Love It or Leave It

Time for a little game of Love It or Leave It

I’ll start with my Leave It’s:

1. Rainy Weather.  I live in San Diego for a reason: It’s usually sunny!  I would love 78F and sunny year round, and no, I wouldn’t miss the change of seasons.  The past 36 hours we’ve had cold, rainy, dreary weather.  The kind of weather that I could see my breath when I was running outside.  One singular day of that kind of weather is all the “season changing” I need.

Let’s get back to the regularly scheduled programming of this, please.


2. Celery.  It overpowers everything.   I’ve tried to juice with celery and it makes everything taste like I’m drinking celery.  It’s so pungent and strong for my tastes.

The only way I can sort of tolerate it raw is ants on a log style doused in peanut butter and with raisins.   But just plain celery sticks, leave it.  Not to mention the stringy nature.  Nope, not for me.

3. Tailgating.  Annoying and it can be dangerous when it’s raining.   Follow closely is different than tailgating (I think most of California follows closely).  But I reserve the word tailgaiting for those drivers who could probably read your VIN number or tell if you have a zit they’re so up your trunk.

4. Garlic.  No, I hate it.  Same with celery; it overpowers everything.  I am somewhat intolerant to it, also.  I get itchy, rashy, and nauseous from it.

5. Whistling.  Leave it goes to whistling.  Or humming.  Or loud chewing sounds.

Love It’s:

1. Coffee.  Love it and it tastes even better when it’s cold and dreary out.

And it tastes even better yet when it’s a weekend morning and it’s cold and dreary out.   Full permission to go into coffee overload mode given those circumstances.  Jitters and all.

Time to make (another) one of these

2. Reality TV.  Some of my favorite shows are reality tv.  Okay, most anything I watch is reality tv or the Food Network.  The Real Housewives, Kendra, The Kardashians, Top Chef, Millionaire Matchmaker.  Bravo and the E! Channel are my go-to stations.  Trashy, mindless tv is fine in my book.  And when I feel like learning something, I tune into some Alton Brown or watch Ina use a pound of butter in something.

3. Marshmallows.  Love them.

Especially in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars (No Bake)

4. Massages.  Love them.   I’d love one right now.  Nothing beats a massage for me.  Back, feet, shoulders, neck, head and scalp, hands, legs, whatever.  I love feeling like Jello afterwards and all blissed out.  Ahhh.

5. Pumpkin.  I wasn’t a huge lover of it until recently.  I always liked it; this past fall I’ve fallen into pumpkin love.

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars (Vegan, GF)

What are your Love It’s or Leave It’s? 

Agree (or not) with any of mine?

P.S. Thanks for the Cookbook Giveaway Entries

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love garlic – I seriously put like double the amount of garlic in everything!!!

  2. i think we are on the same page about most, but i can’t do a lot of reality TV unless its TOP CHEF> others just give me a headache.
    Garlic I like only dried and minced and added to soups. I can’t really stand the smell. Overpowering!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reality tv and I am not even ashamed to sing it from the rooftops. In conjunction with the shameless loves, I love celebrity gossip mags.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with the celery one! Blech! I can taste if it’s touched anything, I hate it. And I’m the same with cucumbers!
    Love it… having 2 full days off from any commitments. Just staying put, having a low key weekend. Yay!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. LOL @ ” . . . watch Ina use a pound of butter in something.” So true! While I wouldn’t make 95% of the things she cooks on that show, I have to say that Barefoot Contessa is my favorite food network show. The style of her cooking/table setting are always so beautiful!

  6. Haha…celery and whistling are two of my leave-its too :-)

    BUT– I LOVE garlic (could eat it raw…and sometimes do!) and I love gray rainy days…IF they come after about 10 days of straight sun :-)

  7. Love this ;-) Totally with you on the leave-it list. Tailgating really really ticks me off. Just back off, there’s no reason for it. And 78, sunny all the time? Yes please! Especially as I am looking out at gray skies and it’s 50 :-(

  8. I agree 100 % with your celery comment. If you are feeling the need for a change of season, go with ants in the snow. You just swap the peanut butter for cream cheese.

  9. Love celery and garlic. Can’t actually imagine cooking without either one. I especially love the smell of onion, celery and garlic sauteeing.

    Also love me some rainy days. I love all the seasons, in fact. I go to Chicago at Christmas time because I miss the winter here. It’s snowed less in the 20+ years I’ve lived in Arkansas that it did in one winter in Illinois. But the weather is the same in the summer – hot and humid. The difference is that in Arkansas, the summer is about 6 months long.

    Right there with you on tailgating and whistling. Actually, repetitive noises of any kind – tapping, snapping – whatever. Mindless noise makes my head explode.

    I am LOVING me some coffee. It’s a good thing that there’s not a Starbucks in my little town, or I would be spending a large part of my income there.

    I have no idea if Dancing With The Stars is considered reality TV, but it’s my guilty pleasure. And The Biggest Loser. Not so much a lot of other reality TV. Even The Biggest Loser gets to fake and catty for me on a somewhat regular basis. I am quite the cooking show fan, though.

    I also love massages. Haven’t had one in way too long. Also manicures and pedicures – pedicures more so, because I bite my fingernails and am ashamed to show them to the nail people. Strangely enough, my nasty feet so not shame me, even though they are nasty enough to make the pedicure folks raise their eyebrows and talk about me in Chinese. And take my feet as a personal challenge.

  10. Hate celery!! Hate it!! So stringy and tastes horrible raw – cooked is not as bad!
    Oh..and I’m a coffee fiend! Having a cup right now – Hazelnut K cup!

  11. I have to respectfully disagree about the garlic. I LOVE garlic. I make an amazing (pats self on back) roasted garlic and cauliflower soup. Have you tried it roasted?

    I’ve only had one massage in my life. My best friend got it for me as a bridesmaid gift and it was AWESOME. I loved it, but I never splurge for them for myself. Someday when I’m rich. Hahahahahaha

  12. i agree with your reality TV love it. i seriously can’t get enough this fall! last night i spent 3 hours catching up on dirty soap. seriously!

    i love garlic, though!!

  13. I hate celery too… so I get the bulk stalks at the supermarket and look for the PURE white ones. They don’t have taste and they’re fantastic in everything! Mwahaha I feel like I’m cheating the system and it feels sooo good.

  14. I love reality TV shows. They are so entertaining, plus they require no thinking whatsoever so they are perfect for when I just want to “zone-out” and relax! :-)

  15. You know I can’t wait until I get to leave this whole 9-months-of-winter craziness! I could definitely take 1 season (summer) all year round! And just this morning there was a dude tailgating me all the way to Whole Foods. SO annoying. We’re not drafting in a race people. It’s especially bad when it’s dark out and their lights are blinding your eyes.

    Coffee? Yes please. Always. ;)

  16. I love all of your leave it’s except tail gating. (Seriously who could love tail gating?) I don’t like celery in juice but I love it in soups! I like garlic in everything, even ice cream. Dreary weather is the best, it reminds me of my all-time favorite place… San Francisco! And whistling makes me smile. :)

  17. I love garlic, although I don’t love the way it makes me feel. Celery is only good with peanut butter. And whistling, humming, and loud chewing drives me bonkers. A massage sounds awesome right about now, as long as I can eat one of your pumpkin bars afterwards. Ahhhh

  18. I totally agree with you on the garlic and the whistling!! I HATE garlic! And whistling drives me nuts! There is someone at work that is always walking around doing it – even in the bathroom- it’s just so WEIRD!!

  19. im gonna give massages a big hell yes.

  20. I have to disagree with your dislike of rainy days, I love them! My husband considers San Diego to be his Heaven (his brother lived there for a while and told stories to all of us frozen flannel-clad Michigan folk), while I’m more interested in someplace like Louisiana with its beautiful humidity :)
    My leave-it? Weather that falls under 60 degrees. Give me 90/100 degree heatwaves any day over this fall/winter business.
    Is it okay if I use this love it/leave it idea on my blog? :) I promise to link back to you.

    • go for it, of course!

      and growing up in MN, I had a lifetime of bad weather and then also lived in the Carolinas for 4 years. I don’t mind humidity all that much or really hot weather either but San Diego being so temperate is heaven for me.

  21. I love massages too!

    I know so many people love pumpkin and I like pumpkin pie but I’m having a hard time coming around to pumpkin. But I do like squash, so maybe there is hope for me.

  22. Love pumpkin green smoothies.. you can put anything in them and always taste like pumkin!

  23. Rainy Weather – LOVE
    Tailgating – Have never done it
    Coffee – LOVE
    Celery – LOVE
    Garlic – LOVE
    Reality TV – LOVE
    Massages – LOVE LOVE – went for a 90 minute massage today!
    Pumpkin – Another Love

  24. Yikes, sorry about the weather. It’s been cold and rainy here too, but I actually like running in it, kind of invigorating. Crazy about celery, it has minimal flavor to me. Totally agree on tailgating, massages, and coffee. :-)

  25. i’ll stick with LOVE IT’s for today because i am on a mission for november to do NO COMPLAINING.
    i loved our sunshine here today – it was cold but with the sun so bright, it was invigorating. i hope your sun returns soon.
    i love reality tv and that is all i watch (online, i don’t have a real tv) these days. i am with you on real housewives! such a guilty pleasure!
    i love a massage, too – if i was super-rich, i’d be getting one every 48 hours.
    have a great saturday eve, averie!

  26. I think we have the same taste in TV. My husband is so not a fan of those shows. He gets as far away as possible whenever I turn on Bravo.

    I love garlic though. Especially roasted!

  27. I LOVE coffee. LOVE it. Celery is all right in soup. Garlic smells good when sauteed with onion and celery, but I don’t like the way it makes me smell if I eat it. Not my favorite to eat it. I LOVE coconut water that has been frozen with cinnamon and vanilla stevia added to it and I LOVE nutritional yeast poured all over my salads and veggies. I also LOVE (not sure why I am all caps on those, but why stop now?) being inside under cozy covers when it is freezing cold outside! :-)

  28. Is there a coffee lovers club I can join? I shouldn’t drink so much, though. They say I’ll grow a second head, or become three stories tall, or turn green, or eat all my friends, or some sombination of all those. I say I’ll take my chances.

  29. I love lists, and I love your love-it/leave it concept. As for me, my big love is San Diego — I was so lucky to be a 49 year resident before my husband’s career moved us south. I miss it every single day — the weather here in Alabama has been a huge adjustment from our sunny skies! Here’s my love it/miss it list for lovely SD: The beach (well, duh) Farmer’s Markets, the hills and canyons, the interesting neighborhoods — Kensington, University Heights, Bankers Hill……the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, Balboa Park, crossing the Coronado Bridge, The I-805 bridge that spans the valley, In’ N Out, Urban Solace, Extraordinary Desserts, Adams Avenue Grill, Kensington Grill, Hash House A Go Go, Heaven Sent, Vagabond, Jacaranda trees, bougainvillea, hibiscus, spanish tile rooftops, tacos, Mt. Soledad, and our home near Mission Trails Regional Park, and the park itself. (We kept our home — my saving grace)!

  30. I love all of those things … except, I don’t know about tailgating, because I have never done it.

  31. Blah I hate how celery gets stuck in my teeth! But I do enjoy eating it anyway.

  32. Love it: massage, mani pedi, yoga, the beach, chocolate chip cookies, Thai food, Bravo
    Leave it: cold weather, commercials, totally agree with celerey, mayo

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