Santa’s Helper

On Monday I met up with my friend Amber for coffee and chit chat.

It had been far too long since our last meetup and it was fun to catch up with her and hear about what’s going on in her world and squeeze in a little girltalk.

Thanksgiving Week will only get more hectic with each passing day and Scott, Skylar, and I are leaving next week.

So it was Monday or….2012.

I’m glad we drank coffee and shot the breeze for an hour or so


And then it was off to Target to return a bag.  I bought it in the hopes of using it to transport my Macbook and camera.

For $30 bucks the Target bag was a nice find, and would have saved me quite a bit compared to many other bags I’ve seen, but after I got it home and tried to put my items in it, there was no way were they going to fit.

If all you have is a laptop, it would work and there’s a protected area for your laptop inside it making it a nice little find.  Just not for me.

I have a bag coming that I ordered online.  I hope it works or I’ll be transporting my electronics in a reusable cloth grocery bag.  That’s about the only thing that’s roomy enough to hold them both together.

While I was at Target, I played Santa’s Little Helper.  Mrs. Claus, or shall I say that I, will be transporting these art supplies in a suitcase all the way to Aruba.  Skylar loves making artwork and doing little art projects and this should be enough Crayola to keep her busy until 2017 I am thinking.  Art supplies were on her Christmas List so Santa’s Helper had to make sure those made it onto the sleigh.

And Santa’s Helper wanted fuzzy socks and gum.  Both gum flavors are highly recommend: Orange Creme Pop and Strawberry Shortcake are two faves.

For dinner, Santa’s Helper made a batch of Salsa Verde Pepperjack Tofu (Microwave & Vegan) in an effort to keep dinner very low key and easy since I’ll be spending ample time in the kitchen come Wednesday and Thursday.


1. How far along are you on your holiday shopping?  Who do you have to buy for? 

I am done!

Not exchanging gifts with Scott or with our extended families.  We just Skylar to buy for and that’s a great feeling.  Other than maybe a doll or Barbie or something easy like that, I’m pretty much done with her, too.

2. Do you have any cherished gift memories from childhood that either your parents, relatives, or Santa brought you?

Barbie Dream House, Easy Bake Oven (I wanted one but never got one), Rubik’s Cube, Nintendo and Super Mario Brothers, puzzles, Esprit clothes, Guess Jeans, Cabbage Patch Dolls, I have plenty of gift memories straight outta 1984.

Thanks for the Reusable Bamboo Drink Bottle Giveaway entries!


  1. Cute bag. Too bad it didn’t work. I hate when that happens. I haven’t bought anything except plane tickets for all four of us to go to NY. I need a hotel room…now! We are only getting the boys a few small things since we are going on a family trip oh and they get a little cash to spend too.

  2. Catching up over coffee is theee best. Target is amazing, except I always spend WAY more than I intend to. I haven’t even started christmas shopping! That is awesome that you are done :D

  3. Almost done! I made a commitment that all our gifts this year would support families who are adopting…so far soo good!

  4. You can’t go wrong with fuzzy socks in my book! I am SO behind. As in I haven’t even started thinking about gifts. Well, for niece and nephew, I have a good idea. Other than that….oops.

  5. I hope to get a lot accomplished on black friday!

  6. I only just started thinking about holiday gifts. I have a lot fewer people to buy for this year—basically my sister and my parents this time around. Kudos to you for being done! That is so awesome.

    When I was a kid, my parents used to give my sister and I a pair of PJs every Christmas Eve. They seriously did that until I went away to college. It was really cute and it makes me smile to think of that.

  7. I love those fuzzy socks! I have a couple pairs that I wear all the time (much to visiting friends’ amusement) but they are seriously the best gift.

    Um… I haven’t started on my holiday shopping. I think I might make most of it, but… I haven’t started on that yet, either!

  8. i have done nothing in terms of holiday shopping, aside from making my own list!

    our tradition growing up was the stockings… we had presents under the tree, but the real good stuff was in the stockings and we always saved those for last!

  9. I live in those kinds of socks. I have about 5 pair of them, but they are starting to get worn on the bottom. I need a Target run, clearly!

  10. I am so far from done I am queasy.

    I love fighting everyone for the last slice of applesauce cake. It’s delicious!

  11. One of my most cherished gifts growing up was an American Girl doll (Molly) and her entire set (clothes, props, all kinds of fun stuff). I had obsessed over her in the catalog for months prior, enough to know that i was missing the yo-yo from her Christmas set and the letter from her dad in her camp set. My parents were amazed that I knew that and called the company who shipped them to us after the fact. My niece now has all the stuff. :)

  12. progress on holiday shopping? i was very successful with purchasing all of my holiday gifts at!!! (everything except for my father’s and best male friend’s presents). very clean, healthy, happy, shopping! and i also recommend the kate spade brown leather laptop bag! my MacBook Pro fits perfectly into it! x

  13. I have done very, very little holiday shopping, even though I had wanted to start in October! Oh well…maybe next year! I am trying to keep things simple this year too…small gift for the husband and not going overboard on family either!

  14. Fun post! I have a long, long way to go on my Christmas shopping! :)

  15. Good job, Mrs. Clause! SKylar will love everything. I haven’t even started holiday shopping, but I really should. Oh, and for Christmas… when I was twleve I asked Santa for a kitchen torch. And I got it.

    I do try not to be a nerd. ;)

  16. I haven’t started any shopping! I am such a last minute gal with that stuff, yes I’m out on Christmas Eve scrounging together things. But all of my friends we do a secret santa so that saves a lot of effort for all of us! That’s so great that Skylar is creative so young, i remember asking for jelly pens and milky pens growing up. And American girl dolls- loved them so much.

  17. i do holiday baking, so I haven’t started any of that this early. Although at some point I do need to figure out what exactly I’m going to make. And those Extra dessert delights are so good! I think my favorite is the key lime pie, but the orange creamsicle is a close second.

  18. Oh goodness, I’ve barely started my shopping! I got a few small presents for the boyfriend but that’s it. Luckily I buy for my immediate family, boyfriend, and one cousin (we have a lot to do a swap), so not too much!

  19. I’ve barely started shopping too, I have a list though! Mainly it’s just hubby and nieces and nephews since we have a no money spending or clutter arrangement with my family.

  20. I am about halfway done my shopping. I got my parents a Kindle yesterday which I am so excited about. It’s something that they should love but would never buy on their own. One of my best gifts growing up was my pink and purple island cruiser bike. And my Fisher Price dollhouse.

  21. Yikes I haven’t even started shopping yet – definitely bad considering a lot of people I am buying for are overseas!

  22. Happy thanksgiving and safe travels! I hope the bag works for you–it really matters to have the right gear to tote your gear… I love that my netbook fits in a lumbar pack…

  23. I will say this approximately 1,909,020 times before y’all actually leave next week, but– I am SO jealous!!!!! :-)

  24. Ha, I wanted an Easy Bake Oven too, and never got one. My mom said, “If you want to bake, you don’t need a toy. We have a kitchen.” And to her credit, I was always welcome in the kitchen growing up.

    • THAT is exactly!!! what my mom said!!!!! We have a kitchen. And also, one less thing to clean up, deal with, break, etc. As a mom now, I also know why my mom wasn’t keen on fingerpainting or glitter art projects either back in the day :)

  25. I haven’t done much holiday shopping yet … but I will start on December 1st. I have to buy for quite a few people, but I love to Christmas shop so I am really looking forward to it.

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