Thursday Things

Time for a few Thursday Things.  A few eye-catching items this week include:

1. Paula Deen sells butter-flavored lip balm

Other flavors include banana pudding and key lime pie.

And, yes, the slogan really is “Put a little South on your mouth”


Speaking of butter…

2. Norway is running out of butter.

“(Reuters) – The soaring popularity of a fat-rich fad diet has depleted stocks of butter in Norway creating a looming Christmas culinary crisis.”

3. Best Cookbooks of 2011 according to David Lebovitz.

He kinda sorta knows what he’s talking about and I tend to take note of his recommendations.

4. He also has published the best and the most comprehensive post about Food Blogging that I have ever seen, period.

I’ve read a lot of tips and tricks for staring a blog, what to do, to not do, what to say and not say, etc.  I feel like I had had “read it all” until I recently came across this treasure of David’s.  And if he didn’t say it, he linked to dozens of other highly informative and valuable posts on blogging, food photography, and the like.

His post is what I’d call the Bible on Blogging.  I’d go to far as to say that no one else ever needs to write another post about What to Do if you Want to Start a Blog, How to Grow your Readership, Search Engine Optimization and Your Blog, etc.  He’s said it.  It makes my Blogging 101 Series look, well, pretty 101-ish.

5. This cableknit blanket

I want.  I love cableknit anything.

6. This Pouffe  <– Just typing that word is fun

I bet meditating on this would be pourffect.  Perfect.

7. Random life musing: Do men somehow think a woman won’t notice that they left 1 square of toilet paper attached to the cardboard roll of toilet paper?  That one square is so absorbent that it’s precisely enough to wipe the urine quantity from a hamster.  But for normal sized females, we’d need quite a few more squares than that.  Thus, we change the roll and don’t just leave that one, lone, straggly square of T.P. dangling.

Plus the last square usually has glue marks where it’s attached to the cardboard and I don’t want to be wiping old dried glue on my privates.

Changing the roll would be a fantastic holiday gift idea Under $10.  It’s the small things or ‘homemade’ gifts that matter most.  Like changing the roll.

8. The winner of the Chobani Yogurt Giveaway is:

Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers December 12, 2011 at 8:54 pm

“My favorite way to eat yogurt is plain greek yogurt with fresh berries, a dollop of peanut butter, chocolate sunflower drops and a pinch of raspberry or strawberry jam! I eat greek yogurt about 3 times a day!! I love the stuff!!”

Congrats, Jennifer!

9. This Pineapple Banana Coconut Cream Smoothie

It’s so good.  This weekend I’m going to add some rum and make it better.

10. If you thought Chocolate Saltine Toffee was crack-like (and make no mistake, it is)…

Then, go get a load of Cheez It Bark.  I am making this once I’m back in San Diego and not in a 88F un-airconditioned Caribbean kitchen.  Then again, I may break down and make it sooner rather than later.  Same concept as using saltines but using Cheez-Its and I love those things.


Run out of butter lately?  Changed the roll lately?

Have you seen any things lately that have you excited?  Either for the holidays and gifts or just ‘everyday’ things?

Any fun holiday recipes, tips, or products…What are your things?


  1. Cheez-it bark? My goodness! That sounds like something they’d have at the state fair next to fried butter!

  2. Really? Butter flavored lip balm – ick. That cableknit spread looks so inviting doesn’t it? Just comfy and cozy. I might not ever get out of bed if I had that!

  3. Oooh, that blanket looks so cozy and warm! Thanks for sharing David L’s link — it is super comprehensive — going to give it a good read while I drink my morning tea!

  4. Oh Paula. I think Barefoot Contessa would buy it though (if it was organic gold leafed butter from the Hamptons).

  5. I love all of these. Okay we can totally get along.. I just know it

  6. LOVE that cable-knit blanket, beautiful!

  7. she would have a chapstick like that hahaha too funny! i was in crate and barrel on tuesday and that entire store in itself excites me. i wanted everything!

  8. A co-worker just mentioned yesterday to me the butter shortage. She was all worried about her holiday baking. :)

    That cable blanket is CALLING TO ME. I could make it, but it is HUGE and I would never finish it. But wow. Its seriously gorgeous.

  9. You are hilarious! The toilet paper comment had me laughing because it’s so true! I love the hamster reference.

    Paula Dean lip gloss, well, no thanks! I’m sure that each lipgloss has tons of calories :)

    Love that Blanket and would love it more in cashmere.

    BTW, your blogging 101 was very informative to me, just so you know. I will check out David’s post since I have already made and posted 2 of his recipes and you know what, they have been my most popular posts, especially the sugar crusted popovers. I am making those on Christmas day for brunch. You have got to try them girl!

    Hope it’s sunny over there today! Cold and rainy here but that’s ok, I’m baking today :)

  10. I’m not sure that “excited” is the right word, but I read about this yesterday and decided that I want one for Christmas:
    I have a foam roller that I swore by when I first used it, but now it seems pretty wimpy.

  11. My favorite things lately are yoga in front of my sunny studio window (facing the window actually helps my mood. This will have to do until I can afford a light box!) Ugg boot knockoffs (they feel like slippers, but boots!) The Dawn of Grace Christmas album by Sixpence None the Richer, and watching old Muppet Christmas specials. The best.

    • skip the lightbox and just buy the software lightroom. Read my photography tab/section under lighting/editing but honestly there is nothing better than lightroom 3…a lightbox is a tiny, confining, icky box that your food will appear trapped in with no context, surroundings, etc…and you can fix darkness and tons of lighting issues and flaws in LR. Save your money and buy that. I could not live without LR3!!

  12. There’s too much I loved about this post. Roommates also enjoy leaving one square, or worse- no toilet paper left on the roll. And thanks for linking to that post, I’m heading over there right now to read it!

  13. Norway is really running out of butter? That line about a looming culinary crisis cracked me up! Glad I don’t live in Norway. :-)

  14. As soon as I saw Paula’s butter balm, I called my grandmother right up and we laughed until our sides hurt. That’s too funny.

  15. That toilet paper thing is so true! Glad to hear it’s not just my house.

    Butter lip balm. Ick. Cable knit blanket – swoon. Might get my mom to make me one of those!

    As for excitement, I learned to felt last night and I feel an addiction starting. I am picturing some really cute felted xmas tree ornaments.

  16. HAHAH!!! Wiping old dried glue on my privates is NEVER fun ;) But I can’t say I’ve never taken that last square that we ever so nicely left behind and used it for myself. LOL!!!

    You crack me up!


  17. Oooooh, I want that blanket!!!

    And butter-flavored lip balm? I’m sorry Paula Deen, but that is just nasty!!!

  18. Haha! Yes here in Finland we have had no butter for 2 weeks now! It is practically a national crisis :D The fat loving Scandinavians…

  19. the slogan “put a little south on your mouth” made me think something entirely different.

  20. Wow, I love that blanket! The cable knit makes it look soooo cozy but stylish at the same time – droool!

  21. Okay, first of all, I am IN LOVE with that cable knit blanket. Your play on words with pourffect is so very awesome. The thought of gluing my vagina shut by wiping with that tiny square of paper has me in hysterics. And put a little south on your mouth is the grossest, most hilarious slogan ever. Great post, lady!! ;)

  22. awww thanks girl!
    you are the sweetest.
    can i borrow your body? i’ll pay in you treats?
    lol ;-)

  23. Okay, my husband and I have held a long debate about the toilet paper roll. As in, I’m the only one that changes it. Ever. Even if there isn’t that one little square left, he’ll just ignore it. It’s usually fine because we keep rolls on the tank so I usually don’t mind. But the last time there were no rolls on the back AND he left it empty. Me = not a happy camper. lol

  24. Hahaha the toilet roll comment cracked me up!! I hate it when they do that!! And I just read the David Lebovitz post that you linked to on blogging and your right, it’s spot on!! Definitely taking notes! Alsooo LOVE the cable knit throws, I really want a couple of knit cushions for my sofa, sooo cosy! :)

  25. My bf has been making fun of me for stocking up on sale butter. We live in NYC where it’s usually $5.99/lb at our regular store, and they had it for $1.99 a few weeks ago! Obviously I stocked up and froze it. Then there was another sale…you get the idea. Anyway, I saw that same news story and told him he should be glad I’d still be able to make him cookies when everyone else was out of butter.

  26. The lip balm looks nasty, ick! :-) Thebedfi g is gorgeous, but I can’t imagine it’s comfortable. I’ve been so wrapped up in shopping for others, that I haven’t found anything new I want lately. Well, maybe some new boots. :-)

  27. Yeah, I don’t know what it is with men and toilet paper.

    You know how to get them to change the roll when there is one sheet left? Hide the rest of the TP from them. It forces them to yell for you to bring them a roll and puts pressure on them to change it. Plus it’s good for a laugh or two when you pretend not to hear their calls for the first few minutes. Passive aggression: it keeps a marriage strong ;)

  28. Ahhhh! Love that balm!

  29. OMG! I can’t believe Paula Deen has butter flavored lip balm! She is crazy for her butter!! This is hilarious, I need to get this for the Christmas stockings!

  30. I love my lip balm, but butter flavoured is one I would have to pass up. That just sounds horrible!

  31. That is the most beautiful blanket I think I’ve ever seen!
    I have a “pouffe” just like that, but it’s purple and black. I got it at World Market for $14 and bought it for meditating (which I haven’t done yet). But, the guitarist in my wedding did use it to sit upon!

  32. I run out of butter all the time! Good thing it is cheap at Costco!

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