2011 Holiday Card

As a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher, I was given a store credit to use at any Walgreens Photo Center and I decided what better way to use my store credit than by making holiday cards.

This is what I created.

I was debating between this design…


Or this design…

…But decided on the white background.

Walgreens Photo has thousands of designs to choose from with the option to include 1, 2, 3, or 4 photos, vertical or horizontal orientation, 5 x 7 or 4 x 8 cards, folded cards, stationary cards, and more.  So many choices.

That was after I decided what photo to select.  After snapping thousands of photos of Skylar in 2011, I chose a recent one of her from Halloween in her princess costume.

I  uploaded the photo to their online design center, created the card, and rather than waiting for a snail mail delivery, I selected in-store pickup and I got an email about 12 hours later that my cards were ready; much sooner than they promised which was a nice bonus.

I hope the friends and fam will like their cards.  Now I just have a few envelopes to address.  I wish I had an Elf who could write out the names and addresses for 75 of our nearest and dearest on all the cards.

Addressing holiday cards is hard work and definitely is reason to have holiday treats.

I think some White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Fudge is in order.


1. Do you send out holiday cards?

I have sent them out every year that Scott and I have been together…11 years!   And since Skylar’s been around, I have sent photo cards every year.  It seems like just a minute ago I was sending out our 2010 Holiday Cards.

Yes, it’s kind of PITA to address all those envelopes, but there are some distant relatives that the once-a-year holiday card is a nice way to keep in touch and give them a snapshot of our life.

I always have to start my holiday cards and thinking about it all sooner rather than later.  Halloween is my cue to start planning because we travel and are gone in December and it all has to hit the mail by December 1.

2. Have you ever made a holiday photo card, photo greeting card or announcement, or created a book, album, scrapbook, calendar, mug, etc. using your own photos? 

Did you spend a ridiculous amount of time pouring over the endless choices and options?

I’ve made some books for my parents with photos of Skylar and they really seemed to treasure them and for his first Father’s Day, I made Scott a book with Skylar’s pictures.

But those projects take time!  From the overall design selection, deciding what photos to use, uploading them all; then things like font type, size and color, getting the orientation on the page to look right, it’s choices overload.

They’re fun projects but they do take time which is why I chose a one-photo holiday card this year in an effort to keep things a little simpler.

TGIF and thanks for the Healthier Holiday Snacks Giveaway entries!

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  1. Love your holiday card; Skylar looks adorable! Sending out Christmas cards – or any holiday card, actually – is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the season. Who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail?! It’s the perfect way to let people know you’re thinking of them and wishing them well.

    Now – lemme get my hands on that FUDGE!

  2. ahh yes! we are walgreens card makers too! I love how quick and easy yet CUTE they are. Like skylar there. Beauty!

  3. I don’t know what the bl’etiquette is in this situation, but I figured I’d comment on the most recent post. Crazy excited that you found a way for the white chocolate oreo fudge to be vegan. I can’t say how “Thanksgivingy” it is, but that will not stop me from trying it next week. I even have a friend coming over for just dessert…can’t wait to knock her non-veg socks off! Thanks for this.

    • Yes if you use vegan white chocolate (I linked it in that post where you can buy it or you can make your own, google Hannah Kaminsky vegan white chocolate) and Oreos are already vegan. Use full fat coconut milk sweetened with agave in place of the sweetened condensed milk and you’re there.

      I hope you make it and enjoy!

  4. Love the pic you chose for the cards, great choice!

    I usually do send out holiday cards, last year was just ones I picked out , a different one for each. This year though I will do a photo one, Im thinking one form the wedding!

    Happy weekend to you love! xo

  5. I must admit that I made some cards like this one year and then because we all got sick I never sent them out, so I just never did it again. Yours looks great, Skylar is a cutie. Ummm that fudge is calling my name, have a good one!!

  6. What a beautiful card! My family used to do cards back when we were all younger and willing to pose for pictures, but its been years since. Treasure those beautiful photos and keep it going as long as possible, it’s so nice to see updates from friends and family even if its been years since we’ve seen them. And travel must throw a bit of a wrench in holiday planning and preparations for you but you seem to be on top of your game and getting things done early! Have a great weekend :)

  7. White background looks gorgeous. Perfect choice. I do send out cards, but I don’t go overboard with it. I typically just buy mine rather than make them. Not all that creative.

  8. i definitely need to get going on the holiday cards… my goal is to get a good picture of my husband, me and our 2 dogs, but that just doesn’t work well when you’re dealing with a puppy who can’t sit still!!

    i love getting other people’s holiday cards as well!

  9. What a gorgeous photo! And I like the white background, too. I’ve never sent out holiday cards, but am thinking I should since we have a kiddo this year? I don’t know, it seems like a lot of effort, ahaha. Maybe if I had some cookies and cream fudge it would be easier. ;-)

  10. That’s a lovely holiday card.

    Addressing all the envelopes can take a long time, but it can be kinda fun to remember everyone too.
    But hey, I bet there’s an app on your computer where you can input everyone’s addresses and then just print out labels whenever you need them?

    I used to be religious about sending holiday cards, but I really lost the habit after college for some reason…

  11. I don’t do holiday cards, but I have made several photo collages from Walgreens. I’m always impressed with the quality and the speed, too.

    I made one Shutterfly album, which was fun and turned out cool, but took WAY too much time for how often I look at it (never).

  12. What a wonderful holiday card! I just started sending out cards the past couple of years. It’s a lot of work!

  13. Such an adorable holiday card! I don’t usually send anything out, but every year I think about how I should! Just takes so much time…which is also part of why they’re so special! =)

  14. Awwww Skylar is so adorable! I was going to say “pick the white background!!” until I scrolled down and read that you did :P good choice!

    I think we’ll be making our own Christmas cards this year, & this sounds like a fun idea! I’m also doing a lot of baking as presents this year. I know a lot of vegans and celiacs who are looking forward to it! :)

  15. I love those cards! We used to send cards as a family but nowadays it seems everyone we know has resorted to ecards, as we all live so far away and the postal service is just not reliable, up here anyway! But I love receiving them so hopefully it’ll come back ‘in’ in my circle and we can start doing cards again!

  16. omg skylar looks CRAZY GORGEOUS in that holiday card! what a great idea to use the credit for holiday cards. i always feel like they’re the thing you forget about until you get one in the mail and then you’re like HOLY CRAP i need to do mine, or atleast thats what happens in my house haha

  17. I scrapbook, with actual photos and papers that I can hold in my hands. It’s not a cheap hobby, however. But fun!

    Ever since I got married I’ve been sending out Christmas cards with end-of-the-year letters. We usually throw a photo in there of the two of us, but not a photo card. Just a 4×6 of a picture of us that I like. It’s totally a PITA to do, but I like keeping in touch with distant family.

  18. What a great holiday card, the design looks great! I’ve started to do more holiday e-cards over the years, reserving snail mail for family members or friends who are more accustomed to feeling a card in their hands. I love to go eco-friendly, so when I receive an e-card it means a lot to me!

  19. Adorable card, great background choice! I’ve had custom cards made through Costco before, and might do it this year if I get time. :-) I think it’s adorable with kids.

  20. We make photo cards every year and I love how creative all of the companies are getting. So many choices! It’s a good reminder to place my order. Thanks!

  21. Those are so cute! I never send out cards. Santa hates me.

  22. That’s a cute picture and I think the white is the best. good choice!

    I’ve never made my own cards actually. But if I had kids I definitely would.

  23. cute picture! I usually just print out labels for holiday cards and update them as needed. then just print and stick on the envelope! saves time and wrist.

  24. i just made some holiday cards for the first time with julius (my dog) on them!

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