It was overcast and rained on and off all day in Aruba today.  Lots of puddles and standing water.  Scott and Skylar tried the beach for an hour but got rained out.

I tried the kitchen.  And made a mess and lots of dishes.

The rain didn’t stop my neighbors’ cat from staring me down.


I was surprised she let me take these pictures, actually.

Cats, like small children, aren’t the best when it comes to posing for the camera.   Read: horrible.  The minute they see the camera come out, the change what they were doing which was the ‘perfect’ thing and you can kiss that Kodak moment goodbye.

I gave my neighbor some White Chocolate Vanilla Peanut Butter Puppy Chow because he keeps an eye on our house when we’re not here.

Gotta keep him buttered up.  He’s the nicest guy in the world.  We are blessed to have a neighbor like him.

I wonder if kitty ate any puppy chow?

Seriously, cats do have a sweet tooth.  I remember the cats that I had growing up going crazy over things like the frosting on cake.

I wonder what a cat would do with the vanilla cream cheese frosting on a Baked Cinnamon Bun Donut?

Other than become diabetic.


Do you have any pets?

Currently we are pet-less, but I’ve had tons of cats and dogs over the years.  Every time I see a cute pet, I am tempted to get one.  My middle name used to be The Humane Society.

Do your pets have a favorite ‘human food’?

I know, I know, pets aren’t supposed to eat people food.  But they do.

Dogs will pretty much eat anything but I used to have a cat who would go nuts over cantaloupe or honeydew.  And frosting.

Winner of the Chobani Yogurt Giveaway announced next post

28 comments on “Meow”

  1. I grew up with cats, but now we have ferrets. The 2 girls we have now are from a ferret shelter. They are so incredibly fun. No people food for them. It was 23 here in Milw. this am, wish I were where you are :)

  2. I don’t currently have any pets, but growing up we always had a dog. My last dog loved carrots and ice cream and cheese, although not together!

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