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We made it back to San Diego after leaving Aruba.

It was a very long day of traveling (18+ hours) but everything went smoothly with our journey; it’s just a long way.  Two five-hour flights is a lot for anyone, especially a four year old, but Skylar did wonderfully.

Anytime, but especially before, during, or after traveling, I really try to boost the amount of probiotics or fermented foods I ingest.  They keep everything from digestion to respiratory health in tip-top shape.

DAHlicious products are full of naturally occurring probiotics.  15 billion to be exact.


From my contact at  DAHlicious:

“Many people have never tried authentic Indian-style yogurt.  It’s yogurt cultured for more than 12 hours and contains more than 15 billion probiotics in every bottle. (While our yogurt is Indian in style, it is American in make–made on a small family farm in Vermont, with milk from their cows!)

Many people shy away from bottled smoothies, but we are very careful about ingredients.

Each bottle contains fewer than five all-natural ingredients, including 30% real fruit, and fewer than 130 calories.

It’s a perfect snack for you or for the kids and something a little sweet and different–while also being quick, portable and healthy.”

More info on the nutrition facts here

I also take these Probiotics from iHerb.com

Enter code AVE630 at checkout to save $5 on your order.

iHerb prices are the best I’ve found not only on probiotics, but on stevia, nutritional yeast, bulk spices like cinnamon, protein powders or supplements, vitamins, and many other items, and all orders over $40 ship free.

Never pay retail again.

I also get my probiotics from naturally fermeted foods like 3 ingredient countertop coconut milk kefir

Or making Homemade Komboucha (also here, here, here)

Would you like to win coupons to try four bottles of DAHlicious?

To Enter the Giveaway:

1. Tell me how do you incorporate probiotics into your diet?


What fermented foods have you’ve tried or would you like to try?


What flavor of DAHlicious do you want to try first?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow LV&Y and and then tweet the following:

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Contest ends Friday, December 30, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen.

Open to all, provided you have a store to redeem the product vouchers/coupons in your area

Comment below to enter!

70 comments on “DAHlicious Giveaway”

  1. i try to make soy yogurt or raw almond yogurt. i wont pay for the chemicals and junk from commercial brands.

  2. I would LOVE to try the Ecuador Banana!! MMMmm (:

  3. I liked Love Veggies and Yoga on Facebook!!

  4. Liked you on Facebook

  5. Love using probiotics, I make my own Rejuvelac (drinking it in my smoothie as we speak) and I’ve used JARRO EPS in the past but save the expense by using Rejuvelac mostly. Love your blog, I have it listed on my Bloglist at CannedTime. Thanks so much for sharing all the great finds you see!

  6. fb ‘liked’ DAHlicious

  7. Think I’d like to try the Mango flavor first! Sounds Yummy

  8. I don’t currently use probiotics… but am open to exploring them! That blueberry flavor looks yummy :)

  9. Instagram Following you! thanks

  10. I try to incorporate kefir, but I don’t do it nearly as often as I should.

  11. Way to go, Skylar! That is a very, very long flight for anyone. Our trip to Dominican was very similar and I was starting to get antsy after the 7th hour. Too bad you can’t just take a direct flight. That would be SO prime!!

  12. I mainly eat greek yogurt on a daily basis – but these smoothies sound phenomenal! I would love to try them – could become a possible new addiction! :)

  13. I already like you on FB – but I liked DAHlicious! :)

  14. I already follow you on Pinterest, but I repinned your “No-Bake Carrot Cake and Oatmeal Raisin Dough Bites” because I made several batches during the holiday – such a delicious hit at every party! :) Gave out quite a few of your recipes!

  15. I take a probiotic supplement every morning, I’ve tried kimchi and raw sauerkraut but arent really crazy about either.

  16. I like you on fb

  17. I try to eat yogurt often, but I still don’t think I get enough fermented foods in my diet.
    marthalynn16 (at) gmail (dot)com

  18. I follow you on Pinterest and repinned your Baked Chocolate Peanut Butter donuts. marthalynn16 (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. I follow you on Instagram. saynotomomjeans

  20. I also tweeted! :)

  21. I followed you on SU and stumbled it. marthalynn2

  22. I am a Kefir fiend! It’s so easy to find in my super Russian neighborhood in Brooklyn- very, very popular!

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