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I needed to take pictures of my kitchen earlier in the week and since I always enjoy seeing where people cook up their magic, or where food bloggers spends an inordinate amount of time, I thought I’d show you where I inevitably spend a large part of my waking hours.

My kitchen is small.  Note the width of the sink and dishwasher.  My entire kitchen is just slightly wider than those items.  The beauty is at least I am not wasting steps or wasting time walking from one end of my massive food prep area to the next.  Hardly. 

I can stretch my arms out and practically touch both sides of it, at once.


I store all my pots and pans, Vita-Mix, and mixing bowls in this low cupboard which is just to the left of the dishwasher.

And most of my food storage, cooking, and baking supplies are stored in another cupboard on two shelves.

I’ve done a post about what pantry and refrigerator staples I keep on hand.

Here’s my dehydrator that I dusted off which does take up very valuable countertop real estate.

And here’s my living room as viewed from my kitchen.

From my pantry supplies I made Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies and Special K Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake)


1. Tell me about your kitchen.  Is is big, small, new, old, modern, rustic, neat,  messy.  How would you describe it?  Do you like seeing pictures of other people’s kitchens?

My kitchen is shiny and modern which I really do appreciate.  Even though it’s small, it makes me feel good to be in it.  I think that the energy of the space you’re in and how you feel when you’re in it will impact your creativity and overall results.  Not just with cooking, but with anything.  Gotta feel good in your space and surroundings.

I keep my kitchen neat, and it’s always neat; not just for the photos but that’s how it looks.  I cannot stand a messy kitchen or having a state of disarray after I am done cooking or baking.  So, all the dishes get done right away and everything gets put back into it’s place.  I really couldn’t imagine leaving it messy and just leaving it like that.  It would drive me batty until I cleaned it.  Just my little thing.  Some people are messy and that’s cool for them.

And yes, I love seeing pictures of other people’s kitchen’s and spaces.

2. What do you keep on hand for baking and cooking supplies?  Do you have ample storage space?

The size (or lack thereof) of my kitchen and food storage area is why I don’t shop at Costco or the  big warehouse stores.

One large plastic tub of animal crackers or would take up far too much room in my limited food storage area.  So no matter how cheap it is, I can’t do it.  No space!

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Happy Veteran’s Day and enjoy your 11-11-11 and the weekend!


  1. Your kitchen looks luxuriously massive compared to mine! :P I only have a couple square feet of total counterspace. And lack of storage space is the very reason I don’t have that doughnut pan yet…

    • I have so little countertop space left after putting the dehyd up and the komboucha that’s brewing, and the coffee pot…I have little left. I do have the island but it’s not by the sink. But not that that’s ‘far’ or anything :)

  2. Your kitchen might be small, but I bet it’s super efficient. I think it’s really nice looking. Mine is fairly small too actually. There is an eat-in kitchen area but we keep the table against the wall or it’d look even smaller. I am short and can easily span my arms from counter to counter – think galley style.

    I hate the tile floor and tiled counters, but gotta work with that for now.

  3. I love the clean/classic/simple look of your house!

  4. I love seeing other people’s houses, ESPECIALLY kitchens! :) my kitchen is pretty clean, and I am very thankful that it is spacious (our last place, an apartment in the city, was TINY). I also have a pretty large pantry, so supplies are good. We could (and have, during a massive snow!) survive for a while on that pantry – all we had to do during the snow was order wine and fresh produce. We had it delivered :D

  5. Your kitchen is so pretty! It also seems very cozy :)

  6. i love your modern sleek kitchen perfect for baking up a storm!! I have always wanted to play around with a dehydrator!! can I just come over :)

  7. i coincidentally just posted pictures of our kitchen! i spent hours cleaning it this morning and was proud of the results :)

    i would say my storage space is ample. we gutted the kitchen when we moved in and redesigned it to our liking, so i was pretty cognizant of making sure everything has a place. our under counter storage space is amazing. a total lifesaver.

  8. You have a beautiful kitchen. I love the warm wood tones and counters.

    My last kitchen was similar to yours in style and was actually really large, but it had terrible light and always felt kind of cave-like. My current apartment’s kitchen is smaller and much less modern, but I really love the old, original cabinets, hardware, and pantry. It has almost no counter space, but I put in a long wooden butcher block type shelf along one of the walls, and that helps a lot. My favorite part is the big window – it gets great light during the day, which is perfect for food photography. :)

    • When I was looking at places before we moved into this one, I looked at a couple that may have been slightly larger overall or different floorplans but lighting and space for photography was a BIG motivator for me! I take all my pics on that island and only have a few hrs in the day that are “good” but wayyy better than our last place.

  9. we are completely renovating our kitchen right now, so soon it will be SO much better than it was. your wood floor is gorgeous- we plan on getting wood floors in the spring and just got them done all upstairs. love it!

  10. I *love* your kitchen! Quality over quantity!!

  11. Our kitchen is small too. In an perfect world, I’d love a huge kitchen, but I don’t mind our small one for now– we have space for (almost) everything, and it helps me to not keep things that I won’t need or use.

  12. Your kitchen is gorgeous. Will you come clean mine please?? ;-)

  13. Even if your kitchen is small, it is GORGEOUS!! Mine is smaller and waaaaay less pretty than that. That’s what renting does for ya ;D

  14. I miss my kitchen in Italy that was ultra modern and beautiful … not huge but wonderfully practical. My kitchen in the US is semi modern, but I really, really, miss my ultra modern stainless steal kitchen. My kitchen is always neat after and before cooking. I have to admit I am messy at the kitchen, but I am also extremely quick at picking up and cleaning … and I love to wash my dishes by hand!

  15. I love your kitchen, it maybe small but it looks nice! My kitchen is on the small size, maybe a little bigger then yours. I definitely don’t have enough storage space. I have a pantry that is to small to store cereal size boxes, there sitting on the floor of my pantry. I would love to remodel my kitchen, but the costs are outrageous! I keep my kitchen pretty neat, but it’s not perfect! I have so much crap on my counter! I always try to change it around, but still not enough room. I do have one area of my counter which is a decent size. I sit on a bar stool on one side of my counter and work on my computer. It’s the safest place, my dogs can’t reach it! lol

  16. Your kitchen is on the small side but it’s really nice and that makes up for it! New + modern = better than big and dingy, for sure! I think you manage the space really well. And that is a gorgeous view of the living room overlooking the cookies. :D

    I love seeing other people’s kitchens; I am fascinated by them! My kitchen in this house is pretty big with a nice sized island, but even that isn’t enough for me. I’d rather the kitchen be 80% of the living space than a larger anything else, lol. I’m selfish like that. In all seriousness, all of us spend the most time in the kitchen when we aren’t at our computers, so it works out for the best. I need my work space! heh

    • So true that we all spend our time in our kitchen or at our desk. Well, most people I know. Not even just bloggers…but most people seem to spend tons of time there. Lord knows you and I do!!

      In this house, the master closet is larger than the kitchen. I guess they figured the urban inhabitants in this area cared more about fashion than dining in and cooking. lol

  17. Your kitchen may be small, but it is extremely non-cluttered and immaculately clean. That is all you need in a kitchen! :-)

    My kitchen was small just like yours in the apartment that we rented for 8 years. It also had granite top counters, although they were grey instead of brown. We just moved into a house and the kitchen is huge! It has white tiled counter tops and gobs of cabinets, all new stainless steel appliances and a fabulous dishwasher! It really is nice to have the space, I must say…

    My kitchen is always clean. Pristine. I will NOT go to bed until it is shining because I like it that way and also because I want to work in a clean space, whether I am baking, cooking, or getting up in the morning to brew my coffee. Must be clean! I like your kitchen! And, btw, if you have lots of sugar…so what!! That’s how you show all those yummy bars and donuts! :-)

    Happy weekend, Averie!

  18. I love ur kitchen! And I really love that ur space is sooo clean and neat and tidy!
    I don´t think you need a very big kitchen, the main thing for me is that I have a place to store groceries and have enough space to chop (wasn´t the fact in my last kitchen… really, I could store my groceries all right, but I had no room to chop my veggies!).
    Have quite a lot of staples in my kitchen, like applesauce, baking powder/soda, chocolate, oats…
    Hope you have a good weekend :)

  19. Your kitchen is gorgeous! LOVE the coloring of everything. I always have nut butters, coconut oil, chocolate, raisins, oats and spinach. Have a great Friday!

  20. I currently have the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had, multiple prep areas, and with lots of light. However, I would give up an entire set of cabinets in order to have a gas stove again. This apartment has only electric and it’s so frustrating to cook on!

    I also love your little “bar” counter area, a great place to spread out all the baking ingredients and go at it!

  21. You have a beautiful kitchen!! Mine is about the same size (though no dishwasher! darn), and brand new. I LOVE looking at photos of kitchens. When we go to buy a house, I have a few picky requirements in regards to the kitchen :P

  22. Your kitchen may be small but it’s beautiful! My apartment is in a super old house. The kitchen itself is fairly large but there is zero counter space. And the lighting is dim and awkwardly placed so if I cook when it’s dark (which is always these days since the sun sets before 5) I realllyyyyy have to strain. I know what to look for in my next apartment!

  23. I’m a total pack-rat; maybe I could fit a third of my stuff in that kitchen! I have no idea how you keep it so organized. The first thing I’d do would be to get a small open shelving unit to tuck under the rounded end of that counter in the first picture.

    The house we live in (we’ve been renting it for seven years now) was built in the 1870’s so it’s got a funky yet charming vibe. My favorite feature of the kitchen is a corner beyond the refrigerator where I can stash tons of stuff out of the way.

    • I have to keep it organized or else the small space would become instantly overwhelmed and basically become over-run. I can imagine that after living in your house for year and raising your kids and knowing you, that you do have a fair amount of stuff :) Trust me, if I had more room, I’d have more stuff, proportionately. The size forces me to have less….blessing and a curse I guess!

  24. You might find this funny: I read your post about dehydrating bananas before I went to sleep last night, and I dreamed I was trying to dehydrate bananas, too, but when it was done, it came out as a giant banana popsicle…ha ha, I’ll take this as inspiration instead of total craziness, so thanks! :)

  25. Love your kitchen, great counters and cabinets. My kitchen is pretty big actually, big for a smaller house with a walk in pantry and enough room for a huge island. We customized it a lot when we had the house built, so proportionately it’s huge for our small house. :-) But our last two kitchens were very tiny, hardly any counter space or room for a big fridge since they were older places. There are pros and cons to both – bigger kitchens take longer to clean and have more places to stuff unused clutter, I do miss how simple it was to maintain the smaller kitchens, but love the large island as a work space.

  26. I live in an 1930s adobe and my kitchen is vintage all the way. Its VERY small and galley style. I have to be very efficient while cooking for more than two people. I have this incredible old-fashioned Kenmore stove, gas of course, which I love! I would feel so lost in a huge kitchen and having to run from end to end. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • The house I lived in when I was pregnant was a 1920s Spanish Mission Revival house here in San Diego and it had been re-habbed but I know what it would have been like had it not b/c other houses in the area were still circa 1960s. Can’t imagine 1930s! :)

  27. My kitchen is super tiny and doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as yours. Thankfully, it’s an apartment, so when I move out to find a house of my own I can be as picky as I want to be about the kitchen, because I totally need more space!

  28. We just moved and this new kitchen is smaller but it is square, which I prefer as there’s more counter space. The cupboard space is lacking a little and we’re feeling that but I love the fact that there’s more counters for me to spread out on when I cook!

    I love your kitchen btw, it’s gorgeous, and I love how it looks onto the lounge – must be great for entertaining!

  29. Your kitchen and living room are gorgeous! Thanks for the sneak peak. I LOVE seeing people’s homes.
    Our kitchen is a great size, but I would LOVE more storage. And it’s pretty BORING! Boring oak cabinets, white corian countertops, and white appliances. Booooring! When we moved in I figured we’d replace countertops, stain cabinets, and get stainless steel appliances. Who was I kidding? LOL!

  30. My kitchen is pretty big, especially for the size of my house. It is more on the modern side, with white cupboards, and black counter tops.

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