30 Day Photo Challenge

I’ve seen this 30 Day Photo Challenge from Positively Present floating around Pinterest

Although I’m not going to make it a 30 Day Challenge, I thought I’d post a few days worth of pictures…

Day 1: Favorite Food (not sure if these cookies are my favorite food but they’ve been a favorite this week)


Day 5: Morning Sky (Malmok Beach, Aruba)

Day 10: Nature (Roses in my neighborhood in San Diego this past summer)

Day 12: Hands (Diane Yu’s hands at Food & Light)

Day 16: Animals (Cats in Aruba)

Day 21: Where You Sleep

Day 24: Gratitude

Being Grateful & Thankful



Day 25: Artwork (Skylar’s present to me on Mother’s Day.  Best gift ever.)

And her gift to Scott on Father’s Day


Have you taken part in any challenges recently?  Any challenges you want to take part in?

Frequently I see people posting fitness challenges, make-over-your-life type challenges with everything from keeping a cleaner house to working out more consistently to dietary challenges such as no sugar or more protein to challenges having to do with becoming a more zen human being.

There’s definitely no shortages of challenges out there.

One of the challenges I gave myself was doing more self-assigned photography projects like this oneMaybe this one counts.

Thanks for the Coffee Giveaway entries, too!

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  1. Oh I love this and the photos (especially the artwork from S). Makes me smile. I guess my last challenge was a race and new challenge is healing.

  2. ah, an aruba picture!! that makes my evening!
    i also really like the “hands” photo – very unique.
    i am doing “november thankfulness” – from tina’s (carrots n cake) blog. i LOVE challenges. i have seen the photo one, too, and may take that on at some point!
    and not to forget – my 41 new experiences challenge for 2011!

  3. i haven’t seen this 30 day photo challenge, but really like the concept!

    i’m currently doing (well, in my own head) the thanksgiving challenge. acknowledging and consciously giving thanks each day to one thing, person, etc. i am thankful for. it’s more for myself than any challenge, though!

  4. awesome photos! i have a ‘no scale’ challenge on my blog. other than that no challenges! :)

  5. I loved the photos your picked out. I’m currently taking on the 30 day photo challenge. I’m not sure I’ll follow along exactly day to day but I hope to eventually finish it!

  6. I should take a photography challenge. You’re inspirational, Averie. ;)

  7. I would love to take part in a photography challenge! It sounds like fun.

    All of your photos look amazing! :)

  8. Wow–a 30 day challenge in a single post!

    I enjoy committing to “challenges” sometimes: it can really give a sense of structure and help with focusing.

  9. Love the colors in the picture o the rose. Makes me miss summer. I have been in a writing rut, so my november challenge os to post 3-4 times a week.

  10. I love this post, Averie. And I agree, that mother’s day gift is absolutely stunning. Looks like you have a little artist!

  11. Hahaha, I promote a 90 Day Health Challenge for a living, so I do one all the time :)

    Your photo’s are GORGEOUS!!!


  12. I just lovelovelove your photos

  13. What great photos – I love the pictures of Skylar’s artwork and that shot of Diane’s hands is just awesome!

  14. Are those your peanut flour chocolate chip cookies?! Ive been dying to make those ever since you created them. Peanut flour=love.

  15. I should really take part in a photography challenge.. I’m feeling like I’m in a rut.

  16. Man, I can’t wait to escape in the winter to a warm, warm place! That picture looks even better than it did in the summer.

  17. Awesome artwork and the cookies look delicious! I’m turing 30 in February. I was inspired by some other blogs to create a 30 by 30 list and I’ve been pretty happy about it so far. Completed items include: doing a cleanse, eating vegan for a week and going on a solo hike. Still working on: mastering homemade chai, holding headstand without the wall and running a 5k.

  18. hi averie, this comment is off topic –
    i clicked on your banana bread recipe (looks so yum) a few posts back & i was reminded of how you used to post a pic of a yoga pose -i loved how you described it & included a pic – you haven’t done that for a while –
    would you consider doing a daily yoga pic again?
    love your blog!

    • No I wouldn’t because for about a year, I posted a picture daily. There are tons of yoga poses out there, but I think I covered many of them and they’re in my old posts. And it’s quite a bit of work to coordinate with my photographer, i.e.husband, in order to take the photos and at this point not something I’m going to be doing again. Enjoy the archives :)

  19. I might take this challenge on! It seems like a fun way to move photography away from JUST the food realm :)

  20. I always love your photography! I am not currently doing any challenges. Mostly because I saw a push-up challenge I thought I should do, but I have yet to do a single day. It just doesn’t occur to me unless I’m sitting at my computer. And if I’m at my computer I’m usually working on something. So I will try and make a mental note to do it later and then I completely forget. I fail at challenges!

  21. I love the picture with the hands and oranges, it’s so beautiful and real. You are an extremely talented photographer.

    I haven’t taken on any challenges in a while, though I did try a raw food challenge last winter which was moderately successful, but for now, I’m just going to focus on the NY Marathon and let everything else fall to the wayside.

  22. I love the idea of this photo challenge!!!! I think I might participate in this for December!!!!

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