nike vest I’ve had for a decade.

Most times when I buy new shirts or new workout pants (with the exception of the ones I mentioned in this post), they are never an improvement on what I own so I just stick with my tried and true clothes.  But sooner or later, everything needs replacing.

What’s in your fall workout-wear arsenal?

Reminder to get your entries in for the Silpat Giveaway

Enjoy your (long) weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian readers!

41 comments on “Weekend Start”

  1. Those pancakes look so good! I’ll probably make them for breakfast tomorrow! :)

  2. thanks for the happy thanksgiving wishes, averie!
    we are going to be rocking out with socal-type weather this weekend – unbelieveable. i am going to be wearing shorts to work today!!
    sounds like you have a great weekend ahead. enjoy the baking time!
    um,,,i am that person that says, “i’ll do the dishes” because i detest cooking/entertaining yet want to help out. at family gatherings, i do the clean up since my mom prepped/hosted everything. and i’d much rather help out this way!!
    clothing” nobody makes clothing like nike. well maybe lululemon. we sell nike at the store, and their designs and fabric are fabulous. those capri tights look great. i would rather be too warm than two cold. in winter, i typically wear 2-4 layers outdoors!
    happy saturday!

  3. I am totally like you when it comes to workout clothes! I once didn´t finish my run, bc I was way too hot and I just couldn´t run my usual pace, as all I could think of was the heat!
    Those tights look perfect. I think its sooo important to have workout gear that you feel a 100% comfortable with. I can tell from myself that I will always have a better workout when wearing clothes that really do fit me and that I like.
    Have a great weekend and have fun baking!
    (oh, and I really do not mind doing the dishes! It gives me a feeling of satisfaction,once its done and it´s kinda relaxing, too :))

  4. I usually wear calf length leggings when it starts getting cooler, just like those ones. I have some pretty intense winter running gear too, but I’m probably not going to be needing it this winter.
    Have a great weekend :) I’m working most of today, and hopefully apple picking and hanging with some friends tomorrow followed by studying. A good mix I’d say.

  5. I absolutely love running capris. Not sure what my obsession is with them as I can’t wear them often b/c it’s typically shorts weather for running most of the time. Maybe that’s why I want to wear them so bad LOL

  6. Starting the weekend off with boot-camp: Leaving in an hour.
    Rob took a couple of weeks off work just for the heck of it, so he’s doing all the dishes for me while I cook. I’m taking advantage of it by messing up the kitchen lots!
    Later today: Now that the storm has passed, we’ll be putting the cobwebs and giant spiders on the roof.
    Monday I’ll be in the fitness center of the Y for some more training. It’s all the technical stuff (like helping people to use the MobileFit computer program) that wears my brain out.

  7. I’m working today till 3 or so, then headed down to Florida to visit my brand new niece(well, she’s a month old, but brand new to me!). I don’t technically have Monday off, but I took it off(so not getting paid) so I can spend some time with the baby.

  8. Cooler weather is hard for me with workout gear. I have a condition where I can’t get too overheated so I usually layer up pretty well so I can discard that outer layer!


  9. Your yoga goals inspired me! I need to be doing my home practice more, and as you said, I need to work on asanas that are outside my comfort zone! Thanks! Have a peaceful weekend!

  10. I’m hoping my weekend includes some baking too. I ALWAYS plan on it, but it only happens half the time.
    I hate it when workout clothes are too tight and stuffy. The NikePro line is my absolute favorite! Everything is so light and airy and a good fit. Slim, but not tight. I haven’t tried out their capri’s yet, but I really want to!

  11. If you like those pants then youll love thebthe Nike pro fitted base layer. It’s not super tight especially around the waist but it stays in play perfectly. They have a lot of colors too. It says “Nike pro combat” around the inside collar If you are looking. I can’t wait to see what you bake, I need a new treat!

  12. I have those nike compressions! I actually just ran 9 miles in them this morning haha :) I HAVE to have them or else I’ll chaff like no other.

  13. Amen! I’m baking right now :) I went for a run this morning (while Josh watched the peanut), we gave her a bath, I’m baking and then we’re taking a trip to the pumpkin patch! Can’t wait to get some cute pics of her! Enjoy your time baking & with the fam

  14. Okay, Averie, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to invent a sink that cleans dirty dishes. All we’d have to do is put the dishes in the sink and, voila! They’re clean! It would also put them away for us. Then, I will walk to San Diego from LA to give it to you. Sound good? Happy weekend! ;)

  15. Banana Oatmeal cakes in the micro!? Safe to say that out does my eggs in the micro. Love it!

  16. Sounds like a great weekend planned, I’m all for open weekends with little stress. Very interesting on the wourkout pants, I need to replace my Nike running pants since they’re starting to show their age after 3 half marathons and all the training!

    1. Not much, shopping, relaxing, running, and hopefully not getting work calls.
    2. I got a great, long-sleeved running top from the CIM marathon relay I did last year that I love, not too thick or heavy, but just warm enough and breaths enough.

    • you would love the pants and the whole line I am thinking for all your running…light, thin, not too tight, not too hot, check them out in a store and see if you get a good vibe from the line. Everyone is so diff but I bet you’d love them.

  17. glad to hear you like those pants! thinkin getting miself a pair! :) i’m actually off to LA for the weekend! (at the airport now) and my bf is moving back to NY… (sad face) only good thing about this flight is that he’s stopping in LA so we’ll be flying to LA together, haha. and i may have something in NY…so we’ll see… :)) have a wonderful weekend gurrl!

  18. I bought those pants in the shorts version for hot yoga. Love em!

    Plans for the weekend include cleaning and playing with my new kitten :)

  19. It’s a busy weekend over here and I am very tired….lots of baking and photos before I head to the mountains to photograph snow & leaves this Monday :)

  20. Sounds like your weekend is going to turn out nice! Ours is a lazy Saturday with a family outing to Sea World this evening. :-) A good run & a coffee date with my hubby tomorow. So, a great weekend around here! Have a great one too!:-D

  21. oh i LOVE that skylar is getting all ready for halloween! she’s so cute looking for her costume. i think you should make a tremendous amount of your caramel apple bars and give them out to the little kiddies who come knocking. i have off on monday which i could totally use because i’m super tired right now and need a few more nights of vegetation haha

  22. I LOVE those nike pro leggings! I have the shorts (very short!) version and I do love them, sooo comfy!! However they are just a little too tiny for me! Need to invest in the longer version!

  23. I L.O.V.E your microwave banana oatmeal cakes. I make them at least 2 times a week!
    Also, kudos on your recent ceation: Pumpkin peanut butter oatmeal bars. I made them on Monday and now, on Saturday, the whole pan is just about all gone!

    • thanks for LMK you are enjoying the recipes…the microwave banana oatmeal cakes are super convenient and the pumpkin bars…you can freeze them, too :) I make 2 pans at a time and slice/freeze one pan. Just in case you ever are in a big batch-making mood.

  24. Those pants are super cute! Confession: I live in running pants and yoga pants. Real pants are overrated. ;)

  25. I had today (Monday) off, but it was for Thanksgiving.

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