Happy Chanukah wishes from Aruba to those who are celebrating.

Scott said he has no plans to go to Temple after the sun sets and that he’d rather be on the beach.

He never has plans to go to Temple but that’s another story.

He said if he could get in on another Ho Ho with Cream Cheese Frosting, that one of those would be more up his alley than services tonight.


Our plans for later tonight include:

a family walk on this path after he gets off his conference call

Some dinner but my veggie stash is rapidly dwindling and it’s back to slim pickins’ on the island.

And maybe a little E! Channel.  One of the only stations we get here that’s in English is the E! Channel.  The Kardashians and the new show, Scouted, have been in repeated rotation the past couple weeks.  There are worse ways to spend time and kill an hour.

While I’m watching mindless tv, I’ll engage in some mindless eating.  I’m thinking White Chocolate & Peanut Butter Puppy Chow.

How will you be spending your evening tonight?

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19 comments on “Tonight”

  1. Sometimes being in a beautiful place is the ideal way to connect with yourself, with your faith, etc.

  2. Sounds like a lovely night! Tonight I’m hosting a dessert party — I’m making a gluten free pumpkin pie! Happy Chanukah!

  3. My husband & I just had our 3rd little girl on December 15th. She is up all night and sleeps all day! I still think she is precious even in the wee hours of the morning! :-) Considering we live in Central, MN we are locked up tight in the house. Ugh! Can you see why I appreciate those ocean pictures?! Every year we normally take a ocean vacation, but with 3 girls 4 and under…we are going to pass this year! I think it would be more work than good at this point. Amen?! Ha! On that note – Enjoy that beach tonight with your family….I can hear the waves right about now!

    • congrats on the birth of your new baby! I grew up in the middle of no where MN (Glencoe and then Minnetonka) so can totally relate to the weather you’re having. Which is why we moved to San Diego AND why we really appreciate the weather here…b/c I know what a -40F windchill means! Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

  4. I can’t believe there are places THAT beautiful on earth!! Gorgeous! I’ve decided I need to go on a vacation.

  5. Laying low and drinking wine!


  6. on the couch, with my husband, by our Christmas tree catching up on Boardwalk Empire! He’s in charge of dinner tonight…a little black bean quesadillas! And maybe sneaking a slice of my mom’s leftover apple pie for dessert :)

  7. Just got off a fulllll day of jury duty, so I plan on knocking out a good workout then kicking up my feet! Have a nice evening :)

  8. Quiet night at our hotel room … we are enjoying the beach with Dante … he was exhausted by the time we left him at the boarding facility … the sky looks beautiful … enjoy!

  9. I didn’t even think of this when I read your post about ho hos, but I have a link and talk about ho hos in a post I’m doing TOMORROW. Twilight zone….

    My evening tonight is going to be low key – finishing up some gifts and a movie. Maybe sampling one of the gifts. You know…quality control and all that. ;)

  10. Oh how I love puppy chow! I’ll have to try yours! :) I spent the evening baking for my isntructors and students and then working on the good ol blog! Your pictures are always absolutely amazing!

  11. I spent my evening getting a massage at the spa, then blogging and watching Home Alone 2 with the hubby :-)

  12. I am spending my time away from the kitchen tonight. Trying my level best not to scarfed down jammie dodger cookies I baked earlier :D Happy Holidays, sweetie :)

  13. I would LIKE to be spending my night chomping down on that puppy chow. Well, I think I’m just going to have to make some!

  14. Happy Chanukah to you! Looks like you’ve lit some candles anyway. I’m glad you’re enjoying all that beauty and hopefully resting up some.

    I’m working tonight (at home), and will probably heat some hot water up pretty soon to wash up!

  15. Ooooh that beach looks perfect. You know, just because I live right on the ocean and spend part of the year on the island of Bahrain…I never see water that looks like that. I think I need to take a trip to a lovely beach soon – it’s been too long!

    Okay, you are a genius. I adore puppy chow and Cody lives for white chocolate…and you’ve combined the two. THANK YOU!

  16. Lovely beach pics, so nice! I spent the evening shopping and working out. :-) Bot too exciting for a work night.

  17. No huge plans tonight. Last night I went out with the husband to look at Christmas lights again. We’ve tried about three different neighborhoods, but I’m think it’s a lost cause this year. Just not many people doing lights.

    I love living vicariously through you with these beautiful beach pictures, keep ’em coming!

  18. Im actually having a date night tonight with my hubby!! Im excited we are going to have a beer or two, maybe three but hopefully two since I have to go to work tomorrow!! I hope you guys enjoy your evening!!

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