Natural Energy & Protein Drinks Giveaway

I recently received these CalNaturale Svelte Sustained Energy Protein Drinks

“Dedicated to providing great taste, positive nutrition and increased vitality through pure and simple ingredients, CalNaturale Svelte is a non-dairy, gluten-free natural alternative to other protein shakes currently in the marketplace. Made with organic and all-natural ingredients, CalNaturale Svelte shakes provide naturally sustained energy through a unique blend of certified organic complex carbohydrates, including rice syrup solids and inulin, high fiber and a substantial amount of protein. CalNaturale Svelte beverages are available in four flavors including Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cappuccino and Spiced Chai, and are packaged in recyclable Tetra Prisma containers.”

Great flavors that contain 16 grams of protein


are non-dairy

and gluten free

use natural ingredients

Does that sound good to you?

Thought it might.

One lucky reader will win one of each of the four flavors of CalNatural Svelte.

To Enter the Giveaway:

1. What is your favorite energy or protein drink (or energy/protein bar)?


What are your favorite ways to incorporate protein into your diet?

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Contest ends Saturday, November 12, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen.

Open to Continental U.S. Residents only

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  1. I’ve seen these drinks at WF but have never tried them!

    I’m a fan of PureFit bars for protein snacks.

  2. I like a morning smoothie made with a protein powder, soy milk, and frozen blueberries to boost my protein for the day.

  3. I am usually an iced coffee girl for energy, but these seem interesting to try!

  4. I just love good old coffee to perk me up.

  5. Mmm. I love edamame! Seriously, you probably shouldn’t eat it as much as I do. ;)

  6. I love those, but they’re some what expensive. My other favorite brand is probably about time whey or sun warrior.

  7. Morning smoothies or a post workout smoothie with protein! or protein pancakes.

  8. I eat a lot of cottage cheese. With cinnamon and Equal. I know, I know, naughty me with the artificial stuff…

  9. These look awesome! I try to get a lot of protein into my diet- mostly through greek yogurt, eggs, beans, sunwarrior protein and making my own protein bars at home- which are sometimes a total train wreck… :)

  10. I adore these! Chocolate is my favorite. Can’t say I adore the price tag, though ;)

    If I’m ever on vacation or something and need extra protein, I’ll usually have a Clif Builder’s Bar. Super-sugary, but good in a pinch.

  11. Lunas White Chocolate Macadamia is my FAV bar right now!

  12. Pingback: Dusted Off

  13. The Chocolate covered coconut Luna bar is my favorite right now!

  14. Yogurt and nuts are my favorite ways to get protein in my diet. Especially yogurt with peanut butter or almond butter!

  15. Protein? Gimme that greek yogurt! So thick and creamy that I just can’t get enough :)

  16. My favorite protein sources are greek yogurt and NUT BUTTER. I could probably survive off nut butter.

  17. My favorite way to incoroperate protein is through nut butters. I have been digging into peanut butter banana oatmeal for the last month or so almost every morning and I can’t get enough of it!

    I would LOVE to try the chocolate flavor. I am on a high protein diet and I am having trouble meeting the quotas my nutritionist has set for me… I love chocolate after dinner, so the chocolate flavor before bed as a “dessert” of sorts would work out great! I’ve tried other protein drink brands but I didn’t care for them too terribly much, so I would love to try something new to try and help get me back to speed.

  18. legumes! Also, I love me some oats.

    Those drinks sound great!!

  19. The Tetra pak immediately reminded me of Vita Coco coconut water, which is my go-to for an energy/workout boosting beverage. I don’t drink a lot of energy drinks. When I work out (spin classes specifically) I reach for Powerade Zero. Boring…but it’s more exciting than water. As far as energy bars go…Clif Bar! All the way. Luna is great too, if I need something lighter, but when I need substantial energy and protein to fuel my crazy workouts, Clif Bars get the job done. I always have nice things to say about fruit to fuel workouts, but I’d rather my raisins and cranberries be smashed into my Clif Bar with walnuts, almonds, oats, and dates! I’d love to try these protein drinks—-the flavors and stats sound awesome!

  20. I rely on nuts and beans! And Lara bars, if I’m on the go

  21. I try to make sure I incorporate protein in every meal somehow, because I sometime struggle to get enough. One of my favorite ways to do that is to make a tea latte with soymilk!

  22. Peanut butter,even better paired with chocolate! :), grilled chicken, turkey, almonds. These drinks look tasty and cute packaging too!

  23. ~I FB Liked you~

  24. Liked Calnaturale too :)

  25. I enjoy bars more than shakes, and my favorites include Clif and Luna bars. Great giveaway!

  26. I love Boku Protein Powder. As a gluten and dairy-free college student and athlete, I find it’s hard to incorporate substantial amounts of protein into my diet. I mix it into oatmeal after especially grueling morning practices, or make a shake with half a frozen banana and some coconut milk.

    I would love to snag a few CalNaturale Svelte protein drinks because they would be perfect to refuel on the go when I’m rushing from morning practice to my 8:30 Chemistry class!

  27. I keep up my protein with tofu and legumes! There aren’t so many options in college dining halls but I try to make sure I get a variety =)

  28. Coconut water is my go-to drink for energy and hydration.

  29. My easy way to get protien into my diet is… Add a able spoon f sun warrior to mybcoffee and make it a mocha, sprinkle some sun warrior on my oatmeal, even ontop of my sweet potato… Suprisingly yummy!

  30. I have Greek yogurt for a snack everyday to help get some protein into my diet!

  31. I like you on facebook!

  32. I like Cal Naturale on facebook!

  33. Following you on Instagram!

  34. my favorite ways to include protein in my diet are beans, lentils, quinoa, etc. sometimes a protein bar sneaks in too.

  35. i love sunwarrior vanilla in all of my smoothies for protein as well as beans and plant protein sources. these drinks look great!

  36. follow on pinterest and repinned.

  37. also follow on instagram!

  38. Almond butter is my favorite way to get protein in my diet. I could eat that stuff all day long! ;) I also use pea protein for post workout shakes.

  39. I “like” you on Facebook. :)

  40. I usually mix soy protein powder in with my oatmeal in the morning. And, I recently found out you can cook tempeh and tofu in the microwave and I have been all over that, gotta be creative when you live in a dorm.

  41. greek yogurt is my current go-to in terms of adding protein when needed :)

  42. I don’t eat too many processed or soy-containing energy bars, but I do like Larabars for a snack or dessert (especially the chocolate peanut butter one, mmmm).

  43. Love these drinks! and also love Luna and Lara bars!

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