Last Time This Year

On Thursday I set foot in the mall for what I am sure will be the last time this year.

On my list:

1. Nordstrom for Mousse Radiance


And then I spotted the Clarisonic display and remembered that I still want one.  I’ve heard rave reviews about them from so many people including Katie and Christine.

I left Nordstrom and walked past Betsey J.  I wanted to go in but used some restraint because I knew I had lots of other temptations…

I walked upstairs to MAC where I re-stocked my Prrr stash and Studio Fix.

And then it was onto VS where I didn’t buy anything to wear…

…but did pick up a few things to spray.

The new Angel Fragrance Mist

and Incredible

I am digging them both.  I have been wearing Bombshell and Bombshell Summer but decided to change it up a little bit.

Then it was onto the other Mac.  It was such a chaos-fest that browsing for a travel combo case to house my Macbook + Camera combo was not even worth it.  Walked in and walked out faster than you can say Terabyte.

Fashion Valley Mall has just about everything that could bankrupt you in under two hours has just about everything you could want.  But I still had to go grocery shopping.

The fun continued on at the grocery store and Trader Joe’s.

After all that, I came home and dug into a Baked Chocolate Peanut Butter Donut with Vanilla Peanut Butter Glaze


Are you doing holiday shopping at the mall?  Online?  Maybe you’re not holiday shopping this year?

To say I ran a few errands is an understatement but I did it at warp speed while Skylar was in school.

I did not want to go to the mall on Friday or over the weekend.  The things I needed weren’t holiday purchases but just ‘everyday things’ I needed to pick up.

And next weekend, after Thanksgiving and with Black Friday and the holiday shopping season being in in full force, no way!  As it was, I drove around for about 20 minutes on a random Thursday afternoon just trying to find parking and in December it’s a 2+ hour event just to find parking!  Craziness!  And some times you don’t find parking.  Yes, one year on Black Friday weekend, I attempted to shop but left the mall premises because I couldn’t find parking after two hours.

So it was Thursday or never.  Or at least not til 2012 since we’re leaving soon.

I do love online shopping, big time.  Sometimes it’s nice to go in and touch and feel the merchandise, though.  And with things like makeup, fragrances, or even sometimes clothes, online shopping can be tricky.  But I am a huge fan of letting my fingers do the walking from the safe confines of my desk chair whenever possible.

Scott and I aren’t exchanging gifts nor are we doing so with extended family.  Everyone is older and we all know that we don’t ‘need’ anything that we haven’t already bought for ourselves.  Times are tough financially for so many people with the current economy and no sense buying gifts just for the sake of buying them, only to compounding to the stress.

Skylar got a new bike from her Grandparents and Santa has a few tricks up his sleeve for her, of course.

Thanks for the Healthier Snacks Giveaway entries and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. the apple store is just way too much for me to handle. even on a random tuesday at 1 p.m. it is a flippin madhouse!! however, i can vouch for the clarisonic that is worth every penny you spend on it.

    i’m hoping to do the majority of my shopping online this year… i don’t love the holiday crowds, and have an easier time finding discounts online!

  2. We’re not doing any holiday shopping, yipee! Everyone is getting a homemade cake stand with gingersnap cookies. So easy… and inexpensive! Sounds like you had a great time out and about. You buy yourself such nice girley things! I never ever buy things like that haha I guess the highlight of the trip (had I been there with you) would have been trader joes. I may not like spending money on perfume, but I LOVE spending money on tasty food!!

  3. OMG today I tried to head out before 3 to run some errands and it was worse than 5pm traffic. It literally took 40 minutes to make it about 5 miles. Not fun. I really try to avoid malls and shopping this time of year. The more I can do online the better.

  4. So, your trader joe’s has palm trees… color me jealous!

    I’m doing the minimal gifting this year, and opting for fun trip gifts to the people closest to me. My mama and I are hitting Miami for some sun and sand come Feb – way better than a bunch of junk we don’t really need.


  5. I’m going shopping tomorrow in San Francisco, with no clue what to get people! I haven’t been to the city in so long, terrible since l live about 40 minutes away.

  6. Kinda glad there is no mall to entice me right now….

    Although, online shopping is much easier to splurge the credit card purchases. At least it is for me. My mom asked if I wanted to do the Black Friday thing with her. I said “Hi. Have we met? Hell no.”

    When are you leaving? Seems like it was just yesterday you were there! THat’s me being insanely jealous.

  7. I will definitely be doing my holiday shopping online to avoid craziness! However, 1 day during the holiday season my boyfriend and I go to a big mall filled with Christmas decorations. There’s something about it that feels cozy and reminds us of our childhood.

  8. When I saw that pic of Betsey Johnson, I thought it was YOU for a second. You could really pull off that look. Also, it’s giving me palpitations how close christmas is. I have done nothing yet.. not a thing.. was far too busy with university and now it’s time to get my s**t together for the festive season. Yay! (?).

  9. Oh you are so lucky to have a Betsey store nearby. Good self control too!

    So far I have done all of my xmas ‘shopping’ by trading with other people on etsy. I have some really fantastic gifts coming to me, and a few I already traded for at a local craft sale. It feels so good to save my money and support other independent crafters and artisans.

  10. The husband and I went to the mall (yes, that’s right, I got lucky and landed a husband that likes to go shopping) the first weekend of November and I pretty much said the same thing – we aren’t stepping foot in this place again until January.

    Any shopping I need to get done will be by internet, which I prefer anyway. I love getting stuff that’s fresh and hasn’t been touched, dropped, tried on by people with questionable hygiene, etc.

  11. Going to the mall is always a bit disastrous for me…especially if Betsy Johnson is involved! Love that store.

  12. I think santa needs to bring you that red kitchen aid mixer and clarasonic ; )

    I am staying away from the mall on the weekend for sure from now until after christmas, but might have to go get a couple things there for Anthony for christmas. I do most of my shopping online, its easier for me!

    Happy Saturday! xoxo <3

  13. It is SO refreshing to find other people cringing at the thought of mad holiday shopping! My co-workers are all into the Black Friday events, and I felt like an alien wanting to actually avoid all that and keep my sanity. It will most definitely be online shopping for me.

  14. I will not be doing much shopping this year, just for my little girls, and hopefully I can do that online!!! I do not enjoy shopping at malls and avoid it all costs. I have to say you got me hooked on the Lancome cleanser, love that stuff and it lasts so long!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  15. We’re spoiled because we live 30 minutes away from the second biggest mall in America, the King of Prussia Mall :) It’s always so tempting, there is an endless maze of stores. We’ll be going soon to buy clothes for Christmas ahead of time and it never fails to be a madhouse. Have a great weekend!

  16. I do like my Clarisonic, nothing removes day grime like it and the Mia packs easily for traveling. I also like that I can use any face soap with it.

    I love browsing accessories in the Apple store, but you’re right – very pricey!

    I actually love going to the mall over the holidays to take in the decorations and crowds as long as I’m not in a hurry. I probably won’t be spending a lot of money this year since most of our family doesn’t want anything, just buying toys for nieces on Amazon and making edible treats for the adults, like kale chips and raw dessert balls.

  17. My plan is to do a bit of christmas shopping while I’m here in Denmark. The Christmas celebration is HUGE here (so I hear) and has already begun with tons of markets and what not. Hope your having a great weekend!

  18. Fashion Valley! Palm trees! Trader Joe’s! This post has warmed my heart so. A whirlwind tour of all my faves. (I miss them dearly). I’d like to suggest the:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1116&bih=631&wrapid=tljp1321720515603016&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=17175036390003215085&sa=X&ei=yNrHTpX5HtG2twfEsOCJDA&sqi=2&ved=0CJABEPMCMAM#

    Olay Professional instead of Clarisonic — it is great and will save you lots of $.

  19. Hi Averie. I was almost done with my comment and I hit something on my computer and I lost it all! What a bummer :( I guess I will try and repeat what I posted. It’s almost like when you leave a message via cell and it cut’s you off halfway and tells you to re-record your message. It’s never left with the same intensity as the first time you left it. If for some chance you get that comment, then please delete one of them.

    Anyway, I am right there with you about the malls this time of year. I live less than 2 miles from my favorite outdoor mall (love that about Cali), similar to your mall, and this time of year I either bike or walk there as I do not want to deal with the obnoxious parking lot. People are shopping out of obligation not fun this time of year and they are frenzied and stressed. I have become a big fan of on-line shopping as well as there are no crowds or lines to deal with. The biggest plus is it’s delivered right to your door!

    I have a MacBook Air as well. I just picked it up about 1 month ago and I LOVE it. I was chained to my bedroom desk anytime I wanted to get on the computer and now I can blog or type anywhere in the house. I am laughing as I write this now as my hubby and I are at the dining table, drinking our morning coffee and typing away on our laptops. He is doing work of course, and I am checking out blogs. I need a cute case to carry mine in as well, so let me know what you end up getting. I was going to check out some cases on-line as I want something girly and cute!

    OK, last but not least, I am a fan of the real housewives as well. My friends and I all kid that we would love to be on the show if they came to Marin. We know of course that we would not fit the bill as we lead pretty normal lives, actually cook for our families and we NEVER fight. We are all about love, peace and hiking. Not sure that is housewive material. The only thing I do not like about the show is all the catty fighting. I tend to fast forward during those scenes. I am hoping that the fighting is all scripted.

    Have a great Saturday. Its sunny up here so I am off for a run in the canyon.

    • Sorry your comment vanished but I didn’t get the other one :(

      I think the RHW’s of Marin who live normal lives and cook and not fight would be a little too peaceful for ratings purposes..but sounds great for real life :) And yes, I’ve heard the cast has ‘story lines’ they are supposed to follow so it’s not scripted down to the last word but the overall vibe and story line, yes, I have heard they are ‘steered’ in certain directions…with most reality shows have heard that, too.

  20. you know, i genuinely cant remember the last time i was in a mall!?? maybe a little more than a year ago..although I live in NYC which is basically a giant mall so nevermind. this year, i’m definitely going to try to do most of my shopping on line so i don’t have to deal with it.
    i have a clarisonic…meh, i have really really sensitive skin and it always makes me break out and scrapes up my dry skin without really doing anything good for me. i just scored another one as swag at a gala and passed it off to my man, hope he has better luck with it than i do.
    have a great weekend babe!!

    • that’s very interesting you have sensitive skin and don’t like your clarisonic…I sometimes will overscrub my face with a wash cloth on accident and it leaves me prone to breakouts then…so hmmm on the clarisonic for me too…thanks for this comment and info!

  21. I usually bake things for people because it’s usually all I can afford. Although, if I were shopping I would either shop online or shop in advance because I have absolutely zero desire to deal with crowds.

  22. Prrr and studio fix are my favorite things from MAC! I have oily skin, so the studio fix is the only thing that keeps in under control. I do the foundation and powder.

  23. I despise the mall this time of year! So this year, like every other, I plan to buy as many gifts as I can from artists that I know, artists at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago next month that we will be vending at and small locally owned stores, boutiques, salons, etc. – both here and in NYC when we are there next month.
    I also really LOVE to make gifts for people, too. I feel like this all even more important this year, than ever before!

  24. I love what you said: “I went to a mall for probably the last time this year” – I hear you, malls get SO crazy at this time of year! I find crowds a bit stressful so I try to avoid it. But you picked up some great goodies!

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