Thursday Things

Time for a few Thursday Things.  A few eye-catching and noteworthy items this week include:

1. Casetagram.  Make an iphone case from your Instagram photos.  Holy coolness and I think I have to start designing mine.  As soon as I get our holiday card designed.

2. Lens Skins  I didn’t even know these existed.  It’s both fashionable and functional because it adds a layer of scratch protection to your lens.


3. When I was out in my neighborhood in the evening before garbage pickup day, I noticed a man with a headlamp on.  He was apparently taking his trash-can rummaging very seriously and needed to illuminate the situation.  I see lots of people dumpster diving but he was the first with a headlamp that I’ve seen.

4. Joy’s 10 Real-Talk Blog Tips.  The best and most honest set of blogging tips I’ve read in ages.  Or ever.

I have a Blogging 101 series but Joy is my hero.

5. Cultures for Health. If you want to ferment anything, this place rocks.

Cheese, yogurt, homemade kefir

Homemade Komboucha (also here, here, here)

I love playing with bacteria.  And drinking homemade komboucha

6. Also see the Happy Herbalist for komboucha making info.  If you think Alton Brown can geek out, wait til you read Eddie’s site.

7. SpaBettie turned me onto these Bakers Edge pans.  If you like extra edges, these are for you.  

She loves hers.  I don’t own one.  Yet.

8. The winner of the Coffee Giveaway is:

Lindsay @ Lindsay’s List November 7, 2011 at 5:23 pm

“Following and just tweeted!”

Congrats, Lindsay!

9. Cork Knife Set  “Worthy of the most epic tree house habitat, this craggy bark case holds a set of stainless steel cork-handled cooking knives.”

How cool!  How expensive.  But I bet they are really lightweight and they’d feel wonderful in my hands.  The cork case they come in would make a stellar photography prop.

10. Dark Rum Oatmeal Raisin Cookie time

I hope you get your rum on soon.


1. Have you seen any things lately that have you excited?  Food, products, people, places, trips?  What are your things?

2. Have you ever fermented anything?  Seen anyone rummaging through your trash cans or your neighbor’s cans?  Do you like edge pieces?

Talk to me.

Have a great day!


  1. like I said, I can’t believe you didn’t already know about the baker’s edge, with all your bars! ;)

    I um… am giving one away soon, if you want to wait… :D

    I was JUST shopping on Anthro and saw that cork knife set! It would make some pretty photos, but eh, I didn’t really like it past that! and I like a heavy knife!

    and one of my friends asked if I would use those lens skins… I think she wants to get one for me. eh…?

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Love the iPhone case, awesome idea. But I’m paranoid it’s not as touch as my Speck case! :-P And I need to check out Cultures for Health, thanks for the link!

    1. A rice cooker and gourmet foods are my main things lately. And possibly a pressure cooker.
    2. Yes, I was going kefir water for a bit, but an into cultured veggies now.

  3. i bought my kombucha culture from there!! LOVE KOMBUCHA!

  4. Heehee, my thing, if it existed , would be the opposite of the brownie edge pan because the gooey center of baked goods is my favorite part…but my Thursday thing that does exist right now is my new(factory refurbished) Kitchenaid food processor. Or perhaps the Joy the Baker podcast, which usually comes out Thursdays-she’s my hero too!

  5. That phone case looks great! I saw someone mention making magnets out of instagram photos too.

    Thanks for the link to Joy’s blog tips, I just enjoyed reading it :) I’d never come across that blog before…will have to check it out further!

  6. The first thing is the coolest ever!!! I love that idea.

  7. i love those “extra edges” pans (because yes, brownie edges are the best) and the knives. i am a big natural wood fan, and those look great.
    i spent most of yesterday christmas shopping and saw a ton of clothing items that i would love to buy, up at the mall. had the desire to clean out my closet and start fresh with all new things! i will dream on!…

  8. oh i must try that culture kit. You know me, i love cultures too! have yet to try homemade kefir. is it easy?

  9. how have i not seen this culture site? i might need to order some! did you order the kefir? Good?

  10. Those edge pans would be really good for my bean based breakfast breads… the insides bake at such a different rate that the edge pieces..

    I see people going through trash all the time now that I’m living in Boston. It makes me sad.

    Maybe the headlamp guy was looking for coupons?

  11. such cool things this week! Those skins are awesomeeee! My lenses aren’t nearly the size to warrant one but maybe someday.

    • the lens I linked is my fave lens that I use for 99% of…everything. the canon 24-70 mm f/2.8 Love that thing. I want to find a prime lens that I love for food. I feel primes are sharper but it’s hard to compete with the versatility of that zoom. Do you like your nifty fifty?

    • I was wondering how you liked your new lens (85mm if I remember correctly?)?
      I actually have a 35mm and I do love it! I haven’t switched from it in many many months now and it’s perfect for me and shooting food. I’d love to hear your thoughts on your new one!

  12. Whoa…I just got really excited.
    I need to remember to use Instagram more so I can actually have enough good pics to do that!
    Also….the edges pan.
    The fermenting site.
    The headlamp (I just matthew one for his 8th bday—he never takes it off, but I want one too)

    Christmas list just got boosted! Thanks for the ideas….they’re all awesome!

  13. My things are so boring. I want a bigger crock pot and a Shark vacuum/steam mop combo. Helllllloooooo boring stay-at-home mom. I guess I’m just keeping my wants realistic. ;-)

  14. Those lens skins are badass! Also, love that rum cookie – it looks so chewy I could scream!

  15. i’m not into brownie edges! if you could make a pan with no edges (umm… ) i’d be on board. lately i am loving my food processor blades that i dug out of the dust. for 3 years i have been using the standard one blade, not remembering i had an entire baggie of extras that came along! that’s what happens when your appliance cabinets are an unorganized mess!!

  16. I love the lens skincase!! It’s so cute. Thanks for letting me know that there is such a thing as lens skin case. I would’ve never known. :)

  17. Excited about: Soup! A few days ago it was creamy vegan potato-leek soup topped with daiya cheese and chives. Today I’m making veggie tortilla soup topped with avocado (love love love avocado) and later this weekend trying cabbage soup for the first time. Also excited about making my own cleaning products. Bought all the supplies: spray bottle, baking powder, vinegar. And finally, chocolate covered almonds. Just because they are soooo good.

  18. Woahhh! A lens skin! What a cool idea! :)

  19. Oh so cool on the lens skin. Love that. Jason has a headlamp for working around the house – very attractive ;-)

  20. I kind of love that hot pink lens skin. Only, technically my lens belongs to my husband, and he would not be happy showing up to a photo shoot with that. haha

    I really want to learn how to make homemade kombucha. It’s just way too expensive to buy from Whole Foods on a regular basis. I’m definitely going to check out your posts!

  21. Can I PLEASE have that camera skin!? I love that…I need any protection since my camera has…food all over it! haha

  22. I KNOW. I loved loved loved Joy’s tips. She’s badical.

    And I’m dying over that lasagna pan.

  23. Oh my gosh, so many cool things! I love the idea of making an iPhone case. I keep breaking mine… over and over and over.

  24. That starter website– HOW cool!!! I’ll have to tell Ryan about that– we had a sourdough starter, but had to give it up when we moved.

  25. HA! Those edge pans are pretty cool! I prefer the centre pieces, but Jason and the kids fight over the edges….

  26. I love those brownies pans, I’ve seen them in Bed Bath and Beyond so many times! I just don’t have space in my cupboard for any more pans that aren’t really multifunctional :(. So there goes my doughnut pan dreams and my cake pop pan dreams and my brownie pan dreams…!

    Love those lens skins, so chic!

  27. I HATE the edge pieces. I’ve never understood the edge pan because that’s always the worst part. The middle is always amazingly chewy and gooey and the outside is always way too crunchy to eat.

    I haven’t ever been or seen anyone dumpster diving, but I’ve heard about it. I like being clean way too much, I don’t know if I could ever fully disinfect myself.

  28. I love your finds. The bakers edge pan is a must have for me. I already have lots of recipes swirling in my head with just that pan in mind.

    I have been out of the blog world for a bit. I love the new design! Hope all is well.

  29. Loveeeee my homemade kombucha. I just made my first sprouts too! I want to try sprouted bread but I need a dehydrator! Perhaps for Christmas.

  30. love brewing my kombucha! i really should look into making kefir. just made a batch of raw Sauerkraut last week. love the good bacteria :)

  31. When I first began to be more conscious (because eating the the Standard American Diet is like being unconscious) of processed foods, I made yogurt from organic milk in my crock pot.

    I also used to make a mean sourdough and I kept my own starter for a few years.

    I’ve wanted to try kombucha for a while now. Maybe soon? I did finally find a raw coconut for the first time yesterday! : )

  32. Get out with that freaking head lamp!! Hilarious. Out of all of these I need that. I am not sure why but I need it for novelty sake! Great finds here. Who in the world invented the lens skin??
    The iPhone cover. Essential!

  33. Those edge pans totally rock!! I love the edges, but sometimes I really enjoy the gooey center brownie too! ;)

  34. Love those knives!!

  35. Ooooh! I really want that lasagna pan!!

  36. 1.) TJ´s Almond butter with flax seed. So good, I think I am going to die every time I dig into the jar.

  37. I’ve seen tons of stuff lately, but nothing specific comes to mind.

    Brew my own booch and LOVE it. It’s the best. I actually hate edges on baked goods. Well, dislike. I much prefers centers any day. So the charm of those pans is lost on me, but perfect for edgier folk ;-)

  38. What a cool knife set!

    I got excited about a bag the other day, and luckily I had a gift card for the mall I was in, and it was for just enough :-)

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