Thursday Things

Time for a few Thursday Things.  A few eye-catching and noteworthy items this week include:

1. Rancho La Puerta in Baja California, Mexico.  Less than 90 minutes south of San Diego.

They have everything from cooking classes to spa treatments, massage, Reiki, acupuncture


Yoga classes, mountain hikes, and more.

Not that far from San Diego and they do have some day trips/day classes.  I’d love to try a day trip sometime in 2012.

2. Speaking of travel and trips, we leave for Aruba very soon.  Like in 48 hours

Scott just got his passport back yesterday.  His passport was coming up on the 10 year renewal and he sent it in for renewal about two months ago; which should have been ample time.  Nothing like white knuckling it down to the wire.

The beach has my name written all over it and if his passport wouldn’t have come in time, we agreed that he’d meet Skylar and I down there so that we only would have only had to change one airline ticket (his) rather than three.  Thank goodness we didn’t have to cross that bridge!

3. I made our 2011 holiday cards already.

But if you want to make photo books, calendars, and more using you Mac, you can.

I’m all about the gifts that you don’t have to go to the mall for.

4. Homemade Kombucha Coffee

You need to first have be brewing your own ‘booch and have (an extra) SCOBY, but this looks interesting.

I’m going to try it with one of my extra Scoby’s when I get back.

Because once you use the Scoby for coffee, they’re done and you can’t use them for brewing plain kombucha anymore.

But that’s okay because they multiply like weeds like bacteria.

5. Backup your entire computer for less than $5 bucks per month with Backblaze

More info


6. I’ve posted about this before that I back up with an external drive but recently I attempted to recover a Word Doc from an older external drive of mine.

However, when I plugged it in, realized that the Word Doc that I needed ‘was not found’.


What if you spilled coffee on your computer or your laptop was stolen or you got a virus?  What would you do about your lost photos, files, music, documents, and information.  <— Panic much?

And what about when external drives fail.  Because I just experienced a failure.

I researched more options for backing up my machine; all my files, music, and photos.

Some photographer friends told me about Backblaze.

It’s a simple download, it backs everything up, and it’s $5 bucks a month. Do yourself a favor and sign up.  What if you lost everything? Photos, music, documents?

The document I needed was not life or death but did cost me major scrambling and a total make work project but a lesson learned that external backup drives are not 100%.

7. Pumpkin Season is over.  A sad day, I know, for all the pumpkin fiends but please put down the pumpkin and pick up the Peppermint.  It’s holiday baking season!

 Mint Chocolate Coconut Snowballs (No-Bake, Vegan, GF).  Melted chocolate, coconut, melted coconut oil, and mint.  Scott loves these things.

8. The winner of the $50 Asian Foods Prize Pack Giveaway is:

Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather November 29, 2011 at 4:52 pm
Awesome giveaway! Ever since making sushi a couple weeks ago I’ve been loving Asian flavors. But homemade Mexican probably steals my heart :)

Congrats, Heather!

9. Holiday Baking Season is just around the corner and that makes me really excited.  It’s not even around the corner.  It’s here.  Happy December 1st!

10. I’d recommend starting off baking with a batch of Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Chewy, easy, chocolatey and a good way to kick off holiday baking because who doesn’t like a warm chocolate chip cookie.


1. Have you seen any things lately that have you excited?  Food, products, people, places, trips, tips?  What are your things?

2. Can you believe it’s already December 1?  Where did this year go?  Anything you want to accomplish with the remainder of the year?

I’d like to just get on the plane.  If I can get that handled, the rest of December and rest of 2011 should go pretty well!

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  1. I cannot believe we are in December already – I only have 14 days left with my students before Christmas! I don’t know where the time goes.

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  4. Hi Avery! I’ve been searching the internet for someone who makes Kombucha with a wooden cask and wooden spigot. Yay! I found you! Anyways, I’m wondering how often you have to clean it, how hard it is to clean, and how you do it? Have you found any problems with the wooden spigot? How much Kombucha do you get out of your barrel in a week. How big is your barrel and where did you get it from? What cycle of taking it out have you found to work best? Any other questions I should be asking?

    Thanks a zillion!

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