Spinach & Artichoke Dip

I love spinach and artichoke dip.

I love condiments of all kinds, though.   Dips, spreads, dressing, ketchup, mustard, sauces, you name it, I am that person that not only asks for extra, I need extra of the extra.

And when it comes to things like nut butter, butter, frosting, glazes, or really anything that is supposed to be an accompaniment to the actual main dish, I am usually more interested in the add-on than the main dish itself.  Best fifty cents ever spent is on extra frosting.

Spinach and artichoke dip one of those items that I relish.  Every dippy happy second of it.

Most people like using a little dip on their bread or crackers, pretzels, veggie wedges, or whatever crudite they’re using.


For me, the dip is the star.  I like to pile it on thick and high.  I want each bite to be coated with maximum dippage.

Ahhh, memories of Caramel Pumpkin Whip Dip come back to me.

Finger lickin’ good Ladle lickin’ good.

This dip is another 15 second special.  I won’t even call it a recipe.  It’s just..a quickie.

One thing about most dips, spreads, and dressings is that they can be a bit deadly for the waistline.   Have you read serving sizes and nutritional labels?  The ole two tablespoons of dip for 100 calories  <– That’s one cracker’s worth of dip for me.

It’s possible to make this as a low-cal or low-fat dip by using lighter versions of the ingredients or by using fat free ingredients.  To each her own on this, I’m just providing options.

Not a consideration for everyone but for some people it can be helpful to have options especially around the holidays when there are so many great things to try at all the holiday parties.  A nibble here, a bite there, four holiday parties in one weekend later.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

The only party I had recently was going to town on this dip.



Spinach & Artichoke Dip (vegan, gluten free, with reduced fat & fat free options)

3/4 c spinach (I used frozen and this is after draining it and squeezing it tight)

3/4 c artichokes (I used Trader Joe’s frozen artichoke hearts that I thawed, squeezed tight, and diced.  If you have a TJ’s, look for these.  They are just frozen artichoke hearts in a bag – no salt, water, oil, garlic, spices.  Very handy in other recipes, too)

1/3 c mayonnaise or sour cream (Vegenaise, Miracle Whip, Hellman’s, etc. or sour cream)

1/4 c cream cheese (Tofutti, Philly, etc.)

1/3 c shredded cheese (Pepperjack, ricotta, mozzerella, Daiya, Parmesan, no/lowfat cheese, etc.)

Black Pepper to taste

Optional Seasonings to taste: Salt, Garlic, Onion Powder, Cayenne, Chili Powder, Curry, Red Pepper Flakes, seasoning blends such as  Mrs. Dash blends, etc.

Directions:  Combine thawed (or fresh) spinach and artichokes (diced) in a bowl.

In another bowl, combine all remaining ingredients and stir.  Pour white mixture over the spinach and artichokes, stir, and serve.  Refrigerate leftovers for a few days; use common sense.

Optional tweaks:

Make this as a hot dip by baking in ramekins or a small baking dish for about 20 minutes at 350F or until bubbling/browned.   Top with cheese on the top in the last 5 minutes or so of baking or broil for a cheesy gooey top layer.

Yields approximately 1 1/2 cups dip.  Double or triple the recipe if making for a party or crowd.


Store bought dips are nice and Trader Joe’s does have some awesome pre-made dips, but I like that I was able to control the ingredients in this dip.  I also made it vegan and without any added salt, garlic, or onions.  Not a fan of those and omitted them.

I challenge anyone who says they don’t like spinach not to like it when it’s in dip form.  Take that, Popeye.

And the artichokes give a great texture and chew to the dip.  I like my veggie dips and salsas chunky and because I only very roughly diced the artichokes, I really enjoyed those big artichoke hearts.  They were like buried treasures, but dice your artichokes finer if you don’t like as much chunky texture.

In less than 60 seconds you can get dippy which is the best part.

If you’re looking for other quick dips and spreads, you can try 4 ingredient hummus (vegan, gluten free)

Or Cheater’s Guacaomole

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Katie November 3, 2011 at 8:37 am

Almost missed out on this one!

I would LOVE the milk frother. Instant lattes, please!

Congrats, Katie!


1. Do you like spinach and artichoke dip?  Hot or cold?  Favorite recipe?

I love hot spinach and artichoke dip with cheese that’s been melted under the broiler, too.  Mmmm, good.

As I said in the recipe section, you could bake this dip, and then top it with a handful of cheese before finishing it off under the broiler for a few minutes.

2. Do you like to pile your dips on thick?  Are you a double-dipper?

I am a piler, yes.  Love maximum dippage per bite.

But I not a double dipper.   I’ve actually seen people do this at parties and always do a double take.  And try to pretend I didn’t see it.

TGIF and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Looks delicious! I’m exactly like you: the more dip, the better! I do double dip when it’s just me, but NEVER when I’m sharing. I think it’s gross and rude to the other people. Especially with chocolate fountains.

  2. double dipping -> cue the seinfeld episode!
    i’m not a dip fan. can’t say i’ve ever had spinach + artichoke, for example. i should expand my horizons!
    happy friday!

  3. Spinach and Artichoke dip is such a classic! It will never get old.

  4. Oh wow, that looks amazing. And I love that I can make it vegan.

  5. yum, that looks soooo good! love when u give vegan options :)
    I am a piler all right ;)

  6. I am not a double dipper at parties… but you better believe I stick both ends of my carrot stick in the dip when I’m in my own house:) I totally agree with liking more dip that whatever you are dipping. I always end up eating a whole bowl of salsa at restaurants and only like 5 chips.

  7. This is good for those who are vegetarian it good for them to eat and it looks delicious..I would recommend this to my mom..Thanks for sharing..

  8. I am also a huge dip, spread, condiment fan. I love spinach artichoke dip – prefer hot but really will eat it any old way you give it too me – unless it’s overloaded with raw onions. And I double and triple dip ;-)

  9. I’m a big dipper, too. In fact, I tend to use dips as sandwich fillings so I can get maximum dip exposure. I have to admit to double dipping at home, when no one can see and no one can get offended!

  10. I am a HUGE dip/sauce fan. Huge. And spinach artichoke is one of my favorites! I make mine with cauliflower instead of the dairy base, out of necessity and also because I like it better. But I eat it with a spoon. I don’t need anything getting in my way f that sauce. :) It’s also great with sliced bell peppers, etc.

    I don’t double dip, but I’ve read that if you eat dips at a party, you might as well assume others are and that you are sharing germs. I usually put some dip on a plate, then I can double dip to my hearts content. I do double (and triple) dip at home. You do not want to eat out of my nut butter/salsa/jam jars!

  11. Double-dipper at home, never at parties.
    I don’t fret about the calories in the dip, but what I dip in it. As long as I stick to veggies and avoid the pretzels and crackers, I can keep the quantities under control.
    My favorite spinach and artichoke dips are the ones made by anyone other than me.

  12. I love to make spinach dip (cold) and serve it in a big breadbowl — it is always a hit at parties. I usually just buy those powder ranch packets and use the recipe on the back of them.

    I’m a double dipper if I’m with family — they all do it and no one cares. At a wedding/party/public place? No way.

  13. I love a good spinach and artichoke dip, but like you, my dip to chip ratio is heavily in favor of the dip. :) Thank you for providing low-fat/vegan ingredient alternatives!

  14. I love warm and gooey spinach dip and the more dip per chip the better.

    I would never double dip with anyone else except my boyfriend. We’re swapping spit anyway, so who cares? (he may not feel the same way…)

  15. I definitely make a similar version at home using low fat ingredients – fat free can be too scary. I double dip only with family! ;)

  16. I love spinach & artichoke dip but never order it when I’m out b/c it always disappoints with how greasy it usually is. You look like you got yours right though with lots of the actual veggies in there! Yum :)

  17. Oooooh, how I love spinach and artichoke dip!! Yours looks perfect!!

  18. I love spinach artichoke dip, especially when it is homemade…much better knowing what ingredients went it. This looks beautiful!

  19. I. Am. So. Making. This.

  20. This artichoke dip looks wonderful and reminds me of one my aunt used to make for every family gathering in Florida, happy times. Awesome that you included vegan options in the recipe.

    1. Yes and usually cold. I haven’t been experementing with too many recipes, but a raw hemp seed version I did came out great.
    2. Pile them on since I usually have them at parties and don’t wanna get caught double dipping. :-)

  21. whattt a savory recipe?! I might have to post something sweet just to balance you out here. In fact I did make a sweet-ish recipe this morning that I’ll be posting soon.
    I tried to make a ‘healthier’ version of spinach artichoke dip just last week in fact but it just wasn’t the same, at all. Sometimes you just need to enjoy the real deal!

  22. YESS!! thank you for this!!

    I rarely eat spinach dip because if it’s in a store or a restaurant, it’s not vegan. If I make it myself, I usually have to buy all the ingredients & then cook & bake it: until now, I’d never seen a simple recipe for it. I LOVE how easy this is, & I actually have all the ingredients in my fridge. I’m gonna try warming it gently in a pot before serving, because I love warm spinach dip!! :)

  23. you just made my husband’s night. I am going out with friends tomorrow, and will leave this for him. I shall send him to thank you. lol

  24. ohhhh i love spinach-artichoke dip! baked in the oven is probably my favorite way, but cold is awesome too! thanks for sharing & happy friday!!

  25. I totally love the dips the best. I stopped dipping with chips and started dipping with carrots or celery because I realized it was really the dip I wanted in the first place. Warm and bubbly spinach and artichoke dip is the best. Yum!

  26. mmm! Spinach & artichoke dip! It’s been a while since I’ve had this, might just have to make some. Thanks for the recipe and reminder :)
    I’m not really a piler, but I don’t want to just barely have my dipper coated in the dip either. So halfway, I guess.
    I do double dip sometimes, but not often. Double dipping doesn’t bother me as much as it used to because Mythbusters disproved it as the germ-spreading grossness we all were taught. But that ingrained wives tale doesn’t disappear easily, so I still have to remind myself of the science behind the busted myth whenever I see someone else double dipping!
    Here’s the link to their results of the test (it’s the last myth on that page): http://mythbustersresults.com/banana-slip-double-dip

  27. Yummy! I have the recipe for a baked version of spinach artichoke dip. It has alfredo sauce, cream cheese, and shredded cheese. It is delicious, but definitely high in calories. I’m glad you shared with us a version that can be vegan or at least lower fat. : )

    I added a link to your blog to my Follow Friday recommendations today. Thanks!

  28. I love great dips. Anything that comes with a good dip is just amazing. Thank you for sharing this healthy foods in your blog, you just earned another follower here.

  29. Love spinach and artichoke dip!

  30. Ok, girl, I’m making this and eating every stinking drop of it. YUM! I love dips. I could have a variety of dips and tons of veggies and cracker and be one happy girl!!!

    Spinach dip is amazing to me warm and cold…swoon.

    Thanks doll!!


  31. Averie – your pictures get better and better by the day! Not saying they weren’t good before, but I can see improvements with each of your shots. Not that I’m the expert, but I thought I would tell you I notice your hard work :) I’ve never had spinach dip before!! I worked at a restaurant for 5 years and all they had was spin-dip for an appetizer. I guess I saw too much of it going out of the kitchen to ever be interested in eating it!

    • Thanks, Leanne, for this sweet comment. I took these pics a couple weeks ago and wasn’t thrilled with them..just sort of meh. Only because mushy food/comfort food is SO hard to get right as well as white food. And I had late afternoon lighting…it was a trifect of obstacles so thank you, very much, for the kind words and that you NOTICE.

      Your photography is gorgeous and continues to evolve too…and it’s beautiful to watch!!

  32. I def pile my dips thick! I love guac and salsa and anything cheesy. I’ve never made spinach and artichoke dip at home, I always thought it was a bit more labor intensive. So glad to find your recipe! I will make a trip to TJs this weekend and look for the frozen artichokes :)

  33. Made this and it’s in the oven right now! My whole house smells DIVINE. I used homemade cashew sour cream in place of the cream cheese and added some garlic, onion, and smoked paprika (our faves!). I think I will also try your suggestion of sprinkling some cheese on top and broiling for a few minutes at the end. Cannot wait to dig into this when it’s finished!

    Omigosh, I have seen people do the double-dip thing at parties too. UGH. I’m not a germaphobe, I don’t think, but that is just gross, imo. I will do it but only if I am alone and the only one eating out of a container.

    Thanks for the groovy recipe, awesome lady! :)

    • well that was FAST that you already made it! your homemade cashew sour cream sounds great…and yes the cheese topping and broil it up…mmm, good stuff. LMK how it turns out!

    • LOL it was fast! One of those things that I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand and it sounded SO good for this chilly fall day up here in the mountains. It did NOT disappoint. My boyfriend and I inhaled half the dish in one sitting, heh. Broiling the cheese over the top totally took it to the next level.

    • I love it when things just click like that…you have it all on hand, you see it, make it, and it works! And glad the cheese on top knocked it outta the park. Thanks for the update!!

  34. OMG thank you for the S-A dip recipe!!!! HOLY YUM BATMAN!!!

  35. LOVE spinach artichoke dip!
    And when it comes to some things I don’t even bother with a dipper. I eat spicy salsa straight out of a bowl with a spoon on a daily basis.

  36. If I’m by myself, I’ll double dip. But not where others would be offended…

    I actually prefer the ‘vehicle,’ if it’s carrots (or sometimes celery or jicama)–I can just eat straight carrots with no end..no lie!

  37. I love any kind of dip, and always pile it on thick.

    I only double dip if I am with the hubby or close friends who don’t care. They do the same :-)

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  39. Wow, this looks so delicious! I love spinach artichoke dip and this looks like a great way to lighten it up – definitely will need to try it!

  40. Yoga and healthy food, great combo! and the dips, oh how I love great dips. This one will surely be in my list for to make dips.

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  45. I am so making this! Thanks for the recipe!

  46. The spinach-artichoke dip looks so easy–and so healthy! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!

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  50. I love spinach and artichoke dip, hot. The TJ’s frozen artichoke hearts are handy and low-cal, though the Costco ones that are canned using only canola oil are OK by me, too. I liked the way you gave so many options within this recipe.

    • I always have a bag of the frozen TJs artichokes on hand! Nothing but ‘chokes – no oil, no salt, etc which for me is generally preferred although these, yes, the jarred were perfect. I toss the frozen ones in just about anything!

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