Peeks & Likes

Here are a few peeks and things I’ve been up to the past day or so.  All recipes will be posted eventually.  Probably sooner rather than later.

1. The smell of bread baking.  Or donut “bread” baking.  Either way, it’s been scent-terrific around here.  <– Cheesy humor tends to happens after hours in the kitchen followed with two hours of photography.

2. Cranberry + Mango + Orange = Lots of Vitamin C and really tasty.

This is my next post, stay tuned.  I’m almost finished typing it.


3. A peek into the rain and cloudy skies which has killed food photography the past few days.  It’s been challenging.  Good thing for Lightroom.

Not to mention my shoes are all wet and muddy from running through puddles despite trying to avoid them.  I don’t like rain or dreary weather.  Let’s keep it 78F and sunny year round and I’ll be very happy.  For my psyche,  my running, and my photography, Sunshine = Win.

4. The Rosemary Chipotle Roasted Almonds were a win.

Scott and others accepted them which made me a happy camper.

5. I’ve also had chocolate on the brain.  And if you could peek into my stomach, you’d see I’ve been liking the last batch of Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies that I made.


1. What are some peeks or likes in your life the past few days?

2. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Time with Skylar and buying her a new bike and seeing her joy was the best thing for me.

Best food was one of these cookies that I pulled out of my freezer stash.

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  1. Sounds like all great stuff! And congrats on getting them accepted :)
    Not to be a downer but if you were to peek into my life you would see a little ball of stress this week. BUT on a positive note I leave for Europe in 4 days and couldn’t be more excited or happy! Just have to push through this week.

  2. Looking forward to that recipe. Might be a good addition to my chipotle cranberry as gift giving for those who don’t like as much heat.

  3. Oh dear, those cookies look delicious! What great foods to be eating!

  4. excited about your cranberry mango recipe! i have frozen mango and plenty of cranberries, and love making quick sauces. that flavor combo sounds delicious!

  5. Totally checking out that almond recipe! Perfect for the holidays? I think so! Lots of travel (as you saw) for us this weekend. Baked tons of pumpkin bars today to send as thank yous to lots o people.

  6. I need some of those cookies…and savory donuts! YUM!

  7. I have chocolate on the brain too… great minds think alike, eh? I babysat my friends toddlers all weekend… sleep never felt so good last night. xx

  8. my major peek these past few days is my sweet potato cupcakes. had to stash the remaining 12 in the freezer today… it was getting out of hand (lord know what you would have seen had you looked in my stomach!)

    the weather has been rainy here as well… cloudy, dark skies. yuck!

  9. I am excited to see the upcoming recipes, ESPECIALLY those donut breads!! And I feel your pain, it rains all the time here in Washington… I just want a little more sun!

  10. I’m loving the savory things coming out of your kitchen lately. :-)

  11. Can’t wait for these recipes :-) It’s been gray here too, and it gets dark SO early– it’s killing my photography!!

  12. My daughter in SD called to complain about the rain, too! (A true San Diegan). I just bought a Wilton Donut pan and I cannot wait to try your donut recipes — I’m thinking Thanksgiving morning breakfast. We are in the Gulf Coast, on our way to New Orleans to celebrate my husband’s birthday. When we lived in SD we’d head up to Laguna or Huntington Beach, sometimes Vegas to celebrate. Miss all of the west! Wishing you blue skies!

  13. Those last chocolate cookies look SO good! I’ve got a big glass of milk…but sadly, no cookies. :(

  14. Oh man, I was acting all weekend, so that was the best thing from the weekend. Nothing like doing what I love. Well, going out Friday night with my guy and eating truffle mac n cheese was pretty damn spiffy too…

  15. Best thing of the weekend was sitting on my couch knitting while watching Arrested Develpment. I paid for it in class today and this morning when I was dead tired, but it was great in the moment. Can’t wait to see your photos of these recipes!

  16. OMG those cookies look delish. Best thing I ate over the weekend … I was going to say chocolate, but actually my arugula is still producing like crazy and it’s my favorite, even ahead of chocolate.

  17. Yum those cookies look amazing, can’t wait to see the Cranberry, Mango, Orange recipe.
    The peaks over the last couple of days for me are a trip to NYC with my hubby for a gallery show of our work and coming home a little early for a relaxing Sunday at home, which we desperately needed.
    Some of my favorite meals are arepas I had in Brooklyn on Friday at Caracas and tonight I made gluten-free pasta with chive pesto and arugula. So good.

  18. Um yeah, I have had serious chocolate on the brain. Raw cacao powder has been filling up my smoothies like crazy!

  19. I’m with you on the sun! I got some vitamin D to ward off seasonal depression (and, you know, vitamin deficiency), but the whole sun-setting-at-4:30PM thing is really getting to me and my photography!

  20. Ooh flourless cookies…yummm…and that chutney looks amazing too!

  21. I totally agree with you about the weather thing- totally kills my motivation to do anything! And hello? This is California. The Golden State. Get with it.

    Your bread looks delicious, as do the flourless cookies- I made a batch of flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies last weekend, and literally had to fend off cookie attackers! Looking forward to trying another batch with your recipe…
    As for the best thing I ate this weekend: tried a new restaurant with a friend and got an amazing Vegetarian Panini, with goat cheese, artichoke hearts, peppers and pesto. Yumm…the place was Thanks for the great posts!

  22. Great list, makes me wish I had more time in the kitchen! And I could go for some chocolate now. Peaks for me have been recipes from Mama Pea’s book I’ve been trying.

  23. The best thing that I did over the weekend was visit with my family at breakfast this morning. I was happy to see my nephew for the first time in a few weeks – I missed him so much.

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