$50 Asian Foods Prize Pack Giveaway

If you like Asian Food this giveaway and prize pack from CJ Foods which is valued at more than $50 is for you!

The giveaway includes:

·         Korean BBQ Marinades and Sauces (Original, Pineapple, and Hot & Spicy)


·         Gochujang Paste

·         Ssamjang Paste

·         Soy Sauce

·         Fresh Cooked Rice

·         6 packages of Seaweed Snacks

To Enter the Giveaway:

1. What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine to make or eat?


What recipe will you make first with this prize pack?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow LV & Y and Tweet the following:

“I entered to Win a $50 Asian Foods Prize Pack in the @LoveVeggiesYoga Giveaway http://tiny.cc/4jhyd”

3. For a third, fourth, or fifth entry, do one or more of these things and leave a separate comment for each (that’s five total chances to enter)

Facebook Like Love Veggies & Yoga, Facebook Like CJ Foods, Pinterest Follow Me & Re-Pin Something of Mine, Instagram Follow Me, Stumble Follow LV&Y & Stumble It, or post this Giveaway on your blog

Contest ends Thursday, December 1, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen.

Open to Continental U.S. Residents only.

Comment Below to Enter!


  1. I recently found your blog and I’m loving it! My fav Asian dish to make is stirfry, with chicken or pork!

  2. My favorite cuisine to make is KOREAN! My boyfriend is Korean and we love to cook/eat Korean food. Our favorites are Dol Sot Bibimbap and short ribs.

  3. just catching up on your past from the past few days and then I see THIS! Awesome giveaway.
    My fav cuisine when eating out is Indian, when I am cooking at home it definitely is the Vietnamese cuisine. I looooove stir-frys and I bet those sauces would be perfect in it!

  4. OMG, I’m drooling. Korean food is my favorite. I have every single thing pictured in my pantry already, and a couple of years ago I learned to make my own kimchi. YUM.

  5. I love lots of ethnic foods, but I’d have to pick Mexican as my #1 favorite. Shredded meat, salsas, chips, guacamole…I’m getting hungry now!

  6. Oh, I’d love to win this! I’m definitely into Asian cuisine – mostly Japanese – and I grew up with a lot of German cooking in my house. I’m a huge okonomiyaki fan. I’m learning how to make Korean food right now, and I guess I need to make a trip to the Asian food mart soon!

  7. awesome! I’m actually loving mexican right now. Wraps, faux meat, beans, “cheese” . I could get creative with the prize pack as well :)

  8. And I already fb like you.

  9. I think my favorite ethnic cuisine is a toss up between Mexican and Asian! Anything that’s unique to a specific area is a winner in my book! I’m not a fussy person! Good food is good food no matter what country it originates from!

  10. I follow you on Instagram.

  11. What an awesome giveaway! I love cooking Asian foods. It’s are quick, easy, and I find it’s easier to lighten up Asian cuisine than my other favorite, Italian.

  12. I would make dumplings with an asian dipping sauce. I also love to make all kinds of stir-fry.

  13. sushi-snack!! mmmmm


    I love cooking Indian food!

  15. I facebook like LV&Y

  16. I facebook like CJ Foods!

  17. I would love to make bibimbap with the prize!

  18. I love making Mexican food

  19. My mouth is watering just reading about this!
    My favorite ethnic food to eat is definitely Asian. Each type has such complex flavors and personalities. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese – love ’em all!

  20. I follow you on Pinterest and just repinned your Eggnog Chai Smoothie. Dee lish us!

  21. I follow you on Instagram and love your beautiful San Diego pics. Jealous. saynotomomjeans

  22. I love making asian food like fresh rolls and sushi and stir-fry! so fresh & delicious

  23. I’m a noodle and rice kind of girl, so asian is my favorite to make. Yummm

  24. That red pepper paste looks awesome! I am a huge spicy foods girl. My favorite ethnic cuisine to eat and make is Mexican- there are so many fresh, vegetarian options that it never gets old to me! Mmmm

  25. My favorite ethnic cuisine is mexican!

  26. My favorite ethnic cuisine is yakiniku. Thank you so much for offering such a generous giveaway!

  27. I “like” Love Veggies & Yoga on Facebook – Cindy A.

  28. I “like” CJ Foods on Facebook – Cindy A.

  29. My favorite ethnic food is mexican!! however, chinese is a close second. I love my orange chicken and rice :)

  30. Pad thai!

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  32. Great giveaway! My favorite ethnic cuisine to cook is Vietnamese. So delicious!

  33. oops, am I too late!? All food asian. I really can’t choose, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cantonese, Thai – I love them ALL!

    Is there a link for that company?

  34. oops, nevermind on the link, I just saw the CJ foods at the beginning of the post. Thanks Averie!

  35. I love Asian and Mexican. There is nothing better that Asain Lettuce Wraps, the spicier the better!

  36. I am pending on the L V & Y Twitter site. https://twitter.com/SusanBroughton5/status/300454314718150656ted I also tweeted your message and here is the link for it:

  37. My favorite is Chinese but I’m not too good at making it. My stir fry is about the only thing I make

  38. I “liked” L V & Y Facebook site. sbroughton61@yahoo

  39. I “liked” the CJ site on Facebook sbroughton61@yahoo

  40. I follow you on Pinterest and I repinned one of your recipes . sbrought1

  41. I follow you on Stumble. sbrought1 or sbroughton61@yahoo

  42. oops, nevermind on the link, I just saw the CJ foods at the beginning of the post. Thanks Averie!

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