It was overcast and rained on and off all day in Aruba today.  Lots of puddles and standing water.  Scott and Skylar tried the beach for an hour but got rained out.

I tried the kitchen.  And made a mess and lots of dishes.

The rain didn’t stop my neighbors’ cat from staring me down.


I was surprised she let me take these pictures, actually.

Cats, like small children, aren’t the best when it comes to posing for the camera.   Read: horrible.  The minute they see the camera come out, the change what they were doing which was the ‘perfect’ thing and you can kiss that Kodak moment goodbye.

I gave my neighbor some White Chocolate Vanilla Peanut Butter Puppy Chow because he keeps an eye on our house when we’re not here.

Gotta keep him buttered up.  He’s the nicest guy in the world.  We are blessed to have a neighbor like him.

I wonder if kitty ate any puppy chow?

Seriously, cats do have a sweet tooth.  I remember the cats that I had growing up going crazy over things like the frosting on cake.

I wonder what a cat would do with the vanilla cream cheese frosting on a Baked Cinnamon Bun Donut?

Other than become diabetic.


Do you have any pets?

Currently we are pet-less, but I’ve had tons of cats and dogs over the years.  Every time I see a cute pet, I am tempted to get one.  My middle name used to be The Humane Society.

Do your pets have a favorite ‘human food’?

I know, I know, pets aren’t supposed to eat people food.  But they do.

Dogs will pretty much eat anything but I used to have a cat who would go nuts over cantaloupe or honeydew.  And frosting.

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  1. Oh boo on dreary weather. But gorgeous pics. I have 2 crazy cocker spaniels. They don’t get people food other than PB when they have to take meds or carrots as a treat. I try to make treats for them as well – so they probably think that’s people food ;-)

  2. Basil and Pepper are my two kitties — they LOVE cheese, and whenever we make scrambled eggs, beans, and spread them on toasted tortillas with veggies and cheese, they go WILD and won’t leave us alone! Basil also loves chewing on onion skins…although supposedly onions are poisonous to cats — it’s weird, he never eats them, just chews on them.

  3. I have two Yorkies, three persians (two of them himalayans), and a whole bunch of koi in my pond, if that counts. The cats will pretty much eat anything I shove in front of them, as long as the dogs aren’t faster to the bowl.

    I’m sad that Aruba has been so rainy for you. I know I would be bummed.

  4. Other than go diabetic… hahaha!
    Cats freak the heck out of me, especialllly ones that stare me down. I used to babysit for one family whose cat I swear to goodness was trying to hunt me down. It used to chase me around the house and even follow me out to my car when I went to leave and would hiss at me. Terrifying.

    • I had this same experience babysitting! The last time I was there I locked myself in the laundry and that cat sat outside the door hissing until the parents came home! I never got a call from them again.

  5. I love cats! I have three, and one of them LOVES marshmallows. If he sees me open a bag, he’ll clamor for them until I give him a piece. Another one of my cats is obsessed with cheese and will sit next to someone who is eating cheese and stare them down until she gets a little piece.

  6. I have this memory of sitting outside, on my front steps when I was maybe ten eating pizza and being distracted turned around to see my cat Ninja taking a big honking bite of it! That cat had good taste.

  7. I’ve got a cat who I love to BITS. She’s like a sister to me – as creepy and incorrect as that sounds haha. She eats and loves EVERYTHING; and by everything I mean stuff ranging from bananas to tomatoes to potatoes to bread!

  8. Hahaha…our dogs do that– pose PERFECTLY…until we bring the camera out. Sigh. Looks like you got some good shots of kitty!

  9. I have two cats, the girl goes bonkers for edamame. Since that is my go to quick and easy lunch, every noon when I turn on the microwave knowing I will “drop” some. The boy loves hummus and anything salty. Well salt more so than salty foods. He licks the salt off of chips/pretzels if they get dropped, and sticks his face in hummus if I look away. Oh, and neither likes fish of any kind. Go figure that one out.

    Hope you get some sun tomorrow :)

  10. After three years in Phoenix, I love the dreary, rainy days :) They’re perfect for baking and relaxing. PS: I have a chocolate lab that we adopted a year ago and he loves peanut butter!

  11. My dad feeds their dogs so much people food that they do have things they won’t eat. Neither one will touch my lettuce when it falls on the ground. ;)

  12. Cats make me so nervous…I always feel like they are judging me. They stare at me like they know something I don’t. Or they’re thinking: “I know what you did, I’m telling my friends.” I couldn’t be more innocent, but I still feel like they know something! I’ve met a handful of cats that I love, but most cats give me the heebie jeebies. I don’t have a pet right now because I’m too busy, but during college a few years ago, I took our family’s beagle to school with me. She was a trip. I whipped her into shape because my parents let her go…like for real…she lost almost 8 lbs with me. I jogged and walked with her and fed her a reasonable amount of Eukanuba. She would happily eat any and every human food, and then some. I loved the little goober to death. Abbie was short for Abercrombie (a family name, mom said our dog HAD to have a family name). She passed away at 10 years old after being diagnosed with canine lymphoma. We put her to sleep, but she didn’t suffer and had a long incredible life, since most beagles live 10 to 12 years on average. She was great. A typical beagle. She was Snoopy…but in real life. =)

  13. I bet the kitty was smelling all the wonderful things you had baking in the kitchen. I know what you mean about cats liking sweets, my mom’s cat always tries to sneak a few licks of frosting off the plate.

  14. I have a cat who eats. . .kale. Yes, no joke. He LOVES it.

    Your neighbor’s kitty is cute :-)

  15. My dogs go craziest over popcorn and bananas. They can hear me peel a banana from rooms over and bolt out to get some!! :)

  16. Awwww such a cute kitty! Yes, cats are so hard to photograph. I tried to take pictures of Mowzers about an hour ago and had to give up, haha. As for people food, I’ve tried. She usually sniffs my food, makes a face, and turns away. Haha, she’s no vegan :)

    Glad you guys are having such a great time in Aruba!

  17. Aw, my kitties are pretty good at posing for the camera – vain little things! They also like bananas, cream cheese frosting and grilled haddock!!

  18. Awww :D What a cutie :D I have one golden retriever-he is huge. He’s full golden, but everyone always thinks he is mixed with Something because he’s the size of a lion.

  19. Ohh how cute! I have a Weimeraner and a Maltese terrier – they both LOVE cheese :) But will eat anything ‘human’ for sure..

  20. My dog Snoops LOVES cheese! He can smell you opening a package no matter where he is in the house. We call him the dairy dog :)

  21. My cats love cantaloupe! I thought they were the only ones

  22. Currently no. I grew up with dogs, but wouldn’t want to have them in my tiny apartment. As soon as we can afford a house I want to get a dog again!

  23. My kitty thinks he’s a dog, I swear he will eat ANYTHING! He hangs around the kitchen when I cook because he knows I drop things! True story! :) Also he’s an absolute ham for the camera, I have never seen anything like it! :D We also have two dogs, all three of them rescued which has led to our friends calling our house The Battersea Dogs Home! :/

  24. Cute kitty pictures. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. The cats are picky, cat food only. The dogs will try just about anything, just discovered Miko loves edamame.

  25. Beautiful cats! I currently have 2. Love them to bits. I can not go the Humane Society because either I leave with a kitten or I leave a bawling mess. Jason approves of neither…;)

  26. I grew up with cats, but now we have ferrets. The 2 girls we have now are from a ferret shelter. They are so incredibly fun. No people food for them. It was 23 here in Milw. this am, wish I were where you are :)

  27. I don’t currently have any pets, but growing up we always had a dog. My last dog loved carrots and ice cream and cheese, although not together!

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