Chit Chat Meetup

Today I met up with my dear friend Marla

We met at our usual hangout.

We were majorly overdue for a chitchat session.   It had been far too long since our last meetup.  Two months!

We caught up on each others’ lives and Marla’s been quite the busy lady.  She went to FoodBuzz and she’s a finalist in the Alexia French Fry competition.  Please vote for her here.  She went to Colorado, was just presenting at en event in L.A.,and has her two adorable kids to look after.


She and I both cram so much onto our plates that it’s a little tricky finding time to coordinate our schedules but since I’m leaving soon, it was now or…next year.    How crazy does that sound?

So we dished.

And we sloshed.

And it was fabulous.

And if you want to see pictures of us, you’ll have to check this post because we were too busy talking and had limited time with each other and just kept our iPhones in our purses rather than going on a clickity-clickfest.  It was a chatfest instead.  And ironically the man sitting next to us overheard us talking and turns out, he’s a photographer and we swapped photography stories and info.  Small world.

After our chitchat sesh, I did exciting things like going to two grocery stores.  The stores were packed!

I stocked up on lots of fresh produce and also picked up some more Enjoy

And more cranberries.

I’ve been loving every sweet ‘n tart second of the Cranberry & Orange Ginger Mango Chutney

Yes, I’m addicted to it.  Better that than more coffee, right?

They liked it too which was a bonus.

I like it almost as much as homemade Butterfinger Bars (No Bake, Vegan & GF options).


1. Who was the last friend you met up with and what did you do?

2. Have you started your Thanksigiving grocery shopping if you’re cooking?  Or planned your menu?

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  1. Love it – girlfriend time is so important. Glad you had this day with her!

  2. Last I friend meet up was last week for a drink. Nothing too exciting, but good to catch up!
    I just bought tons cranberries and pumpkin last night! So excited to make pie…

  3. I love grocery store-hopping — better than bar hopping!
    Meeting up with friends is so crucial — I feel like sometimes so much time goes by before I remind myself that I need that interaction with people. 2 weekends ago my best friend came up and visited — we got tea and walked around downtown, and it was so lovely.
    I’m cooking thanksgiving and have a few things lined up – but I keep changing my mind!

  4. Ahhh…love girlfriend time! Last Friday I went to a yoga festival and tea after with my good friend. We laughed hysterically rehashing our crazy night out on Halloween. Can’t wait for this Saturday, it’s girls’n’gays night out to see Kathy Griffin in Atlantic City.

  5. I am so jealous you can go to Trader Joe’s all the time. There are several in NY, but they are all very crowded after work (and usually certain sections like the freezer sections are completely empty) and the lines are so long that it’s a major time commitment. Add that to the fact that I have to either get delivery or take a cab (since the time factor rules out weekly trips) and it’s not much of a savings anymore.

    The last friend I met up with was my friend Kristin for a dinner at this place called Academia de Vino. It was actually a really great dinner, which surprised me since yelp didn’t seem to have high ratings on it.

    • Im lucky that my reg groc store and the TJs share a parking lot. Now mind you on a random Tues I will have to circle the parking lot like a vulture and troll for a parking place and yes, the stores are ALWAYS a zoo….it’s urban and hectic. But probably not like NYC urban :)

  6. How cool! Two of my favorite food bloggers hanging out! I love that!

  7. So nice to have a rejuvenating gab sesh! Sitting with my friends chatting right now in fact :) And no thanksgiving meal for me but can’t wait to read all about the beautiful meals and get togethers!

  8. When I first saw your comment, “it was either now or next year,” I thought I had missed some huge announcement where you were going to move to Australia for an entire year or something….took me a while to realize that we are THAT far into 2011! EEK!

    Friend catch-ups are the absolute best. I wish I spent more time focusing on those than on so many of the irritating errands that consume my time – considering it’s almost 2012, I should make that a resolution! :)

  9. I just got to meet Marla at Foodbuzz! After YEARS of reading one anothers’ blogs!

  10. Yay for girl talk, especially over coffee! I never cook for Thanksgiving because my fiance’s aunt insists on cooking the same. thing. every. year. (She’s had a hard life though so it’s owed to her to have her favorites.) However, come Christmas, every single dish and pan in my house will be used and dirty!

  11. Meeting up with a friend in the middle of the week is such a nice little break :-) Glad you had a good time!

  12. sorry i have not been commenting on your blog as often as i would like to, but i do get and read your blogs!

    i love cranberries–i stock up this time of year and freeze at least 6 small bags…i throw the frozen cranberries into smoothies just like any other fruit–especially when i want to round out a smoothie that is just too sweet….

    and i also seem to make the cranberry coffee cake at least twice a year….

    i love the idea of the anti bacterial or is it anti viral properties of the cranberry….

  13. I haven’t done all of the shopping for Turkey day, but I realized I have about 10 lbs. of apples in the fridge, so I think a crisp/crumble is in order!

  14. I just went out dancing with my best friend this weekend. We don’t even drink, per se, just dance. A little reminiscent of our teenage years, I guess, because we spend all night on the dance floor, never sit around or socialize or anything.

    Starbucks is a great, relaxing way to reconnect!

  15. I was driving dowtown today and got all angry about there being Christmas lights up all over already. And then I realized that Christmas is in a little over a month! WHAT?!?!

    I’m not cooking on Thanksgiving. That’s my mom’s deal. But, I’ll probably get roped into doing something. Guilt-fest.

    More cranberries, eh? Me too. ;)

  16. I love that you two make time to meet up! That’s so important :)

  17. Oohh sounds like a great coffee date! :) I met up with a friend for coffee last week that I haven’t seen in WAY too long! And we’re having a girls’ night this Saturday, sharing homemade appies & desserts!! :)

  18. I was SO excited to meet Marla at foodbuzz, wish I could of chatted with her more! It was funny, she noticed my stevia, haha! I always carry stevia with me in my purse, and had a packet with my coffee at dinner, she loves it too ; )

    Its great to catch up with friends! xoxo

  19. Averie, our friendship is so special to me too! I always look forward to sloshing, chatting and being there for each other. You are right, we have become so close and I value our friendship so very much! Until next year (but of course we will be in touch all over the place!) xxoo

  20. So glad you got to catch up! You reminded me that I haven’t decided on my Thanksgiving menu yet. I have a bunch of recipes bookmarked but nothing decided and nothing bought!

  21. I should be commenting on your great recipes, but the ENJOY caught my eye! None of my friends use it, but I can’t get enough of the stuff. Love it, and so does my hair.

  22. I still haven’t figured out how Thanksgiving is working. Since both Aubrey and I are from divorced families we usually have 4 separate places to hit on every holiday. It can be quite draining. I am not ready for the whole holiday season in general. It’s the first year where I have to really watch what I’m eating, with my various food intolerances I can pretty much only eat what I make and bring.

  23. Do nice you had some friend time! I guess my last time was the FB fest where I talked blogging and food with lots of bloggers.

  24. I’m so crazy busy that if I didn’t see a friend at LEAST once a week I’d go nuts. So I try and do once-twice a week. It doesn’t always work out but it’s so important to me that I really prioritize it! I saw my best friend last weekend for a late-night tea (coffee would just keep me up!) and I am heading to a party this Friday… yay for getting out!

  25. I’m sure, though I work 3 jobs, so sometimes I feel like my life already changed from even just a year ago!

  26. I met up with a friend last weekend for a visit. It was nice to catch up, just the two of us.

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