Earlier Holiday Seasons & Organic Produce Giveaway

Last weekend when I hit the thrift shop jackpot and picked up some new-to-me dishes and photography props, I realized that the Christmas and holiday decorating is in full swing.

By November 1st it seems that all things Christmas from red and green cookie sprinkles to holiday music to holiday stocking stuffer ideas are everywhere; nearly two months before the actual holiday.

It seems that retailers go straight from 4th of July to Christmas.  There is Christmas stuff in the stores even before they put out the Thanksgiving items.  And Halloween items tend to start pretty early, too.  Usually right after Easter.  Kidding.  Kind of.

We’re not putting up a tree, so no ornaments will be hung here.  I purchased these ornaments at the thrift shop for photography purposes rather than actual tree-hanging purposes.


I don’t have a mantle to hang stockings from.

Nor will I have any elaborate table centerpieces with big bowls of pinecones on display.

These pine cones are in a bag in a closet and I’ll break them out as needed for photos.

I used them in the photos of the Rosemary Chipotle Roasted Almonds I just made.

We’re going away and we’ll be gone in December anyway.  The last thing I want to do when we return home is put away holiday decorations or take down an artificial tree.  I’ll have my hands full with dirty laundry, mail sorting, grocery shopping, and just getting back into the swing of things.

So instead of red and green, I have orange for you.

If you’d like to enter to win a coupon for free organic produce such as baby carrots or carrot chips from Grimmway Farms, comment below.

Questions & To Enter the Giveaway:

1. Do you decorate for the holidays?  Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.?  <– One entry if you answer this question

Holiday decorating is great if you love it and have time for it and the taking down and putting it away doesn’t bother you.

And finding space to store it all.  I am short on that, too.  Have you seen my kitchen?

So I really don’t decorate.  I get my decorating jollies from the elaborate home decor Pinterest boards I see or living vicariously through a Martha Stewart catalog but I don’t do much of it.  Buying a pumpkin is my idea of “decorating” for Halloween.

I know some people live for holiday decorating.  They buy things all year in the name of the holiday, they have elaborate collections of things, i.e. snow globes, ornaments, miniature Santas, pumpkins, Easter Bunnies, fancy glass eggs, whatever it is, they collect it.

Then there are the people who put their holiday outdoor light displays up in September and leave them up til about June.  I have memories of my dad hanging outdoor lights on the house for Christmas.  Nothing says weekend project I never want to tackle like climbing on the roof with four feet of snow on the ground in zero degree temperatures with 30 below wind chills to get those lights hung.  Glad it was him and not me.

I love looking at decorations, lights, and getting into the fa-la-la-la of it all but I just won’t be personally doing any of it.  I’d rather use my free time to bake and decorate cookies rather than decorate my house.

Scott is also Jewish and although he wouldn’t care if we put up a tree and actually wants Skylar to learn about both Christian and Jewish traditions, I figure it’s easier to put up a Menorah than it is to put up a tree.   I plead the laziness card.

2. How early do you think is too early for Christmas stuff to make an appearance in stores?  <– Second entry if you answer this question in a separate comment

I think anything before Halloween is too early.

It used to be that anything before Thanksgiving was too early but now, by Thanksgiving, some people have all their holiday shopping done!

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68 comments on “Earlier Holiday Seasons & Organic Produce Giveaway”

  1. We decorate for all the holidays! Especially Christmas, I love it so much December is pretty much my favorite month.

  2. I think Christmas stuff is too early if it’s before Halloween, like you said.

  3. At our house we decorate more by season than holiday. Except for Christmas we have the tree, stockings, etc.

  4. I think by the middle of november is a good time to bring out the Christmas stuff. But honestly, I don’t let it bother me.

  5. We decorate at least a little for everything – more for Halloween (hubs favorite) and Christmas (my fave)

  6. Halloween, as you know, is my big holiday, but I also put out some effort for Christmas. Inside we do the tree, and I have a snowman theme going on with my dining room table: tablecloth, plates and some candles. I have a Christmas Village that I set up in the fireplace.

    Outside, I hang garlands around the porch.

    The rest of the holidays are left in the dust. No decorating for Easter, Valentine’s Day or Groundhog Day.

  7. I’m really bugged when the Christmas displays crowd out the Halloween merchandise. Nothing kills the mood of picking out new skeletons or ghosts more than listening to tinkling music coming from the inflatable Santa Clauses!

    Christmas carols should be banned before Thanksgiving.

  8. 2 How early do you think is too early for Christmas stuff to make an appearance in stores?

    I was bothered by Christmas stuff!! I really would get upset to see that my local stores had overflow bins of summer clearance, Halloween stuff and Christmas was hitting the shelf. I hear you. Get over it! But people it is only October 20th. Why must we cross sell so early $money$ Why must you rush me past a holiday before it has started $money$ I will not let the bottom $dollar$ of any company in my area ruin another season, holiday or day before I fully enjoy it. I was a hold out and I always missed the great stuff, the stuff you see when you’re getting your everyday items and saying look kids it’s October and the Christmas stuff is out. HA HA HA!!! I have started to take advantage of sales, I buy the item that I want and if I find it cheaper I buy that one and return the other with my receipt. No chance of loosing that item I really loved. Keep your receipt or you will loose out. I am within 10 minutes of several store I know this sounds silly but what ever. My kids enjoy finding something we bought cheaper because the money goes into their money bin or to buy other new items. Many stores give 90 days to return no questions asked just have your receipt. No I don’t need my Christmas stuff in October; but I don’t miss out on the item I really wanted anymore. Bathing suites when it is snowing, Autumn dishes when I’m at the beach, Christmas while the leaves are falling I have just adapted my thinking to take advantage of their products and sales.

  9. Generally I’m all about Christmas and get really excited, but not this year. We booked a trip to Punta Cana and we’ll be gone through the WHOLE thing and honestly? I couldn’t be happier about it. I just want to go diving and NOT decorate the house hehe

  10. i don’t decorate for the holidays! i’m jewish so it was never a big deal to get seasonal decorations out or anything. as i’ve gotten older, i’ve also noticed that it helps me personally NOT to decorate because so many of my friends will set out a big candy bowl for halloween, valentines day, and easter… and since sweets are always hard for me to ignore when they’re staring right at me, i’m definitely glad i’m not compelled to do the same!

  11. i think around thanksgiving is the time when i start to enjoy seeing christmas decorations. i like simply and understated best though, just white lights really!

  12. 1. Do you decorate for the holidays? Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc

    The only holiday I have ever in my grown life decorated for was Christmas. I am one of those people that just take holidays as what they are. DAYS! With that said I have not even pulled my Christmas stuff from my mom’s attic in over 4 years.

    Jennifer Pierini-Norton
    Love Veggies and Yoga Holiday Season & Organic Produce Giveaway


    Yoga Earlier Holiday Seasons & Organic Produce Giveaway
    I am entering the Love Veggies and Yoga Earlier Holiday Seasons & Organic Produce Giveaway I love that I was able to find another person out there that feels the same way I do about holidays but…

  13. this is our first year in a house for the holidays (as opposed to our last shoebox apartment) and i am SO excited to decorate!!! i’m looking for the perfect stockings as we speak. and i do love anything and everything pinecone. i bet your house is gorgeous this time of year :)

  14. Yep, I decorate for Christmas. And I find I keep getting more and more elaborate. Not sure why b/c taking it all down and storing it is a PITA.

  15. Those carrot chips looks delicious! My favorite was decorating my dorm in college for holidays – everyone got really into it!

  16. Anything before the week of Thanksgiving is too early and makes me feel grinchy :)

  17. I already fb like you. Does that count?

  18. i dont decorate for any holiday. and im a Christian too. i have nothing against it at all. my issue is just that i dont like trees and bulky items taking up space in our house to be used only once a year. im kinda anal about oragizing and cleanliness. and i like to live life simplistically.

  19. the day after Halloween is TOO early for decorating. sorry.

  20. we are not big holiday decorators. Christmas = tree and lights outside (last year for the first time since it was our first year in a house and not an apt! years before that included the hubby gifting me with rosemary trees <3)

  21. I feel like before Thanksgiving is too soon… but Christmas stuff starts making an appearance earlier and earlier every year – September?! especially since I live in Florida where it doesn’t feel wintery outside… it just feels wrong. Plus I really really love Thanksgiving – not the food part (I’m vegan and usually end up eating kale salad while everyone else goes to town on animals) but the togetherness with family

  22. I love to decorate for the holidays. My house (inside and out) is draped in lights, and tinsel, and all kinds of knick-knacks. It’s quite tacky, but I love it, and my kids thinks it’s a wonderland. I do it for them and for me.

  23. Typically, I only decorate for Christmas. We have a 6ft tall Eiffel Tower in our living room that becomes our Christmas tree. (No needles to vacuum up :) I don’t have a centerpiece for my kitchen table because like all flat surfaces–it’s full of clutter. I heard Christmas music in Walmart on 11/2—that’s waaaay toooo early. Two of our radio stations are playing Christmas music 24/7–that started at least a week ago. Like you, just keeping up with daily life is enough to do thankyouverymuch–no seasonal decorating here either. Storing all that stuff too…more clutter. haha!

  24. We do decorate, but we do not put up a tree. We do not decorate until after Thanksgiving.

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