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Even though there was no U.S. Mail service on Friday because of Veteran’s Day, UPS was still working and my iHerb arrived containing some essentials.

Liquid Vanilla Stevia Drops

5 pounds of stevia in bulk




If you need to order protein powder, probiotics, stevia, bulk herbs and spices, nutritional yeast, body wash, supplements, vitamins and so many other health and beauty products and food items, I always recommend iHerb.  They’re usually at least 30% cheaper than retail and sometimes about 50% off retail.  Theres free shipping on all orders over $40.

Use code AVE630 to save $5 on your order.

So far I’ve had a nice weekend and was productive in the kitchen.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I made something with cranberries…

…And mango

And I had to stop myself from eating most of it because I’ve been waiting for good natural lighting and sunlight in order to get some decent photos.

But we’ve had overcast skies or rain for two days which has put a monkey wrench into food photography.

And in the meantime I’ve eaten about a third of the recipe.  Hope the sun comes out tomorrow or I’ll be making another batch.

Good thing I have other things to choose from for nibbling.

I ordered up some Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu

And a Samoas Bar from my freezer stash.


1. What have you ordered up lately? 

Any good food?  Online purchases?

I’d like to order up some time with friends, time with a few magazines, and I’d gladly order up a laundry and dishes-doing fairy.

2. Anything fun and exciting going on for you this weekend?

Skylar has been wanting to practice bike riding on her new bike but it’s been raining and miserable.   We’ve been ordering up some Barney DVD’s and cranberries.  That’s about as exciting as we’ve gotten.

Enjoy your weekend!

44 comments on “Order Up”

  1. I love iherb ! The shipping is always super fast too!

    I need to get more stevia drops! Love those!

    Hope your Sunday is great! Skylar is SO adorable on her new bike! Hope she is enjoying it!


  2. I need to order some stuff! I seem to always put an order together and then walk away and forget to actually place the order. Oh mango and cranberry sound like such a festively delicious treat! YUM!

  3. I was just checking out iHerb for the first time because I am in desperate need of some protein powder! I did just get my monthly shipment of Chia Seeds from Amazon!

  4. IHerb…had never heard of them – do they sell bulk peanut butter? That’s what I need to purchase next.

  5. Just ordered a ton of asian food online. I love those shiritaki noodles. And some Christmas presents….I’ve been an online shopping fool lately.

    I’ve got a couple new recipes that I made this weekend and I’ve been knitting since the weather here hasn’t been great. Now, sadly, the sun is out and I have to work. Blerg.

  6. iHerb is great, especially for us in the UK who cannot get hold of things like Stevia.

  7. Nice loot delivery! <3 NuNaturals, I need to order more soon! And some good probiotics. I am guessing that brand is good??

    Last night, I ordered another spiralizer even though I haven't used the one I got almost a year ago yet. It was like 66% off on Amazon and another blogger was selling it, so I gave them some Amazon biz; they just adopted two babies from Ethiopia, they so deserve it. :)

    • Yes I really like those probiotics. I feel like they work (some probiotics are ‘dead’…no living healthy bacteria in them) and they don’t upset my stomach & they are not ridic expensive. There was a brand I bought once from my naturopath that was like $100 for a one month supply…needless to say, I only bought one month’s worth.

  8. i just started that exact same probiotic…. my acupuncturist swears by it.

    i ordered plate to pixel last week and it just arrived yesterday. i can’t wait to dive in!

  9. On my last iherb order I screwed up and accidentally ordered the NuNaturals liquid stevia without the vanilla flavor. It’s still a high-quality stevia, but not as good as the vanilla flavor. (Yes, I remembered to use your link. Whoopie, another couple of quarters for you!)

  10. Cranberries and mango together? Yes please :)

  11. The only thing I have ordered is Avon :) I would love to try iHerb, many people rave about it and l love saving money!

  12. Hi Averie, I love your blog! This week I’m headed back to the states for a visit (I live in Istanbul) and am stocking up on anything and everything health-food oriented. Can’t beat nyc for all that!

  13. I hadn’t heard of iHerb until you mentioned it before. I love getting the vanilla Stevia, it makes an awesome addition to my smoothies.

  14. oh my gosh…the mango/cranberry mixture made me salivate. Looks gorgeous!

    I still have to try your peanut baked tofu. your mango ginger tofu certainly didn’t steer me wrong!

  15. The combination of cranberries and mangoes is a really great idea. I never imagined that combination before but now it seems so obvious when you put them together.

    I haven’t ordered much these days unless you count plane tickets home for the holidays.

  16. Hi Averie,

    I just got a vitamix today (woo hoo!) Any tips or tricks/ info you wish you had figured out sooner with your experience? Also, did you ever make babyfood with it?


    • Don’t be afraid to blend at levels 7 thru 10. Seems fast and crazy but do it anyway. When blending things like raw dough balls or thick batters, blend at higher speeds. Blending lower can burn the motor out. When you hear it struggling, blend higher, not slower, even tho that seems counter-intuitive.

      Baby food…yes, anything and everything you can blend can pretty much become baby food.

  17. I just ordered vitamins from iHerb!!! So much more economical!

  18. I just ordered a couple of pairs of Gap leggings online… so exciting, I know. I wish I could order up a margarita right about now!

  19. I order from iHerb at least 2 times per month. I, too, order NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia, probiotics, and also other vitamins when I run out! LOVE them. They save me a ton of money!

  20. Got my lipstick from Mac today so I’m happy and also had a MAJOR score on a great “winter” coat. Love a good sale!

  21. I’m still going on the NuNaturals and Nooch I ordered from iHerb a few months back. I have to be abstemious because it feels a bit naughty to order such things internationally, but I can’t get them here!

  22. Too funny, my purchases from vitacost.com were basically the same this week! Love ordering things online!

  23. Hmmm never been to iherb, but I’ll check it out. I wonder if they ship to Canada?

    Ok, this stevia looks delish and I must try!!

    Hahahah food pics in rainy Vancouver all winter would not be good for you ;)


  24. Cranberry and Mango??? What a fantastic flavor combo. I like the flavor not texture of mango so this would work well in my book – perhaps with that tofu. I ordered more shoes from DSW and those arrived the other day. Love that place ;-)

  25. Cranberry and mango sound wonderful together. Lots of salads and vegan Mac and cheese here, perfect after a busy weekend. I just stocked up on stevia from Amazon too. Yuck, sorry about your weather!

  26. I ordered the hubby some Christmas gifts recently :-) I am trying to beat him home everyday so he doesn’t get the mail before me!

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  28. I also order stevia in bulk, and the same exact kind in fact :)

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