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Sometimes necessity and functionality trump cuteness.

That would be the case with this bag/backpack Even though it’s not going to win any fashionista awards, it has already won me over.

I have a big honkin’ camera with a big lens that I like to keep attached

And I have a few other lenses that I want to bring with on our trip.  Never know what lens is going to be the right one for the task at hand and the lenses do me no good at home on my countertop so I’m bringing my stash with me.


I needed a bag to transport all my items safely.

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Add in a 17 ” Macbook Pro and I needed a big bag for the task.   Most camera + computer combo bags house 13 or 15 inch computers but the 17 inch size has been much more elusive to find bags that will accommodate it.

I recently traded in my 13″ inch Macbook and bought a used 17″ Macbook Pro from a local computer store that specializes in trade-in’s and refurbished machines.  Trading in my used Macbook and buying another used one saved me so much money and I love my new-to-me-but-gently-used Macbook.  I know used electronics are not for everyone but for me, it was such a steal.

The 17″ Macbook Pro has a fabulously large screen for photo editing but the downside is that it was hard to find a bag to fit it until the backpack came into my life.

The bag/backpack is a steal at less than $80 bucks.  So many zippers, pockets, compartments and although backpacks aren’t going to make any fashion statements, with the sheer weight of the camera, lenses, chargers, and Macbook, the straps are comfortable and the weight is evenly distributed across my back rather than just on one shoulder.

Sometimes comfort trumps cuteness.  Like when you’re schlepping through an airport and have a four year old to manage as well as a purse and other carry-on’s, Barbies, snacks, and are sleep-deprived.

Being able to sling this over my back is going to be just what the travel doctor ordered.  Amanda also owns this bag, loves it, and has posted a video about it.

I have a couple other camera bags and yes, I like them:

Camera Bag from Etsy that I had custom-made


Camera Bag (vintage, re-purposed)

Yes they serve a purpose but they are much, much smaller.  They’re “day” bags or “around town” bags rather than big beasts.

But I wanted one bag to hold everything so that I didn’t have valuables in multiple different bags.  With one bag it’s less to manage and keep track of and therefore less to worry about.

Do you have a great travel bag that you just love?  A suitcase, carry-on, makeup or toiletry kit, a laptop/camera bag?  Any bags that you love?

I am always on the hunt for that ‘perfect’ bag, but it’s hard to know what’s going to work and what’s not until you try it, use it, and see how your things fit in it and just see how it goes.

The downside is that you end up with a Bag Graveyard.  You know, all those purses, clutches, duffel bags, laptop cases, suitcases in strange sizes, gym bags, makeup bags, coin purses, and so forth that you think you’re going to love.  But, in the end, you don’t or just don’t end up working out for your needs.

Those bags wind up in that corner of my closet otherwise known as the Bag Graveyard.  C’mon you have that.

Or the shoe graveyard (the shoes you had to have becuase you were going to get so much use out of them but wore them once becasue they gave you a blister).

What items are in your “Graveyard”?

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28 comments on “Camera & Computer Backpack”

  1. I agree, sometimes it’s more about function. I wish I had some fantastic piece of luggage I could brag about, but I don’t. I have a huge purse graveyard LOL

  2. That bag is worth it’s weight in gold. The last thing you want to worry about when travelling is damaging your precious equipment. When I finally upgrade to a SLR, I’ll be purchasing such a bag right along with it.

    On a side note, I own a Cannon S95 which is a point and shoot with manual function and that serves me well on trips. Several camera buffs I know use it as their travel camera for when they can’t carry around their SLR’s. The NY Times also rated the latest version of it one of the best camera’s ever. Just a suggestion for when you might not be able to carry the big bag around or when you are worried about damage to the SLR (say at a beach). I’m attaching the link to the NY Times article in case you are interested.

    • Thanks for the link and info. My two cameras are: dslr and then iphone. I don’t have anything else…one more thing to lose (or upload pics from)…Lol but that’s a good tip for people who want a midrange$$ camera that’s not their phone camera.

  3. That bag looks wicked sweet with all of those compartments and such!

    And oh boy, I’ve definitely bought a few bags over the years that fall into the cute but not at all functional category. But, one functional bag that I do have is my llbean toiletry case. It is such a lifesaver when traveling and actually fits all of my stuff!

  4. i have this huge army bag that i bought in prague that i sewed badges on from all the countries i’ve been to onto it. love that thing :)

  5. Oooh, I LOVE that vintage bag!!! Great look!

  6. Averie … have a great trip and take many pics! The camera backpack I got is so heavy that I hate taking it plus my work bag for my computer … I may check the above out!

  7. I hate to admit usually I just wrap up my camera in a sweater and keep it in my purse. I do have a small camera bag that I put it in for longer trips, but I’m super careful about handling it. This bag seems sooo useful wow! And plenty of room to by even more gadgets and lenses :)

    • when i was in mexico city, we carried our cameras around our necks with a scarf or sweater sort of loosely draped. the less “big camera bag” looking, i.e. touristy looking we were…the better. That’s once we actually were in Mexico. Getting there and schlepping thru airports with all the gear, that’s a different story and why I needed something better for this trip b/c that trip taught me I needed to find a better travel system than random bags :)

  8. That bag is awesome!!! And it’s just what I need. I have the exact same setup as you; large camera, big lenses that I like to keep attached, my laptop, etc. I need this bag. Does it come in pink? :) hehe LOVE IT!

    Hope you are having a pleasant trip… emailing you soon xoxo

  9. Woah — I’ve never seen anything like this! Forwarding it to all my photographer friends so that they can add it to their holiday wish list…I know they’d love it!

  10. I know this doesn’t belong here! but Trader Joe’s has a new cookie butter and I made your Oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies with it instead of the Peanut Butter and they turned out amazing!!!
    ps- I love your blog!

  11. i just HAD to run to Tj’s and get that cookie butter…and oh my oh my…it’s like spreadable biscoff!!!!! i cannot get enough of it avery!!! that flavor is one of my ultimate favorite! where else can i spread it on besides bread and pancake?? on a biscoff maybe?? lol.

    my brother gave me this samsonite backpack that i really love! it’s so durable. it actually looks like that camera backpack you posted. it’s also very comfortable! i love it!

  12. Its always about function for me, but I’m lame like that. You saw the calf-length down puffy coat I bought….Yeah. Function over fashion for sure on that one!

    I didn’t know you got a new laptop! That’s what I have too – 17in macbook pro. LOVE it. Mine’s 2 yrs old and I’ve never had a problem! (Knocked on wood. Shouldn’t have typed that.)

    • I forgot to tell you that…yeah a couple weeks ago. Got such a good price on my old one, that the new one was a total steal! I could not imagine spending any more time with my pinwheeling, tiny, old 13″. I had had it. I didnt know you had a 17! We are twins, again :)

  13. I’ve bought a couple camera bags now but none of them really suit my needs. I don’t much care about looks, just function, but none of them are user-friendly or properly sized! One that fits my laptop would be nice, but I have a 15-inch so it may be easier for me. Glad you found one that works for you!

  14. I have that same backpack that I’ll be lugging through the airport tomorrow. It seems to be the best for holding a laptop and DSLR with lenses. But not the most attractive for sure.

    I have four camera bags which is kind of crazy, but some work better in different situations.

  15. I have a great suitcase that I love. It is white hard plastic with big black polka dots.

  16. Where did you get this bag from?

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